Eldaniz Hasanov

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Eldaniz Hasanov


Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Eldaniz and I’m from Azerbaijan. I’m 18 years old. First of all, It’s my first year in FIU. In this year very significant for me because of the Global First Year program and also I would like to add that Global First Year program very helpful for International students. Actually, When I came here first I had no idea about anything. But Global First Year program helped me on everything. And also, my English skills improving every day. Each new day I’m learning new vocabularies.
Actually, FIU Global First Year teach me too many new things. Hospitality, foods, and welcoming make me happier because hospitality very important for an international student. I’m in the new country and I need a comfortable place for rest and working on myself. In my view, FIU makes a comfortable atmosphere for all students. And I have never seen any disadvantages of Florida International University in this while.
First days of the semester my goal was to get 3.0 GPA. I’m still working to get good GPA and also it’s my first semester but I humbly believe that I will get higher GPA in the next semesters. Because it was my first semester and that’s why I hadn’t much experience about classes. But at the moment, I almost know everything about classes and campus. But, when I came here first, I thought I can’t pass College of Algebra class. Because my mathematics was so weak. But I worked hard and studied more and I passed the College of Algebra class.

Personally, for me, FIU should pick up the students from the airport to university. Because you’re in a new country and you haven’t much experienced the United States. In my opinion, it’s very significant for new students. When I came here first, I saw that the United States was a different world. Communication, transportation and so on. And also too many students held at the border because of their religion, nationality and etc. After that process students feel uncomfortable, unsafe and nervous. In that cases, FIU should support them and pick up them from the Airport. For instance me. When I came here I flew more than 17 hours and then customer officer held me and gave me too many annoying questions and after I didn’t see anyone in Airport for picking up to me. Then I took a yellow cab and it charged more than 40 dollars for from Airport to University and I didn’t see anyone at University. It was my the worst day in here. After that, I went to the FIU Police department. They helped me. After the hours, they brought me to the Hotel. That’s why, picking up from Airport is very important. And first impression is very important. Unfortunately, my first impression wasn’t good too much. But I had great times in FIU.

Firstly, Everyone needs a own bathroom and living room. In my point of view, it’s the most important one because then students can study very comfortable. FIU’s rooms are very good and clean. But, own bathroom and toilet is very important. First of all, 3 or 4 people share one bathroom and it’s not hygienic. And healthy life is very significant. If you have a healthy life then you can study and work on yourself. That’s why own bathroom and toilet the most important things in hospitality of FIU.

The Meal is very significant. In my view, It’s another important topic because, we have to eat healthy foods. Actually, in fresh food almost all foods have way too much calories. But Pizza and Ice-cream are amazing. Just paid 9 dollars and eating unlimited in fresh food. I think it’s very good price for students. And also, it’s very close to everywhere. Fresh food located in Graham Center and Graham Center is located in center of FIU. And also I’m big fan of burgers. In the fresh food burgers are very delicious. By the way, drinks are unlimited also. But, unfortunately food are always same and never changed. I don’t know why, but if they change the meals once a week it’s going to be great.
Meeting with our advisor is another significant thing in FIU. Actually, we should meet more with our advisor because we don’t know enough about American education. That’s why we should meet more than 2 times with our advisor and 10 times with our couch in the first semester. International students are new in the country. That’s why meeting with Advisor is very important as always. And we can learn new information about our classes from advisor and couch. Everyone should choose classes at the end of the semester with his own advisor. Because advisor knows your study skills. My Academic advisor is Murata Christie. And she helped me too many times for my education. And also, if you feel alone and unsafe, your couch will help you. In the FIU, Global First Year office team are very kind and friendly.
At the final, I would like to talk about the Orientation week. Personally, for me, orientation week is too long. Just 3 or 4 days is enough for orientation. In orientation week we can get too many useful information from a couch. And if we need any help with our documents. FIU Global office helping us immediately in orientation week. Because you are new in the United States. That’s why it will be easy. But we all have to join the orientation week. Every information very important for each of us.
In concluding, I just want to say that, FIU is a huge family and we all part of this family. And we are work and study together for a great future. Only education can illuminate our path. That’s why we have to study hard and then we will get good opportunities. And as I mentioned above, I will work for my goals and I wish I will achieve them as soon as possible. I wish good luck to other global students. I hope we will finish our study life in this four years. Thanks.
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