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Ascended Masters


I am for reaching your full potential. I hold the templates that are made available to you as soon as you are ready to receive them. I am your destiny in its purest form and it is through me that you receive the keys to Self-enlightenment and wisdom.


I support you as you travel in your own dimensions as well as the higher planes and dimensions. I provide you with safety and protection as you seek to create the maps of otherworldly dimensions and realities for others to follow. I help you reach your destinations in your daily life as well for everything you do and everywhere you go has power and purpose behind it.


I am for love and relationships. I help you to understand the purpose of all earthly relations and how the energy they generate may be used to propel you forward in every aspect of your life.


I am for world service. Working with me you will find your own unique niche of world service and in so doing you will find countless opportunities and opening of doors that had previously been closed to you. As you give of yourself through service, so will all others seek to support and serve you.


I am for hope after loss, renewal of faith and trust in right outcome. I support you in understanding why some doors must remain closed for a time. A better opportunity awaits you!


I am for power and potential, I make you more aware of the energy you generate and how it helps you to create your life experiences for better or worse. I show you how to draw upon your highest spiritual power to create a world of peace, harmony and beauty for all.


I am for moving past the fear of the unknown, empowering you by helping you to remember that you and you alone create all that you experience. I support you in your great quest for a new life of accomplishment and freedom from fear.


I am for success, abundant overflowing success and fulfillment. I assist you in staying true to your chosen path so you may experience your greatest potential and leave a vibrational legacy that will expand the consciousness of the planet.


I am for synchronicity, signs and omens. I help make you more aware of the symbols and messages the Universe sends you so that you may act upon them and allow greater good into your life. I help you to see past what you hold to be true and allow you to glimpse a greater reality.


I am for wishes and dreams, heartfelt desires. Give these things to me and take firm hold of my hand for I am here to lead you directly to that which satisfies your deepest longing.


I am for wealth and prosperity, the ability to manifest that which is desired or needed as soon as it is needed. I allow those of you who have difficulty receiving to open up and allow more to be received by you while sharing your bounty with others.


Solar/Lunar Essences

These essences help us to move through cycles of change, as well as helping us to break free from that which limits us or holds us back.


Breaking through the darkness into the light of a new day.


Reaching the pinnacle of success in all endeavors. Things move quickly with this Essence, so be sure you truly want what you are asking for.


Accessing the power gate that occurs at this hour. Excellent for boosting ritual energy, creative visualization or prayer.

Solar Fire in Winter

A very intense Essence for breakthroughs in consciousness, gaining clarity into problems or obstacles.

New Moon

Creative new beginnings. Following impulses that bring about a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Crescent Moon

Breaking free from the chains of the past. Meeting intense challenges head on and emerging victorious.

First Quarter

Clearing away old forms and structures so that new ones can be born. Releasing the need for crises and drama.

Gibbous Moon

Enhances personal growth and self-discovery. Understanding who you really are, discovering your purpose in life. Reaching out for true fulfillment and satisfaction.

Full Moon

Finding completion and wholeness within oneself. Releasing crises over relationships. Reaching towards and experiencing Enlightenment.


Enhances one's ability to communicate. Excellent for Poets, Writers, Singers, and Artists. Sharing with others what you have experienced and integrated.

Last Quarter

For those who feel they do not fit in, finding one's niche. Expressing who you really are even when it goes against the "norm".


Pursuing one's destiny with clarity and joy. Those who feel restricted by others benefit from this Essence as it helps one break free to pursue one's individuality.

Nodes of the Moon

These are unique Essences designed to assist one in integrating the Natal Nodal Axis. They can also be used for Secondary Progressions, Solar Arcs or returns. The North node is your destiny, what you are growing towards, while the South Node represents where you have been and what you have (hopefully) mastered. Since the pull of the South Node is so strong, ( because it is familiar), conscious effort must be made to journey towards the fulfillment of the North Node.


Integrating independence with partnership, self love with love of others, what you desire with what others desire.


Integrating intimacy with sexuality, rejuvenation with death, stillness with fixity of purpose.


Integrating curiosity for its own sake higher knowledge, openness to others values with choosing those that ring true to the deepest part of one's being, trivia with facts.


Integrating home and family with worldly or career concerns, sensitivity with realism, nurturing with tough love.


Integrating the self with the Universe, self-awareness with concern for Universal issues, desire to be admired and looked up to with marching to the beat of a different drummer.


Integrating earthly concerned with the spiritual, perfectionism with letting go, criticism with acceptance of what is.

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