Department of Media and Communication James Rhys Davies

The Background of my Project

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The Background of my Project

What is the basic premise of my project?

The basic premise of my project is to explore the idea of technology’s influences on society by writing an essay on the impact the development of technology has on society and backing that up by showing the development of technology in video games by creating a there I will show a very detailed look at the development of the technology of video games. I will also explore some of the processes that have been created using the development of the technology like, motion capture, voice acting and how both of these are only possible with the evolution of the technology I am going to create the website and then use that to support my essay.

What do I seek to achieve and how it relates to my target audience?

I seek to achieve to see how the technology has developed overtime and how that has effected society. I want to see weather video games and the development of them have been a good or bad influence on society. My target audience for my project is people in the games industry and for anyone is interested in the development of video games and the development of technology. This relates to my target audience as my essay and website can be used as a research tool and for anybody who wants to seek a greater insight on the effect video games have affected us as a society.

Who am I?

I am going to be discussing the mind map I created talking about who I am. I split my mind map into different sections which are: background, experiences, influences, inspirations and values and beliefs. I am going to be discussing the different sections, what I put in each section and how this mind map about myself will help me when I’m creating my final major project.

The first section I was working on was my background. In that section I talked about where I live and the different family members that I have. The next section that was experience. I talked about my experiences at college and how that has helped me become more confident in my work and how it has helped me develop my skills and become a better designer. I also talked about the previous college course I did which was a music technology course and how I chose that course because I was interested in music and sound but after a year I chose the digital design course because I more interested digital design than just music and sound.

The next section is values and beliefs. In this section, I listed things that I believe in and things that I value. These things were: honesty, loyalty, equality, hard work, kindness, free speech, family, treating the others the way that you would like to be treated, Always trying your best no matter what is it even if you don’t enjoy it that much. These are the things that I believe in and things that have value to me.

The next section is my influences, in this section I talked about the things that have influenced me over the years. The first thing that I talked about was music, I talked about when I was younger my dad would listen to a lot of old school metal and classic rock music and now I listen to a mixture of classic rock metal music and more modern metal and rock music. I also talk about how music helps me concentrate when I’m doing any type of work. Music also influences me in my work because I work more efficiently and quickly and without music, I tend to get distracted more often if I don’t listen to music.  Another influence that I put in my mind map was how games have influenced me. I talked about how my first game console was a PlayStation 2 when I was six years old. Since I got my first PlayStation that I have been playing video games constantly going from the PS2 to the PS3 and now to the PS4. Playing video games have influenced me into getting more interested in how games work. That is why I have played a wide variety of games so that I could get a better understanding of how different games work. Having such a big interest in games in what influenced me into digital media and digital design as well.

The next section I had in my mind map was my inspirations. In this section, I talked about all of the people who have inspired me and I said that my family have inspired me the most. I talked about my family have always encouraged and inspired me in everything that I have done and that I continue to do to this day. They have always inspired me to always try my hardest and do my best in everything that I do even if I don’t particularly enjoy it that much I would always see something through to the end.

In conclusion, I have talked about the mind map about who I am and my background, my experiences, my influences, my inspirations and my values and beliefs. Now that I have looked back and talked about myself and looked at all my influences and inspirations this will help me when it comes to deciding what I want to do for my final major project. It will help me because when I am creating my final major project I can look back at this mind map for some inspiration and maybe some ideas if I need to help me make my project feel a bit more personal to me.


What did I learn on my course?

I am going to be showing you the info-graphic that I had created which shows my development over the year so far showing what skills I have learnt, what programs and software I have used and how my skills have developed in using these programs. I will also be discussing how I can use all of the skills and programs I have to create my final major project.