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Medical Device Campaign 

Medical Device companies have long enjoyed high margins and had strict requirements for product quality and availability. As a result, they have traditionally carried high levels of inventory in order to avoid a stock out situation that can risk patient safety, create opportunities for competitive solutions or harm the relationship with a care provider or physician.  Read more... 





New Laerdal Medical Showcase Video 

Laerdal is a developer and manufacturer of life-saving and emergency response educational products. Product offerings include CPR manikins, self directed learning products, patient simulators, and AHA materials. Read more... 





Industry Diagrams and Presentations are Here! 

Kristin Poulton and Travis Hardy are excited to announce the Industry Diagram graphics are complete and now available for all to use! The library currently has the Life Sciences diagram as well as the diagrams for the other verticals as well. Please contact Travis (teh@qad.com) or Kristin (kgp@qad.com) with any questions or specific requests to ensure the quality and branding integrity of the graphics stay intact. 

In addition, thanks to Evan Quinn, we have a newly refreshed Life Sciences presentation onSales Resources. 





Regulatory Review 

This edition of the Regulatory Review will include an update on some of the most pertinent regulations around the world that apply to our Life Sciences customers. As thought leaders in the industry we make it a top priority to stay up to date on the latest regulatory changes so we are better able to help our customers become Effective Enterprises. Read more... 





Bart Reitter 

Director, Life Sciences

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