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Chapter Nine

Truth and Right.

Nine are the interlocked dimensions,

and Nine are the cycles of space.

Nine are the diffusions of consciousness,

and Nine are the worlds within worlds.

Aye, Nine are the Lords of the cycles

that come from above and below.

For the Royal Society (a Masonic 'invisible college') to have accepted the verity of Lord Nathaniel Parker's discovery of another world, as described in mythology, would have been to repudiate all the established belief systems of science, history, geography, archaeology and religion. Legends… like how the ancestors of the Welsh Cymri came from Gwlad yr Hav, the 'Summerland,' would become literal facts.

An underworld inhabited by 'higher beings' would disprove Charles Darwin's theories on the origins of man (which are still espoused) and the notion that we are alone in the universe and the most superior and evolved hominids. Darwinism never explained how at least three distinctive racial types evolved on separate continents, from apes (and created mixed-races between) but 'outside' intervention could, and that would make us a genetic experiment instead of a random evolutionary 'accident!'

By the laws of probability, out of the trillions of stars in the cosmos, intelligent life must have seeded elsewhere. The diversity of life on this planet itself is manifold. It is arrogant in the extreme to assume that humanoids are unique to our insignificant World, they could even be ‘the rule’ rather than the exception, but then, entities from distant galaxies may have physical attributes (lightbodies) and lifestyles beyond our imagination.

Some might be malevolent with malicious intent, (like the Greys) while others are godly and apply their advanced sciences to the uplifting of the nations, after periodical destructions. If they also interbred with Earthman, we could be a hybrid species part human, (mortal) part alien (god) and in our infancy compared to Venusians or Pleiadians.

This revelation would cause a revolution in orthodox doctrine and unravel a tangled web of dogma, corruption and conspiracy which has been used to fulfil that old Eastern prophecy of a new 'Babylon' (America.) Hence the subject of the occupied Hollow Earth is above Top-Secret, and the people who could expose it, are silenced! But, on a 'need to know' basis, we have a 'right to know' the nature of this planet we inhabit and the true origin and destiny of the human race.

The Hollow Earth theory is not new, yet the majority of us never heard any hint or suggestion of it during our ‘education.’ The history of Admiral Byrd is definitely not in the curriculum, although it is now widely available on the internet. But the fact that the underworld population don’t openly reveal themselves or invite us there is under-standable, considering the way our insidious leaders (whom we empower) conduct themselves here, exploiting every resource and enslaving entire races, forcing them to conform or be bombed into submission! With little regard for human or animal rights, we would not be the ideal guests, would we?
As for the elusive ‘mythical’ creatures who live there, animals are very territorial, they tend to stick to their own patch, which is why you don’t get elephants in England, but dragons have traditionally been subjected to persecution anyway, as the tale of Saint George testifies. If griffins or unicorns were to rear their heads on the surface, they would simply be shot and stuffed, or captured and caged (or cloned) as the main attraction for the latest theme park. Besides, if their habitat is paradise, why leave?

If those who believed the World was flat were mistaken, then those who think it is a solid mass with a molten core could be equally deluded. The idea that the Earth is a labyrinth is not altogether unbelievable, we came to terms with the fact that the Earth is round, although this was once inconceivable. There has been much knowledge lost throughout the ages (due to book-burning) which is coming to light again and the forgotten underworld could be the source of many of the unexplained phenomena which plagues this planet, from vanished tribes and cryptid creatures, to UFO's or ghosts!

The concept that one's astral body resurrects in a heavenly underworld without strife, as a reward for a worthy life, or receives retribution, after an unworthy one, sounds perfectly feasible and gives living a sense of purpose and a feeling that their is indeed justice! It's the old adage, 'you reap what you sow,' not only in this World but in the Hereafter also. The ancient Egyptians certainly adhered to this, and if there is life beyond the grave, the spirit must go somewhere before it reincarnates. The gods in their infinite wisdom declared that place to be, the Valley of Duat…in Amenti.
Those who have become god-like, by breaking the Wheel of Karma and transcending the cycle of birth and death, may traverse the Great Void at will, through the ‘Shining-Star-Gates.’

Confusion reigns over our planet's cosmography, because we have been the victims of so much deceit and disinformation that one has to go through a veritable maze just to find the truth. Celtic names for the otherworld, like 'Hy-Breasil' (Brazil) are still extant but our memory of their origin is vague. It is an abysmal situation if government agencies are witholding information relating to such a crucial issue as the Hollow Earth.

However there is nothing which is hidden that shall not be revealed in the fullness of time and mythology invariably leads back to the nether regions, the 'missing link' of prehistory which Colonel Fawcett sought and found. But the Earthly paradise which we all yearn for, where all living things live together in peace, harmony and unity, could be right here and now!

All we have to do is want it and will it into existence. We do not require any system of government or religious affiliation to achieve this aim. Contrary to what we are led to believe, through the incessant propaganda and indoctrination programme on war and violence, caring and sharing is the essence of the human spirit and the needs of people would be met spontaneously, as and when they arise, it's called co-operation, mutual respect and freedom!

Wilhelm Reich wrote: “The cry for freedom is a sign of suppression. It will never cease as long as man feels himself to be trapped. No matter how different the cries for freedom may be, at bottom they always express one and the same thing: the intolerableness of the organism's rigidity and the mechanical institutions of life, which are sharply at variance with the natural sensations of life.”

We are all potential shamans but until we recognise that, and tap into the life force, (our 'orgone') we will continue to make drought, not rain! The advice from the Council of Nine (the Ennead) is simply, “Treat each and every soul, every animal, and every plant, as you would wish them to treat you.” Love is all powerful, cultivate love and you need not cultivate anything else... The Satya Yuga shall dawn again.

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Including illustrations by the author with additional artwork by David Camp and James Neff.


Many thanks to the authors who granted me permission to include material from their books and acknowledgements to any sources of information I may have inadvertantly omitted. But most of all thanks to Lord Nathaniel Parker RS., without whom I would never have written this book and discovered for myself the wonders within our Hollow Earth and if he is there still, Nathaniel will be a mere two hundred and ten years old.


Copyright © 2000

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