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Amethyst Hairstreak

Opens the higher Chakras and links them for greater expression of spiritual guidance and wisdom. Releases energy blockages via surrender to the Divine. Understanding that one's personal will and Divine will are one and the same.

Anise Swallowtail

Releases resentment when you find yourself in a situation where because others are not taking care of their responsibilities, you end up having to deal with it. Allows you to step aside and not be affected on any level.

Apache Skipper

Clears interference from any source in your life and affairs. Clears energy coming from those who would try to direct and control your life.

Aphrodite Fritillary

Boosts charisma, Appreciation of your beauty both within and without. Enjoying your ability to attract others, but not in a harmful or negative way. Enhances the expression of Venus in your natal chart.

Appalachian Brown

Helps to identify and release beliefs related to poverty consciousness, expectations that only the worst will happen or that life is hard.

Apricot Sulphur

On one level this essence enhances the pleasurable aspects of love making. On another level this essence can be used to raise energy for sex magick and ritual. Experiencing sex as an overall celebration of the creation of the Universe

Aquamarine Hairstreak

Release the old so the new may enter. Do not hang onto the old self as it is now a hindrance to your growth and progress. Make way instead for abundance, growth and expansion.

Ares Metalmark

Pioneering new paradigms, accessing spiritual strength and courage. For working beyond the edge of the known and thus discovering what treasures and blessings can then become available to one.

Arizona Metalmark

Allowing the wild, untamed part of you to flourish because that's the part of you that keeps you sane, grounded and whole. Recognizing that death is a part of life and you need to allow as much adventure and fun into your life as you can while you can.

Astyanax Red Spotted Purple

Links the Root and Crown, 8th, 9th, 10th chakras. Bringing things into manifestation. Protection from negativity through the raising of one's vibrational level.

Aztec Scallopwing

For those who hide their light, gifts and talents because they fear attack or possible ruin if they expressed their unique selves. Provides a mantle of protection that is very heavy duty.

Barred Yellow

For those who feel imprisoned by their circumstances ( caring for a difficult family member, stuck in a dead-end job or relationship, etc.). Opens the prison doors so you can walk free without fear, guilt, or sense of betrayal.

Black Crescent

Excellent for those born with a "Hades Moon" I.E. Pluto in hard aspect to the Moon in the natal chart or by transit. Finding comfort and healing through accepting that darkness is an opportunity to retreat from the world and initiate self healing.

Black Dash

Creates a vortex of energy that acts like a black hole, sucking in negative energies and purifying them before releasing them back into the Universal flow. I especially love this one for releasing negative thoughts and beliefs. This essence is also wonderful for releasing the "tapes" of negative messages given you by parents or other primary care givers.

Black Hairstreak

Eases thoughts, impulses towards committing suicide, especially after an experience that rips your world apart. An emergency essence that helps to cushion the shock, suspends pain so you have time to center yourself and receive emergency support from those in body and on the higher planes.

Blackened Bluewing

Takes one to the starry realms and far beyond. Accessing other probable realities, awareness of the multidimensional self. Bringing the ideal self into manifestation. Excellent for higher level journeying, acts as an escort to other dimensions.

Blue Copper

Being an open channel for bliss and joy. Helps one to drop the garbage and stay in one's joy. For overwhelming stress, helps one to see that nothing except what we love and enjoy is important in the larger scheme of things. Going for one's passion, whatever that might be, because you know that is the Divine's will for you.

Blue Doctor

A very healing, soothing essence that clears debris from the upper chakras so that higher energies can flow down into the 2nd chakra for greater creativity. Excellent for enhancing creative visualization.

Blue Eyed Sailor

Remembering and utilizing past and future life clairvoyant abilities, mediumship, clairaudience and clairsentience. Helps new and advanced practitioners ( and students!) of astrology to navigate the chart more easily, becoming an open channel for the planetary energies to express their meanings through you to the client. Some people find this essence to be a bit "spacy" so use caution.

Blue Studded Skipper

For those who feel they can never find the time to do their inner work, meditate or allow themselves to visit a healer. Making your spiritual and physical evolution a priority.

Bog Copper

Receiving support and validation from the world and the Universe for stepping out on your own, creating a career you love and supporting yourself abundantly through it. Not getting bogged down on how it will come together, but knowing that it will. Especially helpful for those who have had difficulty finding a distributor for their products.

Bramble Green Hairstreak

Jumping into new adventures, taking some chances with no guarantees but trusting that the price will be well worth the trip. On your return home you are able to integrate all that you learned and experienced. Finding the resources required to make the journey.


For those who tend to fly off the handle easily or have a tendency to take their frustration and anger out on others. Jekyll and Hyde tendencies are eased. Not blaming others for your problems and mistakes but accepting that choices you made may not have been for the best but can be corrected.

Broken Silverdrop

Inspirations that come out of the blue that provide answers to problems. Relying on the Spiritual to provide for you in the physical world in an abundant fashion, but also being willing to be an open channel for the experience.

Bronze Copper

Regulates electrical flow in the body, especially helpful for transits of Uranus, when much needed change is occurring. Helps to flow nervous energy into constructive channels so that important goals can be reached instead of getting sidetracked.

Brush Footed Butterfly

Connecting with the Magical Self to create a more positive and fulfilling reality for oneself. Excellent to use during magickal rites and rituals or just when you desire to sense the unlimited potential that is you.

Buckeye Butterfly

Transforms denial into seeing the truth, clears away fogginess, lack of clarity so that you can see into the heart of a situation or problem. Also assists in seeing your higher path more clearly. Defines next steps.

Canyonland Satyr

Giving thanks to those who have helped you along your path, being grateful for all the good in your life. Being grateful for the fulfillment of your desires even before they manifest. Connecting with ancient Shamans of the Southwest United States and carrying on their healing work.

Ceraunus Blue

Enhances the light body, raising the physical vibration of the body so that as your light body evolves, you need not experience the health dis-orders that often accompany the shift. Accelerates the healing crises process.


Very helpful for those who travel frequently, in body or out of body, feeling like they are always jumping all over the map. Eases jet lag, problems associated with eating and drinking in foreign countries, fear of flying.

Chiricahua White

Being a spiritual warrior for the good of all, standing up for those not yet strong enough to protect themselves. Shielding the planet from outside negative vibrations.

Cloudless Sulphur

Very uplifting and inspiring. Assists us in seeing that all things have a spiritual basis and we need not fear for we are always within the Creator. Dropping judgment of ourselves or others. Helps us to get out of our own way so transformation and healing can occur.

Coastal Green Hairstreak

Cleansing, healing for the emotional body. Dispels feelings of unworthiness or being less than others. Promotes growth in any area of life that you direct it to.

Common Blue

For those who believe that others have more to offer, are more talented, smarter, better looking, more creative, luckier. Realizing that someone programmed you with these beliefs and that they are untrue.

Compton Tortoiseshell

Sinking energetic roots into the earth to replenish yourself or transmit healing to another. Pulling specific energies up through your roots. Also a wonderful essence for standing your ground and not giving way under pressure.

Confused Cloudywing

For those who literally wander around in a state of confusion, always questioning what they should be doing, being, having. Provides clarity and grounding, looking to your self for answers rather than always running to others. Helps to eliminate behaviour that is needy and clinging.

Coral Hairstreak

Finding your "right" community in which to live and prosper. Raises sexual energy so that it can be used for creative endeavors or into pure sexual enjoyment.

Coronus Fritillary

Solar Plexus chakra, enhances self-esteem, empowering. Helps one to take right actions based on inner truth and wisdom.

Coyote Cloudywing

For when you get in way over your head, helps you to turn the situation around and pull it all off brilliantly. Excellent for those who always seem to have bizarre things happening to them. ( Needless to say, I love this essence!)

Creamy Stripe Streak

Releases trauma in the drama, the need to constantly recreate drama in order to attract sympathy and attention from others. Helps the person realize how much energy they are wasting that could be directed into more pleasurable pursuits.

Crescent Metalmark

Hitting the mark, moving through major life changes easily and creatively. Focusing on your ability to cope with any situation.

Cyna Blue

Feeling safe and protected to express whatever you need to express to facilitate healing on all levels, but especially through the throat chakra. Knowing that it is safe to find someone you can express your darkest secrets to in order to heal.

Dakota Skipper

Having the courage to do what your heart tells you to do even in the face of great opposition. Not believing in another's assessment in what is or is not right for you because often they are really telling you what is right for them, not you.

Dark Kite Swallowtail

Interplanetary travel and communication with off world beings and allies. Magnetic healing, removal of negative implants.

Deaths Head Sphinx

Excellent for transits of Pluto or when death and rebirth are needed to complete a healing process. Excellent for any type of transition.

Desert Elfin

Encourages a deeper rapport with nature spirits and faeries of all kinds. Encourages a greater respect for nature and all of Mother Earth. Helps children and those young at heart to hold fast in their beliefs of the "wee ones".

Dingy Purplewing

Having fun, getting goofy and silly in order to get blocked energy moving again within yourself, a situation or an area. This is highly effective! Of course, this is also a wonderful essence to spray at parties.

Dion Skipper

When you sense a new direction is being offered, but are unsure how to proceed. Also for those who try to force a new path to open rather than awaiting the right moment to act.

Draco Skipper

Trusting that unseen forces are at work in your life, communicating with these energies to both clarify your purpose at this time and also to keep them from blowing the lid off your life completely before you are prepared for a major shift. These are not negative energies, just not fully aware yet of what it is like to be in body.

Dusky Blue Groundstreak

For knowing that everything really will be all right, especially for those who undergo frequent setbacks just as they are about to realize their dreams.

Dusted Skipper

Eases restless minds, those caught in the circle of worry. Chewing over a problem but not getting any resolution on it. Helps the rational mind to back off so the intuitive can come through and give direct guidance on how to proceed. Helps to ease nightmares caused by worry and stress.

Eastern Pine Elfin

Helps to repair or dissolve dysfunctional relationships, depending on if the union is for the highest good or detriment of both people. Eases heartbreak when ending a relationship.

Eastern Tailed Blue

Helps to draw the energy of the Higher Self into the physical, mental and emotional bodies and anchors it there.

Emerald Aguna

Opens the heart chakra, aligns one with the principles of prosperity and abundance, draws love and friendship into a persons life. Right home, right environment, moving from one home to another if appropriate or recreating the home you have to be one that is supportive and nurturing of your mind, body and soul.

Eversmannia Exornata

Opens our energy fields to receive more guidance, love and support from the Universe and our Higher Selves.

Falcate Orange Tip

Transforms anger and rage into constructive, usable energy. Helps one to express anger openly and safely while harming none.

Fatal Metalmark

For deep soul pain and wounding that just will not go away. Especially helpful when this kind of pain blind sides you just when you are making progress in some area of your life. Keeps the wounding from pulling you off track.

Felder's Orange Tip

Releases inappropriate sexual attraction. Excellent for those who purposefully use their strong sexual magnetism to ensnare and use others. Makes a person more aware of the possible consequences of such behavior.

Fiery Skipper

Not sitting around waiting for things to happen, but making them happen through your decisive actions. Moving ahead through sheer will and determination. Accepting support when it is offered by those of good intent, knowing you deserve it.

Frosted Elfin

Shielding, protective energy that repels negative thoughts and energies purposefully directed at you by others. Catches such thoughts in a net and throws them back at the sender, not to harm, but to simply return the energy.

Gemmed Satyr

Enhances imagination, a vital skill in creating new life and experience. Also balances an over active imagination that focuses primarily on all that could go wrong, encourages it instead to think about fun, exciting new possibilities. Also helps to keep the mind focused during creative visualization.

Gold Spotted Aguna

Draws new playmates, friends, people and energies to have fun with, taking a break from "active duty." Very helpful for those who feel their lifestyle restricts them from meeting new people and developing new friendships with others of like mind.

Golden Hairstreak

Helps to connect a person with wealth and prosperity guides, receiving teachings that increase wealth consciousness for self and the planet. Becoming an active receiver of goodness and blessings.

Golden Headed Scallopwing

Defining what success and achievement mean to you, not allowing another to make you feel less than because you are not where they feel you should be on the material scale of life. Helps those who are overly materially focused to learn to value the Spiritual side of life as well.

Gray Blue

This essence calls in the presence of your Guardian Angel as well as other Angel energies as needed. A wonderful essence to use in conjunction with asking the Angels to help you with a specified situation.

Great Basin Wood Nymph

For co-creating with the earth devas of all kinds: Garden devas, Single Plant Devas, One's personal body Deva, Business devas, crystal Devas, etc.

Great Copper

Working with the ray energies more effectively, intuitively knowing which ray to use, how much is needed and clears blockages to the ray's entrance and exit points. Holding onto too much of the ray's energy can cause congestion so it is important to make sure that both the entrance and exit points are clear.

Great Purple Hairstreak

Even when we are not consciously working on expanding our spirituality, much is still occurring beneath the surface. At times in order to make major quantum leaps, we must attend to and experience so called " non-spiritual " pursuits. This essence helps us to understand that all things are of Spirit, we can let go and allow our growth to occur naturally.

Great Spangled Fritillary

Breaking out of past conditioning, clears negative inner voices, trusting in yourself and your worthiness to be and do what you want.

Green Comma

Things are going well financially, then a pause occurs. Gets the energy moving again, draws new resources, new channels for money to flow through to you. Also attracts new clients/customers.

Green Hairstreak

For issues of prosperity and abundance, allowing this energy to come to us rather than feeling we must chase it only for it to seemingly always elude us.

Greenish Blue

Assists in creating positive outcomes when initiating new business ventures., Ideal for communicating with your business devas and guardians. Great combined with Ametrine and Cinnabar Gem Essences.

Hackberry Butterfly

For communicating with Nature Spirits, Fairies and Devas of all kinds. Excellent for gardens and gardeners, or those who desire a stronger connection with Nature.

Hermes Copper

Quickens the mental processes, excellent for students and those involved in intense intellectual pursuits. Isolates thoughts forms that cause pain and discomfort, making it so obvious that you can't help but see and know how to release it, replacing it with a higher vibrational thought.

Hickory Hairstreak

Being able to share the wisdom of our experience with others that we may completely eliminate the need to learn from direct, painful experience.

Juniper Hairstreak

Cleanses anger and resentment from all the chakras, especially the root and the heart. Using anger appropriately to make needed changes.

Kaener Blue Butterfly

Completely unblocks and clears the throat chakra, improving our ability to speak our truth. Excellent for shyness and holding back from putting one's work out into the world due to a sense of low self-esteem or a "what's the use" attitude.

Labrador Sulphur

Repairs, strengthens and raises the vibration of the 12 auric layers. Repels parasites, energy vampires.

Large White

Knowing how to deal with people from your past who have returned for the opportunity of clearing old karma. Stops the creation of new, unhealthy karma and situations.

Little Glassywing

For staying within the space of innocence and trust. Not being naïve, but knowing who is worthy to share your time and energy with and who isn't. Excellent for the inner child who feels they aren't protected and cherished by your inner adult.

Little Wood Satyr

Greatly enhances intuition and clairvoyance. Trusting in one's intuition. Checking in with your inner guidance, guides before making life altering decisions.

Little Yellow

Learning how to use a small amount of energy to create big results. Helps to regulate the flow of energy you send out so it's not too much which can actually repel what you desire, nor too little which causes the desire to manifest slowly or not at all.

Long Tailed Blue

Excellent for when you fear leaving a person, place, or thing behind in order to reach your full potential. Eases home-sickness and feelings of loss or deprivation.

Lycaena Helle

Blessings from the Universe. Seeing the blessings in all things, even during difficult times. Being open to blessings attracts more of the same to us.


Clears obstacles in your path, not allowing yourself to give up on your goals because they seem far away or too hard to attain.


Balances the meridians, attunes them to the frequency of the reawakening ley lines. This eliminates crises affects as the energy system of the individual reorients itself. If really strange things are happening in your life, test for this essence.

Mariposa Copper

Seeing the goddess as a nurturing mother in all of her forms. A very loving, healing essence that draws tenderness and gentleness into our lives. Can be used with other essences to create profound but gentle shifts.

Mercurial Skipper

For those who use drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, etc, to escape from their problems because they feel the task of facing up to things is too overwhelming. Helps you to find the courage and mental dexterity needed to rapidly release problems and move forward.

Mexican Bluewing

Understanding dysfunctional family, cultural patterns and the impact they have on your life. Breaking free from the cultural expectations of others, conditioning that keeps a person stuck in a repeating dysfunctional pattern.


Communing with Spirit to be refreshed and renewed. Talking things over with Spirit for greater insight and awareness. Creating a sacred space within your mind for you and Spirit to dwell together in harmony.

Morpho Peleides

Magickal training from high level guides and adepts. Very useful for understanding key experiences while climbing the tree of life, meditations on the Kabbalah.

Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak

Finding the strength and courage to keep going after serious set backs. Not allowing fear to keep you from moving forward.

Mournful Duskywing

For those who find it difficult to stay in body and on the earth because they find it too painful, but cannot pinpoint why. Recognition that there are belief systems operating that are creating the pain and how to release them.

Mourning Cloak

For dark nights of the Soul, bringing radiant light and peace to dispel the darkness. Excellent for releasing long-standing problems—a very liberating essence.

Mulberry Wing

The ability to say no and stick to it. Not allowing others to take advantage of you. Setting boundaries. Especially for healers and readers whose friends often ask them to provide their services for free.

Northern Broken Dash

Making requests to your guides, that if you honor your higher path, you expect them to help you collect the goodies for doing so as well as keeping others who would interfere out of your way. Tell your guides what you desire and know they are handling things for you.

Northern Cloudywing

Facilitates shamanic communication with the Elders, Spirit world. Draws guides and allies to assist in power animal/soul retrievals.

Northern Metalmark

Accessing wisdom from the elders, manifestation and reward for long, involved effort and persistence. Helps one to keep focused and moving forward in spite of obstacles and drawbacks.

Olive Clouded Skipper

Helps to balance an overactive ego, those who believe they are better or more important than others. and that only their needs matter.

Orange Barred Sulphur

For those who were taught to be ashamed of their bodies, sexuality. Enjoying themselves physically, seeing sex as a valuable expression of divine creation and of having a body.

Orange Sulphur

Joy and excitement in being alive, being in the body. Sparks sexual and artistic creativity and joy. Excellent for balanced, gentle kundalini awakenings. Channels anger into pure joy.

Painted Crescent

Seeing how we actually encourage people to behave in ways we find disagreeable because our underlying expectations are focused on a particular behaviour. Changing our expectations helps the other person to change.

Pale Crescent

Excellent support for beginning anything new, starting a new cycle or course of self-improvement. Gently keeps you on track.

Pearl Crescent

Lunar energies, very helpful for those whose moon is poorly aspected in their natal charts. Attuning to lunar rhythms and timing your actions in accordance with the moon's cycles.

Pink Edged Sulphur

Releasing energy from past relationships that may be affecting the present. Helps to heal the heart chakra.

Pipevine Swallowtail

This beautiful essence carries our prayers to the Creator so they can be blessed and returned to us manifested.

Purplish Black Skipper

Releasing fear of prophetic dreams, visions, clairvoyance.

Purplish Copper

Remaining focused and in the present. Greater awareness of the seeds you are planting now that will affect you in the future. Releases fears caused by strong religious upbringing that was negatively oriented.

Queen Alexandra's Sulphur

For issues of ego inflation that really stem from feelings of deep insecurity and inferiority. For knowing that we don't have to tear anyone else down in order to feel better about ourselves.

Question Mark

For knowing which questions to ask. This is often more important than the actual answers.

Red Admiral

Saturn issues, becoming one's own authority, resolving father issues and conflicts. Standing up for oneself, one's beliefs and life purpose. Releases fear around not being able to make it in the world on one's own.

Red Bordered Metalmark

Taking note of what is around you so that you know where you are on the map of life. Looking at what has recently manifested in your life and deciding if you want more of the same or time for a change.

Rocky Mountain Duskywing

Freedom, soaring above your problems to get a higher perspective. Enjoying being in body, seeing your body as a magnificent vehicle of Divine energy.

Rocky Mountain Parnassian

Flying beyond perceived limits, doing what one feels guided to do to bring one's dreams into reality. Brings greater balance into all areas of one's life.

Ruby Spotted Swallowtail

Linking with one's twin flame soul. Honoring and supporting this relationship in whatever way is appropriate for both people. Realizing that a twin flame soul may not always come in the form you expect and package you expect.

Sagebrush Checkerspot

Consecrating the sacred self, sacred spaces. Accessing higher spiritual teachings, draws Native American guides and allies.

Shasta Blue

Soul family connections. contacts with other life forms, a sense of belonging to a Universal family. Very helpful for E.T. contacts.

Silver Bordered Fritillary

Accessing the Angelic dimensions, hearing and acting upon Angelic guidance. Knowing that Angels are always with us.

Silver Spotted Skipper

Encourages joyful, happy dreams, draws good fortune, time and energy for play, the ability and resources to fully enjoy life. Dispels nightmares. Faith in the future and the acceptance of one's good.

Silvery Blue

Hearing and seeing your personal angels and receiving their support and guidance.

Silvery Checkerspot

For setbacks that leave you wondering if you are on the right path or just spinning your wheels. Helps one to see the Divine plan and that all things lead you to where you want to be.

Sleepy Duskywing

Feels like being in the arms of the Angels. This essence helped saved my sanity during a particularly horrific time in my life.

Small Copper

Aligns all the chakras with the Earth so that we may be fulfilled as physical beings and do what we came here to do.

Small Tortoiseshell

Integrating conflicting needs, desires, goals and beliefs. Finding the common purpose that links them all together and changing the conflicts from weaknesses to strengths.

Sonora Skipper

Releases arrogance, always feeling the need to one up someone else and in the process alienating friends and those you would like as friends. Respecting your talents, but those of others as well.

Sooty Hairstreak

Fire walking, whether actual or symbolic. Excellent for any situation in which you feel you are undergoing a trial by fire. For knowing you can and are moving through the situation with wisdom, courage and strength.

Southern Broken Dash

Setting firm boundaries with the Universal energies you work with, including your guides. Trust me, until you do, they can and will push you all over the cosmic map, in an effort to teach you how to set boundaries no matter who you are involved with. Making clear to yourself and others what you are willing to show up for in your life and sticking to it.

Southern Oak Hairstreak

Bringing to completion what was started in the past. Clearing the decks so you can begin a new, happier long-term cycle in your life.

Speckled Wood

Shamanic extraction of negative energies that are causing distress and disruption in one's life. Knits the etheric bodies back together after an extraction.

Spicebush Swallowtail

Erotic love and passion, finding your ultimate sexual partner. Spices up your love life if you are already with your beloved, but things are stagnating a bit.

Spring Azure

Opens the throat chakra for greater self-expression. Discovering one's original origins whether from this star system or beyond. Draws and abundance of blessings and support. Release of fear and worry.

Starred Skipper

Being who you are not feeling you have to live up to other's expectations or desires. Feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments.

Tawny Emperor

Accepting the role of leadership with grace and spiritual courage. Trusting in and following one's higher path.

Tropical Greenstreak

Activates the heart, thymus, and third eye chakras. Provides for clear, heart-centered perceptions as to the purpose behind each life experience.

Tropical Leafwing

Recreating Eden, heaven on earth. Knowing that there was no "original sin" but that each of us have always been in a state of Divine perfection.

Vesta Crescent

Simplifying your life, clearing away the clutter, focusing on a few things that really matter to you. Finding that less is more when what you have is truly of value to you.

Viola's Wood Satyr

Riding the waves of music to balance your being and achieve states of bliss. Brings tranquility into your sacred space.

Violet Banded Skipper

Undergoing rites of initiation that result in your emergence as a spiritual leader and healer for others. Especially helpful for those whose initiation is protracted or painful.

Violet Clouded Skipper

Changing your standards from the lower end of the scale to the highest end. Setting higher standards helps the Universe to create only the best for you.

Violet Patched Skipper

Evolving as rapidly and as far as one can go in this lifetime. Refusing to let anything stand in the way of your personal and spiritual development.

White Dotted Cattleheart

Becoming a channel for the light, being a living example for others that living in the light is the most joyful, effective way to live.

White Morpho

Ability to accept praise and recognition from others, seeing that others value you and your contributions. Also enhances your ability to praise and value others.

White Peacock

This essence helps us to experience the love and passion that the Creator has for all His/Her creations. This is also a wonderful essence for calling upon Divine intervention and healing.

White Veined Arctic

All of us have things we would prefer to pretend are not part of our character. This essence helps us to recognize where our problem areas lie and to get to work on them.

Wild Indigo Duskywing

An excellent essence for clarifying clairvoyant visions and inner guidance. Gently cleanses and balances the 6th and 7th chakras. Stimulates Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

Woodland Skipper

Releasing the need to believe that something "out there" is the cause of your problems. Taking responsibility for where you are right now and changing that which is unwanted.

Xami Hairstreak

Another one of those spacy, "take you where no one has gone before" essences. Amazing insights pop up after using this essence.

Xerces Blue

Clears negative imprints and implants, including those carried over on a soul level from past lives.

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