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inbound processing

  • outbound processing

  • back end

    you deploy and API to API management. developers report that API calls are falling. you troubleshoot the issue. you observe that calls are rejected immediately by the API management gateway and are not being forwarded to the back end services. you need to resolve the issue. what should you do?

    1. remove policies that are assigned to the back end services

    2. assigned policies to the back end services

    3. create and distribute subscription keys

    4. configure and deploy a self hosted gateway

    5. create and distribute a self signed certificate

    you deploy an API to API management. you add the API to product that includes a valid subscription. users must have a subscription to use the product. you need to pass the subscription key to the API. which two objects can you use to pass the subscription key to the API.

    1. HTTP request header

    2. HTTP request body

    3. policy expression

    4. URL query string

    5. Azure AD token

    you develop a rest API. you need to import a API must into API management and configure the throttling policy. which API management component should you use?

    1. API gateway

    2. Azure portal

    3. developer portal

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