Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan by Charles J. Vella, Ph. D

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Jim taught his first school at the age of 17 years. It was in the John McKibben District. After finishing at Albion Seminary he taught 3 years more. He attended Drake Univ. a year. Then returned to teaching and began preparation for the Iowa State Teachers Certificate and the study of law. He passed the State Certificate in two years and in another year passed exams for Professional Life Diploma for teachers and the State Bar Exams. By this time, the study habit had become so confirmed it was more of a pleasure than a task.

Jim, like all the Morgans, had a fine voice. He could sing any part but preferred baritone. Every place he lived he gave freely of his musical talent, training members of his orchestras in all instruments but the piano. He had as good a speaking voice and gave many lectures on Chautauqua programs.

He coached the first football teams ever formed at Clarence and Sigourney. Coached track and baseball at both places.

Jim was considered one of the very best of teachers. All the Morgans were outstanding teachers. They were firm but just disciplinarians.

Mr. Morgan is very proud of all the nieces and nephews who have followed his chosen profession at his last count it was close to 60 including his brothers, sisters, his own children and grandchildren.

The Morgans as School Teachers

Of the original family:

Nancy Morgan taught school in the South; Mase taught many years in Iowa; Lou taught many years in Iowa; also Emma; Jack taught telegraphy and Ry. Station business, and J. H. taught for forty-three years, mostly in Iowa.

Mattie’s children: Grace, Fern, Beulah, Gay and Russell. (Russel taught while in the army.)

Mollie & Melissa-Birdie taught music

Drew’s children: Dwight taught in Wyoming, and is now in his 26th year as Superintendent at Gillette, Wyoming. Lulu, Leona and Loena were teachers. Loena is still teaching at Napa, Cal. Lulu is teaching art. Her sudio is at San Francisco.

Lou’s children: Mildred, Cozzie, Florene and Jeanette were all teachers. Mildred is now teaching in Cleveland. She has taught for many years, and Cozzie is also teaching near Marshalltown.

Nancy’s granddaughter, Dorothy Seim was a teacher.

Birdie’s son, Max is a teacher. He is now Supt. of the Dubuque School. Salary $9,000.00

Jim’s children: Imogene was a teacher, also Elouise. Elouise now has charge of forty children of pre-school age at Riverside, Calif.

Total – 24


(Ellen Vivian Wilson received the above article to type in 1950)

J. H. Morgan was offered a Professorship in Eng. at Drake Univ.

Jim’s grandchildren who taught school are:

Marshall M. Uran taught four years in country schools near Riceville, Iowa and in the night schools in San Francisco, California.

Joy Wade Moulton taught in H. S. in Richmond, Calif. and in colleges at Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley and at Univ. of Ohio in Columbus, Ohio.

Diane Wade Bernard has taught for several years.

Melissa Frances Hanson-Clark’s son, Max R. Clark, taught over 29 years.

Martha Ann Morgan’s grandchildren – Ruth Louise Hauser – Larsen taught 3 years in Milford Township Consolidated Schools in Nevada, Iowa, Lois Jayne Hauser-Wulze taught dancing.

Drew’s grandchildren – Darleene Heloise Morgan – Smith taught school.
Lydia May Houghton (James Morgan’s first wife) was the 2nd child of George W. and Clarinda E. Houghton. She was born April 18, 1867 at the farm home 1 mile east of Albion, Iowa. She was always called May. She graduated from a business course in Marshalltown and won a speed record in typing. She learned to play the organ and had a pleasing alto voice. She graduated from Albion seminary where she met her future husband, James Hamilton Morgan of Liscomb, Iowa. They were married on Dec. 20, 1887 at the farm home of her parents. James was the son of Hardinson and Elizabeth White- Morgan of Liscomb, Iowa and was Principal of the Albion Public Schools when they were married. May taught a rural school at Hubbard before her marriage and the town school at Marietta after her marriage. May was always active in the Presbyterian Church, as a singer, Sunday School teacher or any place she could help most. She was charter member of the American Legion Auxiliary at Wellsberg, Iowa. Member of the Marshalltown chapter of the D.A.R., Eastern Star member at Riceville, Iowa. She had always been a member of the Literary Division of the Woman’s Club. Her last membership being in Whittier, Calif. while living with her daughter Elouise. At the time of her death she was a member of the Congregational Church at Riceville, Iowa where her daughter Imogene lived there being no Presbyterian Church there.

Three daughters and one son were born to May and James Morgan. While living in Glenwood May became a widow on Nov. 23, 1912. She had two minor children Max and Elouise to help thro’ high school and college. After they graduated from H. S. May moved to her mother’s home at Albion, Iowa. She attended Iowa State Teacher’s College every summer for many years and in 1919 and 1920 attended a year. She held a First Grade Teacher’s Certificate. In her examination in arithmetic, her most difficult subject, she wrote a perfect paper. She lacked a few credits for a diploma from I.S.T.C., Cedar Falls, Iowa. She taught rural schools at Green Mountain, Haverhill and Dunbar. She taught Junior high grade schools at Liscomb, St. Anthony, Denmark and Conrad all in Iowa. From July 16, 1919 to May, 1920 she taught at Cedar Falls, Iowa. She also taught Jr. Hi. at Thornburg, Zearing and Garrison, Iowa. She was supply teacher at Clarence and Sigourney, Iowa while her husband was Supt. of those schools.

In 1924 a child riding a bicycle pushed May off the sidewalk into a stone gutter. Her knee cap was broken. Several years later an operation had to be performed and May’s knee was made permanently stiff. Her surgeon never expected May to walk again. Not only did she learn to walk but she climbed three flights of stairs with a heavy brace on her limb and taught Jr. High at Garrison. She was a Matron at one of the Girl’s cottages at the State Juvenile Home at Toleda, Iowa for 2 years.

When May retired from teaching she spent her time with her children. She had traveled extensively thro’ 39 states, Canada and Mexico. She never lost her keen interest in life and had the Houghton love of humor. She was a staunch Republican. Everywhere she lived May was beloved by all young people.

In May’s late sixties she took her first airplane ride. She was a student to the last and a most interesting conversationalist. She made many lovely pieces of crochet and embroidery.

On Jan. 25, 1937 she fell in her room fracturing a hip. On Dec. 26, 1937 Chleroid Carcinoma in an advanced stage was discovered to have afflicted May., She was never told of her death sentence. She hoped to learn again to walk and remained her cheerful self to the last. Her last words to her only son, Max, were, “When you come again, old boy, I’ll be walking and I’ll meet you at the front door.”

May died Nov. 15, 1938. She was buried at Riceville, Iowa. As her relatives left her grave they glanced back. A bright ray of sunshine shone down for just an instant on the flower covered grave. It was so typical of May’s life on earth.

Four children survive her: Genevieve, Imogene, Maxwell and Elouise.

Genevieve Ethely Morgan

Born: June 2, 1889 in farm home built by her grandparents George W. and Clarinda E. Houghton.

Mother: Lydia May Houghton

Father: James Hamilton Morgan

Died: Jan. 25, 1969

Education: Graduated H.S. from Sigourney in 1907

Married: Aug. 23, 1916

Husband: Frederick Byron Robertson (called ‘Ted’) of Minneapolis, Mn.

Husband born: April 2, 1883 at Waterloo, Iowa

Husband died: March 19, 1959

Genevieve was the first child born to James H and Lydia May (Houghton) Morgan. In 1891 she moved with her parents to Gilman, Marshall Co., Iowa. In 1893 to Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa and in 1904 to Sigourney, Keokuk Co., Iowa. In 1908 to Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa.

She graduated from the Sigourney High School in 1907. Genevieve had a soprano voice of superior quality. She sang solos in Glee Clubs, quartets and with a Girl’s Octet while in High School. One year this Octet sang on the Chautauqua programs at Sigourney. She was an expert at figure ice-skating and in preparing and arranging foods and flowers. She learned to play the piano. Her hobby was embroidery.

While living at Glenwood Genevieve was a telephone operator until she entered nurses training at the Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She practiced after graduation until Aug. 23, 1916 when she married Frederick Byron Robertson of Mpls., Minn. in a Presbyterian Church at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

At the time of their marriage he was vice Pres. of the Robertson Shoe Co. in Minneapolis, Minn. His father and only brother were other officers in the company that specialized in making comfort shoes and robes. In 1955 “Ted”, as he was always called, works at the Honeywell factory in Mpls. He invented an instrument to make the work easier at at this factory, for which he was given a bonus. Due to the shortage of nurses Genevieve returned to the profession and is still taking private cases in 1955. Their home address is 3101 Humboldt Avenue S., Minniapolis, Minn.

The family are members of the Grace Presbyterian Church in Minneaplis.

Two children were born to Genevieve Morgan and Frederick Robertson:

1.) Patricia Jean Robertson

born: Dec. 26, 1926 at Minneapolis, Minn.

Mother: Genevieve Morgan-Robertson

Father: Frederick Robertson

Education: Graduate of Minneapolis High Schools and a business college there.

She worked for 5 years in the Imperial Printing Co. In Minneapolis. She took ballet dancing lessons as a girl and became an expert in handling her own boats, and in swimming.

Married: June 17, 1947 in Grace Presbyterian Church, Mpls.

Husband: Neal E. Sorensen

Husband born: Aug. 22, 1920 at Jackson, Minn.

Husbands parents: Carl and Johanna Sorensen

Neal served 3 years in World War II in the 6th air force. Part of his service was overseas.

Neal and Patricia are parents of two sons and one daughter. They bought a home at 1336 Bern Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. Neal is Vice President of Toastmasters and reserve officer in air force. He received the Victory medal twice and the air medal with two oak leaf clusters while in service.

Neal graduated from Redwing, Minn. high school in June, 1943. He was Captain of the tennis team.

Children born to Patricia Jean Robertson and Neal E. Sorensen:

Neal, Jr., b. Dec. 27, 1948 at Minneapolis, Minn.

Dane Charles, b. Jan. 17, 1951 at Minneapolis, Minn.

Diane Jean, b. May 11, 1954 at Minneapolis, Minn.

2.) Frederick Byron Robertson, Jr.

born: Dec. 7, 1929 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Mother: Genevieve Morgan-Robertson

Father: Frederick Robertson

education: Graduated Minneapolis H. S. in 1947. Attended the Univ. of Minn. 1 yr. Graduated from Minneapolis Business school.

He served in Korea with the army Engineers. At present has work in Minneapolis and is living with his parents, unmarried .

B.) Vivian Imogene Morgan

Born: April 10, 1891 in Gilman, Marshall Co., Iowa

Education: Graduated in 1908 from H. S. then attended Drake Univ., DesMoines, Ia.

Mother: Lydia May Houghton-Morgan

Father: James Hamilton Morgan

Married: Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran

Husband’s parents: Dr. Benjamin Franklin Uran and Susan Weaver Troup-Uran

Husband’s maternal grandparents: Dr. Joseph Alfred and Margaret McQueen Troup of Kankakee, Ill.

Husband born: Oct. 3, 1877 in Kankakee, Ill.

Husband died: Nov. 11, 1958

Vivian Imogene was born in 1891 in Gilman, Iowa where her father was Supt. of the public schools. In 1893 the family moved to Clarence, Iowa where the father was Supt. of schools for 12 years. In 1904 the family moved to Sigourney, Iowa where James was Supt. of schools for 4 years.

Imogene sang in Glee Club, played basketball and was on a debating team for 4 years. She graduated in 1908 and was given a provincial teacher’s certificate. She had taken the teacher’s training course in high school, attended Drake Univ. at Des moines, Iowa. She taught the lower 3 grades at Holland, Iowa for five terms. While teaching at Holland Imogene met and married Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran.

Dr. J. A. Uran was born Oct. 3, 1877 in Kankakee, Ill. He left high school in his Senior year to attend a Kankakee business college from which he graduated. At the age of 19 he went into the Laboratories at the Kankakee County Insane Assylum where he was assistant Pathologist for 3 years. He attended the Physicians and Surgeons Medical College for 4 years graduating in 1903. His obstetrical training for 3 months was in the Chicago Lying In Hospital under the guidance of the world renowned Dr. Joseph de Lee. He was a pathologist in the Michael Reese Hospital for 2 years, chosen because in a competitive examination his grades were the highest out of several hundred other young M. D.s. In 1905 he bo’t out the practice of Dr. Harold at Holland, Iowa remaining there until 1911 when he and his wife Imogene moved to Wellsburg, Iowa where their 3 sons and 2 daughters were born. He retained his practice at Holland as it was a few miles from Wellsburng. In March, 1925 the family moved to Waterloo, Iowa where Dr. Uran became assistant to Dr. John O’Keefe. While making a country call with Dr. O’Keefe the car driven by Dr. O’Keefe struck a rut and went out of control. Dr. Uran rec’d an impacted broken shoulder. It was years before the arm could be used normally. It was necessary for Dr. O’Keefe to have another M. D. become his assistant. On Aug. 1, 1925 Dr. Uran moved his family to Riceville, Mitchell County, Iowa, where Dr. Uran continues his practice.

Dr. Uran’s hobby as a young man was tennis. Since his marriage it has been gardening. Cribbage, chess, checkers and cross word puzzles are his favorite indoor sports. He is a member of the Congregational Church, the Riceville Community Club and the Modern Woodman. For many years he was a member of the Grundy Center Masonic Lodge. During World War II he taught a first aid class for the Red Cross. He has always given freely his time to examining 4H groups, Boy and Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Groups. He has always voted a straight Republican ticket. The Uran home has been noted for its hospitality. Dr. Uran took training in Mpls. Under Sister Kenny. Learning from her treatment of “polio.”

Imogene is a member of the Riceville Congregational Church. She was for years a P.T.A. member. Taught adult classes in Cong. Sun. School for 2 years. Charter member March 3, 1921 of the Ashing Post Unit #218 of the American Legion Auxiliary changing in 1926 to the Roy Gue American Legion Auxiliary #214, Riceville, Iowa, joining thro’ her brother Maxwell’s War I service. She served as Pres. once in each unit, 1 year was County Chairman of the Mitchell Units. She was Charter member of the United Service Women of America Unit #290 in Riceville in 1944 joining thro’ her son Donald’s service in World War II. She served as unit and County Historian until the unit became the Amvets. She was a charter member of the Riceville Amvets, Unit and County historian until a year before the Mitchell Co. units disbanded. That year she was pres. of the Riceville Unit 1950. All the history work was turned over to her when the Riceville Amvets disbanded. She is now compiling World War II records for Mitchell County and Riceville. She is now a member of the Amvet Auxiliary Unit of Wellsburg, Iowa.

Imogene is a member of the Thimble Club, 2nd oldest study club in Mitchell Co. and a member of the General Federated Women’s Club of America. One year served as Treas. of the Riceville Club.

In 1952 she became a member of the Vermont State Historical Society. In 1952 Imogene’s name was placed with those of amateur genealogists in the books published by the N. Y. Hist. Society and Vol. 7 of The Compendum of American Genealogy published by the Institute of American Genealogy of Chicago. She has for 2 years been a member of the latter. In March 1955 she became a member of the Marshall Co. Historical Society. She is a Republican.

Her hobbies are scrapbooks of many community activities, 9 memory scrap books for each of her own children put together by her daughter Ellen Vivian, and memory scrapbooks for each of her 7 grandchildren. She has a collection of over 1800 bottles of all sizes, shapes and colors from 39 states and 15 foreign countries. Another hobby is canning. In 1954 she canned 422 qts. of fruit and vegetables most of it from her husband’s garden. Her highest record for 1 year was over 900 qts.

During World War II from Army Day April 6, 1941 until the war ended, Imogene wrote at least one letter every day to some Riceville person in service. Dr. Uran patiently paid the postage.

Imogene kept a record of each service person and their addresses up to date and was instrumental in having the local churches and other groups write to those in service. She served as Pres. of a group of Riceville women of the Medical and Surgical Relief Committee working thro’ a National Group at N. Y. City. She kept records, ordered all supplies and personally packed a ton of material that was shipped overseas thro’ the N. Y. Office. She was awarded a pin by the national office and the Riceville group received many national write-ups.

Dr. and Mrs. Uran have been members of the Red Cross for years. With the help of her brother Max Morgan and her husband’s financial assistance she succeeded after 6 years of research in writing the genealogy of her mother’s family of Houghtons from the year 1066 to 1955. For 7 years they have been working on her father’s line of Morgan-White and Knights.

Imogene served on the Public Library Board for several years and also on the Camp Fire Board. She has helped in Cancer and Red Cross Drives.

In 1937 a Riceville Recreational association was organized by Imogene. Boy and Girl Scouts were sponsored. A tennis court was furnished. Several teams of soft ball were organized. Horseshoe courts were made. A city park was made ready for picnics. A croquet set was bo’t. For 2 summers supervised play was sponsored on the grade school grounds from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Money for these projects were raised by tag days, home tale plays and carnivals. One member from every organization in Riceville was chosen to form this association.

At present Imogene is Historian for the Congregational Church, now 97 years old, and is writing the church history for the Church and for Riceville’s Centennial in May, 1955. She is also writing a history of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II for the Centennial.

Children born to Vivian Imogene Morgan-Uran and Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran were: Marshall Milton, Stanley M., Ellen Vivian, Margaret and Donald Maxwell.

1.) Marshall Milton Uran

Born: Nov. 7, 1911 at Wellsburg, Iowa

Mother:Vivian Imogene Morgan-Uran

Father: Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran

Married: Rosalind Herschin in Reno, Nevada on Sept. 5, 1942

Wife born: April 2, 1918 at Yakima, Washington

Marshall entered grade school at Wellsburg finishing in 1925 at Waterloo, Iowa. Entered Riceville High School in 1925. He played football, basketball and was active in shot put contests. Was a Boy Scout and at 1 was an ass't Boy Scout Leader. He took piano and flute lessons. Was sectretary-treasurer of the Sunday School for several years and taught Sunday School class. He won the American Legion Award for 2 consecutive yrs. for having the highest scholastic standings of any boy in the Riceville high school.

In 1928 he graduated from high school in Riceville as a Valedictorian. He took 1 year post-graduate work in Normal Training at Riceville high school. He attended the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, N. Y., Iowa State University at Iowa City and the Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Iowa. He had a first grade teacher’s certificate and taught 4 years in the rural schools near Riceville, Iowa. While in high school he clerked at the Roche Drug Store and also in the Wells Department Store. He learned to ski, ice and roller skate and swim. Played tennis. One year he worked in a factory in N. Y. City. In Oct., 1938 he went to Los Angeles, Calif. where he worked in a factory until 1939 when he joined the U. S. Merchant Marines. He remained in this work for 13 years, working in the engine room with the exception of one year when he served as an electrician on board ship after taking a 6 month electrical course in San Francisco, Calif. During these years he served on ships going to New York thro’ the Panama Canal, to Alaska and the Island of Hawaii. After World War II he worked on a ship sailing to Japan. On Dec. 7, 1941 his ship was on its way home from Hawaii and they rode thro’ the night with lights out expecting every moment would be their last.

In 1952 Marshall gave up the sea because of illness in the family and has since worked as an electrician in a San Francisco dairy.

Marshall joined the Congregational Church at the age of 13. He votes as an Independent. As a boy his hobbies were woodworking, reading and chemistry. Late years he with his wife, have studied the Spanish and French languages.

On Sept. 5. 1942 he married Rosalind Herschin in Reno, Nevada. Rosalind is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. A. Herschin. Her mother was born in Austria-Hungary, her grandfather was a violin teacher at one of the colleges there. Her parents moved to San Francisco when she was 1 ½ years old. With the exception of one year when Rosalind and Marshall lived in Seattle, Wash. for one year, she has lived in San Francisco since she was 1 ½ years old. She was born April 2, 1918 at Yakima, Wash. She graduated from Lowell High School in San Francisco, Calif. in June, 1934, and from the San Francisco State College in June, 1938. She was a member of the A Capella Choir at college, plays piano and guitar. She worked as a stenographer before her marriage and as part time stenographer in same office until Jan., 1955. Her hobbies are foreign languages, sewing, cooking and oil painting. Her father writes and sells adventrue stories.

Home owned by M. M. Uran is 840 Niagra Ave., San Francisco 12, Calif.

Two children born to Rosalind Herschin-Uran and Marshall Milton Uran:

Marilyn b. Jan. 14, 1946 in San Francisco. Belongs to Brownies. Took tap dancing for several years. Now taking ballet dancing and piano lessons. She collects old coins, Lincoln pennies, Roosevelt dimes, Buffalo and Victory nickles and stamps. She is learning to do finger painting, also paints with water colors.

Susan Gail b. Aug. 22, 1951 at Oakdale, Calif. Hospital. Susan Gail started to Pre Kindergarten school at the age of 2 years. She is an outdoor girl. Only happy inside when playing records or busy at some activity.

2.) Stanley M. Uran

Born: May 8, 1913 at Wellsburg, Iowa.

Died: May 8, 1913

Mother: Vivian Imogene Morgan-Uran

Father: Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran

Buried: Wellsburg Cemetary

Cause of death: gastro-enteritis

3.) Ellen Vivian Uran

born: Nov. 20, 1915 at Wellsburg, Iowa

Mother: Vivian Imogene Morgan-Uran

Father: Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran

Married: Dec. 20, 1946

Husband: Bill James Wilson at Hapeville, Georgia

Husband born: Oct. 23, 1918

Husbands parents: Henry Eugene Wilson and Irma N. Gable-Wilson Of Barnesville, Ga.

Ellen started grade school at Wellsburg and attended grade school at Waterloo, Iowa. She graduate from the Riceville High School in May, 1934.

She took piano lessons, tap, acrobatic and ballroom dancing lessons. Her father taught her to swim and to play tennis. She could ice skate and roller skate. She joined the Congregational Church at Riceville, was active in Sunday School work and for several years taught a group in pilgrim Fellowship. She belonged to the Camp Fire Girls for a number of years. Won three times the Wohelo Honor, the highest given in Camp Fire. She sang in the high school Glee Club that won first place at the County and District Contests and went to the State contest at Iowa City. She played basketball and tennis in H. S. She took a post-graduate course at H. S. in normal training. She learned to sew and made many of her own garments.

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