Contents I-XIII introduction 1-17 Division A: The Bible and Its World 18-56 Division B: History of the Jewish People 57-79 Division C: Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Law 80-93 Division C: Jewish Thought 94-154 Division D: Literatures

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Assaf Navaro (H)

The Integration of Kabbalah into Liturgy in the 17th Century

Wilke Carsten (H)

"The Soul Is a Foreign Woman": Otherness and Psychological Allegory

in Biblical Exegesis from the Zohar to Hasidism

Moti Benmelech (H)

Messianism and History: A New Messianism in the Early 16th Century

361 The Latin Translation of “A Guide for the Perplexed” and Its

Influence on European Thought in the Late Middle Ages and the


Chairperson: Menachem Ben-Sasson

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2717

George K. Hasselhoff (E)

Some Remarks on the Latin Translation of the Guide of the Perplexed

Yossef Schwartz (E)

Maimonides' Interpretation of Divine Names in Christian Thought

Bernd Roling (E)

Maimonides in the Christian Cabbala



362 Jesus and Christianity As Reflected in Jewish Thought

Chairperson: Allan Brill

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: Buber 200

Daniel J. Lasker (H)

Baruch Spinoza and the Jewish-Christian Debate

Yitzhak Melamed (H)

Spinoza'a Bitter Love Affair with Jesus

Andreas Lehnardt (E)

Christianity in Nachman Krochmal’s Philosophy of History

Martin Jacobs (E)

Ibn Adret against the 'Madman': A Jewish Polemic against Islam and Its

Christian Background

363 Issues in Hassidic Studies – Session A

Chairperson: Shmuel Wygoda

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: Buber 200

David Assaf (H)

“Sentenced to lashings”: Solving the Impenetrable Hassidic Custom that

Appears in the Memoirs of Solomon Maimon

Gedalyah Nigal (H)

The Influence of the "Lomdim" on the Weltanschauung of Early Hasidism

Menahem Yaglom (H)

"Laughter that is Between Speech and Silence": Studies of R. Nachman

of Breslav and His Disciples.

Tzvi Mark (H)

The Megillat Setarim of R. Nahman of Bratzlav



364 Issues in Hassidic Studies – Session B

Chairperson: Tzvi Mark

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: Buber 200

Natasha-Esther Zabolotnaya (H)

Man and Creation in R. Menahem Mendel of Vitebsk: Kabbalah and

Mystical Experience

Aviezer Cohen (H)

Self-Consciousness in the Mei Ha-Shiloah As the Nexus Between God

and Man

Ron Wacks (H)

Techniques of Guided Imagination in the Teachings of Rabbi Kalonymus

Kalmish Shapira of Piaseczno

365 Issues in Hassidic Studies – Session C

Chairperson: Yitzhak Kraus

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: Buber 200

Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern (E)

Love and Hatred: The Satiric Origins of Neo-Hasidism

Naftali Loewenthal (E)

Did Maimonides Influence 20th Century Habad?

Igor Turov (H)

The Zaddiq Doctrine of R. Abraham Malakh

David Starr (E)

Love and Hatred: The Satiric Origins of Neo-Hasidism

366 Modern Jewish Thought – Session A

Chairperson: Yehoyada Amir

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2717

Allan Lazaroff (E)

Individualism and Relational Religion

Ilya Dvorkin (H)

From Berlin to Moscow: Hermann Cohen’s Impact on the Philosophy of

Dialogue in Russia – Thoy Kagan, Michael Bahtin, and Vladimir Bibler.

Hagai Dagan (H)

Good Monotheism and Bad Monotheism: Hermann Cohen and Micah

Joseph Berdishevsky on Monotheism



367 Modern Jewish Thought – Session B

Chairperson: Avriel Bar-Levav

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2717

Raphael Shuchat (H)

Rabbinic Attitudes to Scientific Cosmogony and Evolution in the 19th

and Early 20th Cenury

Naomi Fugelman-Goldfeld (H)

"Hayarden" [The Jordan] in Zurich: Literature and Philosophy of Jewish

Youth in the 20th Century.

Hanoch Ben-Pazi (H)

The Religious Thought of Leibowitz As a Post-Holocaust “Radical


Barbara U. Meyer (H)

Traces of Levinas and Leibowitz in the Christian Theology of Friedrich-

Wilheim Marquardt

368 Modern Jewish Thought – Session C

Chairperson: Michael Brocke

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 2717

Adam Shear (E)

Canonicity and the Authority of Works of Jewish Thought in Early

Modern Jewish Culture

Shmuel Wygoda (H)

Maimonodean Motifs in the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas

Ausrele-Kristina Pazeraite (E)

The Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and the Rabbinic Thought of

Lithuania: R.Hayim from Volozhin and Israel Salanter

369 Philosophy in the Writing of Ha-Rav Kook

Chairperson: Chana Kehat

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: Buber 200

Ruvin Ferber (E)

Common Elements in the Mystical Existentialism of Avraham Kook and

Martin Buber

Smadar Sherlo (H)

Rav Kook's Esoteric Mission and Mystical Experience

Uriel Barak (H)

Disclosing Kabbalistic Secrets in the Age of Redemption: A Disputed

Point Between Rabbi A.I. Kook and Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Harlap



370 Halakhah and Society in the Writing of Ha-Rav Kook

Chairperson: Smadar Sherlo

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: Buber 200

Chana Kehat (H)

The Influence of Rav Kook’s Philosophy on Torah Learning in Modern

Zionist Yeshivas

Yehudah Mirsky (H)

Rav Kook and Maimonides, Revisited

Neria Gutel (H)

The Halakhic Approach of Rabbi Kook to the "Bsamim Rosh"

626 Israeli Society and Attitudes to Jewish Culture

Chairperson: Allon Gal

Sunday (31 July 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 104 (Truman Building)

Sharon Lev-Tzur (E)

Factors Affecting the Decision of Non-Religious Israelis to Prefer

Alternative Marriage Ceremonies to the State Rabbinate

Rina Hevlin (H)

Jewish Cultural Literacy in Israel in the Last Decade: Just an Intellectual


Gideon Katz (H)

Jewish Culture and Israeli Anti-Utopianism

Gad Ufaz (H)

Between the Appraoches of the "Canaanite"'s and "Shdemot Circle" to the

Jewish Sources

371 The Philosophy of A.Y Heschel

Chairperson: Moshe Idel

Sunday (31 July 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2717

Avraham Shapira (H)

A.Y Heschel's Zioniest Faith

Alexander Even-Chen (H)

On Prayer and Symbolism in the Philosophy of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Ze'ev Harvey (H)

Heschel on Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel

Einat Ramon (H)

The Influence of Zionist Thinkers: Secularists on the Philosophy of Rabbi

Abraham Joshua Heschel



372 The Philosophy of Julius Guttmann

Chairperson: Haim Kreisel

Sunday (31 July 2005) 14:30 - 16:30 Room: 2717

Yehoyada Amir (H)

The Bible and the Fundamentals of Judaism in the Philosophy of Isaac

Julius Guttmann

Steven Harvey (E)

The Value of Julius Guttmann's "Philosophies of Judaism" Today

Arthur Hyman (E)

Guttmann's Controversy with Leo Strauss

Reiner Munk (E)

Julius Guttmann's Relation to General Philosophy

373 Kabbalah and Mysticism in Life and Research

Chairperson: Zeev Gries

@Monday (1 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 2714

Ron Margolin (H)

Academic Research and Jewish Spirituality

Yoni Garb (H)

Research of the Kabbalah and Involvement in the Kabbalah: Possibilities

and Dangers

Tsippi Kauffman (H)

Researching Mysticism in Spiritual Life: Reflections on the Symbiotic




374 The Mystical Experience (In Coopration with the Chaim

Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies, Tel-Aviv University)

Chairperson: Ronit Meroz

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: The Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)

Mor Altshuler (H)

The Concept of Prophecy in the Teachings of R. Joseph Karo

David Patterson (E)

The Mystical Model of the Soul

Nathan Ophir-Offenbacher (H)

The State of Devekut Consciousness in the Light of Neuro-Theological


Shalom Rosenberg (H)

Reflections on Anthropomorphism in Jewish Thought

115 Religion and Ritual

Chairperson: Marvin A. Sweeney

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: 2712

Tamar Kamionkowski (E)

Shem Theology in the Holiness Writings

David Lambert (E)

Fasting As a Penitential Act, a Biblical Phenomenon?

Simeon Chavel (E)

The Second Passover in the Bible

Amitai Baruchi-Unna (H)

On the Various Perceptions of the Calf Cult in the Book of Kings

375 The "Death of God" in Jewish Thought

Chairperson: Dan Diner

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2714

Ofer Nordheimer Nur (E)

The Death of God, Aesthetics of Anarchism and the Tragic Vision of the

World in the Early Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement

Benjamin Lazier

The Hidden God in the Works of Gershom Scholem, Leo Strauss and

Hans Jonas

Yotam Hotam

Gnosis in Modern Jewish Interpretations



376 Kaballah and Mysticism

Chairperson: Yoni Garb

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2713

Ephrat Habas (Rubin) (H)

The Messiah’s Sense of Smell: On Justice, the Holy Spirit, the End of

Days and the Image of the Scion of David

Tzahi Weiss (H)

The Perception of the Letter As an Independent Unit in Late Antique

Jewish Literature: Semiotic Aspects

Oded Israeli (H)

The Book of the Zohar As a Midrash: Continuity and Change

Elchanan Shilo (H)

The Use and Literary Function of Kabbalah in the Works of S.Y. Agnon

377 Is the Study of Jewish Rhetoric Relevant?

Chairperson: Sam Edelman

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2718

Sam Edelman (E)

Three Thousand Years of Jewish Rhetorical Practice

Yehoshua Gitay

Issues of Jewish Preaching from Prophetic Rhetoric to Contemporary

Rabbinic Sermons

Peter J. Haas (E)

What Makes a Piece of Jewish Rhetoric Jewish?

Marc Saperstein (E)

The Rhetoric of Jewish Preaching in Times of War: 1800-1918



378 The Study of Modern Jewish Political Thought: Trends and


Chairperson: Abraham Melamed

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2712

Michael Rony (H)

Jewish Medieval Philosophical Commentaries on the Story of the Tower

of Babel

Menachem Ratson (H)

Political and Social Principles in the Thought of R. Abraham Ibn Ezra

Vasileios Syros (E)

Jewish Apologetics in 16th Century – Venice and David de Pomis'

Portrait of the Ideal Prince

Moshe Hellinger (H)

The Theology of the Covenant in the Teachings of Rabbi Hirschensohn

and Rabbi Soloveitchik: Two Types of Dialogue Between Judaism and

Liberal Democracy

379 Jewish Thought in Russia

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: 2713

Mikhail Gissin (R)

Kabbalah Studies in Post-Soviet Russia

Arkady Levin (R)

Kabbalah Studies in Post-Soviet Russia

Igor Kaufman (E)

Reception of Modern Jewish Thought in the Russian-Jewish Intellectual

Tradition: The Study of the Reception of Spinozism As a Test Case

Konstantin Burmistrov (E)

Russian Philosophy and Kabbalah: The Problem of Sources



Special Sessions

The general assembly of the members of the World Union of Jewish

Studies and the Union Council

Monday, 1.8.2005, between 13:30-15:00 in the Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)

Ephraim E. Urbach International Fellowship Winners

Chairperson: Anita Shapira

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: The Dan Wassong Auditorium

(Rabin building)

Elisheva Baumgarten (H)

Piety and Gender: Toward an Outline of the Spiritual Lives of Medieval

Jewish Women

Benjamin Brown (H)

Halakha and Religious Ethics: Creating a Conceptual Research Model

Manuela Consonni (H)

Deportation and Extermination: the Becoming and Representation of


Magda Teter (E)

Jewish Law and Canon Law: Dealing with the Other

Closing Ceremonies: The Institute of Jewish Studies and Its Role in the

Jewish Studies Department of the Hebrew University, Past and Present

(Special Session Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Institute of Jewish


Chairperson: Sara Japhet

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: Atzmaut-Mexico Hall

Martin D. Goodman, Oxford University

Joshua Schwartz, Dean, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University

David Berger, Brooklyn College

Yeshayahu Gaffni, Chair, Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, the

Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Division D: Literatures, Languages, and Arts

Hebrew Literature

400 Jewish Literature: Delineation (Plenary Session)

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 15:00 - 17:00 Room: Buber 202

Gershon Shaked (H)

What is Identity: Jewish Literature in Non-Jewish Languages

Henry Wassermann (H)

The Bibliography of the Yekkes: A German Linguistic Island in the Land

of Israel

Chaya Shacham (H)

Between Madness and Poetry: The Image of Elsa Lasker-Shiller in

Hebrew Verse

600 The Creation of a National Narrative (Plenary session)

Chairperson: Haim Guri

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: Senate Hall

Anita Shapira (H)

The Role of Literature in Formulating the Zionist Narrative

Dan Laor (H)

“The Silver Tray”: Narrative and Counter Narrative

Ze'ev Tzahor (H)

Politics, Ideology and Historical Research: Their Role in Shaping the

Narrative of the Foundation of the State of Israel

401 Modern Hebrew Poetry

Chairperson: Hamutal Tsamir

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2712

Dror Eydar (H)

“Between the Two Magnets": Yosef Zvi Rimon in the Generation of

Bialikin, the Early 20th Century

Shira Stav (H)

I Saw You See Me: The Father-Daughter Gazing Game

Neta Stahl (H)

Why Have You Forsaken Me? Avot Yeshurun and Jesus of Krasnitaw



402 Reading S.Y. Agnon

Sunday (31 July 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2505

Judith Zwick (H)

Agnon's Narrator As an Old Man

Yael Levine (H)

On the Source of "About Those Who Take Part in Gatherings of Jesting

and Levity" by S.Y. Agnon

Aryeh Wineman (H)

"The Small Council House": Stories of the Non-Jewish Milieu in S. Y.

Agnon's "A City and the Fullness Thereof"

Roman Katsman (H)

The Poetics of Gesture in Agnon's Stories

403 Jewish Literature in America

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2505

Laurence Roth (E)

Drawing Contacts: Will Eisner's American Jewish Graphic Novels

Naomi B. Sokoloff (E)

Reading for the Plot? Philip Roth's "The Plot Against America"

Yoel Finkelman (E)

On the Social Function of Contemporary Haredi Popular Literature

404 Bialik and Brenner

Chairperson: Malka Shaked

Sunday (31 July 2005) 14:30 - 16:30 Room: 2505

Orit Meital (H)

On Bialik's Poem "Zohar"

Ezra Spicehandler (H)

What Is Symbolic Realist Writing According to Brenner

Sara Feinstein (H)

The Importance of Being Bialik



406 Contemporary Israeli Literature

Chairperson: Chaya Shacham

Tuesday (2 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2505

Miri Kubovy (H)

Yoel Hofmann's Novels: Exiles in the Homeland

Tal Frankel-Alroy (H)

Hyper-tropy: Language Outbursts in the Work of Yoel Hoffmann

Sarah Halperin (H)

Fictional Apocalypse: A Comparative Study of Savyon Liebrecht’s “A

Good Place for the Night” and Conan Doyle’s “The Poison Belt”

Tikva Maroz-Aharoni (H)

The Violation of Taboos in the Writing of Leah Eini

444 Literary Language

Chairperson: Matti Huss

Thursday (4 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2603

Aaron Bar-Adon (H)

The Development of Hebrew During the [British] Mandate Period As

Reflected in Agnon’s “Shirah”: From a Language of Immigrants to a

Language of Sabras

Noga Ilani (H)

Morphological and Syntactic Aspects in Two Translations of “The Slave”

by Bashevis-Singer

Brakha Fischler (H)

The Reincorporation of the Hebrew Component in the Language of

Hazaz's “Beyishuv Shel Ya'ar”

Tamar Wolf-Monzon (H)

Towards an Encyclopedia of Reflexive Collocation in Uri Zvi Grinberg's

Poetic and Publicistic Work



407 Literature, Identity and Autobiography

Chairperson: Dalia Ofer

Sunday (31 July 2005) 17:00 - 19:00 Room: 2717

Ido Bassok (H)

The Autobiographies of Weinreich's Collection: Historical Source or

Literary Fiction?

Arielle Rein (H)

Youthful Diaries versus Late Autobiography: The Life Narratives of

Benzion Dinur

Batya Shimony (H)

David Schutz’ "The Sand and the Grass" As Mythical Autobiography

408 Biography, Identity and Gender

Chairperson: Margalit Shilo

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2718

Maria Diemling (E)

Body Images in Early Modern Jewish Autobiographies

Talia Pfefferman (H)

Gender Blurring True or False?

Tamar Hess (H)

“Through your sufferings you shall live”: The Memoirs of Henya


Magdalena Tarnowska (E)

The Legacy of Gela Seksztajn (1907-1943) in the Ringelblum Archive:

Her Life and Art



228 Biography and Autobiography (in Cooperation with the Feminist

and Gender Studies Sector of the Israel Historical Society)

Chairperson: Billie Melman

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 17:30 - 19:30 Room: Buber 202

Tamar Shechter (H)

Rachel Katzenelson-Shazar and Motherhood: Private Experience and

Public Expression

Ruth Kark (E)

"Not a Suffragist"? Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi on Women and Gender

Bat-Ami Zucker (H)

Rescue Operations: American Jewish Women, 1933-1945

Margalit Shilo (H)

Women's Gender Perception and the Affinity to the Land of Israel As

Seen through Their Autobiographies

502 The Dream and Its Dissolution: Longing, Crisis and Dissent in the

Autobiographical Literature of Israel

Chairperson: Shalom Sabar

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 3001 (Rabin building)

Yaffah Berlovitz (H)

Manufacturing MemoryAs a Folk-Tale: A Study of Zorach Barnett's

Memoirs (1843-1935)

Nili Aryeh-Sapir (H)

"Esther Put On Her Royal Apparel": The Personal Narrative of Zipora

Zabari, Queen Esther of an Early Tel-Aviv Purim Carnival

Hagit Rappel (H)

Between Collective and Autobiographical Memory: Kibbutz Yad-

Mordechai – A Case Study

Ilana Rosen (H)

Construction and Constructs in the Narrative of Immigrants and Settlers

from the South of Israel



409 Jewish Authors and World Literature

Chairperson: Chaya Shacham

Wednesday (3 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2505

Rina Lapidus (H)

Russian Influences on Hebrew Literature: Bialik, Bershadsky, Berkowitz,

Pen and Hazaz

Kevin S. Larsen (E)

Cervantes and the Hebrew Scriptures: The Jacob and Joseph Stories in

Don Quijote

Monique Balbuena (E)

A Symbolist Kinah? Laments and Modernism in the Maghreb

Lilian Dabby-Joury (H)

Samir Nakash: Choice, Designation and the End of the Utopian Dream

410 Haskalah Literature – Session A

Chairperson: Shmuel Verses

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2505

Yehuda Friedlander (H)

The Controversy Between I.L. Gordon and Rabbi J.Z. Stern

Naomi Zohar (H)

Megillath America: The Story of a Manuscript

Ahuva Shaler (H)

Avraham Uri Kovner: The Beginning of Modern Criticism in Hebrew


Moshe Pelli (H)

An Unknown, Unpublished Me'asef, Emulating the Journal Hame'asef



411 Haskalah Literature – Session B

Chairperson: Moshe Pelli

Monday (1 Aug 2005) 11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2505

Helena Rimon (H)

The Language of Mirrors and the Mirrors of Language: The Poetics of

Maskilic Hebrew Fiction

Ruth Adler (E)

Revisiting the Complexities of Y.L. Peretz

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