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Steven B. Caudill

Born: October 4, 1954; Portsmouth, Ohio
Marital Status: Married, two children
University Address: Department of Economics and Business

Rhodes College

2000 N. Parkway

Memphis, TN 38112-1690

Department Telephone (901) 843-4910

Office Telephone (901) 843-3121

Home Telephone (901) 748-5938

Fax Telephone (901) 843-3736

E-mail Address
Education: Ohio Wesleyan University B.A., June 1976; Mathematics

University of Florida M.A., June 1978; Economics

University of Florida Ph.D., August 1982; Economics
Research Fields: Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics
Teaching Fields: Econometrics, Statistics, Microeconomics
Professional Experience:
McCallum Distinguished Professor Rhodes College 2009 - present

Professor Emeritus Auburn University 2009 - present

Visiting Scholar University of Sassari, Spring 2008

Chair Auburn University 2005 - 2008

Regions Bank Professor Auburn University 2002 - 2009

Professor Auburn University 1994 - 2009

Associate Professor Auburn University 1989 - 1994

Assistant Professor Auburn University 1982 - 1989

Honors: B.A., Magna Cum Laude

Phi Beta Kappa, 1976

Pi Mu Epsilon, 1974, President, 1975

Omicron Delta Epsilon, 1976

Alpha Iota Delta, 1980

College of Business Faculty Award for Research, 1990-1991

Auburn University Panhellenic Council Outstanding Professor: Spring

1997, Fall 1997, Fall 1998, Fall 2000, Fall 2003

AGBS Teacher of the Year; 1998-9, 2002-3

Economics Department Outstanding Teacher, 1999-2000

“OSU and LSU Easy to Spell but Did They Belong? Using the Method of Paired Comparisons to Evaluate the BCS Rankings and the NCAA Football Championship Game 2007-8,” forthcoming in Applied Economics.
“Do Former Athletes Make Better Managers? Evidence from a Partially Adaptive Grouped-Data Regression Model,” with J. Long, forthcoming in Empirical Economics.
“More on Testing the Normality Assumption in the Tobit Model,” with F. Mixon, forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Statistics.
“Is Per Capita GDP Stationary in China? More Powerful Nonlinear (Logistic) Unit Root Tests,” with T. Chang and Y. Ho, forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters.
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Chapters in Books:
“Homework, Practice, and Performance in Principles of Microeconomics,” with J. Long, forthcoming in Expanding Teaching and Learning in Economic Education, edited by F.G. Mixon, Jr., and R. Cebula.
“Hitting the Rent-Seeking Concept Out of the Park in Economics Proinciples Courses: The Case of Professional Baseball Stadiums, with D. Box, forthcoming in Expanding Teaching and Learning in Economic Education, edited by F.G. Mixon, Jr., and R. Cebula.
“Good Ideas and Bad Regressions: The Sad State of Empirical Work in Pubic Choice,” forthcoming in Essays in Honor of Leland B. Yeager, edited by Roger Koppl, Routledge.
“Cartels on Campus: The Case of the IFC and Panhellenic Council,” with S.A. Hicks,

forthcoming in Shaping the Learning Curve: Essays on Economic Education, edited by F.G. Mixon, Jr., BookSurge Publishing.

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Fragility and Regulation: Evidence from Different Countries and Different

Times. Research in Financial Services, Volume 12. Elsevier Press. 2000, pp. 3-24.
Technical Reports:
“Energy Demand and Fuel Choices in the Pulp and Paper Industry,” with W.S. Chern

and R.E. Just, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL/CON-33, October 1978.

Book Reviews:
Models, Methods, and Applications of Econometrics, edited by P.C.B. Phillips, Southern Economic Journal, 61 (1994), pp. 539-540.
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Invited testimonial published in Editorial: Professor Gopal Kanji’s Retirement as Editor of the Journal of Applied Statistics, 35 (2008), pp. 1-8, (p. 3).
Invited testimonial published in 25th Anniversary Edition of the Journal of Applied

Statistics, “Editorial: 25 years of Applied Statistics.” 25 (1998), pp. 3-22, (p. 7).

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