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Ularning Ko’plik shakliga aylantirish uchun OF Predlogidan oldingi miqdor ko’rsatkich so’zini ko’plikka aylantirish kerak

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NOUNS 2012
10 Маъруза матни
Ularning Ko’plik shakliga aylantirish uchun OF Predlogidan oldingi miqdor ko’rsatkich so’zini ko’plikka aylantirish kerak.

Two grains of sand The bars of chocolate A few cakes of soap
many bits of news some glasses of water

Ex: There is/are a piece of cake on the table.
There is/are some pieces of cake on the table.
A loaf of bread was/were left untouched.
2 loaves of bread was/were left untouched.

Bir ot ikkinchi otga qo’shilib yangi ma’no chiqarsa bunga QO’SHMA OT deyiladi. Qo’shma otlarning oldingilari oxirgisiga aniqlovchi bo’lib ular doim BIRLIK shaklda ish-di. Oxirgi ot esa asosiy otdir. Qo’shma otni ko’plikka aylantirish uchun asosiy otga ko’plik shakli beriladi.

A police man

police men

a boy friend

boy friends

A water tank

water tanks

A dining table

dining tables

A bed room

bed rooms

A tea break

tea breaks

A bread Knife

bread Knives

A Bus driver

Bus drivers

A washing machine

washing machines

An Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers

A Language teacher

Language teachers

A Tooth brush

Tooth brushes

A Mathematics teacher

Mathematics teachers

A kitchen table
an iron bridge
a library program
a construction firm
a world market
a driving licence
a summer holiday
a gold medal
a silk shirt
a glasshouse
a kitchen cupboard
a night flight
a morning call
a window-cleaner

Izoh: qo’shma otning asosiy oti sanalmaydigan bo’lsa ko’plik yaratib bo’lmaydi.
milk food
French soup
rice pudding

Izoh: Qo’shma ot predlogli bo’lsa ko’plik shakli predlogdan oldinga beriladi:
sister-in-law sisters-in-law
hanger-on hangers-on
looker-on lookers-on
passer by passers by

Collective Nouns – Jamlovchi Ot
Collective noun deb bir gurux kishilarni o’z ichiga olgan otlarga deyiladi
Jamlovchi ot 2 ga bo’linadi:

  1. Quyidagi jamlovchi otlar ma’nosiga ko’ra kesimning birlik yoki ko’plik shakli bilan ishlatiladi.

  • Agar shunchaki o’z ma’nosida tushunilsa yani umumiy ma’lumot berilsa va ichidagi odamlari nazarda tutilmasa BIRLIK kesim ishlatiladi.

  • Agar ichidagi kishilari nazarda tutilib ularning yo holat yo jismoniy harakati bo’lsa KO’PLIK kesim ishlatiladi.

Congress family group committee class
organization team army club crowd
jury public government fire-brigade staff
audience company crew orchestra navy

The family is/are old and famous.

The family is/are happy about gifts
Liverpool is/are leading 1-0.
Liverpool is/are attacking again.
Our team is/are the best.
Our team is/are playing well today.
Our team is/are wearing their new jerseys.
The audience was/were enjoying the concert.
The crew is/are now resting.
The staff is/are in a meeting.
The staff is/are in disagreement about the salaries.
The orchestra consists/consist of eighty six musicians.
The orchestra don’t/doesn’t know what to play.
The team like/likes to warm up for ten minutes.
My class is/are all clever, they win lots of prizes.

B. 2. Quyidagi jamlovchi otlar doim ko’plik deb tushunilib ular bilan doim ko’plik keim ishlatiladi. Ularning deyarli hammasi sifatdan ot ma’nosiga ko’chganlardir. Ular They olmoshiga teng.

The Police the poor the rich the sick the unemployed the wounded the disabled the injured the dead the blind the deaf the lame the young the old the homeless the childless the rest the helpless

Has/Have the police arrested the thief?
The rich is/are getting richer and the poor is/are getting poorer.
The wounded was/were taken to hospital
The Police is/are coming.

RULE: Quyidagilar Odam, O’simlik, Hayvon va Predmetlar bilan keladigan miqdor ko’rsatkichlar bo’lib, Bylarga ham kesim tanlashda miqdor ko’rsatkichining Birlik yoki Ko’plik shakliga qaraladi.

an army of soldiers
a band of musicians/singers
a board of directors
a caravan of gypsies
a class of pupils/ students
a crew of sailors
a team of players

a crowd of people
a dynasty of kings
a gang of prisoners/robbers/thieves
a group of dancers/singers
a patrol of policemen
a staff of employees/servants/teachers

A caravan of gypsies is/are traveling in the country.
A troop of scouts was/were seen in the forest
Some bands of musicians was/were invited to the concert.

an album of photographs/stamps
a block of flats
a book of exercises/notes
a bouquet of flowers
a bunch of bananas/flowers
a chain of mountains
a collection of coins/pictures/stamps
a flight of aeroplanes/steps
a range of mountains

a forest of trees
a galaxy of stars
a library of books
a line of cars
a list of names
an orchard of fruit trees
a packet of cigarettes
a pair of shoes
a suit of clothes

A packet of cigarettes is/are 3 dollars
A bunch of flowers was/were given to her at the concert.
2 packets of cigarettes isn’t/aren’t recommended to smoke a day.

an army/colony/swarm of ants
a flock of chickens
a school/catch of fish
a flock/flight of birds
a flock of sheep/geese/goats
a gaggle of geese

a herd of cattle/deer/elephants/horses
a pack of dogs, wolves/foxes
a pride of lions, tigers, cheetahs
a troop of monkeys
a zoo of wild animals

A school of fish is/are being attacked by sharks.
A flock of birds is/are cycling overhead.
The herd of cattle is/are breaking away.
Some schools of fish is/are being attacked by sharks.
Many flocks of birds is/are cycling overhead.

Rule: Atoqli otlar tarkibida «s» bo’lsa ham birlik kesim talab qiladi. Va ularni olmosh bilan almashtirsak IT olmoshiga teng.
The United States is/are big.
The Philippines consists/consist of more than 700 islands.
The United nations has/have its headquarters in New York city.

Rule: barcha arifmetik hisob kitoblar birlik kesim talab qiladi.
Two and two is/are four.
Two and two equals/equal four.
Three multiplied by five is/are fifteen.

RULE: Aslida birlik otga birlik kesim, ko’plik otga ko’plik kesim ish-di. Lekin:
Pul, vaqt, masofa, og’irlik, uzunlikva daraja o’lchovlari garchi Ko’plik bo’lsa ham Birlik kesim talab qiladi.

Thirty degrees is/are not too hot.
Two miles (kilometres)is/are too much to run a day.
Two weeks is/are enough time for a nice vacation.
Five hundred roubles is/are required as an entrance fee.
Twenty gallons of gasoline costs/cost a lot of money.

Izoh: There oborotida otiga qarab kesim qo’yiladi.
There is/are a mile between my house and yours.
There is/are 20 minutes for us to catch the train.
There is/are 6 miles between my house and yours.

Rule: «s» bilan tugagan kasallik nomlari Sanalmaydigan bo’lib Birlik kesim talab qiladi.
Diabetes, measles, mumps, rabies, rickets, shingles, tuberculosis, bronchitis
Diabetes is/are dangerous.

Rule: «ics» bilan tugagan barcha fanlar ham Sanalmaydigan bo’lib Birlik kesim talab qiladi.
Genetics Physics Mathematics Politics Statistics Mechanics economics
Politics is/are very interesting
They need much/many mathematics.
They studied less/fewer physics.
Mathematics is/are an exact science
Rule: “S” bilan tuggan barcha sport turlari Sanalmaydigan bo’lib Birlik kesim talab qiladi.
Billiards darts athletics draughts cards bowls
Darts is/are a popular game in England.
Billiards is/are played all over the world.
Athleticsis/are good for young people.

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