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Star Essences

The Fixed Stars also have a profound impact on our energy fields and modes of expression. Consciously working with these essences can produce profound shifts in our consciousness. Other Star Essences are available by special order.


Excellent for those seeking honor and status in their lives, be it earthly or spiritual.


For those seeking to deepen their spirituality, attuning themselves to the Universal mind and flow.

Antares (Royal Star)

Accepting and integrating the shadow self so that it becomes a positive expression in one's life. Also excellent for those dealing with issues of poverty or financial loss.

Delta Cygni

Attunes one to the laws of karma and understanding of vibrational forms.

El Nath

Attuning to the cosmic vibrations of all things. Learning to manifest through harnessing the vibratory rate of that which is desired.

Galactic Center

Wholeness within one's self. Uniting with higher vibrational beings for a common cause.


Finding one's destiny by learning that earthly destiny is what one chooses to create.

M 27

Attuning to the evolutionary purpose of the soul.

Milky Way

Receiving support from society as a whole as well as from the Goddess energy.


Accepting and creating miracles in one's life.

Northern Bull's Eye

Hitting the mark, achieving goals. Draws good luck. Also helpful for anyone involved in the arts.

North Scale

Universal intelligence. Excellent for those involved in sports, writing, religion or law.


Developing clairvoyance and intuition .

Regulus ( The Royal Star )

Harnessing great power in it's highest form. Greatly assists those who suddenly find themselves in positions of leadership.


Assists those in technical fields. Enhances one's good luck and good fortune through knowing what actions to take.

Saturn Nebula

Eases restrictions, roadblocks and delays. Draws spiritual light into one's life and teaches one how to harness that power.

Arabic Parts Essences

These Essences were channeled by "The Council," a spiritual hierarchy consisting of 12 Master teachers and guides.


Meeting deadlines, reaching goals of all kinds, both spiritual and earthly.


An excellent Essence for anyone interested in this sacred art. Learning to read the blue print of the Soul's journey through time and space.


For those who feel stuck in a rut, this Essence helps to bring about desired changes.


For those undergoing difficult or hostile separations. Brings peace and clarity surrounding the issues involved. Allows one to let go and move on.


Draws one's higher good in all forms.


For being who one truly is while finding one's place in society.


An excellent Essence for love in all its forms, especially Divine love.


Discovering one's rightful career that is both fulfilling and satisfying.

Radical Change

For restoring peace and balance while undergoing sudden changes both positive and traumatic.

Ritual Ceremonies

For those interested in ritual and magic, this Essence boosts the energy and draws blessings.


Experiencing the highest aspects of sex both for pleasure and as a creative force.


For those who commit through legal marriage or other means. Brings peace, blessings, and wisdom.

Australian Birds

Arctic Jaeger

Helps one to discourage cord attachments, over reliance by others on you, refusing to be taken for granted.

Antarctic Tern

Connecting with your true self, stripping away the masks, illusions and beliefs that prevent you from being your authentic self. Getting down to the basics, ridding yourself of heaviness, burdens, the "have to" of life.

Australian Owlet-Nightjar

Higher dimensional awareness, accessing the "dreamtime" for recreating one's reality. Cleans debris from the subconscious, aligns the chakras and encourages a more positive outlook.

Australian Raven

Accessing and working with Australian aboriginal Shamanism. Seeing through illusions to the awesome creativity and grandeur of the Universe. An essence for dreamtime journeying and walkabout. Breaking free from rigid thought patterns, lifestyle.

Azure Kingfisher

Opens the higher consciousness, excellent for remembering dreams, quickly accessing higher guidance. Helps those who are just awakening their psychic centers to feel grounded, safe, and secure. Also excellent for "space cadets" who need to give form and structure to their visions.

Barking Owl

Makes one aware when danger is approaching, for when there is an 18 wheeler coming up fast behind us with no brakes, we can get out of the way before being flattened. Helps one to avoid major problems and setbacks before they start by keeping us grounded, focused and aware of our environment.

Black Browed Albatross

For those who can't seem to release negative thought patterns and beliefs, thus drawing the same situations, experiences and people to themselves over and over again. Transforms victim mentality to one of spiritual warrior.

Black Crowned Night Heron

Weaving a web of enchantment, mystery, and magic. Enhances one's natural charisma. Helps to draw a soulmate and keep the magic and mystery of romantic relationships alive.

Black Eared Miner

Bringing the inner treasure of the self forward into the light of day. Delving deeply into the void for rejuvenation, healing and expansion of resources.

Black Falcon

Deep spiritual strength and fortitude. Knowing that what is yours will come to you. Knowing that when you set your intention, that the entire Universe aligns itself behind you and for you.

Black Throated Finch

Especially for counselors or those who are here to assist others in finding their way through the darkness. Helps to keep one from taking on other people's problems, allowing them to take responsibility for their own lives.

Brush Bronzewing

Setting appropriate boundaries, especially on a psychic or astral level. Helps to eliminate fogginess associated with transits of Neptune. 

Blue Faced Honeyeater

For releasing inherited family trauma while assimilating only the most positive aspects of one's ancestors. Reconnecting with one's roots from a higher spiritual perspective.

Blue Winged Kookaburra

Giving expression to all parts of the self, saying what needs to be said. Unblocks the throat chakra, eases congestion from stuffing your feelings.

Citrine Wagtail

Feeling good about one's self, trusting in your right to be here, to grow, thrive and prosper. Releases feelings of being "not good enough" or inferior to others. Balances the solar plexus chakra.

Crescent Honeyeater

Sweet new beginnings, getting clear about what really makes one happy, letting go of old fears and baggage. Trusting in the Universe to provide.

Diamond Dove

Creates a highly protective yet gentle shield to protect against psychic attack, negative opinions, thoughts and judgments from others. Helps you to go on about your life with serenity and joy, even when others are hostile or negative.

Diamond Firetail

Feeling incredibly passionate about life, grateful to be alive, enhances sexuality and creativity. Helps one to find fresh, new creative solutions to problems. Helps to restore faith and courage after a setback.

Double Eyed Fig Parrot

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, validates psychic impressions, clears distortions and fear. Attracts highly positive guides. Psychic awareness becomes a highly useful tool, encouraging "going within" to know what needs to be known. Excellent for Plutonian people who were rarely validated for their knowing.

Emerald Dove

Finding a new home, eases feelings of displacement caused by having outgrown one's present environment. Trusting that the right home in the right area is now becoming available to you. Very helpful for those making a move from a small town to a large city, or for those who are relocating over vast distances.

Emperor Penguin

Building a strong foundation from which our dreams, goals, hopes and wishes can manifest and grow.

Fairy Tern

Draws beneficial assistance, light-heartedness, joy, and serenity.

Helmeted Friarbird

For those who feel blocked in connecting with Spirit, unable to hear their higher guidance. Feeling unsupported by the Universe. Opens the crown chakra, releases preconceived beliefs about the true nature of Spirit that may be blocking the connection.

Hooded Plover

Excellent for meditation, going within to communicate with the all-knowing self. Trusting in your own answers. Knowing the proper path for you as an individual soul to take.

Laughing Gull

Laughter really is the best medicine! Dispels heaviness, believing one needs to be a martyr in order to heal the world. 

Laughing Turtle Dove

Just for sheer fun, bliss, and joy! It often seems that the more we find to be joyful about, the more the Universe sends things to be joyful for to us!

Lemon Bellied Flycatcher

For those who need to believe in their innate ability to create what they desire for themselves. Reclaiming one's personal power, sense of being able to move freely in the world with faith and courage. Helps to activate the spiritual warrior archetype.

Lesser Noddy

Expansion of consciousness, especially for those who are starting to awaken and free themselves from the collective. Activates the higher memory capacity of the brain on a vibrational level.

Little Black Cormorant

Excellent essence for apprenticing shamans. Releases negative karma generated by dabbling in the "Black Arts."  Releases feelings of fear and shame due to sexual abuse, or from facing one's dark side. Brings light into the darkest areas with great gentleness and love.

Little Friarbird

Excellent for meditation, stilling the mind. Brings greater receptivity to new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs, which in turn changes the course of one's experience.

Little Tern

The essence of childlike wonder and magic. A wonderful essence for healing the inner child, and for children in general, no matter what their age! Very comforting, soothing. Helps children and adults who feel "alone" by providing a sense of companionship and friendship. Telling your troubles to the Little Tern helps to carry them away.

Masked Woodswallow

An excellent essence for shamans. Helpful in allowing higher vibrational energies of the Universe, power animals, or allies, to penetrate both the body and mind consciousness, thereby starting a process of profound transformative change.

Mute Swan

Entering the gap between thoughts in order to introduce an impulse of intention into the divine mind. This in turn effortlessly creates the manifestation of one's desires.

Night Parrot

Experiencing the night sky, the rays of the moon and stars is as essential to our well being as the daylight. This is a wonderful essence to use in conjunction with any planet, moon or star essence as it amps our ability to receive more of their healing, transformative qualities.

Noisy Scrub Bird

For minds that are constantly going round and round in circles. Stills negative chatter, erases all types of fear and negativity. Wonderful for hyperactive, noisy children who feel they must act out in order to make their presence known.

Pacific Black Duck

For those who walk a unique path, feeling they live on the edge of chance. Seeing life as an exciting, tremendous adventure in which one is always protected and guided to the proper shore.

Pacific Golden Plover

Accessing one's personal "pot of gold", whatever that might be for you. Moving into the higher flow, draws higher vibrational energies.


Getting in and out of body at will, opening to and flying through the higher dimensions. Charting a safe course. Knowing which direction to head in, what path to take. Going for the territory rather than settling for the map. Being able to fully experience that which one desires to experience.

Purple Crown Fairy Wren

Activation of the miracle chakra, reminds one to ask for and accept miracles. Releases fogginess associated with Neptune transits, especially Neptune squaring the Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven.

Purple Crowned Lorikeet

Opens the 7th and 12th chakras. Interdimensional awareness. Excellent for when one is in the process of changing or calling in new guides.

Rainbow Pita

Deftly aligns all the chakras, allowing for greater assimilation and absorption of higher universal energies. Helps to clear stagnant energies.

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Knowing the unknowable, translating intuitive feelings and symbols into words that can be easily understood by others. Telepathic communication is enhanced.

Rock Hopper Penguin

Moving through intense changes and transitions with grace and ease. Leaving behind that which is no longer needed or valuable without pain or stress. Trusting that one will land safely when making a quantum leap. The Universe always provides the safety net!

Rose Crowned Fruit Dove

Excellent for the heart chakra, eases pain caused by broken relationships or loss of a loved one. Opens the heart to accept greater healing and abundance on all levels.

Rufous Owl

Recognizing that the ego is the "earth guide only" and that there are other levels of knowing available at all times. Excellent for seeing problems from a broader perspective, thereby more easily finding a solution.

Rufous Tree Creeper

Wonderful essence for lightworkers! Eases depletion of energies, feeling responsible for healing the world. Knowing when to offer assistance to others, and when to move on.

Sarus Crane

Seeing through illusions, releases limitations via the elimination of thought forms that created them.

Shining Flycatcher

Catches negativity, entities, and astral gunk before it can attach to one's aura. Acts like a watchdog, "patrolling" one's etheric bodies.

Sooty Tern

The karma cleanser of the bird world! We do not have to suffer payment of negative karma.

Star Finch

Moving in and out of new environments with grace and ease. Being a beacon of light for others and shining like a star. Very helpful for shamans and light workers who need to move in and out of dark places quickly for "cleanup" work.

Tasmanian Thornbill

For those who seem to get trapped or stuck in strange or bizarre situations over and over. Especially when these people are consciously working on releasing negative thoughts and patterns yet seem to be getting nowhere fast. Also for those who can't seem to learn from their mistakes.

Tawny Frogmouth

Enhances one's ability to assimilate higher energies, taking in more of whatever is needed without causing disruption or imbalance on any level.

Wandering Tattler

Excellent for teachers, story tellers, those who are here to lead others beyond the edge of the know. Eases feelings of isolation due to feeling so different from others. Those who carry Wolf medicine can find this essence to be invaluable. Also helps to become more aware of the many guides and allies who accompany us on our journey.

Wandering Whistling Duck

Moving out on one's own with cheerfulness and courage. Wonderful essence to use while on walkabout. Trusting that the universe, and thus the world is a safe place to be, no matter where you might find yourself. Also very helpful for those suffering from shyness or fears of being alone.

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