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Phineas P. Pinchpenny. Richest man in the small town of Cosmic City, Pinchpenny holds the mortgage on the house of the Futiles, a poor family who has taken Annie in. While he voices concern about the poor, it is all talk and he is vindictive in seeking the fall of any who defy him. His selfish and arrogant son, Elmer, injures Sandy badly in a hit-and-run accident. When his father chastises him, Elmer reveals that he knows his father crippled August “Limpy” Pincher, the police chief’s son, five years earlier in his own hit-and-run accident. Both Pinchpennys are arrested when their attempted murder of Annie and Sandy comes to light. 8/32-7/33.

Professor Creepy. Sinister appearing villain with a wild, unkempt black beard and balding skull who gleefully mentors Honest Tom in criminal ways. 11/71-2/72.

Rose Redips and Sadie. Sour-faced housekeeper and her voluptuous blonde daughter who attempt to seduce and then murder a blind novelist for his fortune. 1/58-3/58.

Rune. Hired by Daddy Warbucks to be Annie’s tutor, the raven-haired and black-garbed Rune is actually an immortal evil wizard of primordial power, a longtime enemy of Mr. Am. 12/83-3/84, 6/88-7/88.

Senator Overdale. The rather lecherous Overdale maintained an amorous interest in Amelia Santiago, who at one time had been his private pilot. In 2009, Overdale is found dead in his car from an apparent suicide. It soon becomes clear he was eliminated by the Blue Circle, with whom he may have had criminal connections and in any case “knew too much.” x/xx-4/01, 6/02-7/02, 6/04-7/04, 10/09.

Shaddo. 2/85-5/85.

Skip Smith. A master of disguise and assassin. Skip is an agent for fire and despite his willingness to do illegal and nefarious acts for money, he retains a soft spot for Annie. He last poses as Guy Forgeron, supposedly a French scientist, to allow Stella Han access to the revolutionary Verreal technology. 10/80-1/81, 2/83-6/83, x/96-3/96, 9/99-2/00.

Stella Han. AKA Steel Hand, evil niece of the Asp. Han initially associates herself with “Croesus” and his Pan-Continental Alliance, which seeks to rule the world. Like her uncle, she is adept at martial arts. She is last seen being shot into space, accompanied by the Asp who wishes to insure humanity is free of her machinations. 8/82-10/82, 1/86-6/86, 11/86-3/87, 1/98-4/98, 1/00-2/00.

Trixie Tinkle Warbucks. A former actress who has put on weight, Trixie Tinkle is her stage name. Fond of the good life and expensive jewelry, Trixie pretends to also be fond of children as she seduces the normally savvy Warbucks. The two announce their elopement in February and Trixie begins to alienate Daddy from his male friends, including Wun Wey, Jake and Flop-House Bill. She later attempts to rid herself of Annie and Sandy and failing seeks a legal separation as a way to be free of domesticity but keep her hands on Warbuck’s fortune. These manipulations take their toll and Warbucks’ doctor suggest the two take a world cruise. Trixie is never seen again, nor does Daddy explain her disappearance when he returns without her in late 1933 despite the considerable curiosity of many. 1/32-8/32

Uriah Gudge. Villainous banker who holds the mortgage on Abigail Alden’s house. A large, lumbering man, it is later revealed that Gudge killed Abigail’s husband and stole his financial properties, thus becoming the single most powerful man in town. He disappears under mysterious circumstances, as Shanghai Peg—an associate of Abigail’s husband, fulfills his goal of avenging his old friend’s death. 12/37-4/38, 8/38-10/38.

Wolf Gnaf. Corrupt lawyer who has committed murder more than once to achieve his aims. His bald head is his most noteworthy aspect. He has killed two generations of the Sundown family in order to steal their land and attempts to kill a third. 9/57-12/57.

Xaxos. ?, 1/02-4/02, 4/07-5/07, 1/08-3/08, 6/09-7/09.

The Complete Little Orphan Annie, volumes 4-5


Harold Gray (w) 8/24-7/68

Elliot Caplin (w) 7/68-2/74

David Lettick (w) 2/74-4/74

Leonard Starr (w) 12/79-2/00

Jay Maeder (w) 6/00-6/10

Harold Gray (a) 8/24-7/68

Philip “Tex” Blaisdell (a) 7/68-2/74

David Lettick (a) 2/74-4/74

Leonard Starr (a) 12/79-2/00

xxx (a) 6/00-x/01

Alan Kupperberg (a) x/01-x/04

Ted Slampyak (a) x/04-6/10
Active: 8/5/24-

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:
Notable Adversaries:

Original Chroniclers

Active: Sundays 9/11/38-9/5/71


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: In 1965, a mountain top mansion is given to Mandrake as a gift by a foreign leader whom he’d helped the year before. Equipped with state of the art defenses, electronic surveillance and weaponry, Mandrake names his new home Xanadu. Mandrake and his friends frequently lounge at Xanadu’s swimming pool. Hojo is the hero’s private chef.
Friends and Allies:


Narda. Mandrake and Narda are finally married in 1998.

Theron. Mandrake’s mentor who is later revealed to be Mandrake’s father.

Lenore. Mandrake’s sister.

Magnon. Emperor of worlds. First appeared in Mandrake’s world in 1956 and appears every few years thereafter. 12/56-6/57, x/xx-x/xx, x/xx-x/xx, 9/83-1/84s, 12/90-1/91, 9/91-10/91s.

Jed Bart. AKA Jed Carr, assistant chief of Inter-Intel, a world-wide espionage outfit, and personal friend of Mandrake from 1965 until 1976, when Hojo leadership role is revealed.

Hojo. Mandrake’s private chef at Xanadu. Also a master martial artist. Hojo first joined Mandrakes staff in 1967. He was revealed to be the secret head of Inter-Intel in 1976.

Karma. African princess, Karma is Lothar’s fourth cousin and girl friend. Upon moving to the United States in 1970, she first becomes an agent of Inter-Intel but later settles into the role of a successful model. Karma has a brother who is a rock star named Willy , first seen in .

Professor Alberto. Eccentric inventor who devised an anti-gravity belt, among other devices. 2/83-9/83.

Captain Jon. World explorer and longtime friend of Mandrake, Jon is the captain of a sea-faring vessel named the Kraken. He takes Mandrake, Narda, Lothar, and Karma on a world cruise in which they encounter the actual Kraken, monstrous roks, and bogus sirens. 11/86-6/90, 12/90-1/91s.
Notable Adversaries:

Aleena the Enchantress. Beautiful fellow student of Mandrake’s at the College of Magic. Aleena uses her magic primarily to enchant men. She has had multiple marriages and has her sights set at landing Mandrake himself. 9/73-1/74d, 4/80-12/80d, 9/86-1/87d.

The Brass Monkey. The Clay Camel’s daughter, also amazingly adept at disguise. Following the custom of her father, she leaves her namesake at the scene of her crimes. She believed her father had died of pneumonia, a scenario later proved false. 12/46-3/47d.

The Clay Camel. AKA Saki and Oswald, a master of disguise, the Clay Camel leaves a small clay camel at the scene of his crimes. The Clay Camel has an attractive daughter named the Brass Monkey. 6/35-11/35d, 3/36-7/36d, 5/55-7/55d, 9/70-3/71d, 11/90-1/91d, 6/96-7/96d, 4/00-8/00d.

The Cobra. Assisted by Udd in the 1960s. 6/34-11/34d, 4/37-9/37d, 8/65-4/66s, 1/67-6/67d, 11/69-3/70d, 12/71-4/72d, 8/74-1/75d, 8/84-2/85d, 10/89-3/90d, 4/92-12/92d, 10/95-2/96d.

The Deleter. Alien assassin for hire, one of a profession of Deleters. Mandrake earns the enmity of the Deleters when he prevents one of their kills. Later, one of their group is sent to “delete” Mandrake permanently when they are hired to do so. 10/03-2/04d, 11/06-3/07d.

Derek. Mandrake’s evil brother. Derek has a good son named Eric. 12/48-4/49d, 7/51-9/51d, 8/63-12/63d, 2/76-6/76d, 3/02-5/02d.

Dr. Robot. 5/73-9/73d.

Dr. Xoz. Master of all scents. 10/72-1/73d.

The 8. International criminal organization comprised of eight world leaders and one head, the Octon, a hooded figure who only communicates via televideo. Ultimately the Octon is revealed to be none other than the Cobra. 8/65-2/66d, 9/66-1/67d, 1/68-5/68d, 7/69-11/69, 7/72-10/72d, 9/76-12/76d, 8/77-12/77d, 12/80-3/81d, 2/86-5/86, 9/87-1/88d, 7/89-10/89d, 12/90-4/91d, 4/92-12/92d.

Ekardnam. Criminal magician who operates in a mirror universe in which everything is the opposite from our own. He assisted by Rahtol and Adran, evil opposites of Lothar and Narda. In Mandrake’s third struggle with Ekardnam, Karma also meets her evil opposite. 10/44-12/44d, 8/64-1/65d, 11/91-4/92d.

Goliath. Three-story high super computer that holds all of man’s knowledge. 9/61-1/62d.

The Kraken. The legendary sea monster is encountered by Mandrake. 2/87-7/87.

The Mole. 8/64-3/65s, 12/71-3/72d.

The Ratmen of Rodencia. 1/73-5/73d, 11/80-7/81s.

Segrid. Prince and later king of Montaign. Lacking scruples or moral fortitude, Narda’s brother has a gambling problem that forces him to make deals with unscrupulous men. More than once he has been willing to offer his sister’s hand in marriage to a political villain in order to further his own situation. Despite his shortcomings, Segrid ultimately becomes the king of Montaign. 11/34-2/35d, 9/38-12/38d, 5/39-9/39d, 3/47-8/47d.

The Snarf of Karff. Alligator-headed ruler of one of the worlds under Magnon’s dominion, the Snarf comes to earth to strike up trade relations, but his ignorance of earth customs plus his wildly superior technology creates chaos for earth leaders, including President George H. W. Bush. 3/91-10/91s.
Sightings: -12/29/02s, -8/30/13d

Original Chroniclers


Mary Perkins, ON STAGE

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Their romance is thwarted for some months when Peter is falsely imprisoned while on assignment in Turkey. Pete and Mary are finally married on 12/13/59 in Switzerland.
Friends and Allies:

Peter Fletcher. Ace photographer for View Magazine and ultimately Mary’s husband. 8/57-1/58 …

Daisy. A down on her luck, former Follies girl is hired by Mary to be her maid and housekeeper. 6/60-

Nat Blessing. Mary is successful enough to warrant an agent. 9/62-
Johnny Q. Originally a rival for Mary’s affections, Johnny ultimately becomes a loyal friend. 1958, 1/60-2/60, 4/61-6/61, 1/64-4/64, 67, 1/72-4/72.

Maximus. 2/59-4/59, 11/61-1/62, 6/65-9/65

Constance Heath. Mary’s first acting coach. 2/57-5/57, 2/65-6/65

Mike O’Hare. Theatrical director fond of casting Mary in his plays whenever he can. , 1961, 1962

Major Grigori Volkov. 10/64-2/65, 66-67,.
Notable Adversaries:

Anya Kapek. AKA “the Black Nurse.” Originally claimed to be Pete’s first wife while he was suffering from memory lapses. Kapek later returned to try and kill Mary by tampering with her car, seeing her as the only obstacle to having Pete for her own. 12/59-2/60, 3/63-6/63,

Morgana D’Alexius. An adventurer and millionaire, Morgana sets her sights on Pete, unfazed by his marital status. 2/62-5/62, 10/64-2/65
Sightings: 2/10/57-12/79?

Original Chroniclers


Other Identities: “Apple” Mary

Origin: After Mary Worth, a wealthy widow, loses her home due to an ill-advised business deal by her son, she is forced to look after herself and her crippled grandson, Dennie. She does so, during the peak of the Great Depression, by selling apples from a car, earning her the nickname, Apple Mary.


Appearance: Initially a rather frumpy looking gray-haired woman who looks to be in her sixties, Mary becomes more up-to-date in her clothing and hairstyle choices as her fortunes improve.

Modus Operandi:

Apple Mary is befriended in this by a good-hearted but rather foolish fellow named Bill Biff. In 1936, Apple Mary is reunited with her amnesiac son, Slim. She informally adopts a cute little toddler named Sunny the following year. Due to successful treatments, Dennie no longer has to use crutches after 1938.

Mary’s fortune’s gradually improve and she begins running a boarding house in Boonsville, thus losing her Apple Mary nickname forever. Unfortunately, the boarding house is destroyed when a cyclone levels Boonsville. Mary is undaunted. As she comforts Dennie, she opines: “Human beings are like steel blades, my child! They must go through fire to be tempered, and must be ground before they become really useful! There’s work to be done here … among the storm victims! I’ll worry about our future when I get time.”
Mary increasingly wanders across the United States, leaving Dennie and Sunny in an increasingly mature Bill’s capable hands. Her first venture after the cyclone is serving as a grey lady, where she meets Angel Varden for the first time. Between 1940 and 1953, Mary has recurrent encounters with Varden, John Blackston, a politician on the rise, and “Brick” Bricker, a tough talking gal with a heart of gold. The years 1955 through 1961 see Mary reunited with both her son and grandson after a decade’s absence and sees them achieve successful romances of their own. The last Dennie is seen is after the birth of his first son. Thereafter, Mary never again plays the role of great grandmother.

With 1965, Mary meets Frank Crawford, a school principal, his wife Anne and their daughter Jennifer. Stories increasingly revolve around students in Crawford’s high school, allowing the narrative to explore timely stories and conflicts of the youth of the day. Karen Cooper is a rare breed in American comics, an unmarried, pregnant teen-age girl. She later finds happiness in college.

In 197x, Mary bought a condominium in Santa Royale, California in a complex named Charterstone. There she has become far less nomadic and much more involved in the lives of her neighbors and their children. In 1980 she meets Toby and Ian Cameron. Toby quickly becomes Mary’s best friend and confidante and has served that role ever since. Mary subsequently meets Wilbur Weston in 1993 and later his daughter, Dawn. She also meets and begins her long and rather chaste romance with Dr. Jeff Cory in 1996. They often involves themselves in the romances of his physician children, Drew and Adrian.

Jeff Cory has asked Mary to marry him repeatedly and Mary has always declined. She begins to share details from her impoverished childhood in March 2008 and speaks of her late husband Jack for the first time in August 2013. For a time, Mary ghost writes Wilbur Weston’s “Ask Wendy” advice column, relinquishing the task in 2013.

Friends and Allies:

Dennie Worth. Apple Mary’s plucky young crippled grandson, Dennie receives corrective surgery in 19xx that allows him to walk normally. He is an adolescent when Mary leaves him in the care of Bill Biff in 1944. Dennie is told seen in the narrative again until 1955 when he reemerges a Korean War hero and a handsome young businessman working for a department store. He ultimately meets and falls in love with September Smith and reencounters his ne’er do well father in 1961. At this time, September has just given birth making Mary a great grandmother. Perhaps understandably, Dennie is rarely seen in the narrative after that. x/32-x/44, 3/55-6/55, c6/59, 8/61-x/61, 6/63, (ref 12/63, 4/66).

Bill Biff.

Stanford “Slim” Worth. Dennie finds a man with amnesia and brings him to his grandmother. Mary keeps a secret about the man, who is ultimately revealed to be Mary’s long lost son and the father Dennie never knew. As he recovers parts of his memory, he recalls a wife who cheated him out of money. Slim is only an occasional presence in the strip. While he recovers his memory, he suffers from a perennial lack of character. He comes close to redeeming himself in his later years, though his relations with Mary and his now married and adult son remain ambivalent. Finally, in 1963, with a stable love named Muriel, a stable job with Muriel’s father and a redeemed and tested character, Mary releases his inheritance to him. 11/36-4/37, 11/40-2/41, 8/61-1/62…, 5/63-8/63.

Sunny. Sp or Su/37.

Leona Stockpool. 11/39-11/40, 3/42-6/42, c4/48.

John Blackston. Special prosecutor, then governor and finally senator with presidential aspirations, Blackstone is on the fast track. He loves Leona, but their relationship is challenged by his political situations. 3/40-11/40. 3/42-6/42, c4/48,

Tom Kane. Crusading reporter and a loyal friend to Mary, Kane is unsuccessfully romanced by Angel Varden. x/41-3/42.

Flame Darcy. 7/45-10/45, 4/46.

Betty “Brick” Bricker. 7/46-10/46, 1/47-9/47, 10/48-2/49, 8/49, 1/50, 6/52-9/52, 1/53.

Drum” Greenwood. Mary and Drum’s personality’s clash when they first meet. The rather arrogant though handsome older man declares that he is “Drummond Greenwood the First.” Mary declares, “I don’t care if you’re Henry the Eighth,” and even threatens to call the police on him. Soon enough, the two have fallen in love and it is a case of amnesia that ultimately thwarts an upcoming marriage. 5/49-8/49, (ref 1/50), c3/50-5/50.

Marcia and Vic Devore. A married dance act, their faltering romance is rescued by Mary, whom Marcia comes to consider a surrogate mother. 1/54-3/55.

September Smith. Fashion designer for a department store chain, an elegant, smart-talking young woman that up and department store middle manager Dennie Worth falls in love with and, in June 1955, marries. 3/55-6/55, .

Frank Crawford. Superintendent of schools in Jennings, Ohio, Frank and his wife soon become Mary’s best friends, whom she frequently visits for the next 13 years. Frank harbors a secret from his wife in 1974, deals with the repercussions of a pregnant student named Karen Cooper in 1976, and wins a million dollars on the lottery in 1978. Frank promptly retires from the school system and go off to explore the world, no longer to be seen in the narrative. c/65- , 8/78-x/78.

Anne Crawford. Anne calls on famous former classmate, Angel Varden, for a fundraiser in 1969, sustains serious injuries in a car accident in 1973 and needs to handle the return of an old college sweetheart in 1976. She disappears with Frank after his 1978 windfall. c/65 , 8/78-x/78.

Jennifer Crawford. Emotionally expressive only daughter of Frank and Anne Crawford.

Ultimately falls in love and marries Gatewood Cobb. Later the two experience marital difficulties when Jennifer struggles with only be known as Gatewood Cobb’s wife.8/65-9/65, 8/73, 10/77

Gatewood Cobb. Famous artist who falls in love with and marries Jennifer Crawford. 9/65-10/65, 2/66, 10/77.

Karen Cooper. Senior in school who contemplates dropping out of school due to her becoming pregnant. Karen ultimately gives up her child for adoption. Later, in college, Karen has a romance with a young man named Szymkowski, who is a paraplegic. 9/76-x/76, 8/77-10/77.

Dr. Ian Cameron. A professor of English literature, Ian can be pompous and a snob but has a generous heart beneath it all. overweight, he is white haired and has a beard without a mustache. He is fond of swimming in the condo pool, prompting his snarky sister-in-law to refer to him as a beached whale. 3/80-

Victoria “Toby” Cameron. Ian’s much younger second wife, Toby is an attractive blonde-haired woman who paints miniatures. She earlier on had to struggle with Ian’s alcoholism. 3/80-

Wilbur Weston. A divorced, syndicated newspaper columnist, Wilbur writes the “Ask Wendy” column. He moved into the Charterstone complex in May 1993, quickly becoming a Platonic friend to his neighbor, Mary. He is often involved in the troubled relationships and conflicts of his daughter Dawn. Wilbur is seduced by Toby Cameron’s manipulative sister, Elizabeth Hoag in 2001. His subsequent fledgling romance with Iris Beedie in 2004 is strained by her drug-addicted son, Tommy. In early 2010, Wilbur struggles with the possibility that Kurt Evans, the son of his college sweetheart, might actually be his child as well. In 2013, Iris breaks off their relationship and Wilbur resumes writing “Ask Wendy” from Mary. 4/93-10/93, 10/94-1/95, 8/96-9/96, …x/98-11/98, 5/01-6/02, 5/03-6/03, 10/03, 2/04, 7/04-x/04…11/09-3/10, 1/11-3/11, 5/12-8/12, 9/13-10/13.

Dawn Weston. Wilbur’s daughter, a college student. Dawn lost a significant amount of weight but remains romantically insecure. She lives with her father in Charterstone and is rather unlucky in life and love. Dawn has a brief romance with Sammy, the grandson of Sam Lyons, in 1996. After painful break-ups with Forrest Hills in 2004 and Drew Cory in 2007, Dawn becomes addicted to the internet. In 2012, Dawn goes on an ill-fated cruise with her father and later attracts the attention of one-armed man who is drawn to her due to her resemblance to his late sister. 6/93-10/93, 3/96- 5/96, 8/96-9/96, x/98-11/98, 5/01-6/02, 5/03-2/04, 7/04-x/04… 7/07-10/07, 12/09-3/10, 1/11-3/11, 5/12-12/12.

Bill and Sonia Corey. Couple suffering marital adjustments, Sonia having become the high earning breadwinner, and Bill giving up his teaching to become a stay-at-home father to Joshua. Mary helps in watching the youth, who responds to her because of Mary’s resemblance to his grandmother. At the end of the narrative, Bill’s father, a man with a mustache and a money earning scheme appears. No apparent relation to Jefferson Cory. 3/94-9/94.

Peter Whitlock. Arrogant graduate student who moves into Charterstone but then needs to have a roommate to make ends meet. His fiancée, Claire is none too pleased when the “Bill” he writes about turns out to be Billy Saxman, a female student. Blond-haired with glasses, Peter disdains mundane social interactions, and puts on academic airs, but is a typical male in that he can’t cook and microwaves all of his frozen dinners. Willow smoothes out many of his rough edges and the two are engaged. They marry after futher complications in 1997. 2/95-10/95, 1/97-7/97, 8/97?-x/98, 11/98-12/98.

Billy “Willow” Saxman. Tomboy college student from Alaska with progressive ideals, Willow initially clashes with, then rooms with and ultimately falls in live with Peter Whitlock. The two move to Alaska after they become engaged. They come back into Mary’s life when the two are in an auto accident and are brought to the hospital where Mary is volunteering. They are ultimately married and have blond twins, Pat and Mike. The Whitlocks live on the estate of Minerva Monroe. 4/95-10/95, 1/97-8/97, 8/97?-x/98, 11/98-12/98, 6/00-7/00, 9/00.

Straight Arrow” Sam Lyons. Lyons is a crew-cut sporting businessman who views business as the ethical practice of war in which one man seeks the surrender of another. Macho and chauvinistic, Lyons is very fit for being a grandfather and owns a gym. He ultimately falls for a high-powered business woman named Helen Dover. 9/95-8/96.

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