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Totems / Getting Out of Your Own Way

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Totems / Getting Out of Your Own Way

Dolphin - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Manifestation. Learning how to work with Sound healing to release inner obstacles both within one's self and others, protection against self sabotage, focusing on what is really of value and importance to you at the present time. Accepting your innate ability to navigate through many realms and dimensions, both in everyday life (job, relationships, health, etc.) as well as through the Spiritual realms.

Crow- Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Opening to new opportunities, staying to alert to messages and signs from the Universe as well as empowering one's ability to pass those messages on to others. The ability to become much more aware of all the resources available to you and how to use them for maximum benefit. Using your intelligence to the fullest, seeing through to the truth in a given situation or person so you are no longer taken advantage of. Becoming more aware that Magic is a part of our everyday life and the more we become of the magic and mystery, the greater our ability will be to harness these forces.

Coyote - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Remembering that anything is possible and that keeping an open mind allows the Universe to unveil its full wonder to us. Learning how not to get stuck in self-sabotage through ignoring the little hints and warning signs that the Universe and our Inner Guidance sends to us, but paying them heed. Being willing to get to where one wants to go through your own efforts, then when someone appears who can be of true assistance you can gladly accept what they have to offer. Understanding and flowing with the awareness that life sometimes can be scary and yet a grand adventure at the same time. That as we progress in spiritual awareness there are moments when things appear to be totally chaotic or even bizarre, yet a Higher Force is then at work within our lives and if we allow it, many blessings will be given to us.

Wolf - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Not allowing yourself to become trapped in another's teachings but making the best of what is offered to you and then going your own way with the information and skills you have gained. Understanding that sometimes even the best teachers may not have all the answers and you must look within yourself to find them rather than relying on some one else to tell you what is right and true for you. For those who feel they are "Lone Wolves", those who are always ahead of the pack in search of new territory and evolution and thus feel lonely or cut off from the rest of their group. Helps to attract other people of like mind who can support you and be a true companion to you along life's trails.

Golden Eagle - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Allowing the Universe to answer your prayers instead of taking the energy back and trying to figure it all out yourself. Grasping what is needed from life, soaring above the mundane to gain a higher perspective and to see the right solutions for a given situation. Seeking Higher wisdom and knowledge, seeking a new vision and an expanded sense of what is possible for you to create in your life at this time.

Elephant - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Moving BIG obstacles and issues, stepping firmly into one's own power, allowing positive energy, happy events and blessings to flow to you unimpeded by fears and doubts. Helpful for when things get blown out of proportion and you need to have a sense of grounding and stability.

Mountain Goat - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Scaling the heights, be it spiritual, mental, emotional or material, including being able to receive greater honour and recognition for your life's work. Establishing resources needed to accomplish a long term goal or project. To keep the momentum going even things seem very difficult or impossible to achieve. You have dreamed a dream, now bring it into manifestation through persistence and keeping your eyes firmly on the prize.

Lynx - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Ability to hear and understand messages from Spirit and the Universe. Knowing when to share and when to keep silent, helpful for those who tend to "let the cat out of the bag" before the time is right to do so and thus create problems for themselves. Knowing what is hidden, verification is soon to follow. Uniting heaven and earth through the understanding of Universal Laws and the ability to teach the deeper meanings of these laws to others. Finding hidden treasure, both in actual fact and through the guidance and inspiration of the Universe.

Otter - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

For getting on with what you "Otter" to be doing or in other words, following your inner guidance and doing that which has the most heartfelt pull for you. Moving ahead through joy and playfulness, not allowing fear and doubt to hold you back, and finding that playing brings you closer to your goals that hard work and struggle. Tapping into one's creative forces and abilities, helps to ease second chakra issues especially around sexuality.

Kingfisher - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Helps to release the need for drama, creating crises after crises in one's life. Dwelling on problems instead of following one's inner guidance on how to best resolve the issue. For those who find they are "crises junkies" this essence can be invaluable. This is also excellent essence for those coping with relationship problems and who feel there are no solutions or that help is not forthcoming. Helps both those involved to understand the dynamics of the issues at hand and what can be done to best resolve the problem. For those who feel that parting is the best step to take, this essence helps those involved to work through the grief process and to allow the heart to remain open so that new love can enter one's life.

Universal Principles

Universal Principle of Abundance

Abundance is everywhere, there is nowhere that we can go to hide from the total abundance of the universe. What we can do is block the flow to us through thoughts and beliefs of scarcity and lack. This essence opens us to the free flow of abundance and trusting that we are all abundantly provided for.

Universal Principle of Bliss

This essence helps us to tune into the frequency of bliss which is available to us in every moment. We need not meditate for years or live in an ashram to experience bliss. Living in bliss is a choice we can make at every moment.

Universal Principle of Creativity

Understanding and working with the concept that one does indeed create one's own reality through one's thoughts, beliefs and actions. Helps to clear blocks to creativity, drawing upon divine inspiration and Universal support. Creating that which one desires from the heart, following through until manifestation is achieved.

Universal Principle of Flow

This essence helps us to attune to the constant exchange of energy that is the universe. We send energy out and receive back in kind what we have radiated. Becoming more conscious of the energy we flow out into the universe is the hallmark of this essence.

Universal Principle of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not to deny that we have felt pain. It is to free ourselves from carrying the burden of pain inside of us. It is through forgiveness that we free ourselves from the need to repeat painful experiences over and over.

Universal Principle of Free Will

Free Will means that our will is the will of the Creator. This essence helps us to connect our individual will with the Divine Will within the heart so we act for the good of ourselves and all.

Universal Principle of Gratitude

When we feel gratitude for all events in our lives, we draw more positive things to ourselves. This essence helps us to focus on all that we have, and in so doing, draws even more for us to be grateful for.

Universal Principle of Magnetism

Our energy fields determine what we pull to us. Using this essence, we can consciously attune to the magnetic energy we are expressing and adjust it to higher, more positive frequencies.

Universal Principle of Manifestation

We manifest what we focus on. This is an excellent essence to use with creative visualization, affirmations, and positive focus to bring our dreams into form.

Vibrational Doorways

Vibrational Doorway - Form

Attraction, Substance, Cohesion, Multiplying, Gathering

Vibrational Doorway - Acceleration

Speed, Movement, Liberation

Vibrational Doorway - Links

Connections, Network, Support, Combined Energies

Vibrational Doorway - New Horizons

Expansion, Growth, New Structures, New Thought Patterns, Rapid Change

Vibrational Doorway - Joy

Bliss, Upliftment, Music, Note/Feeling Tone

Vibrational Doorway - Intuition

Guidance, Awareness, Focus, Follow Through, Knowing, Appropriate Action

Vibrational Doorway - Re-Creation

Re-shape Reality, New Choices, Breaking Down Old Structures and Forms, Embracing New, Unknown Realms.

Viola and Pansy Collection


Excellent for transits of Pluto, healing Plutonian issues. Also for accessing and integrating the shadow safely and gently.


Assists in drawing practical assistance for achieving personal and business success. Draws people to you who can assist you in your endeavors. Especially good for those seeking to integrate their North Node in any sign or house.


Taking practical action to manifest one's dreams and goals. Focusing on what needs to be done without getting sidetracked.


Finding joy in every aspect of life. Accepting oneself as a unique, beautiful individual with many gifts to share with others. Honoring oneself.

Crystal Black Pansy

Use this Essence during meditation to go deep within and find answers to questions or problems of a long standing nature.


Developing a deeper relationship with and understanding of the Creator. Assists in creating heaven on earth and sharing that knowledge with others.

Evening Star

Draws Universal support for manifesting one's dreams and visions while keeping the passion and faith in the dream alive.


Releases pain from the Heart Chakra. A very soothing and gentle Essence. Excellent for issues of loss and abandonment.

Japanese Violet

Accessing hidden talents and unique abilities you didn't know you had. Encourages development of such gifts.


Enhances functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Increases optimism, Self-confidence and Self-esteem. Helps one to bloom and express one's full potential in the world.

Morning Star

Finding one's way through darkness and confusion to a place of healing and transformation. Following your bliss.


Powerful heart opener. Brings dreams and hearts desires to the surface where they can be manifested.

Violet Pansy

Connecting with the vision and spiritual purpose of one's Soul. An incredible Essence for deepening spirituality and awareness.

Wild Scotch Violet

Cleanses and repairs the aura. Assists one in breaking new ground and breaking free from limitations. Helps one to move with joy and ease in the world.

Water Dragon Feng Shui

There are nine essences in all, one for each Ba-Gua and a clearing essence to be used either in any Ba-Gua or as an all-over house/office spray. They are meant to be used with more traditional Feng Shui enhancements but can also be used on alone.

Each of the following essences is a combination of flowers and gems. They are highly concentrated, only 8 drops are needed from the stock bottle to be added to a 2 oz. bottle of water that can then be sprayed in the appropriate gua or placed in a small bowl of water. These essences are safe to use in water features such as fountains or mixed with a carrier oil such as Jojoba and then applied to candles. They can also be used internally along with setting the appropriate intention or standing in the area of the specific Ba-Gua while using the essence.

Ba-Gua Family/Health

Ba-Gua Wealth

Ba-Gua Helpful People / Benefactors

Ba-Gua Children

Ba-Gua Knowledge

Ba-Gua Fame / Reputation

Ba-Gua Career

Ba-Gua Love / Marriage

Ba-Gua Clearing Essence

Feng Shui Mysts

These are the newest addition to our Water Dragon line of Feng Shui Essences. They were developed by request from customers who wished to see the Feng Shui essences combined with essential oils that they could use to mist themselves and the appropriate Guas. The unique application with these is that they can also be used outside the home when you feel the need to tap into the chi of a specific gua. For example, these are excellent to use while travelling on business, simply mist yourself with either Career or Fame/Reputation for a good outcome. Wealth would also be an appropriate choice. A quick mist of Helpful Friends/Benefactors is useful if your flight is delayed! Somehow, someone will help bring a positive result about through the situation. Out on a date with someone you would like to get closer to? A misting of Love/Marriage will help both before you go out the door with your intended as well as during the date! Because these Mysts are so useful to take with you while going about your daily activities we are offering them in a smaller, compact size as well as the larger 4 oz bottles (which are perfect for home use!) As always, set your intention when working with these or any other Mysts/Essences. Each Ba-Gua essence listed above is available as a Myst.

Wayshower Essences

The Wayshower essences are brand new and produced in conjunction with a Master Being and Teacher who has become known affectionately by those who have met him as "Wayshower". Wayshower first appeared to both Lynx and two other people who are friends of Lynx's during a time of great change and transformation for all involved. At first he would appear as a flash of light or one would catch a glimpse of him during a dream state or during meditation. He then appeared to Lynx during a journey and gave her his name, Wayshower. Over the past few weeks Wayshower has appeared more and more frequently and appears to be a Guide and Support for those who are in the process of making major transformational life changes. His energy is very similar to that of the Akumon but while they work as a group, Wayshower comes to those as a single Guide to help work with each person one on one and take them as far as they are willing to go at this time. He is not known so far as being a great conversationalist as the Grandfathers are well known to be, and yet he makes his presence known through music and sound as well as through intense rushes of energy and flashes of light. He communicates via the intuitive and through signs and dreams. His energy field is simply amazing, there is such power and light to Wayshower that cuts through the illusion and shows us where we can now go in this lifetime if we are willing to gather up our courage and make the leap. Yet his presence is also extremely comforting, it is so wonderful to know that one has such a magnificent Guide and Ally to help us along the way. Some of you may have noticed that you feel very drawn to the colours blue and purple, which are his primary physical appearance colours. His hair is extremely long and blue black, very thick and straight. His eyes have been seen as Blue, purple, bottle Green and a lovely shade of Golden Brown. Those of you who have felt very drawn to these colours or have been seeing these shades frequently in your life may be drawn to working with these essences. So far we feel that these are not for the faint of heart. You will be expected when using these essences to make some substantial changes and look at old limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you back in ways you might not always enjoy, yet it is well worth the effort involved! Wayshower has suggested that these essences may also be used in conjunction with any of the Dolphin essences and most especially Star Dolphin which is also brand new. The Dolphin essences can help take the edge off for those who need a gentle nudge to be going on with. There will be no set definitions for any of the essences as Wayshower interacts with each person differently from what has been explained to us. Some of the names of the essences are rather odd and we do not know why Wayshower has chosen the names for his essences that he has, yet we have chosen to trust.

Door Opener

Starting Over

Reality Creations

Star Homes

Web Weaver


Radiant Photons

Starlight Adventures

Edge Walker

Mastering Communication

Expanding Light Waves


Resonant Realities

Children of Wise

Gathering Mass

Star Tracking

Violet Wave

Electric Blue Radiance

Electric Blue Herkimer

Electric Green Herkimer

Violet/Blue Pearl

Golden Black Pearl

Pink/Black Dioptase

Emerald Green Halite

Rose Pink Sapphire

Pink Tanzanite



Tangerine Quartz

Emerald Green Quartz



Cosmic Egg

Cosmic Showers Of Light

Sideways In Time

Vibratory Elevation

Cosmic Fuel/Liftoff

Blossoming At Light Speed (This appears to be a companion essence to Cosmic Fuel)

Crystalline Empowerment

Vibrational Alignment 1

Vibrational Alignment 2

Vibrational Alignment 3

Opening The Heart Flower

Dolphin Song Weavings

Initiation Into Power

Sea Of Bliss

Quasar Star Initiation

Octahedral Manifesting

Universal Source

Light Networking

Core Rejuvenation

Rising On the Planes

Wayshower Vibrational Colours



Emerald Green

Rose Pink









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