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However, the spirit can only enjoy peace and contentment in the underworld with the gods, as long as the soul remained undisturbed in the tomb. Much care was taken to secrete the burial chambers deep in the rock, for if the mummy should be destroyed, the ba and akh would become homeless, and die a much feared second death. That is why pyramids, looming above the desert sands, can not be the tombs of Kings.
The main function of these stupendous monuments with their stark inner chambers, aligned with astronomical precision, is still unfathomable to the academic community, for egyptologists fail to encompass the etherical or interstellar world in their mundane calculations. They could be receiving and transmitting the Earth's electromagnetic energy or maybe an astral gateway (or actual gateway)

to the underworld.

But in defence of their reputation, scientists will not acknowledge the fact that the Ancients were evidently more advanced than us in all fields and the implications of that... so they stick to the funerary 'tombstone' theory. Thoth, who came from the Halls of Amenti far beneath the sunken Atlantis said, “Yet, the Dark Lords hide the entrance that leads to the Heaven-born land.”. The Director of the Giza Plateau, Dr. Zahi Hawass, wishes to close the monument to tourists altogether, saying; “why would anyone want to look at an empty tomb, all there is to see is on the outside?”
The peaceful Pueblo Indians of Zuni had an underground chamber where they practised sacred ceremonial rites, or a hole in the floor

of their hut which was a symbolic entrance to Kiva, the world below. The tent pole symbolized the axis mundi and the opening at the top where smoke emitted, was the portal to the heavens. It was their belief that man came from the Earth mother's womb after living there and maturing for a while, and it was there they would return for rebirth. For this reason the ‘red-skins’ revered Mother Earth, unlike the 'settlers' who did not share this 'superstitious' sentiment.

Similar chambered vaults are situated in prehistoric mounds, such as the 'passage grave' at New Grange in the Boyne Valley of Ireland, with it's spiral engravings and served the same purpose, to assist the astral journeys to the other world. These sites were located at energy points on the Earth's crystalline geomagnetic grid, which could facilitate one's trance and altered state of consciousness. The coiling serpent-mound, measuring 1,200 feet in length, is one of hundreds of earth mounds littering the Ohio and Mississippi valleys of the American Midwest which channel the flow of this energy, fluctuating according to cosmic cycles. Sunlight enters the chamber of Brugh-na Boyne (New Grange) on the winter solstice.
Numerous tumuli around the inhospitable coastlines of the Arctic Circle, from Norway to Labrador, have been carbon dated to 5,500BC (The dragon shall be in the tumulus, old, rich in treasure; Beowulf) They are attributed to the 'red paint people,' so called because of the ochre found beneath the chambered cysts but they were renamed the Maritime Archaic by archaeologists, due to their apparent skills as deep sea fishermen. Their tools and harpoons were intricately carved with ornate geometrical patterns and swordfish and codfish were plentiful. They also collected huge mounds of shells, (which were offerings to the sea-god, in Mesoamerica) however the 'red paint people' seemed to disappear around 1,000BC. Perhaps they returned to their unknown place of origin, within the polar cavity. Eskimos say their ancestors came from a warm and fertile land in the far north, where the sun never sets.
Primitive, nomadic Neolithic tribes, clad in pelts, would have been preoccupied with survival in a harsh Arctic environment, they could neither have had the time, means, manpower or will to construct artificial hillocks, aligned with geophysical genius to distant megalithic sites, simply to bury the dead. Therefore the mound-makers must have been far more sophisticated than we realize and there is no indication that tumuli were intended as graves.
They are comprised of alternative layers of organic and inorganic material (rock and soil) and some prehistoric 'tombs' emit radio waves, while some, like the great mound at New Grange, actually blank them out. Stone circles, like Stonehenge, (the circle of Annwn) were also laid out in alignment with underground streams, as well as the heavenly bodies, as were the Nazca lines.
Examples of megalithic structures are widespread throughout the World and some of the most impressive are dolmens, (cromlechs) massive stone 'tables.' On the Melanesian Island of Malekula the word for dolmen means 'to come out from, to be born.' The hole between the menhirs represented a cave through which the dead must pass on their journey to the underworld, the womb through which they may achieve rebirth. Captain Cook was the first European to appear

in Melanesia and like the Aztecs, who thought the Spaniard Cortes was Quetzalcoatl who had promised to return, the islanders believed, coincidently, that Cook was their creator god Qat, also returning.

Earthworks were miraculously arranged over vast areas of land to form potent ‘pagan’ geoglyphs, like the vesica piscis or a six pointed star and huge quartzite standing stones (rendered weightless) were positioned along ley-lines. Some were transported to extremely desolate places, and Alexander Thom, a retired professor who made a detailed study of the sites, said they could be used to accurately predict eclipses. A terrestrial zodiac marked out on the earth, mirrors the constellations.

Christian pilgrims razed many 'heathen' shrines in the Middle Ages and usurped the gods and absorbed them into their faith. Bride, the Celtic goddess of fire, became St. Brigit and the goddess Danu became St. Anne but the holiest shrine, that of Lludd the sky god, whose festival took place on Midsummer Day, (worshipped at Stonehenge) has been supplanted by St. Paul's Cathedral. The treasury of this cathedral was said to possess a rare unicorn horn in the 16th.Century.

However there was a church behind the church where Hermetic esoteric thought was preserved through exclusive brotherhoods, from the Rosicrucians to the Cathars and Templars, so persecuted as heretics by the Holy Roman Church. Adepts were regarded as illumined alchemists, magicians and master masons. Arcane designs (the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life) were incorporated into the architecture of the ostentatious abbeys and churches, like Rosslyn Chapel, which commandeered the ‘portals’ of the Druids.
Michael Lamy, a writer who researched the secret society connections of Jules Verne, author of the 1864 classic; ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ believes his books contain hidden messages and that the true secret of Rennes-les-Chateau, a Templar (Prieure de Sion) enclave, is that the extinct volcano Mount Bugarach leads to a realm of supermen, inside the Hollow Earth. Hot springs and a more puzzling salt-water stream, called the Blanque, emerge from it’s commanding peak. This whole region has a multitude of geological fault lines and may be riddled with networks of subterranean caves and mines.
Encoded Gothic cathedrals, which sprang up with the Templars in the 12th.Century, pinnacled or with prominent spires, replacing monoliths and cairns, were devised by craftsmen accomplished in the 'forbidden arts,' and concealed vaults and crypts. Mythical beasts were often sculpted on the walls, but a more obscure gargoyle was the 'green man' (possibly Pan) and also an unusual head with three faces.

Hecate was a Greek goddess of the underworld and the patron of witchcraft and magic, she was a dangerous force, a tormentor of humans and, like the Devil, was often shown with three different faces. She ran dramatically through Erebus with a pack of howling, red-eyed, hell hounds at her heels, accompanied by the Furies. Hecate was seen at crossroads by lonely travellers and where Alfred Watkin’s ‘auld straight tracks’ converge, churches were built.

Occult rituals involved reciting the mythological utterances of Osiris, the Good God of truth (who was sometimes portrayed as green) and Thoth, the Moon God of wisdom and magic and aspirants, purified with water and consecrated by fire, would become the gods embodied in human form.

In The Golden Ass, (c123AD.) Lucius Apuleius partly disclosed his initiation into the Mystery School where participants would enact a series of performances, after being sworn to an oath of secrecy: ''I approached the very gates of death and set one foot on Proserpine's threshold, yet was permitted to return, rapt through all the elements. At midnight I saw the sun shining as if it were noon; I entered the presence of the gods of the underworld and the gods of the upper-world, stood near and worshipped them.''

That is all Lucius was prepared to say. To break the vow would have been sacrilege and meant certain death! The ancients regarded initiation into the Mysteries, to hold the key to the gates of the pastoral paradise. As the poet Pindar said, 'Blessed is the mortal who having seen this, goes beneath the earth; he knows the end of life and he knows it's god-sent beginning.'

In Qabalistic magic the Tree of Life is divided into ten levels of consciousness called Sephiroth, the various aspects of God, each branch leading to other sentient levels and the principles are the same as the different paths in yoga. The dynamic energy of the 'fire-serpent' Kundalini, which in the Yogic discipline lies latent at the base of the spine, generates an intense inner heat when activated. It rises up the backbone, opens the seven chakras (vortices) and self-realization is achieved. The objective is the dissolution of the ego and release from bondage, leading to Samadhi, where one experiences all Nirvanic bliss. The Maya practiced blood-letting rituals to awaken the Divine Serpent.

During this process the ascetic is tempted by sexual or frightening images, as was Siddhartha and Jesus. Madam Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, based on Hinduism, described it thus; “Thou hast to fight thy way through portals seven, seven strongholds held by cruel crafty Powers -- passions incarnate.” There are seven golden (spiritual) keys to these gates. Kundalini’s shining flames consume all Maya (illusion) and Bodhi (enlightenment) is attained. The transformation is called Tiphareth in the Qabalah and one who can bring this infinite intelligence into the temporal existence, would be a saint or avatar.

This power can be used for expansion of the ego, harnessing negative vibrations and dark forces, resulting in megalomania, thereby misused by Satanists. One such sorcerer was Faustus, who sold his soul to the Devil and another, Aleister Crowley, Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis, whose method utilised Tantric Sex, (the gift from the god's) thought himself to be the Anti-Christ.

Crowley was in the inner circle of the Thule Society who believed that Ultima Thule was a legendary island in the far north and the center of a lost, high-level civilization, but not all the secrets of that civilization had been completely wiped out. Those that remained were being guarded by ancient, highly intelligent beings or “Masters” and an initiate could establish contact with these beings by means of magic-mystical rituals.

Nazi philosophy based on the occult was a failed attempt to recreate the 'Master Race' (Atlanteans) who dwell in the centre of the Earth, by means of selective breeding and the eradication of 'undesirables' (eugenics.) Our societies are still ruled by institutions which propitiate this genetic apartheid and purity of bloodlines between races.

But this is a fool's paradise and an experiment which is doomed, because curiosity and the desire to procreate are intrinsic traits in human nature which cannot, or should not be controlled. This process was called 'natural selection' by Alfred Wallace and it produces stronger genes, but it is random and oftentimes, opposites attract. On eugenics Wallace said; “Segregation of the unfit, indeed! It is a mere excuse for establishing a medical tyranny…”
An effective way to redress the racial injustice which is rife in the World today, would be to dispense with the artificial barriers and nationalistic borders which separate us... and then integrate, but not under the dictates of a new global (fascist) 'Atlantean' regime!

Hitler knew the gods of the Hollow Earth used ‘Vril’ power, an infinite supply of free energy (which makes all our costly and pollutive fuel sources obsolete!) Runic symbols were included in Nazi regalia, such as the double Sigel used by the Waffen SS, who modelled themselves on ‘warrior-monk’ Teutonic Knights. The Sigel being the rune of the sun, representing vigour and vitality but in the Third Reich, it signified power and victory and was much feared.

In ancient Sanskrit (the language of the gods) a swastika is said to symbolize the four convergent rivers of paradise and the Nazis, who reversed this emblem, allegedly established a base in Antarctica in an endeavour to find access to this fabled place. They also sent an expedition to Tibet, probably in search of the secret subterranean colony of the Magi, hidden by a lamasery among the snow-capped peaks of the remote Kun Lun Mountains. I doubt if they would have gained entry, as the Bodhisattvas place an impenetrable physical or illusory obstacle at the entrances, to deter the uninitiated.

The Sanskrit word 'Aryavarta' is thought to be the old name for India and translates into, 'Abode of the Aryans;' in Himmler's ideology, Aryan tribes who crossed the Himalayas and penetrated northern India, were the descendants of Germanic gods, but these gods are 'International.'

Tibetan lamas are well aware of the secret City of Shambhala, on an isle of the four Kumaras, who were the 'Lords of the Flames' that descended from Venus, and taught the secret rites of initiation. Sherpas say this ‘Shangri-La’ has an entrance behind a seventy foot waterfall in a treacherous gorge; recently discovered by two daring adventurers, who could probe no further without risking life and limb.
Professor Nicholas Roerich who travelled extensively in the Himalayas in the 1930's said, the aim of this exalted brotherhood is to help the surface dwellers achieve harmony and ascend to their original state of purity. Thereafter, we can commune as one, but currently our low frequency vibration would ‘contaminate’ them and so only those who have been ‘summoned’ can approach the ‘forbidden land.’ Roerich was an advocate of a Planetary State with a United Nations as it's nucleus, as a solution for World peace. (I think not!)
The story of the Hollow Earth was disclosed to the author Louis Jacolliot by Brahmins in India, in the 19th.Century, who passed onto him sacred knowledge of the enchanted prehistoric city of Agartha, said to lie hidden in the uttermost East, below the Earth's surface which is ruled by a ‘Priest-King’ of Ethiopian descent. This Brahmatma, assisted by Mahatmas was the sovereign of a population of millions, who transferred to the underworld at the advent of Kali-Yuga, the Age of Darkness in 3,102BC.
The Brahmatma, who “knows all the forces of the world and reads all the souls of humankind and the great book of their destiny,” is in possession of advanced technology, sends good-will emissaries to the upper world and is defended by a powerful army of Templars. And from here Kalki, the Supreme Lord, will emerge at the end of the Kali Yuga and herald the beginning of the Satya-Yuga, the Age of Light. The cycle of four ages, Satya ,Treta, Dvapara and Kali, continues perpetually among living beings on this earth, repeating the same general sequence of events.
In 1891, a lama delivered a prophecy from the ‘King of the World’ which foretold of war, hunger, disease and wretchedness upon the face of the Earth. “All the Earth will be emptied. God will turn away from it and over it there will be only night and death.”
“Then I shall send a people, now unknown, which shall tear out the weeds of madness and vice with a strong hand and will lead those who still remain faithful to the spirit of man in the fight against evil. They will found a new life on the earth purified by the death of nations. In the fiftieth year only three great kingdoms will appear, which will exist happily seventy-one years. Afterwards there will be eighteen years of war and destruction. Then the peoples of Agharti will come up from their subterranean caverns to the surface of the earth.”
Apollonius of Tyana, who claimed, “the whole of India is girt with dragons of enormous size,” journeyed to the Abode of the Sages in 4BC. There he saw luminous stones which turned night into day, by utilising the power of the sun, and he saw wise men levitate. These people had all the wealth of the World, yet owned nothing... they lived in two worlds, the physical and spiritual, free from karmic attachments. The Holy Ruler told Apollonius, “You have come to men who know everything” and he gave him the task of burying certain talismans or magnets in historically important sites. Apollonius also had a mission to soften the tyranny of Rome.
However another legend tells of 'Rex Mundi,' who successfully controls the violent conflict in human history. According to Hermeticists, a demonic Archangel was mistakenly invoked by the patriarch Moses, and is sustained by the blood of human sacrifice (like Tezcatlipoca.) That's why genocide is a prevailing trend. This trickster offered to deliver the Israelites from captivity in Egypt, but there was a condition, Moses accepted, and the ten plagues followed. By the time Moses realized the gravity of his error, it was too late, Rex Mundi’s condition was… that he would rule the World.
The material World which is his dominion, is a manifestation of power and wholly incompatible with the untainted, pure spirit, god of love; therefore the Dark Lord and his creation is the antithesis of the love principle... inherently evil! The mission of Jesus Christ was to wrest his unholy Kingdom from him, but Jesus was only partially successful, the rest is up to us - by practicing brotherly love and forsaking Mammon.
Madame Helena Blavatsky received her wisdom through impressions from Mahatmas (who use the rainbow spectrum as a window to move between realities and channel information) and she wrote 'Isis Unveiled' by automatic writing. In this book she told of, 'super-human' Atlanteans who were corrupted and turned into wicked magicians by a great dragon king, Thevetat, which brought about their downfall!
In the 1890's, another occultist W. Scott Elliott, who was able to read the 'Akashic Records' on the astral plane, gleaned from his readings that the Toltecs (or Olmecs) were of the Atlantean race who colonised this planet one million years ago. Unlike some, who think the giant Olmec stone heads, weighing up to twenty-seven tons, at La Venta look African, they don’t strike me as typical of African art, which tends to depict features protruding in an exaggerated manner. Neither is there anything like them on the African continent. The Olmec faces have a very flat nose and lips, more Polynesian in appearance but perhaps they are of an entirely unknown aboriginal race.
Richard Shaver claimed in the 1940's that he was taken to a fantastic underground city where the survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis dwell. He said they were an advanced race, similar in appearance to humans, who colonised the interior and surface of the Earth, which they called Lemuria, millennia ago…They were forced to retreat underground permanently, when the sun's harmful radiation became too intense. But there were two types of Lemurians in constant conflict with each other, evil Deros whose influence on Earth is the cause of all our misery and benevolent Teros, who try to counteract them. And the battle goes on...

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