Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (erm); Technical characteristics of Radio equipment to be used in the 76 ghz to 77 ghz band; System Reference Document for Short-Range Radar to be fitted on road infrastructure

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B.2.6 Tunnel, Slovenia

Fixed infrastructure scanning radar selected after a video detection system produced too many false alarms in the 600m Golovec Tunnel. A trial system was installed to provide AID coverage for a section of one tunnel. After a successful evaluation, with events being rapidly detected and less than one false alarm per 24 hours, further radars are being installed.

B 2.7 Motorway, Munich, Germany

In 2010 a pilot project was run on the A8 in Southern Germany, to evaluate the effectiveness of radar for detecting slow and stopped vehicles on the hard shoulder, as a part of Germany’s wider managed motorways program. Further work is underway to enhance the ability of the technology to detect small items of debris at long range. Spare wheels, exhaust pipes and lost cargo are very difficult to detect with CCTV camera based systems, especially during the night or in poor weather. Nevertheless, the hard shoulder is not safe to open as a running lane if such items are present.

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