Dowling college summits report 2013-2014 three latino summits and one diversity summit

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Dr. Christina Zaher, Dean of Admissions

MS. Cathryn Mooney, Registrar

Ms. Antonetta Bostinto, School of Education

Ms. Becky DelOrfano, Facilities

Mr. Dan D’Ottavio, Communication

Mr. Charles McCabe, Technology

Ms. Theresa Gabriel, Students Services






Please visit our Institute of International Studies and Diversity (IISD) website to learn information about scholarships and future events

Questions? E-mail Dr. Elsa-Sofia at Morote





8:30 AM- 1:00 PM

8:30AM – 9:00 AM


8.55 AM – 9:15 AM

Opening Ceremonies:

Welcome: Dr. Albert Inserra (President of Dowling College) and

Dr. Robert Manley (Dean of the School of Education)

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote (Director, IDI)

9:15AM – 9.50 AM

Panel ¡Si Pudimos!

Leo Murillo, Dr. Rebecca Raymond, Alex Riano, and Judith Fiorucci

Facilitator: Dr. Stephanie Tatum

College Clubs welcome

International Club----- Hamid Ikram, Nathalia Mesa (Spanish)

La-Familia - Maria Matos 

Business Society -Emily Javis

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) -Michael Calogero

Flight Simulation and Tutoring Club -Teishawn W. Florestal-Kevelier

10:00AM -10:30 AM

Keynote Address: Angelo Villavicencio –

Stand and Deliver: With Ganas

Group A

Group B

10.30AM – 11:00 AM

College Tour

(Hall) (English)

  • Enrollment workshop:

Ms. Alexandrina Ribas (Spanish)

  • Financial Aid workshop –

Carla Guevara (Spanish)


11:00 AM-11.30AM

  • Enrollment workshop:

Ms. Alexandrina Ribas (English)

  • Financial Aid workshop

Carla Guevara (Bilingual)


College Tour

(Hall) (Spanish)

11.30AM -11.45AM

Dr. Richard Wilkens/ Provost -Sciences

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote


Light Lunch will be served


Meet the Professors & Meet the Staff

12.45- 1:00 PM


11:45AM -12:45PM

Meet the Professors & Meet the Staff


Dr. John Vargas (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)

Dr. Alexander Smirnov (Earth and Marine Sciences)

Dr. Carolyn Spencer (Business)

Prof. Lois Kahl (Physical Education and Sport Management)

Prof. Meron Lindenfeld (Aviation)

Dr. Daniel Ness (TESOL)

Dr. Joseph Behar(Sociology)


Ms. Roxann Hristovsky, Director of Career Services

Ms. Geraldine Vincent, Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program (H.E.O.P.)

Ms. Carla Guevara, Director of Financial Aid

Mr. Johnathan White, Director of Admissions

Dr. Rhoda Miller, Director of Student Support Services (First Generation Students)


Dr. Albert Inserra



Dr. Albert Inserra is currently the President of Dowling College. He has been on the faculty at Dowling since 2002. During that time he has mentored over 50 doctoral students, serving as their chair or design.  Prior to coming to Dowling, he was a Superintendent of Schools in two different school districts in Nassau County, Carle Place for 10 years and Port Washington for seven. He began his career in education 45 years ago as a science teacher.  He earned his doctorate in Educational Administration from Fordham University in 1980. In his capacity as Chair of the Department, he serves on numerous college wide committees and has a particular interest in school leadership.

Dr. Richard Wilkens


Dr. Wilkens was professor of Department of Biology, he is an ecologist studying the relationship between plants and animals living in the Long Island Pine Barrens. He has a passion for the ecology, evolution and conservation of our planet’s amazing biodiversity.

In addition to teaching courses in Ecology, Evolution and conservation Biology, Dr. Wilkens also teaches Neuroscience and Human Anatomy & Physiology. Dr. Wilkens is the Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Professional advisor for Dowling College. Whether you are interested in saving the environment, studying the evolution of whales or taking care of the sick, Dr. Wilkens is happy to discuss your future in biology!

Dr. Wilkens now is our Dowling Provost.

Dr. Robert Manley, Dean of the School of Education

Dr. Robert J. Manley graduated from Iona College with a BA in Spanish Language Arts and minors in Philosophy and Education. He completed his MA degree in the Humanities at Hofstra University and his Professional Diploma and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Educational Administration at St. John’s University.

He taught Spanish language skills and served as an instructor in a New York State Model Humanities program at West Babylon High School. For 21 years, he served in a variety of administrative positions including Assistant Principal at Babylon Jr./Sr. High School, High School Principal in Plainedge School District, and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and Superintendent of Schools in West Babylon, New York.

He has presented peer-reviewed papers at the Sixth Annual Conference on Social Issues at Oxford University, England; the World Association for Case Research and Application in Manheim, Germany, and Lucerne, Switzerland; and the Eastern Educational Research Association in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Clearwater, Florida.

In addition, he presented workshops on School Board Governance at the New York State School Boards Annual Convention and at the National School Boards Conference. On January 8, 2009, he presented “Systems That Work for Students in Higher Education” as Keynote Speaker for the International Symposium for Quality in Higher Education at Shri M.D., Shah Mahila College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai, India.

In January 2011, his paper: “Indian, Mexican and USA Management Students Interpret Moral Leadership for a Global Economy” was awarded Best Paper for Management at the International Business and Economy Conference at Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara, Mexico.

He is the coauthor with Richard Hawkins of a book on school reform titled Designing School Systems for All Students: A Toolbox to Fix America’s Schools (2009) Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Their second book, Making the Common Core Standards Work, Corwin Press published in November 2012.

Angelo Villavicencio

Angelo Villavicencio is a mathematics teacher who worked with Jaime Escalante in the famous AP Calculus program at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles during the late 1980s.

Escalante—together with colleagues Villavicencio and Ben Jimenez, as well as school principal, Henry Gradillas—created an AP Calculus program at Garfield High that enjoyed an unprecedented degree of success.

At the program’s height in 1987, a total of 85 Garfield students passed the two AP Calculus exams—the best result of any high school in the state of California. The accomplishments of the Escalante team came to the attention of an international audience through the 1988 film Stand and Deliver.

Villavicencio went on to establish a similarly successful AP Calculus program at Don Antonio Lugo High School in Chino, California. Villavicencio has also taught calculus to barrio students at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) for many years.

Born in Nicaragua as Angel, his name was changed to Angelo when a teacher at the English-language prep school he attended thought “Angel” was a girl’s name and insisted he go by “Angelo.”

angelo villavicencio

Your Host:

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote

Founder, Institute of International Studies and Diversity (IISD)

International scholar. She has done consulting activities in several countries such as Peru, Mexico and El Salvador. She has presented research papers at international conferences including the countries of India, Italy, Canada, Mexico, France, China and Peru. Currently, Dr. Morote is a Full Professor at Dowling College in the Department of Educational Administration, Leadership, and Technology. Research interests are related to educational technology, economics of education, multicultural education, finances, and Gross National Happiness. Before Dowling, she was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001-2003) as a senior post-doctoral researcher; and Entrepreneurship and Finances professor at Monterrey Institute of Technology (1993-2007).

Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote is committed to promote higher education for all, and she is your host today in "¿College?, ¡Si Se Puede!"

More info about her:


BBA in Accounting
BBA in Finance
BBA in Management and Leadership
BBA in Marketing
BS in Criminal Justice Management

BS in Aerospace Systems Technology
BS in Aviation Management

Arts & Sciences
BS in Applied Mathematics
BA or BS in Biology
BA or BS in Chemistry
BA in Communications Arts
BS in Computer Information Systems
BS in Computer Science and Mathematics
BA in Earth Science
BA in Economics
BA in English
BS in Environmental Science
BA in Gerontology
BA in Graphic Design & Digital Arts
BA in History
BA in Humanities
BA in Mathematics
BA in Music
BS in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
BA in Philosophy
BA in Political Science
BS in Professional and Liberal Studies
BA in Psychology
BA in Romance Languages
BA in Social Sciences
BA in Sociology/Anthropology
BA in Visual Arts

BA in Early Childhood Education
BA in Elementary Education
BS in Physical Education
BS in Special Education
BS in Sports Management
BS in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Our Facilitator:

Dr. Stephanie L. Tatum (Board member of IDI)


Stephanie L. Tatum earned her Ph.D. in Sociology of Education and MA in Educational Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her BA in Political Science is from Texas Southern University. Currently, she is the Department Chairperson in the Graduate Department of Educational Administration, Leadership, and Technology at Dowling College in Long Island, New York. Prior to joining the Dowling Faculty, she was the Principal at an elementary school in Urbana, Illinois.tatum

Dr. Tatum’s research interests include: multicultural education, multiculturalism in social organizations, African Americans and educational expansion, culturally relevant pedagogy, women in leadership, sociological-historical analysis of low educational achievement, the role of families in educating students placed at risk of academic failure, and instructional technology. She has publications in national and international journals, as well as a book chapter in an edited volume funded by the Ford Foundation. Dr. Tatum has received numerous awards for outstanding leadership and social justice, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Award for the City of Champaign in Illinois. She is the recipient of the New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA) Ann Meyers Award, which recognizes individuals committed to mentoring educational leaders. Dr. Tatum was recognized by the 2010 and 2011 President and Executive Director of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for her outstanding research skills on the peer review panel.

Ms. Judith Fiorucci

Judith is native from Peru, came to US in 1989. Study in St. John’s University - Finances, Now an administrative in Healthfirst. She has a certificate in cosmetology.

Dr. Rebecca M. Raymond

Dr. Rebecca M. Raymond. On May 2014 graduated from Dowling's doctoral program in Educational Administration and Technology. She has recently accepted an administrative position. Dr. Raymond is the new Assistant Principal of Brookhaven Elementary School in the South Country Central School District. Raymond brings with her eleven years of teaching experience, most recently serving as the Coordinator of ESL and Dual Language programs K-4 in the Southampton UFSD. Her key responsibilities include staff development, planning the development of a bilingual program and involving and the diverse communities in the school environment.

Mr. Leo


Jesus A. Riano, MBA NYS CBA


New York State SBDC Certified Business Adviser from Stony Brook University. Majored in Computer Science, with an MBA degree from the C.W. Post at Long Island University, and a certification in Project Management & Business Analysis from Stony Brook. For almost 10 years, worked in the financial industry with an ascending track of achievements at his places of work were employers inherited in many cases full transformation processes as a result of his I.T. – Business Administration implementations. Is a regular contributor to the CNBC TVMundo 47 channel on financials and entrepreneurship topics and so to the Long Island Business News. Holds several memberships to professional and community associations. Former President of the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce of Long Island. Recently, was appointed as the new Senior Business Strategy Director at American Legal Counsels, renewed 140 attorneys law firm in NYC.


Dr. Alexander Smirnov (School of Arts & Sciences)
Dr. Smirnov is an Assistant Professor of Earth and Marine Sciences at Dowling College and the current chair of the department with majors in Environmental Science, Earth Science and Marine Studies. A native of Slovakia, he received his undergraduate degree in Geology from Comenius University in Bratislava and his PhD in Geosciences from Stony Brook University, focusing on nitrogen cycling on the early Earth. His current research interests are broadly focused on geology, geochemistry and environmental science and his research is regularly published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. At Dowling, Dr. Smirnov teaches courses in geology, astronomy and oceanography.c:\users\dowling\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\djrc3tm2\alex.smirnov.jpg

Dr. Daniel Ness (EDUCATION)
Daniel Ness is Professor of Human Development and Learning. Dr. Ness’ expertise is in spatial development in science and mathematics from birth through childhood and cognitive development in STEM curriculum and instruction. Dr. Ness has taught courses in human development, educational psychology, mathematics methods for teachers, and early childhood. He has also taught mathematics at all levels, and has widely practiced assessment techniques for diagnosing mathematical and scientific thinking. Dr. Ness has authored numerous articles on mathematics development and spatial and geometric thinking. He is an editor of “Delving Deeper” in the journal Mathematics Teacher, author of Knowledge under Construction: The Importance of Play in Developing Children’s Spatial and Geometric Thinking (Rowman & Littlefield), and coeditor of the Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development (M. E. Sharpe). He is also the author of the forthcoming book, Spatial Intelligence: Why It Matters from Birth through the Lifespan (Routledge, Taylor & Francis). Dr. Ness earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Dr. John Vargas (yes, I speak Spanish)

(School of Arts & Sciences - Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics)
B.A. -  Mathematics - Hunter College (City University of New York)

M.S. - Applied Mathematics - New York University Graduate school of Engineering and Science

M.S. - Mathematics - Adelphi University

Ph.D. - Mathematics - Adelphi University

Teaching Experience:   

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College (City University of New York, Bronx, New York) 1972 - 1980

Mercy College (Dobbs Ferry, New York) 1980 - 1989

Dowling College - 1989 - Present

I have given over 50 presentations at conferences, high schools, and colleges.

Prof. Lois Kahl (Sport Management & Physical Education)
An Assistant Professor of Sport Management & Physical Education at Dowling College. She was recently appointed as Program Coordinator for Physical Education. Prof. Kahl is an alumna of Dowling College, having earned a B.S. in Professional & Liberal Studies and a Professional Diploma in Educational Administration. She received her M.A. in Sports Management & Physical Education from Adelphi University. She holds teaching and administrative certifications in New York State. Prof. Kahl has been an educator, athletic director, physical education chairperson and head coach on college and high school levels. She serves as the higher education representative for New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (Suffolk Zone), a representative for New York State Professional Preparation Council for Physical Education and co-advisor of Dowling’s Sport Management Club.


Maria Matos Spanish – La Familia

Khazima Tahir Doctoral Student (IDI)

Muhammad Riaz Doctoral Student (IDI)

Dil Angaiz Doctoral Student (IDI)

AnnMarie E. Smith Doctoral Student (IDI)

Silvana Velarde, Graduate student

Gail Gomez, Professor

Volunteers IISD Advisory Board

Dr. Carol Santos

Dr. Stephanie Tatum

Dr. Diane Impagliazzo

Dr. Idalia Velazquez/ Stephanie Thomas

Dr. Eddy Gonzalez

Mr. Dan Stein

Dr. Ileana Carillo

Dr. Jackie Witter

Special Thanks to

Ricles “Ricky” Gracia

International and Diversity Institute Intern

International Club----- Hamid Ikram, Nathalia Mesa (Spanish)

La-Familia.................   Maria Matos

Business Society.........  Emily Javis

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)........Michael Calogero

Student Air Traffic Control Association (SATCA)..............Michael Calogero

Flight Simulation and Tutoring Club -Teishawn W. Florestal-Kevelier
Work Study Enrollment Services

Edward Chilliest

Teishawn W. Kevelie
Work Study – International and Diversity Institute
Alex Mejia

Bonnie Forbes

Antonetta Bostino

Dan D’Ottavio

Dr. Diane Impagliazzo




Questions? E-mail Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote


Example of the Aticle appeared of Las Noticias- Latino Summit II

Example of reports sent to the Deans.


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