Directions: Respond to each of the questions in sentences using 2 pieces of evidence

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Kami Export - Nataly Vallecios H - Questions Stalin, Totalitarianism and Propaganda

Totalitarianism and Propaganda Under Joseph Stalin
Directions: Respond to each of the questions in 3 - 6 sentences using 1 - 2 pieces of evidence
Who was Joseph Stalin?
What kind of economy did Stalin want for the Soviet Union?
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was the leader who ruled the Soviet Union till his death. He controlled power as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. He wanted communist economy which means all the business will be controlled by individuals or groups, not the state
. According to the author “centralized state control over every aspect of a person's public and private life.” This illustrates that the kind of economy they want is where they have control over all the businesses that are running, they want to be in control of everything and everyone.
What are the characteristics of a totalitarian leader?
How might this relate to
Animal Farm?
Extreme political queiling, to a greater extent that he had more power than the government, he did things by forcing them in. According to the author “totalitarianism relies on absolute authority of the government by one political party.” This illustrates how the worth of the individual is not encouraged in a totalitarian leader.
This relates to animal farms because Napoleon desires absolute power just like the totalitarian leader does, and wants to take actions by force, he forces the law that he made into the other

animals, and he doesn't really care about the worth of the animals he just tries to force his laws into them.
What is propaganda and how did Stalin use propaganda to control the people?
How might this relate to
Animal Farm?
A propaganda is the dissemination of information—facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion.They made use of propaganda to sway people to accept certain beliefs or actions of the communist party, to influence people's opinions or behaviors actively.
According to the author “A propaganda is information given to the people that only shows one point of view or leaves out important facts”. This tells us what propaganda is and they use this to influence how the people think so he could use it to his advantage.
This relates to animal farm because Napoleon uses the advantages of the propaganda of the sheep repeating "Four legs good, two legs bad.” to influence the animals' behaviors making them think that he is always right when making a decision to overcome the humans and when taking decisions of the farm work and everything because he is really smart and thanks to him the rebellion against humans was successful.
According to the text, what is the primary issue with a communist economy?
What was the goal of the Great Purge? How might this relate to
Animal Farm?
The issue was that there is little motivation for the individual to work harder because wages are set and profit isn’t allowed and their way of solving a problem was violence or intimidation. The goal of the Great Purge was to eliminate anyone who threatened his power and the traitors. According to the author “the Great Purge campaign of terror that was directed at eliminating anyone who threatened his power. Thousands of old Bolsheviks who helped stage the Revolution in 1917 stood trial. They were executed for “crimes against the Soviet state.” This illustrates how the great Purge was mainly about eliminating people who opposed the power of the Soviet State, and the so-called traitor who helped the Revolution in 1917.
This relates to animal farm because Napoleon is using the dogs he trained to intimidate the animals to make the animals do what he says and he could use them to eliminate any traitor who is siding with the humans.

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