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Birds of India

Ashy Wren Warbler

For those who feel they require constant attention from others in the form of love or flattery in order to feel worthy of being. Often these people feel they can never receive enough love to fill the bottomless pit within. This essence helps to fill the void from within, drawing upon the Source of all love.

Bonnelli's Eagle

For those who feel they have been held back in some area of their lives due to "karmic nessacity" or because they have "lessons to learn". Helps to release these belief systems so you can get on with things.

Cattle Egret

Releases the "herd mentality, " ability to step aside from the rat race that leads so many to unhappiness and frustration. Finding what is truly of value to you rather than automatically adopting the value systems of others.


For both men and women who have the "grumpy old man " syndrome. Acting and looking older than your years and feeling it. Helps to restore a sense of childlike wonder and innocence, seeing the beauty that is all around you and finding the gold in everyday life.

Cotton Teal

For people who feel pressured to live out another person's goals or ideals. Helps you to encourage the person applying the pressure to pursue their own desires and free you to pursue yours.


For those who need a quest to pursue yet find themselves with responsibilities that appear to conflict with this need. Helps you to find a balance between the mundane life and the call to adventure, unexpected solutions to the conflict take form and manifest for the good of all. Allowing yourself to pursue quests that are joyful rather than creating dramas to compensate for that which is lacking.

House Crow

For those of you who periodically like to go "missing in action" ( also known as being a free spirit, shaman ) do those who love you a huge favor: Give them this essence until you return. Helps to relieve other's concerns about your activities and well being. This is also very helpful for when relationships tend to break apart because of your need to go walkabout.

Indian Pipit

Taking the time to do all the things you have always wanted to do but are always making excuses why you can't. Following through because it adds more joy and fun to your life and that alone is worth the price of admission. This essence is also excellent for those who allow their fears to cripple them.

Indian Whiskered Tern

Releasing superficial attitudes and beliefs. Especially helpful for people who judge others based on their economic class, appearance or possessions. Also for people who have been damaged in some way by these attitudes and beliefs. Realizing that another cannot reject you when he/she never knew you in the first place.

Jungle Babbler

Aligning yourself with a metaphysical practice that resonates best for you rather than trying to cover all the bases and finding yourself spinning in circles, going nowhere. Also excellent for those whose minds are constantly chattering, unable to relax or meditate. Helps the mind to focus, shuts out negative interference.

Jungle Crow

The Shaman's essence, seeing the omens of what is coming into being with great clarity, and knowing what steps to take to slant the future in a more positive direction if needed. Getting out of the way of disaster whether of your own making or another's. You may still have to help clean up the mess but only if it is of your own doing.

Large Pied Wagtail

Balancing between being alone/with others, quiet time/active time, being/doing. Following a pattern that supports your needs on all levels but is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of others when required.

Little Cormorant

To be able to bond with others, especially for new parents, step parents. Also helps those who have suffered from a devastating breakup or loss of a close friend/ spouse and so find it difficult to allow themselves to get close and connected with another.

Little Green Bee Eater

Eats away at false, limiting beliefs around money, prosperity and abundance that keeps you from experiencing the full bounty of the Universe. Restores hope, gladdens the heart . A very happy essence that cures dark expectations. Also wonderful for children who are very fussy or have a tendency to throw temper tantrums. (This includes the inner child as well!)

Magpie Robin

For those who find the stress of living in a city is almost overwhelming. Eases tensions caused by noise pollution, crowded streets, traffic congestion, relating to others from different backgrounds, cultures, foreign countries. Helps one to detach and find positive solutions for the benefit of all.

Mahratta Woodpecker

Becoming aware of options and opportunities you didn't know existed. Releases "banging one's head against the wall", letting go of a situation or circumstance and allowing a better situation to unfold. Broadens your horizons, knowing which options to choose because they resonate with your heart and soul.

Marsh Harrier

Very empowering, able to believe in yourself and your ability to be anything. Also very protective, sends negative energy back to it's source, not allowing it to penetrate your energy field.

Open Billed Stork

Using experience as a means of discovering or becoming who you truly are. Actively seeking experiences consciously to reinforce the energy field of the person you would like to be.

Pheasant Tailed Jacana

For people who believe that material security brings emotional security. Choosing to remain open and receptive to having your physical needs met abundantly, but finding more appropriate and permanent ways of having your emotional needs met.

Pied Buschat

For those who feel the need to constantly rebel, including against their own inner authority. Great for the teen years but also for those adults who are unable to move past that phase and create something of value in their own lives and the lives of others even though they desire to.

Pied Kingfisher

For teenagers who feel pressured to fit in but don't always agree with their peer's beliefs or actions. Helps them to connect with others like themselves for support and friendship. Also helps to draw adults who can act as mentors for the teen.

Pond Heron

Recognizing that everyone has a need to be needed, that receiving love from others is as important as giving. We cannot give away what we are unable to receive.

Purple Heron

Feeling a sense of alienation because you have been born into new circumstances that are radically different than that you feel you experienced in past lives. Helps you to adjust and integrate this new life cycle while drawing comfort and support from the old.

Purple Moorhen

An excellent essence for those who feel they cannot share their creations or themselves with others unless they are "perfect." Helps these people to do their best, put their best foot forward and let the rest go. We are already perfect just as we are in the present moment.

Purple Sunbird

Finding the quickest route to your own personal path of enlightenment. Releasing the belief that to become enlightened entails much pain, suffering and time, allowing it instead to happen easily and through joy.

Red Rumped Swallow

For those who are painfully shy, this essence encourages greater self-acceptance and the willingness to reach out to others with the gift of friendship. Feeling that it is alright to be noticed by others, to take your place in the spotlight so you may share your gifts with others who need them.

Red Vented Bulbul

Uniting with the cosmic lover within yourself. Releases sexual experiences and partners that are draining. Discourages the practice of "one night stands" even when you find yourself seemingly unable to stop not because they are "wrong", but for you they feel inappropriate.

Red Wattled Lapwing

Being able to fall in love again after a painful breakup. Seeing and experiencing love a sweet and good. Cleanses the fear that you will be hurt. Attracting a beloved who is gentle, wise, loving, compassionate, and sexually compatible.

Roufus Backed Shrike

Seems like in each group of essences, there is one that induces unbridled glee, bliss or ecstasy. This one covers all three, makes you want to get up and dance around the house because you feel so good inside.


Pulls in scattered energy so it is focused and clear. Removes astral gunk and debris. Helps procrastinators to finish what has been started. Releases worry as a method of avoiding actually tackling the issue at hand.

Small Blue Kingfisher

Focusing on what others do right rather than what they do wrong, especially helpful for parents with young children. Remembering to frequently express your love and approval to your children and others. Releases tendencies to ridicule or put others down, especially when they are attempting something new. Excellent for those who have a strong inner critic that prevents them from trying something new because they are afraid they will look "stupid."


For feeling like you will be blamed for anything that goes "wrong". This may be due to experiences in childhood where you were held responsible for others actions, being the scapegoat or it may be arising from an unknown source within. This essence helps to clear both the expectations that you will continue to be a scapegoat as well as repelling others who may seek to put the blame on you.

White Breasted Kingfisher

For people who believe they cannot develop a relationship with Spirit because they are unworthy or sinful. These feelings may arise from actions in the present or past lifetimes as well as from being told that they are or were "bad" or "unworthy". Helps you to accept that Spirit is for ever non-judgmental and that there is nothing any of us could ever do to be unworthy of Spirit's love.

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