Emmanuel baptist college, tanke, ilorin. Third term examination. Class: ss1 subject: english language

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26. The two friends hugged---------at the party.
A. each other B. Each one C. one another D. themselves.
27. The children were told to share the sweets----------the three of them.
A. against B. among C. between D. for.
28. The choir -------melodiously during the Christmas carol. A. sing B. sings C. sang D. sung.
29. The sentence, The robbers are being taken away by the police, rewritten in active voice form becomes: The police------ the robbers away. A. are taking B. had taken C. have taken D. took.
30. The statement ‘’I will travel to Kano tomorrow’’, Amina said, rewritten in reported speech form becomes: Amina said that she
A. is about to travel to Kano B. will travel to Kano tomorrow C. will travel to Kano the following day. D. would travel to Kano the following day.
31. She-------for the National Examination Council. A. work B. works C. working D. would work.
32. The students were asked to------up for food. A. cueue B. que C. quee D. queue.
33. The generous rich man-------gives alms. A. frankly B. grudgingly C. reluctantly D. willingly.
34. Our parents will return today, A. aren’t they? B. won’t they? C. will they? D. can’t they.
35. That is the boy-------I have been talking about. A. which B. whom C. whose D. of whom.
Choose from the options letterd A-D, the one that contains the given phonetic symbol.
36. /a:/ A. duty B. party C. soap D. tune.
37. /w/ A. sword B. wall C. who D. wrong.
38. /∂u/ A. toad B. ball C. crop D. one.
39. /e/ A. ewe B. heed C. said D. treat.
40. / / A. begged B. father C. dance D. path.
41. /h/ A. hand B. honour C. sheep D. that.
42. /ei/ A. angle B. high C. fray D. belch.
43. /s/ A. rise B. shop C. sit D. vision.
44. /k/ A. knit B. cite C. talk D. knee.
45. /ʧ/ A. chair B. chronic C. judge D. sure.
Tears of a Bride

  1. Araba is killed by---------A. Ajadi B. Alamu C. Lopinto D. Lapinni.

  2. Okiki’s father is a very--------man. A. arrogant B. good C. lousy

  1. selfish.

  1. Lapinni insists on not burying his daughter because A. he needs time to plan her burial B. he wants to know who killed her C. it is a family tradition D. tradition demands so.

The Priceless Jewel

  1. Who says he has become a Mathematics guru? A. Adamu B. Anikwe C. Nnamdi D. Ojo.

  2. Whose youngest wife is taken away by Opuna warriors? A. Aniekwe B. Ofuana C. Nduka D. Obuanya.

Wrong Decision

  1. What is the mood of Julienne when she is advising Rose over her studies? A. anger B. anxiety C. discouragement D. joy.

  2. Lous’ family house is sold to A. James Jimmy B. Mrs Johnson C. Okon D. Tony.

Arrow of Destiny

  1. Sandra is married to A. Andrew B. Boma C. Dr Lamide D. Idris.

  2. David’s dead father appears to remind him of his A. business B. children C. money D. house.

The Triumph of Doggedness

  1. Oti and Mr Okoro are A. classmates B. flatmates C. friends D. siblings.

  2. After the Second World War, workers are paid in------A. cash B. cowries C. kind D. relief materials.

  3. Celina is A. Oti’s wife B. Dubem’s sister C. Mr Nwankwo’s niece D. Kenneth’s wife.

Precious Little Darlings

  1. Mr Williams bars his children from A. attending parties B. going out at night C. playing with friends D. watching television.

  2. Mama visits Mr Williams in his office because of his A. childless state B. family crisis C. father’s property D. ill-health.

  3. Taiwo gets another tattoo on his upper arm which is a……….symbol he sees online. A. Japanese B. American C. Chinese D. Ivorian.


  1. Write a letter to the principal, complaining about teachers’ lateness to class; suggest measures to be taken to stop it.

Guidelines: i. Addresses
ii. Date
iii. Introduction
iv. Body
v. Conclusion
vi. Closure.

  1. Use the appropriate correlative conjunctions in each of the blanks in the sentences below:

  1. The men are…………..stupid………….crazy to have walked naked in the street.

  2. My friends were…………shocked………….surprised by the boy’s action.

  3. …………..the boy nor I am to blame.

  4. Yusuf is………….handsome………..clever.

  5. She is ………..beautiful……….intelligent.

  1. State whether the underlined verb is a finite or a

non-finite verb

  1. He studies hard.

  2. Having done the work, they all left.

  3. We were all there.

  4. She asked a good question.

  5. I would like to see you.

  6. Seeing the man, everybody ran away.

  7. It will take two weeks to complete the assignment.

  8. They had left before we got there.

  9. We saw him studying in the library.

  10. I was sleeping when he came.

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