"Credit the leader" or "blame the leader" thinking common today

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"Credit the leader" or "blame the leader" thinking common today. To use an analogy, the "Leadership is the answer to everythingā€¯ perspective is the modern equivalent of the "God is the answer to everything" perspective that held back our scientific understanding of the physical world in the Dark Ages. In the 1500s, people ascribed all events they didn't understand to God. Why did the crops fail? God did it. Why did we have an earthquake? God did it. What holds the planets in place? God. But with the Enlightenment, we began the search for a more scientific understanding-physics, chemistry, biology, and so forth. Not that we became atheists, but we gained deeper understanding about how the universe ticks. Similarly, every time we attribute everything to "Leadership," we're no different from people in the 1500s. We're simply admitting our ignorance. Not that we should become leadership atheists (leadership does matter), but every time we throw our hands up in frustration-reverting back to "Well, the answer must be Leadership!"-we prevent ourselves from gaining deeper, more scientific understanding about what makes great companies tick.
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