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The God Sound Au-Men

A very powerful essence that connects us with the sound of creation and manifestation. Used alone or in combination with other essences, it creates a vortex of high, positive energy that automatically eliminates negativity and draws our highest good to us easily and effortlessly. This essence fills us with a sense of wonder and gratitude for All That Is and that energy is returned to us multiplied many times over.

The Law Of Vibration

Everything resonates with it's own vibratory rate. When we align ourselves and intentions with the vibratory rate of love, peace, consciousness or anything else, that's what we manifest in our lives. When using this essence, set a clear intention of what you desire to resonate with, and allow the Universe to do the rest. This essence helps to carry your intentions to the highest levels of the Universe where anything is possible. It is Universal law that what we resonate with must manifest in our lives. This is also a wonderful essence for clearing yourself, or any thing, of any negativity by focusing on higher states of consciousness and then using this essence.

Follow Your Dreams, Follow Your Bliss

All of us have dreams we would love to manifest in our lives, but too often we allow limitations, lack of faith or self-confidence to block our dreams from becoming a reality. This essence draws in Universal assistance, so we can not only manifest our dreams, but recognize them as impulses from our highest selves to lead us to create that which is for the highest good of all. When we feed and pursue our dreams, we create a new world in which all are free to create their own sacred space and bliss.

The Magical Self

Within each of us lives a magical self that knows how to create through sound, symbolism and trust. When we allow this magical self to work with us, we can create anything we desire easily and effortlessly. This essence helps us to connect with our own magical self and draw upon its divine energy to create whatever we can imagine for ourselves and the planet. We do what we feel guided to do from within and allow the magical self and the universe to do the rest.

Plant Care Essence

Excellent for all indoor/outdoor plants. Raises their vibration to encourage maximum growth while repelling pests and diseases.

Obsidian Essences

Apache Tears

Helps one to release grief, especially when it is blocked in the throat chakra, unable to cry out. Supports the elimination of toxic beliefs such as thinking one is not as good as others and therefore deserves to be abused or taken advantage of. Sudden loss of home and or security. Releases toxins, shame and sorrow. This essence is very helpful for those who have struggled long and hard only to face defeat. Helps one to pick up what can be salvaged, leave the rest, and move on. Gives insight as to the cause of the defeat.

Black Obsidian

Very helpful for the removal of psychic energy that has become trapped within the body, especially when sent to one via a shamanic force or power. Helps to lift one out of the depths of despair, trusting that the light will dawn and one will soon be set back upon the right path. Repels Negativity both from within and directed to you by others. Makes one more aware of what within needs to be cleansed or healed. Releases blockages, especially those that are deeply rooted. Very helpful for healers to diagnose both the root cause and the cure. This is an excellent essence to combine with Mole or Hairy Nose Wombat.

Brown Obsidian

Helps to release fear that holds you back, even when you know you are capable of achieving goals on your own but insist on not making a move unless you feel you are guaranteed to succeed. Feeling you must have others support and lacking that, refuse to make a move forward to create what is truly desired. Helps you to forge ahead even when feeling alone and unsupported. Taking well planned risks, seeing where the energy flows and moving with it. Trusting that you will be able to access more than enough inner strength and reserves to see any project or life change through to the end. Also for shamanic removal of dis-ease, mental or emotional dis-orders. Connects one with the earth energies, provides stability for both business and scholastic endeavors. Helps to eliminate fear and procrastination.

Deep Purple Obsidian

Opens psychic and intuitive awareness, encourages tending to one's inner work, accessing the subconscious. Enhances one's ability to meditate and feel a strong sense of inner peace. May induce Euphoria.

Electric Blue Sheen Obsidian

Shamanic Journeying, stimulates problem solving dreams, encourages one to keep an open mind that allows for greater multidimensional awareness, making the best choice between two seemingly equal opportunities. Excellent for stimulating dreams. Also helpful for astral travel, opens and clears the throat chakra. Stimulates intellectual growth. Lightning-like clarity and insights. Excellent for those who felt their ability to communicate has been suppressed due to shaming or fear of reprisal.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Supports going for the gold, manifesting that which brings great joy and fulfillment, helps to eliminate egotistical attitudes. Encourages expansion of resources both through the attraction of wealth and prosperity and becoming more aware of spending practices that are helpful or hurtful to you. Excellent for the Solar Plexus chakra, focuses one's power and energy towards that which is desired. Helps to eliminate power struggles and repels those who may try and block you from achieving your goals. Acts as a "etheric watchdog" patrolling your outer energy field to deflect negativity and attract only that which serves your highest and best good.

Green Sheen Obsidian

Supports business efforts, including International Business affairs. Helps one to allow a bit of indulgence and luxury in one's life with harm neither to the self or others, the indulgence coming from a place of self love and " I deserve to have something better", it eliminates feelings of fear in new and unknown situations and areas especially while travelling and has shown itself to be very helpful for those who have wanted to travel abroad. It is helpful for jetlag according to some test results, nightmares and skin eruptions. It assists with being in the right place at the right time and is excellent for enhancing positive results when taking risks. Some have reported it is also helpful while gambling, the individual knew when to play on or when to takes their winnings and go home. One client reported having an easier time learning a foreign language. This essence also helps to protect one from astral attachments and cordings as well as those coming from people in body. Also assists in releasing Romantic/personal attachments that are not in your best interests.

Mahogany Obsidian - Research essence

Helps to clear ancestral patterns, cultural and family beliefs that limit your development. Helps you to maintain a strong sense of individuality and freedom.

Midnight Lace Obsidian - Research Essence

Integrates the shadow and the light, clears murkiness.

Rainbow Obsidian

Helps to clear astral gunk and entities from the aura, repairs energy cracks and holes by filling them with the appropriate radiant colour. Draws more fun and enjoyment into one's life, feeling that life is fun and meant to be enjoyed. Also supports looking at things from more than one perspective and opens the mind the embrace many new concepts and ideas. Once these concepts have been embraced, this essence helps one to integrate them fully into the current life path, which in turn tends to open new doors for further development on all levels.

Red Obsidian - Research essence

Major healer for the root chakra, helps to clear issues around survival. Very helpful for anyone who has done extensive inner work on clearing early childhood abuse and trauma and now is ready to release those issues completely. Can be a bit strong for those who are just beginning to work on these issues.

Red and Black Obsidian - Research essence

Excellent for people with Aries/Scorpio strong in the chart or those who have self-destructive tendencies, including self-sabotage just at the point of success. Helps to move this power and energy into more constructive channels.

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Penetrates through the outer layers of issues, gives clarity and insight as to what stored beliefs gave life to the issue to begin with. Very helpful for people who have an "afflicted" or poorly aspected Moon in the natal, progressed, solar or lunar return charts. Helps to release fears and traumas created by a raging or devouring mother.

Snowflake Obsidian

Excellent for those who feel pulled between life and death, not suicidal, but still unable to commit fully to being present in their life and on the earth plane. Helps to bring light into the darkness and also to release that which is not desired in one's life by making one aware of the beliefs and thought patterns that have held the unwanted conditions in place.

Purple Sheen Obsidian - Research essence

Clears the crown chakra, stimulates psychic awareness, dream recall and understanding. Brings clarity to past life relationships and also helps to clear karmic cords.

Green with Perlite Obsidian - Research essence

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