Dispositions of Warships in Home Waters, 1600hrs/16 September 1940

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Dispositions of Warships in Home Waters, 1600hrs/16 September 1940 

Scapa Flow (26 hrs from Dungeness at 20kts) 
1 BC: Repulse (RA(D)), 1 BM: Erebus 
1 CV: Furious (12 Skua, 18 Swordfish, 6 Gladiator) 
2 CA: Berwick, Norfolk 
1 CL: Glasgow
1 CLAA: Curacao 
6 DD: Somali (D6), Eskimo, Matabele, Duncan, Versatile (under repair for damage to stern until 17 Sep), Vimy 
1 DE: Eglington
1 SS: L.23 
5 ML: Southern Prince, Menestheus, Port Napier, Port Quebec, Agamemnon
6 MS: Bramble, Britomart, Hazard, Hebe, Speedy, Seagull (in refit until?)

Dundee (19 hrs) 
3 TB: Z.5 (NL), Z.6 (NL), Z.8 (NL) 
3 SS: L.26, O.21 (NL), O.24 (NL) 

1 CL: Nigeria (completed working up 23 September, joined fleet at Scapa on 29 Sep, assigned to 10th CS)
1 CL: Kenya (completed 27 Sep, joined fleet at Scapa for working up 29 Sep, assigned to 10th CS)

Rosyth (18hrs) 
2 BB: Nelson (C-in-C), Rodney 
1 BC: Hood (VA, BCS) 
3 CLAA: Naiad (RA, CS15), Bonadventure, Cairo (RA, AAS) 
14 DD: Cossack (D4), Maori, Sikh, Zulu, Jackal, Kashmir, Kipling, Ashanti, Bedouin, Punjabi, Tartar, Electra, Vortigern, Fame (damaged off Norway in bombing attack on 6 Jul 40 and repair completed 5 October)
4 DE: Valorous, Vega, Verdun, Woolston 
1 TB: Sleipner (NO) 
2 SS: Seawolf, Snapper, 

Blyth (14 hrs) 
3 SS: Sturgeon, Swordfish, Ursula 

Humber (10 hrs) 
3 CL: Manchester (VA, CS18), Southampton (RA, CS18), Birmingham 
5 DD: Javelin (D5), Jupiter, Jaguar, Kelvin, Watchman

Lowestoft (5 hrs): 
1 TB: Draug (NO), 
1 MTB: MTB.18 

Harwich (3 5 hrs) 
6 DD: Malcolm (D16), Venomous, Verity, Wild Swan, Wivern, Worcester 
1 SS: H 44 
11 MTB: MTB.14, MTB.15, MTB.16, MTB.17, MTB.22, MTB.28, MTB.29, MTB.31, MTB.32, MTB.34, MTB.67, MTB.68 

London (4 5 hrs) 
DD: Margaree (RCN) (damaged by bomb splinters 17 Sep)
1 MTB: MTB.24 

Sheerness/Chatham (4 hrs) 
3 CL: Galatea (VA, CS2, (struck a mine night of 8/9 September and in repair at Chatham until 8 Jan 41), Aurora, Arethusa (rejoined 30 September after completing repairs at Chatham)
10 DD: Brilliant, Icarus, Impulsive, Intrepid, Campbell (D21), Venetia, Vesper, Vivacious, Walpole, Foxhound (in refit from 11 Aug 40 to 12 Oct 40)
12 DE: Cattistock, Eglinton, Holderness (under repair from mine damage until 22 September), Garth, Hambledon, Quorn, Vanity, Vimiera, Wallace, Westminster, Winchester, Wolsey 

Dover (1 hr) 
2 MTB: MTB.6, MTB.72 

Portsmouth (3 5 hrs) 
1 CL: Cardiff 
12 DD: Beagle, Bulldog, Havelock (D9), Harvester, Hesperus, Highlander, Vanoc, Viscount, Saladin, Sardonyx, Sturdy, Mistral 
2 DE: Berkeley, Fernie 
5 TB: Branlebas, L'Incomprise, La Cordeliere, La Flore, Z 7 
2 SS: Ondine, Orion 
6 MTB: MTB.3, MTB.4, MTB.5, MTB.25, MTB.30, MTB.33 

Southampton (4 hrs) 
2 DD: Volunteer, Wolverine 

Portland (5 hrs) 
2 MTB: MTB.69, MTB.70 

Plymouth (8 hrs) 
1 BB: Revenge 
2 CL: Newcastle, Emerald 
11 DD: Isis, Broke, Vansittart, Whitehall, Westcott, Blyskawica (PO), Burza (PO), Ouragan (FFNL), Garland (PO) 
2 TB: Bouclier (FFNL) (in collision 17 Sep under repair until 30 Sep), La Melpomene (FFNL), 

Milford Haven (14 hrs) 
1 TB: G.13 (NL) 

Liverpool (18 5hrs) 
3 DD: Vanquisher, Walker, Sabre 

Firth of Clyde (21 5 hrs) 
1 CA: Suffolk (damaged by air attack off Norway 16 Apr 40 and under repair until 24 Feb 41) 
1 CL: Sheffield 
12 DD: Keppel (D12), Achates, Active, Amazon, Ambuscade, Antelope, Anthony, Arrow, Douglas (ran aground 17 Sep and under repair until 30 Sep), Ottawa (RCN), Skeena (RCN), St Laurent (RCN) 
6 SS: Tigris, Otway, Upright, B.1 (NO), H.31, H.34 
1 CLAA: Phoebe (completed 2 October, joined fleet at Scapa for working up 4 Oct, assigned to 15th CS)

1 CL: Edinburgh (refit completed 29 Oct 40, began working up on 5 Nov 1940) 
1 CL: Fiji (torpedoed 1 Sep 40 and in repair at Greenock until 31 January 1941)
1 DD: Mashona (refit completed 8 Oct 40)

1 CA: Sussex (damaged by German air attack while in dry dock and under repair until 9 Aug 42)
1 DD: Fearless (damaged in collision on 1 Aug 40 and in repair and then refit until 8 Oct 40)

Oban/Tobermory (22 5 hrs) 
3 SS: H.32, H.33, H.50 

Belfast/Londonderry (20 hrs) 
3 DD: Shikari, Scimitar, Skate 

Destroyers at Sea (patrols, escorting convoys etc ) 
8 DD: Veteran (left Harwich 17 Sep), Witherington (left Plymouth 16 Sep), MacKay (left Plymouth 15 Sep), Hurricane (left Liverpool 15 Sep), Winchelsea (left Liverpool 13 Sep), Warwick (left Liverpool 11 Sep), Witch (left Belfast 17 Sep), Wanderer (left Londonderry 16 Sep) 
2 DE: Vivien (left Rosyth 16 Sep), Wolfhound (left Rosyth 15 Sep), 
1 TB: G.15 (NL) (left Plymouth 16 Sep) 

Submarines on patrol 
17 SS: H.49, H.43, L.27, Clyde, Sunfish, Tuna, Taku, Talisman, Tribune, Cachalot, Porpoise, Utmost, O.9 (NL), O.22 (NL), O.23 (NL), Rubis (FFNL), Wilk (PO) 

Given that the German invasion forces would need 24/7 supply, RN ships further a field (and excluding the Med Fleet & Far East) would/could also become involved, such as 

Disposition of British Warships in the North Atlantic 
3 DD: Restigouche (RCN), Assiniboine (RCN), Saguenay (RCN) 

1 BC: Renown (VA, Force "H") 
8 DD: Gallant, Griffin, Encounter, Hotspur, Vidette, Velox, Wishart, Wrestler 

Freetown (Force M, for Dakar landings) 
2 BB: Barham, Resolution 
2 CV: Ark Royal (24 Skua, 30 Swordfish), Argus (no aircraft, en route to Scapa)
3 CA: Devonshire (VA, CS1), Australia (RAN), Cornwall 
11 DD: Inglefield (D3), Echo, Eclipse, Escapade, Faulknor (D8), Firedrake, Foresight, Forester, Fortune, Fury, Greyhound 

Royal Sovereign

1 CL: Dragon 

1 CL: Dunedin 

1 CL: Caradoc 

At Sea 
1 CA Cumberland 
3 CL: Enterprise, Delhi, Despatch 
1 SS: O.14 (NL) 

Fleet Air arm secteur Atlantique , 16 septembre 1940

Scapa Flow : CV Furious (12 Skua, 18 Swordfish, 6 Gladiator) 

Freetown / Force M : CV Ark Royal (24 Skua, 30 Swordfish)

En route vers Scapa Flow : CV Argus ( pas d’avions )
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