Contents I-XIII introduction 1-17 Division A: The Bible and Its World 18-56 Division B: History of the Jewish People 57-79 Division C: Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Law 80-93 Division C: Jewish Thought 94-154 Division D: Literatures

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Inbar Raveh (H)

Between "Closure" and "Closeness" in the Tales of the Sages in Rabbinic


Tamas Turan (H)

The Destructive and Ruthless Observations of the Sages: The

Development of Aggaddic Motifs in Talmudic Literature

Boris Ostrer (H)

R. Johanan and Reish Lakish in a Gnostic Anecdote



503 Midrash and Folklore

Chairperson: Yehoshua Levinson

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 3001 (Rabin building)

Dina Stein (H)

Simeon the Righteous and the Nazirite: Perspectives on Introspection in

Talmudic Legends

Ruhama Weiss (H)

Tests of Kashrut: Sub-Groups of Repast-Assessment in the Talmud

Erik Alvstad (E)

“Transforming the Dream": Performative Speech in the Ritual of Hatavat


314 Early Rabbinic Literature

Chairperson: Shlomo Naeh

Sunday (31 July 2005) 17:00 - 19:00 Room: 5818

David Henshke (H)

On the Sources of 'תרצע ימולשת'

Vered Noam (H)

New Sabbath Laws from Qumran

Reuven Kimelman (E)

Why did Resurrection for the Dead Beat out Immortality for the Soul in

Rabbinic Judaism

Cana Werman (H)

The Wood Offering in Qumran and Tannatic Literature: Nature and


315 Literary Aspects of Rabbinic Literature

Chairperson: Tamar Kadari

Sunday (31 July 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 5818

Haim Ovadia (E)

Psychological Manipulation and Hidden Characters in Midrash: The Case

of Abraham the Apostate and Korah the Pharisee

Tsafi Sebba-Elran (H)

King Solomon and Asmodeus, Or: The Story of the Nightmare (Balahot)

King – Agadic Anthologies and Their Role in the Development of

Judaism As a Culture

Tziona Grossmark (H)

The Inn As a Place of Violence and Danger in Rabbinic Literature



316 Tales of the Sages

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Rivka Raviv (H)

A Recreation of the Book of Daniel’s Prophecy of the Four Kingdoms

Culled from Rabbinic Literature

Alon Goshen-Gotshtein (H)

Polemicomania 2 – Examining the Two Powers

Shoshana Vinberger (H)

Zedekiah and the Rabbit (Nedarim 65 a) Aggada and Halakhah

317 Midrashim and Their Emendations – Session A

Chairperson: Yaakov Elboim

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 5817

Reuven Kiperwasser (H)

Kohelet Rabbah: Study in Redaction and Formation

Arnon Atzmon

Haggadat Megillat Esther (=Midrash Tanhuma to Esther)

Tamar Kadari (H)

Where Does Midrash "Shir HaShirim Rabbah" Begin?

Gilad Sasson (H)

"Solomon Asked to Admit the Ark of the Covenant to the Sanctuary":

The Editing of an Eretz Yisrael Legend in the Babylonian Talmud

318 Midrashim and Their Emendations – Session B

Chairperson: Jonah Fraenkel

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 5817

Yaakov Elboim (H)

Midrash and Emendation in Menachem b. Shlomo’s “Yalkut Sekhel Tov”

Amos Geula (H)

Lost Aggadic Midrashim Known from Ashkenazic Sources of the 13th

Century and Their Relationship to Cognate Compositions

Ezra Kehalani (H)

Creativity and Stylistic Innovation in the Midrash "Agadat Bereshit" [The

Legends of Genesis]



319 The Body and Its Perception in Rabbinic Literature

Chairperson: Dina Stein

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Ishay Rosen-Zvi (H)

The Priestly Ur-Body: Reading Mishna Bechorot 7

Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert (E)

The Semiotics of the Sexed Body in Rabbinic Literature

Jay Rovner (E)

A certain matronita solicited R. Tzadok”: Eros of Power, Eros of

Resistance, in a Babylonian Talmudic Narrative (bKid 40a)

320 Israel and the Nations

Chairperson: Margarete Schlueter

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: Buber 200

Herbert W. Basser (H)

Who is Like a "Donkey" (Gen. 22:5)?

Hermut Lohr (E)

The Concept of "Deuterosis" in Jewish-Christian Dialogue and


Yuval Shahar (H)

The Smeering, Spoiling Samaritan: The Literary Characteristics and

Historical Roots of the Talmudic Anti-Samaritan Motif

321 Prayer – Session A

Chairperson: Ruth Langer

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 5817

Jonah Fraenkel (H)

The Ritual of Northern France

Stefan C. Reif (H)

The Early History of the "Al Ha-Nissim" Prayer on Hanukah

Dalia Sara Marx (Zylbersztein) (H)

The Talmudic Early Morning Ritual: Reconstruction of the Mind and the

Body through Utterance of Birkhot Hashakhar (the Morning Blessings)

Ephraim-Bezalel Halivni (H)

“Now Everyone Says a Blessing Before and After the Torah Reading”:

Since When?



322 Prayer – Session B

Chairperson: Avigdor Shinan

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 5817

Ruth Langer (H)

The Birkat Haminim without Minim? The Aftermath of Christian


Uri Ehrlich (H)

An Early Palestinian Version of the Shmone Esre and Its Bearing on

Birkat Ha-Da'at

Yehezkel Luger (H)

“Bless Us, Our Father, All of Us”

Zvi Szubin H. (E)

Legal Terminology in Liturgy

323 Studies in Gaonic Literature

Chairperson: Moshe Asis

Sunday (31 July 2005) 14:30 - 16:30 Room: 5818

Uziel Fuchs (H)

The Oral Nature of the Bavli in Geonic Times: Theory and Practice

Roni Shweka (H)

The "Tosfeta" in Halachot Gedolot: A Contribution to its textual study

Adiel Kadari (H)

Admitting the Other? Rereading Rav Zemah Gaon's Responsa Regarding

Eldad Ha-Dani

Jehoshua Horowitz (H)

R. Mordechai's Attitude to the Geonim and His Manner of Halakhic




324 The History of Halakhah – Session A

Chairperson: Bernard S. Jackson

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Eliezer Diamond (H)

The Second Rule in Maimonides’ "Sefer Mitzvot" [Book of

Commandments]: Maimonides’ Approach to the Concept of 613

[Mitzvot] and to Midrash Halakhah

Israel Gilhut (H)

Parents' Obligations Toward Their Children: The Meaning of

Maimonides' Divergence from Talmudic Rulings

Shalem Yahalom (H)

The Connection Between Nahmanides and Sefer Hahashlamah

325 The History of Halakhah – Session B

Chairperson: Eliezer Diamond

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Bernard S. Jackson (E)

History and Authority in Agunah Research

Yehudah Cohn (H)

Did the Inhabitants of Qumran Wear Rabbenu Tam's Tefillin?

Tamar Salmon (H)

What Did the Shu’m Regulation Really Say about Domestic Squabbles?

Kenneth Hanson (E)

Witness Requirement in Property Cases: Qumranic Evidence of Ancient




326 The History of Halakhah – Session C

Chairperson: Israel Gilhut

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Hanna Shchepetova (E)

Heresy and Apostasy Aa Legal Concepts of Rabbinic Law

Daniel Raviv (H)

Following the Majority: Biblical or Midrashic Text? An Example of the

Formation Process of Halakhic Rabbinic Exegesis

Yoel Kretzmer-Raziel (H)

Handling Vessels on the Sabbath

Meylekh Viswanath (E)

The Use of Real Estate for the Settlement of Claims in Jewish Babylonia

Moshe Samet (H)

Outlines to the biography of Rabbi Yhonathan Eybechuetz

327 Commentary and Methodology

Chairperson: Jeffrey R. Woolf

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 2605

Margarete Schlueter (E)

Principle or Rule? The Transformation of the Maxim "There is no Earlier

and Later in the Torah" into a Middah, "by Means of Which the Torah Is


David Brodsky (E)

Exploring Rabbinic Methodologies: When Text, Law and Hermeneutics


Aviram Ravitsky (H)

Talmudic Methodology and Scholastic Logic:The Commentary of R.

Abraham Elijah Cohen to the Thirteen Exegetical Principles



328 Medieval Commentaries – Session A

Chairperson: Uziel Fuchs

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 09:00 – 11:00 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Simcha Emanuel (H)

The Biography and Teachings of Rabbi Yechiel of Paris

Jeffrey R. Woolf (H)

The Torah Commentary of R. Jacob Kanizel

Yehuda Galinski (H)

Revisions and Recensions in Medieval Halakhic Literature: The Case of

R. Jeruham’s Meisharim

329 Medieval Commentaries – Session B

Chairperson: Yehuda Galinski

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Ephraim Kanarfogel (H)

The Sources and Significance of the Ashkenazi Material in Ritva's

Talmudic Commentaries

Yoel Florsheim (H)

Nachmanides’ attitude to the T. Yerushalmi

Jonathan Milgram (H)

The Sources of the "Shittah Mekubezet" to Kodashim in the Geniza

Aaron Ahrend (H)

Commentaries on Rashi's Talmud Commentary

338 Mishpat Ivri- Whence and Whither? (Plenary Session) – Session A

Chairperson: Menachem Elon

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 2718

Menachem Elon (H)

Misphat Ivri and the Shaping of the Legal System of Israel As a

Democratic Jewish State

Suzanne L. Stone (E)

New Directions for Jewish Law from the American Legal Academy

Amihai Radzyner (H)

"Jewish Law" and "Talmudic Research": The Case of Asher Gulak

Shamma Friedman (H)

Correlations Between the Talmud and Mishpat Ivri in Asher Gulak’s




339 Mishpat Ivri- Whence and Whither? (Plenary Session) – Session B

Chairperson: Elihav Shochetman

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 2718

Gideon Libson (H)

Marking Forty Years of the Institute for Research in Jewish Law:

Projected Goals and Directions

Aviad Hacohen (H)

Unlawful Enrichment and Not in Jewish Law

Yuval Sinai (H)

Jewish Law in Israeli Courts: A Future Glimpse

340 Mishpat Ivri in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age

Chairperson: Aviad Hacohen

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 2718

Michael Rosensweig (E)

The Impact of Increased Mobility on Halakhic Issues in the Medieval

Mediterranean World

Jay R. Berkovitz (E)

Civil Law and Justice in the Rabbinic Tribunales of 18th Century Metz

Hila Ben-Eliyahu (H)

Private International Law As Reflected in the Halakhic Responsa of the

16th Century



341 Mishpat Ivri and Modernity

Chairperson: Gideon Libson

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2718

Ron S. Kleinman (H)

Israeli Civil Law and the Halakhah: Do They Dwell in Peaceful Harmony

in the Rabbinical Ecclesiastical Courts?

Benny Shmueli (H)

Law, Morality and Loving Your Neighbor: The Essence of the Proverb

"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself" in Jewish Law and Israeli Law

Floriane Chinsky (H)

Jewish Law: Flexible or Rigid? A Brief Review of Social Representations

of Halakhah for Modern-Day French Jews

Michael Corinaldi (H)

Conversion Procedures According to Jewish Law (Halakah) and Israeli


342 Mishpat Ivri and Gender

Chairperson: Michael Corinaldi

Sunday (31 July 2005) 14:30 - 16:30 Room: 2718

Neal Hendel (H)

Radical Feminism, Mishpat Ivri and the Israeli Legal System

Ronit Irshay (H)

Fertillity, Gender and Halakhah

Ranon Katzoff

Rabbinic Law in P.Yadin 21-22: A Widow's Rights to Self-Help

343 Family Law

Chairperson: Yaakov Bazak

Sunday (31 July 2005) 17:00 - 19:00 Room: 2718

Yehiel Kaplan (H)

Marriage Agreements in Jewish Law

Elimelech Westreich (H)

The Wife's Income from Labor in Jewish Law and Its Application in

Israeli Law

Elihav Shochetman (H)

A Husband’s Infidelity As a Basis for Divorce



344 Issues in Jewish Law – Session A

Chairperson: Moshe Drori

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2718

Richard L. Claman (E)

Can A "Jewish and Democratic State" Qualify As a Rawlsian "Decent"


Yossi David (H)

For and Against Legal Analogies in Pre-Maimonidean Halakhic Thought

Ya'acov Habba (H)

[Complete] Testimony but not Partial Testimony: A Chapter in the Laws

of Evidence

J. David Bleich (E)

Medical Malpractice and Jewish Law

345 Issues in Jewish Law – Session B

Chairperson: Ya'acov Habba

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2718

Yaakov Bazak (H)

An Unsuccessful Attempt to Commit an Offence

Avishalom Westreich (H)

Trends in Talmudic Tort Law: A Study in the Law of the "Tooth" in the

Public Domain

Moshe Drori (H)

Causality in the Law of Damages ("Gerama" [Indirect Causation] and

"Mevatel Kiso Shel Haveiro" [Causing the Future Loss Profits]) in

Mishpat Ivri: The Implementation of Principles and Their Application to

the Israeli Public and Legal System

Ya'akov Shapira (H)

The Social Order versus Religious – Ethical Law: A Study of Two

Halakhot Concerning Theft



Special Sessions

The general assembly of the members of the World Union of Jewish

Studies and the Union Council

Monday, 1.8.2005, between 13:30-15:00 in the Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)

Ephraim E. Urbach International Fellowship Winners

Chairperson: Anita Shapira

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: The Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)

Elisheva Baumgarten (H)

Piety and Gender: Toward an Outline of the Spiritual Lives of Medieval

Jewish Women

Benjamin Brown (H)

Halakha and Religious Ethics: Creating a Conceptual Research Model

Manuela Consonni (H)

Deportation and Extermination: the Becoming and Representation of


Magda Teter (E)

Jewish Law and Canon Law: Dealing with the Other

Closing Ceremonies: The Institute of Jewish Studies and Its Role in the

Jewish Studies Department of the Hebrew University, Past and Present

(Special Session Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Institute of Jewish


Chairperson: Sara Japhet

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: Atzmaut-Mexico Hall

Martin D. Goodman, Oxford University

Joshua Schwartz, Dean, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University

David Berger, Brooklyn College

Yeshayahu Gaffni, Chair, Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, the

Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Jewish Thought

350 The Political Philosophy of Maimonides and Jewish Political

Philosophy (Plenary Session)

Chairperson: Aviezer Ravizki

Sunday (31 July 2005) 17:00 - 19:00 Room: Senate Hall

Eliezer Schweid (H)

The Perennial Jewish Philosophy of Enlightenment in Relation to


Yosef Turner (H)

The Maimonedean Influence in Rabbi Haim Hirschenssohn's Political


Shalom Ratzabi (H)

The Political Teachings of Rabbi Mordechai Kaplan and the Political

Teachings of Maimonides

Jonathan Cohen (H)

Interpreting Maimonides’ Political Thought: The Contemporary

Relevance of the Strauss-Guttmann Debate

352 Teaching Mysticism in the Academy (Plenary Session)

Chairperson: Ron Margolin

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: The Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)@

Avraham Elqayam (H)

New Approaches to Teaching Kabbalah in the Academy

Boaz Hoss (H)

The Construction of Jewish Mysticism and the Politics of Its Study

Ithamar Gruenwald (H)

The Mystical Text and the Mysticism of the Text

Moshe Idel (H)

The Culturo-Sociological Aspects of Research in Jewish Mysticism



353 Research in Magic and Its Academic Significance (Plenary Session)

Chairperson: Boaz Hoss

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: The Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)

Gideon Bohak (H)

Prolegomena to the Study of the Jewish Magical Tradition

Yuval Harari (H)

Power in Context: Community, Gender and Nation in Magical Struggles

in Israel

J.H. Chajes (H)

Jewish Magic and the Anxiety of Influence

354 The Friedberg Project for Genizah Research – Plans and Activities

(Plenary Session in Conjunction with the Friedberg Project for Genizah

Research under the Auspices of the University of Waterloo, Ontario,

Canada, and the Ben-Zvi Institute)

Chairperson: James A. Diamond

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: The Dan Wassong

Auditorium (Rabin building)

Aharon Maman

Philology in the Genizah: Current Research in the Friedberg Project

Sarah Stroumsa

Intellectual Encounter in the Genizah: The Cataloguing of Philosophical,

Theological and Polemical Fragments

David Sklare

From the Work of the Center for the Study of Judaeo-Arabic Culture:

Biblical Quaestionae

Haggai Ben-Shammai (H)

The Karaite Library in Jerusalem: Its Creation in the 10th and 11th

Centuries and Reconstruction in the 21st Century Friedberg Genizah




355 Philo of Alexandria

Chairperson: Daniel Maoz

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 2717

Naomi G. Cohen (E)

Proverbs 8:22-23 in Philo and in Gen. Rabbah

Yochanan Cohen-Yashar (H)

The Meaning of the Word Ether in the Works of Philo Alexandrinus: The

Cosmological Background of Biblical Exegesis

Arkady Kovelman (E)

Jer. 9:22-23 in Philo and Paul

Mireille Hadas-Lebel (H)

Philo's Universalistic Interpretation of Biblical Laws

Katell Berthelot (E)

Philo of Alexandria and the Conquest of Canaan

356 Maimonides and His Thought – Session A

Sunday (31 July 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: Buber 200

Josef Stern (E)

Maimonides and Hume

Gabriel Danzig (E)

Why Did Maimonides Write the Mishneh Torah?

James A. Diamond (E)

Maimonides on the Sabbath: From Divine Will to Natural Order

357 Maimonides and His Thought – Session B

Chairperson: Eliezer Schweid

Sunday (31 July 2005) 14:30 - 16:30 Room: Buber 200

Yair Lorberbaum (H)

From Commentary to the Mishnah to The Guide of the Perplexed:

Transformation in Maimonides' Approach to Aggadah

Esty Eisenman (H)

The Sinaitic Revelation in Maimonides’ Thought

Amira Eran (H)

Elisha Ben Abuya As a Model of the Attitude of Modern Judaism to the

Feminine Alternative

Alfred L. Ivry (H)

Shim'on Rawidowicz and the Rambam



358 Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages – Session A

Chairperson: Ze'ev Harvey

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2717

Rebecca Kneller (H)

Creation or the Eternity of the World: An Original Compromise by Rabbi

Shmuel Ibn Tibbon

Yossi Marciano (H)

Rabbi Isaac from Shatabiah and "Shir HaShirim" [The Song of Songs] As

a Philosophical Dialogue

Mordecai Ostwald (H)

The "Hermeticist" Teachings of Rabbi Judan Moscato

Dror Erlich (H)

Julius Guttmann and the Study of R. Joseph Albo's Thought

359 Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages – Session B

Chairperson: Ephraim Kanarfogel

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2717

Brian Ogren (E)

Isaac Abarbanel, Neoplatonism and Gilgul Neshamot

Yair Shiffman (H)

Some Issues in the Political Ideology of Moshe Narboni According to His

Commentary on Ibn Tufail's Hayy ibn Yakdhan

Luis Cortest (E)

Athens and Jerusalem in Moshe Almosnino's Regimiento de la vida

Francesca Albertini-Yardenit (E)

The Influences of Alfarabi on Moses Maimonides' Theory of Kingship in

Sefer Shoftim



360 Issues in Kabbalah

Chairperson: Gedalyah Nigal

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 2717

Sandra Valabregue-Perry (H)

Isaac of Acre's Conception of God’s Unity

Allan Brill (E)

Ascent of Light and Space in the Prayer Intention of Moses Cordovero

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