Dopee 3 by Juan Boulter 26-07-95 First of all I would like to thank Wouter van Oortmerssen for the Amiga e v3

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********************************************* DopeE V2.3 by Juan Boulter ******************************************* 26-07-95 First of all I would like to thank Wouter van Oortmerssen for the Amiga E v3.1a Compiler and E programming language on the AMIGA. INTRODUCTION ------------ This program was written as an experiment with the E programming environment. (Actually DopeE is experiment No.3.) I am slowly teaching myself how to program on the AMIGA. I believe the AMIGA computer is superior to all others. (But that is just personal preferance. Some people are severly misled.) Anyway, please try DopeE and see what you think. I have been toying with the Idea of becoming a well known E programmer for quite a while now. I quess, ever since the day I found Fish #810 on a CDPD CD.(can't remember which one....) Anyway Amiga E looked like an easy language to learn so I set to it.(Slowly I might add) As my zest for programming progressed, so too my thirst for an easier way to do things. I discovered Ez_E by Kevin Connell. My great thanks to Kevin for helping me with my quest. Unfortunately I have outgrown Ez_E. I'm sorry Kevin but Ez_E just doesn,t do enough for me anymore. Hence DopeE(silly name, but thats all I could think of at the time.) was born. I thought to myself `If I'm going to experiment; why not create something useful?' REQUIREMENTS ------------ - An Amiga with at least 6 meg ram and a 040 or higher processor. -�About 520 megs of HD space - Kickstart and WorkBench 3.1 Nah, just kidding. ;) It should work on any Kickstart 2.0+ Amiga. If it doesn't, then please contact me. I have but an A500 with an A590(49meg scsi), 1meg CHIP and 2meg FAST. A very loyal friend is my Amiga. One day I might get another but never a replacement. DopeE has also been tested on Geoff Scheiman's A1200 standard with no adverse effects. (Thank you Geoff....For all your suggestions and advice.) DopeE also requires you to have a few directories assigned. ie. ESource: EModules: EDocs: EBin: GadToolsBox: In your Libs: DopeE requires ReqTools.Library 38+ and GadTools.Library 38+ Yes and it would help if you had the Amiga E V3.1a programming package. USAGE ----- DopeE will run by double-clicking on it's icon and will multitask with the best of them. DopeE will not however detach if run from a CLI. The DopeE window has 13 button gadgets and 2 string gadgets. Each gadget should be fairly self explanitory, but the use of each is as follows:... Source Editor: This will open your editor. It will present you a file requestor, and all you need to do is locate your current work file. It will automatically pass the name of this file to your editor. DopeE assumes you have an editor named ED in the C: Directory. Compile Source: This button will compile your program. All output from the compiler will appear in the 'DopeE IO window' so you can see what it is doing. ** Note: that you should have selected a project with editor before using this button, but if you didn't, it will ask you to select a project. ** Note: You can add a command line string in the string gadget to the right of this button. This command line is passed to EC. ** AnotherNote: Pressing the ? button will show you all the arguments that EC will accept. Execute Binary: This will (attempt to) run the program you are currently working on with optional command line arguments. If you have not opened a project with the editor or the compiler button, it will ask you to select a project. Currently opens a small screen window(DopeE Guardian) to run your program in. (Maybe you need a window to pass the odd WriteF() to. I know I do.) ** Note: you can add a command line string in the string gadget to the right of this button. This command line is passed to your program. Bump Revision: This button will give you the choice of either createing a new version string, bumping the version # or bumping the revision #. In the event that you have not started on a project, DopeE will ask you to do so. If you don't have Bumpee in EBin: DopeE will ask you to place it there. All output from Bumpee will appear in the 'DopeE IO window' so you can see what it is doing. TOOLS: This button launches another bank of buttons that contains a list of Useful operations. ie. GadToolsBox,SrcGen,Version,MoveFile,CopyFile, RenameFile,DeleteFile and SnoopDos. These buttons will do as you might have guessed. I'll explain the four buttons you may not understand. GadToolsBox: This button will look for GadToolsBox in the GadToolsBox: Directory. In the event GadToolsBox is found, It will be run. SrcGen: This button will bring up a requester for you to choose a .gui file generated by GadToolsBox. If SrcGen is found in the EBin: Directory, a new E Source will be generated and placed in the ESource Directory for you to edit and compile. Version: This gadget will look for Version in the C: directory. If Version is found, you will be presented with a file requestor, and all you need to do is locate the file you require the version of. If no file is selected then you will be presented with the Kickstart and Workbench version. If Version is not found in C: DopeE will do ask you to place it there. SnoopDos: This gadget will look for SnoopDos in the C: Directory and if found will be run. For those of you who know not what SnoopDos is. SnoopDos is a very comprehensive system monitor. ShowMod: This will show you the commands available in a particular Emodule. It will present you a file requestor, and all you need to do is locate the E Module you wish to view. It will automatically pass all infomation to the 'DopeE IO window' so you can see what you need to know. If you don't have ShowModule in EBin: DopeE will ask you to place it there. ?: This button simply shows you all the arguments that are accepted by EC. To understand thier function you should read the Amiga E docs. &: This button will abort the current project. (just in case you decide you started on the wrong piece of source code.) FlushMem: This gadget will look for Flush in the C: directory. If found your available memory will be flushed. If Flush is not found DopeE will do an Avail flush. (I think everybody should have Avail in C:) ClrCache: This gadget will look for FlushCache in the EBin: directory. If found, the memory used by EC to hold E's modules, will be flushed. If FlushCache is not found DopeE will ask you to place it in EBin: ABOUT: Have a guess...... FUNAMBULIST: (What an odd name fo a button.....) This button tries to read a configuration file(S:LaunchPro.config). If the correct config file exists, you will be presented with a button bar consisting of up to 12 buttons. The first two buttons are, Smart: This button is here to do anything the other buttons can not. eg. Launch a program, Read a doc etc. On sellection of a file, DopeE with endevour to act appropriately. If DopeE has no idea what type of file you have selected then you will be asked what you would like to do with the file. ie. HexRead?(xMore), Launch?, Listen?(SmartPlay), Hear?(Play16) View?(FastView) What happens next is anyones guess??? (I use external programs like these to reduce the size of DopeE.) Edit: This button will launch your editor with S:LaunchPro.config so you can edit the remaining 10 buttons. Funambulist will support any number of buttons from 1 to 10. An example of LaunchPro.config should have come with your copy of DopeE V2.3. Buttons 1 to 10: These buttons will do just what you have told them to do in S:LaunchPro.config E DOCS: If you have assigned EDocs: then this button will use xMore to read E.doc. DopeE looks for xMore in C: If xMore is not found in C: then DopeE will ask you to place it there. DEBUG: This button will launch EDBG using your current project so you can debug your program. If EDBG is not found in EBin: then DopeE will ask you to place it there. When I get it to work!! I strongly advise the use of KingCON by David Larsson. KingCON will (apart from other advantages) allow you to retrace the history in DopE IO. **If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me.** EXTRA SOFTWARE (Recommended to enhance the benefit of DopeE.) -------------- Arq V1.83 - By Martin Laubach AutoCLI V2.53 - By Nic Wilson FastView V3.0 - By John Hendrix Flush V2.2� - By Conrad Sanderson KingCON V1.3 - By David Larsson Play16 V1.5 - By Thomas Wenzel SmartPlay V3.0 - By Xtreme Intelligence xMore V1.2 - By Jorma Oksanen xpkGuide V1.7 - By Simon Dick MCP V1.04 - By ALiENDESiGN HISTORY (begins 29-05-95) ------- V1.0 - Simply a GUI generated with Srcgen.(Thank you V1.1 - I got the main buttons working corectly. ie. Source Editor,Compile Source and Execute Binary. V1.2 - It took me a while, but I got Bump Revision to work the way I wanted. V1.3 - The rest of the buttons were rellatively easy, but DEBUG doesn,t work. V1.4 - I threw in a few helpful requesters. V1.5 - Made DopeE smaller by making some of the code shorter. In other words I optomised it a little by way of a more prorammer like programming style. DEBUG still doesn,t work. V1.6 - The DEBUG button works now!! V1.7 - Added the version button.(just a personal thing but you might find it useful.) Some other minor tweeking was undertaken just for the heck of it. V1.8 - Added a new button bar launched from that button I had no use for ie. *Juan*. V1.9 - Moved the version button to the othe button bar and made the ClrCache button. V1.10 - I was loosing the current project after using one of my extra tools buttons. Took a while but that doesn't happen anymore. V1.11 - Added the ? button because I was sick of looking elsewhere. V1.12 - I made the Bump Revision button move the module it created to the EModules:Bump Directory. Also SrcGen moves the E source it creates to the ESource Directory. Saves a lot of time those two little extras. V1.13 - I had to make DopeE go to sleep while the othe button bars were active, because I found that DopeE still accepted gadget presses and they would all happen after the extra button bar was gone. It's even got a busy pointer. Oh yer! DopeE handles up to five projects at once. I don't know when I did that but there it is. Woops...Last minute addition. A random memory display. V2.00 - Smart button now recognises .doc, .jpg, .lha, .lzx Added a copy .info feature to the copy file button. Added a copy over file if file already exists feature to the copy file button. Added an ask before delete feature to delete file button. Fixed a few minor bugs. V2.1 - Smart button now recognises .doc, .guide, .jpg, .gif, .lha, .lzx, .8svx, .mod Added a replace file if file already exists feature to the move file button. V2.2 - Added an abort current project button. V2.3 - Added Funambulist button. (ala QuickLaunch.e distributed with Amiga E archive. THANK YOU Wouter.) Renamed *Juan* button to TOOLS. (More appropriate, don't you think?) Moved smart button to funambulist button bar. I finally found out how to use the dos library so now DopeE copies, moves, deletes and renames internaly. (This was an exciting update.) TODO ---- - Have DopeE detach from a CLI. - Get the SMART? button to be smarter. (Only recognises .doc, .guide, .gif, .8svx, .mod, .jpg, .lha, .lzx and executable files) Files that require arguments should not be run with the SMART? button because there is no output. - A calculator? - Additional tools. Maybe we won't need any other programs..... - Maybe make the code even shorter. (In my dreams!) - Your suggestions?? COPYRIGHT --------- DopeE is an Anyware program. Maybe someone might like it enough to send me money?? This not the case I will accknowledge any form of recognition. A post card, strip-a-gram, slab of beer...........anything! If you're the author of an shareware program, and you REALLY want to thank me (can't imagine why...) then send me a registered version of your program. That's not asking too much, is it? Here I must again impress apon you the fact that I am still just a beginner at this, so please don't laugh at DopeE. I can change the name on the *Juan* button for people who register DopeE. Yes and I will also send updates to registered users. DISCLAIMER ---------- I hold no resposibility for any damage done by DopeE to your computer or your software. It works fine for me so I thought I'd just share it around. AUTHOR ------ Please Send bug-reports, suggestions, letterbombs(I mean thank-you letters) to...... Juan A. Boulter 24/176 Whiting st. Labrador 4215 Q.L.D. Australia I can also be contacted via. PARADISE BBS Gold Coast Qld. Australia Ph. No. (07) 55748611 Or maybe just on the AmigaE echo. And remember: Why buy a PC when you can buy a computer? The AMIGA will never die! THANK YOU..... Juan Aaron Boulter P.S. I am very proud of this program because it is the first I have written that is actually very usefull. (I use DopeE to update itself and have done since version 1.1)
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