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Present the solution to a problem

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R-05-CIV-PN Civil Engineering
3.2 Present the solution to a problem
This involves producing documentation for the solution, including diagrams, charts and/or detailed drawings using acceptable standards. Ina report to your mentor, present the example for discussion and approval.
3.3 Choice of construction material in deciding on a solution
Read the supplier’s instructions for use of patent materials. Read the SABS specifications on Civil Engineering materials (naturally occurring, processed, manufactured. List all references. Discuss the choice and the use of prescribed materials fora specific solution with your mentor.
4.1 Purpose of documentation
This involves acquiring an appreciation that technical specifications are an essential part of the solution to the problem. Selector write a specification and/or amend an existing specification fora particular item of work. Discuss the specification used in your work with your mentor.
Costing of solutions
Cost solutions to problems by taking off quantities and carryout cost estimates. Present examples to your mentor for discussion and comment.
State in a quarterly report which regulations apply and which safety criteria you have followed in the course of implementing solutions.
5.1 Know how all parties to a contract exercise their duties and
In a report to your mentor, demonstrate your knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of all parties involved in a contract. Discuss with your mentor the practical application of the various documents forming a particular contract.

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Discipline-specific Training Guide for Candidate Engineering

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