Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons: Background and Issues for Congress

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Figure 3. THOR Demonstrator
Source: U.S. Air Force, AFRL Directed Energy Directorate, press release, September 24, 2019.
Phaser High-Powered Microwave
The Phaser High-Powered Microwave system (see Figure 4), developed by Raytheon, is intended to provide a short-range C-UAS capability similar to that of THOR. The Air Force reportedly Navy. CRS analysis of FY budget documents see Appendix B and Appendix C for additional information.
This section was written by former CRS Research Assistant Samuel D. Ryder and updated by John R. Hoehn, CRS Analyst in Military Capabilities and Programs.
Industry partners include BAE Systems, Leidos, and Verus Research. THOR also features a proprietary radar system developed by Black Sage.
Bryan Ripple, Enemy drone operators may soon face the power of THOR 88
Air Base Wing Public Affairs, September 24, 2019, at completes-successful-shoot-down-of-air-launched-m/.
26 st Lt. James Wymer, “AFRL’s drone killer, THOR will welcome new drone hammer U.S. Air Force, August 2,
2021, at hammer.

Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons Background and Issues for Congress

Congressional Research Service
6 procured a $16.3 million prototype Phaser for testing and overseas field assessments however, it is unclear whether the system has been deployed outside the United States.

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