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In Judaism, Eden with it’s trees and angels already exists and Jesus promised the repentant robber put to death beside him, an instant paradise. 'Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise'( St. Luke,23,43.) After the cruxifiction, (the absolute sacrifice) Jesus gave up the ghost to sojourn in the underworld before he reappeared to Mary Magdalene, resurrected and fully restored to his body, he remained with his disciples for some time before he ascended to his Father in heaven, for life everlasting... Holy Mount Zion is the seat of God for Israelites.

For Celts, this paradise was the Vale of Avalon, or the Island of Apples, a magical archipelago without grief or sorrow, which has been the abode of the old gods since the dawn of time. It was the souterrain of faeries and sprites beneath rivers, lakes and mounds and food grew naturally on the 'Isle of the Blest' without the need for cultivation.
In total contrast to the upper-world, where citizens suffer greatly from cold, heat, rain and snow and are further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease and severe anxiety, a text called, the Gesta Regum Britanniae, describes Avalon:
'This wondrous island is girdled by the ocean; it lacks no good things; no thief, reiver or enemy lurks in ambush there. No snow falls; neither Summer nor Winter rages uncontrollably, but unbroken peace, harmony and the gentle warmth of unbroken Spring. Not a flower is lacking, neither lilies, rose nor violet; the apple-tree bears flowers and fruit together on one bough. Youth and maiden live together in that place without blot or shame. Old age is unknown; there is neither sickness nor suffering-everything is full of joy. No-one selfishly keeps anything to himself; here everything is shared.'
In this otherworld, nine Muses ruled with pleasing laws. One was the sister of King Arthur, named Morgan le Fay, a necromancer and shape-shifting enchantress, also skilled in the arts of healing. With her magic she could make a city appear visible on the horizon, (a mirage) and seafarers who mistook it for land, met a watery death! Apparitions of enchanted lands are known to occur off the west coast

of Ireland and one may be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the "summer isles of Eden lying in dark-purple spheres of sea."

Saint Brendan set out in a small ox-hide boat from the shores of Ireland in search of the 'Island of Promise of the Saints' in 540AD, and sailed northwards with fourteen monks, until they were lost! They passed by floating towers of crystal and eventually came to a rocky island where there was sheep as big as oxen. They also passed an isle with trees full of chirping birds, which were the souls of the dead. For seven long years they were driven by the wind through channels and shoals, from island to island, terrified by fire-breathing monsters and attacked by a huge bird called a 'griffa', but whenever the monks landed, the otherworld youth were always waiting to provide their needs.
At last they reached their destination, the 'Island of Promise,' there they found an orchard of luscious fruit trees, flowers, falling streams and fountains, and the marvellous creatures of the Celtic past. On the return journey their boat was enveloped in a magical mist, swirling thickly around them, and within moments Saint Brendan was in sight of home!
Fionnuala, daughter of Llyr, Lord of the Sea who ruled the land beneath the waves called Tir Faoi Thuinn, said, once there was magic on Earth... 'and dragons on huge wings floated in the skies, there were monsters in the sea and silver-horned unicorns ran wild in the forest.' The children of Llyr were changed into swans for nine hundred years, until the sound of a bell broke the spell. They were the people of the goddess Danu whose husband Bile, was god of the underworld. The Tuatha De Danann, as they were known, had green skin and came to Ireland from four magical cities across the sea.
Beltaine on the first day of May was sacred to Bile (the green man?) and celebrated with Druidical fire-festivals on hill tops. Nine men gathered sticks from nine different types of trees and the 'bone-fire' was kindled by sparks from the friction of two pieces of oak. Certain individuals were compelled to leap over (or into) the flames, thus driving out sorcery and ensuring a bountiful harvest.
When the Gaels invaded Ireland they agreed on a truce with the Tuatha De Danann, whereby the people of the goddess Danu were allocated the territory underground, beneath the mounds, while the land above belonged to the Gaels. This agreement was to last forever. The 'fairy hills' (sidhe) are the doors to the House of the Shadows and Brugh-na-Boyne was the Palace of Dagda, the Good God whose wife Boann gave her name to the Boyne River, which was once a sacred well, shaded by nine magic hazel-trees.
A realm of inexhaustible splendour awaits those who wish to enter through the swirling mist, but they must know how to return, or they may become helplessly lost in a twilight world between this one, and the Mid-World of Immortal Youth. Celtic heroes like, Ossian, who took up this challenge, found that upon his return from Annwn, his loved ones were long since dead and consigned to history… whereas he had not aged.
Part 2: Power & Glory

Glastonbury Tor, the Spiral Castle, was a gateway to the otherworld and the Celts were in constant communication with this 'gay land beyond the grave,' (the spiral represents travelling from the inner life to the outer soul or higher spirit forms.) At Samhain on October 31st, on stormy nights when the veil is thinnest between the realms, the King of the Shadows, Gwynn Ap Nudd arose from the 'fairy tor' to gather up the lost souls of the dead.

An elect few were granted a special gift of immorality on the Isle of the Blest. Arthur, son of the royal bloodline of Uther Pendragon, King of ‘Britain’ and Igraine, who came from Atlantis, went there to be healed when grievously wounded on Salisbury plain and his silver sword Excalibur, was forged in Avalon, beneath the lake, there he partook in feasting and drank from the cauldron of immortality. Uther’s title means 'Head Dragon' and he witnessed the startling sight of a fiery dragon at Tintagel Castle!

The quest for the Holy Grail was the preoccupation of the Knights of the Round Table, after it appeared to them in a shaft of light, shrouded by a veil, and on the table, all the victuals they each loved best manifest before them. Parsifal was said to have become the guardian of this sacred chalice, from which Christ drank the ‘inspiring potion of primordial vision’ at the last supper. Parsifal became

it's keeper after asking a question which healed the wound of Amfortas, the ‘Fisher King.’ Pwyll, Pen Annwn (Head of Hades) was traditionally the guardian of the Grail, in the ‘Revolving Castle.’
The Round Table, fashioned by the wizard, Merlin (the man from the sea) had a special seat known as the Siege Perilous, reserved for the knight who found the Grail and the valiant Sir Galahad, son of Lancelot of the Lake, who occupied this seat, was able to have a vision of Christ when he drank from this cup because of his strength and flawless purity. Galahad died in ecstasy, as was his wish, so that his soul may live eternally, after which the Holy Grail was carried to heaven and no man ever saw it again.
The Knights Templar who perpetuated the Grail mystery and whose name is derived from the Temple of Solomon, the site where nine pilgrims lodged in the 12th.Century, adorned with beards and dressed in their distinctive white robes, may have been seeking this illusive golden vessel, in which Joseph of Arimathea was said to have preserved the blood of Christ... or the Holy 'lost' Ark.

The Temple designed for Solomon by Hiram, King of Tyre, on the Dome of the Rock was to house the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, in the holy of holies. The Ark was a rectangular wooden box, overlayed within and without with pure gold. It contained the testimony given to Moses by God, written on stone tablets. The Ark harnessed tremendous energy and was the source of all miracles. It was a highly charged capacitor and it's power was amplified at holy sites, but it could also cause death! Gold stores the highest vibrations and with crystal, is the primary conductor of electrical currents, together they anchor energy.

For this reason Egyptians encased a mummy in a solid gold coffin, inside a gilded wooden coffin, encrusted with gemstones and placed it in a sarcophagus of the finest quartzite. It was intended to preserve the 'frequency of consciousness' of the deceased, (the 'morphogenetic field') as well as the physical body and that is why it is taboo to violate the tombs and disturb the ‘ba.’ The eternal spirit consists of an energy field and all forms of creation draw from it's positive vibration.
This 'universal cosmic energy' was rediscovered by Doctor Wilhelm Reich, who realized it was blue in colour and comes directly from the sun, it is present in air, water and all organic matter, which according to him, hostile 'flying saucers' are here to steal (the Greys.) In humans, he said, this energy accumulates in the genitals, (the Greys probe there) creates the libido and is released by the orgasmic experience, like the coiled fire-serpent Kundalini, it is healing and rejuvenating to the body. He felt that the spontaneity of this was being repressed by Draconian laws and institutions, like marriage!

In 1940, Reich invented a simple box called the 'Orgone Accumulator,' it was three feet square and had an outer layer of wood (organic) and an inner layer of metal, (inorganic) like the Ark, and it concentrated high levels of ‘orgone’ energy which it reflected onto the recipient in the box, unable to retain the energy itself. It was very therapeutic and cured many diseases. This process is naturally enhanced by yogis and yoginis by retaining sexual fluids which transmutes into this vital energy.

Reich ascertained that the fifth element, Spiritus Mundus, known also as, Odic Force, Vril, Prana, Ch'i and Mana, which provides sustenance without food, (our daily bread) always flows (like the Duat) through the atmosphere (heavenly ocean) from west to east.

That is why, no matter what location you are in, to return to the gods you must travel east. You have to go with the etheric flow...

Wilhelm Reich claimed Christ was in direct communication with the ‘cosmic orgone forces; the mystical substance that governs the miraculous...’ (the Holy Grail.) Scientists mocked him, but he conducted experiments with this energy, which had a force capable of setting a motor in motion. He made rain in the desert with a series of aluminium pipes and tubes of different lengths which sat on a revolving platform. An earthing cable came from the tubes which led to water (the Greys do this) and when pointed at the sky, Reich claimed that clouds could be formed or dispersed.
His theories were in conflict with the medical authorities and he was imprisoned in the Federal Penitentiary at Pennsylvania, where he died (prematurely) within a year. Reich said of himself, he was a ''lonely eagle'' able to ''detect new worlds, new thoughts, and new forms of living.'' Perhaps if this enigmatic doctor had been permitted to experiment with 'cosmic energy' unimpeded and implement his ground-breaking discoveries, we could all be enjoying a new Golden Age.

The Ark of the Covenant, it's location and potential, is still abstruse, but back in the Middle Ages during the year 1165, a strange letter was addressed to various Christian Monarchs from 'Prester John,' whose wealthy Kingdom, which penetrated the Indies 'in the uttermost East' stretching from Turkestan to Tibet, was divided into four parts, had a valley of jewels and was said to be the final resting place of the Holy Grail.

Prester John's letter said his realm contained a broad Isle with 'sandy seas in which all debris was turned into precious stones, it had

the Tree of Life (Revelation, 22,2) and the Fountain of Youth, there were centaurs, satyrs, cyclops, sileni and seven-headed dragons; (Revelation,12,3) also griffins which could carry an ox to their lair and unicorns with one single horn, all the creatures of mythology lived

in this splendid place.
This 'Heavenly Jerusalem' was also the home of many Jews, the ‘chosen seed’ (and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel: The Revelation of St.John the Divine,21,12.) Lost tribes who found the ‘Promised Land?’
In ‘World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow,’ Rodney Cluff follows the in trail of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel; “The people were carried away captives into the Land of Assyria, and later disappeared so completely that they have been called the Lost Tribes. There is ample evidence that they departed towards the North.”

’Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord: for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion.” ‘And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land in those days, saith the Lord, they shall say no more, The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, neither shall it come to mind, neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that be done any more.’

‘In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel, and they shall come together OUT OF THE LAND OF THE NORTH, to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers.’ The Land of the North from which in some future day the Ten Tribes will come out from and establish open communication with the rest of the World.

Jehovah told Elijah before the captivity, there were still seven thousand righteous in Israel (the 'chosen ones') "all the knees of which have not bowed unto Baal" (1 Kings, 19:18.) Jeremiah promises that the people shall be brought back from the North.

The illustrious and magnificent potentate, 'John the Presbyter' was said, by Sir John Mandeville, to be a lineal descendant of Ogier the Dane. Ogier was over one hundred years old when he was rejuvenated by Morgan, (the woman from the sea) with whom he lived in her castle of forgetfulness, for a further two hundred years. However it has been suggested that this noble 'Priest-King' may have been the Black Negus (the Brahmatma) of a Kingdom wherein lies the Mountains of the Moon, the habitat of unicorns, where the River Nile is born... in a garden paradise.
The Capital of this Kingdom was called Nubia, (not the Sudan of today) and it's Royal Palace was made with glittering crystal columns, pearls and every precious jewel. Egyptian rulers paid tribute to the Nubian Monarch, known as the Senapho, for fear that he may divert the course of the Nile through another country. In 1926, two French Egyptologists discovered an underground city below the Nubian desert, accessed through an ancient gold mine, (Solomon's?) It was ruled by the descendant of an Egyptian Pharaoh, who had fled there during the Assyrian invasion. This 'Priest-King' whose bloodline continues to reign to this day, preserved all the traditions and customs of ancient Egypt.
Prester John's Kingdom, like the Abode of the Adepts in Shambhala, is reached after a gruelling journey across a 'Gravelly Sea' (the Gobi desert?) He ruled with a sceptre of emeralds and observed all humanity through a magic mirror. Flying dragons carried men through the air and 'eagle stones' worn as a ring could render one invisible.
'Ultraterrestrials' manifesting at will before people, imparting knowledge and wisdom are not unheard of and Nicola Tesla, the Father

of Electricity, professed to have received his brilliant inspiration in this way. It was Tesla's dream to provide free electricity to the whole World, but his discoveries have been developed in secret projects, for diabolical weapons. (Angels don't play this H.A.A.R.P * see footnote)

Magic stones (carbuncles) illuminated the land of the Presbyter, as told by Sir John Mandeville in 1366;
''And all the pillars in his chamber be of fine gold with precious stones, and with many carbuncles, that give great light upon the night to all people. And albeit that the carbuncles give light right enough, natheles, at all times burneth a vessel of crystal full of balm, for to give good smell and odour to the emperor, and to void away all wicked airs and corruptions.'' Mandeville wrote that there were too many wonders to mention in this land and the Prester ''had made a conduit under earth, so that the three wells, at his list, one should run milk another wine and another honey. And that place he clept paradise.''

The emperor who lived for five hundred and sixty-two years, chose to be known as 'Prester' out of humility. Messengers (Essenes) sent forth from this realm assisted mankind (Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Buddha, Jesus?) He offered the services of his extravagant army to the defenders of Jerusalem and he requested from the Pope a sanctuary in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and claimed the Knights Templars or ‘Guardians of the Grail’were traitors!

The Order of the Temple of the 'Poor' Knights of Christ, was persecuted in the 14th. Century by Philippe le Bel of France and Pope Clement V, who accused them of blasphemy and the demon worship of an idol named Baphomet, symbolic of primitive fertility rites, pictured as an androgyne, with sagging breasts and holding a torch, indicating wisdom, but the flame points downwards.
Baphomet, (Satan in the Hermetic tradition) also known as Ba'al, was associated with the cult of Amon, a ram-headed god, and was frequently represented as a goat from the waist down with horns, ears and a beard which fit perfectly into a reversed pentagram, which is the symbol of humanity when upright (and the five elements; fire, air, earth, water and ether.) Subjected to interrogation and torture by the Inquisition, the Knights 'confessed' to such profanity as spitting on the crucifix and worshipping a skull, said to be that of Hugh De Payen, the founder and first Grand Master.
Yet this "Entertaining of the Noble Head" was practised during a seven year feast by seven followers of Bran, son of Llyr. Bran, lord of

the underworld, is likened to King Uther, father of Arthur (in older mythologies) and his venerable, decapitated head made pleasant conversation until it was buried on Tower Hill, facing the Channel to watch out for invaders. King Arthur dug it up thinking it dishonourable to defend his shores by any means, other than valour. It could be that the tradition of the oraculor skull was preserved.

The legends of Arthur are adopted from much older Celtic myths and his attributes were inherited from Gwydion, whom he replaced. There is no mention of Gwydion in later myths, but the same stories formerly told of Gwydion are now attached to Arthur. Gwydion, there is reason to believe was the same divine personage the Teutonic tribes called 'Woden' and was the teacher of all that is good and useful, the friend and helper of mankind, the exponent of culture and arts. He was the perpetual fighter of underworld powers, for the gifts and treasures they refused to allow out of their keeping.

Like Gwydion, we see Arthur carrying on the same war against the underworld for wealth and wisdom that Gwydion and the son's of Don waged against the son's of Llyr, the sea, and of Pwyll, the Head of Hades. The son's of Don retained for the use of men, the deer, the dog and the lapwing, stolen from the underworld, whence all good gifts came. The last and greatest of Gwydion's raids upon Hades was undertaken to procure - pork, from Arawn, King of Annwn. Gwydion's earliest reconnaissance of Hades was disastrous, and led to his capture and imprisonment. This excursion, in the Arthurian version is called, 'The Spoiling of Annwn.' Arthur lost all his men but returned with the magic cauldron of inspiration and poetry.

Since post-Christian historians did not believe in the existence of the Celtic Lowerworld, references to it were replaced with 'Spain.’ Tacitus a Latin writer noticed that the race in South Wales were different to all others in Britain, with dark complexions and curly hair,

like Iberians, and so concluded they migrated from Spain. The Welsh themselves believed that the first men came across the sea from theSummerland’ which is now presumed to be Glastonbury plain.

All images of Baphomet were destroyed by the inquisitorial Church and the Templars immense wealth, possibly including the sacked treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem, was sought by the King… but not to be found. The treasuries were laid bare and their fleet had disappeared, along with the majority of Knights. Soon after, pirates sailing under the menacing skull & crossbones became the plunderers

of gold upon the High Seas.

Their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay was martyred in 1314, burned at the stake, but protesting his innocence, he cursed his executioners, the Pope, King Philippe IV and his Minister, Nogaret, who all died within a year from the hex!
The Cathars maintained it was the Roman Church, due to it's excesses and vulgar opulence, who was in league with 'Rex Mundi' and his symbol was the cross! They resisted conversion to orthodox Catholicism preferring their own austere creed, which they practiced out in the open air. Simon de Montfort brutally persecuted the Cathars for heresy in the Albigensian Crusade. But since the Devil is the Father of Lies, it's difficult to know whom to believe.
Religion has reinforced the idea that hell is infernal, but this plane is only purgatory for those who choose the wide, straight and easy path and find darkness, foreboding and terror in the land of the 'grim reaper.' Those who follow the narrow and hard path are rewarded with unimaginable pleasures and delights, for only those who are severely tested can fulfill their desires in an Afterlife of music and laughter, without sorrow or suffering. With their trials overcome, the blessed may bathe in the pool of eternal youth and drink the nectar of the gods, (capable of restoring life) forevermore... in paradise.

David Camp:

[*footnote: As well as weather modification, HAARP's space-generated ELF waves, coming back down to the earth, can be used in a variety of other ways, such as communicating with submarines or creating harmful biological and mental effects upon a specifically targeted population. HAARP can also be utilized in a system of earth-penetrating tomography, for locating hidden underground bunkers in enemy territory or the buried arms, survival supplies, and valuable coins (or treasure) buried by U.S. patriots and militias.

In ‘Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look At Ufo’s, Preston B. Nichols writes:- “Dr Nicholas Begich has picked up 435 Mhz signals connected to the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (400-450 Mhz is the window to human consciousness) and indicates a mind control function is being employed.

High Frequency signals developed through project HAARP are designed to ionize the energy in the upper atmosphere which consists primarily of nitrogen. The ionized nitrogen then acts as a translator that will literally convert the 435 Mhz particle beam transmission into one of 1080 Mhz. This is rather ingenious, because it bypasses the need for satellites.
The subharmonic of the DNA helix is 1100 Mhz. The theory is that you can do genetic engineering by using 1100 Mhz frequency to resonate with the DNA and thereby open or close it. The annihilation of particles (from the particle accelerator) releases a pattern which controls the way the DNA will reassemble itself.
Genetic programming suggests something far beyond the prospect of biological warfare. It includes the possibility of scrambling or rearranging our DNA. This is similar to the transdimensional change which New Agers believe will involve Angels rearranging our light body to resonate at a higher octave.
However, the ‘New World’ government has different ideas…..Al Bielek, who was involved with the ‘Rainbow Project’ (Philadelphia Experiment) has a scientist friend who “read the blueprint for the entire satellite network and if this system were beamed at the entire population, it would genetically destroy the human race.”]

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