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Desmond. Rip’s butler. Pagan Lee

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Desmond. Rip’s butler.

Pagan Lee. AKA Madelon. Pagan begins as a member of the Mangler’s gang, but helps Kirby undo the plans of her employer. Her past continues to trouble her, even as she adopts a new identity as Madelon. 1946, 1947, 1949, 1952.

Toledo Steele. Attractive female private detective and Kirby’s rival.

Ma Casino. Cigar-smoking casino owner. 1970, 1/73-5/73, 1974?.

Rosie Rimfire. 1974,
Notable Adversaries:

The Chameleon. 9/65-12/65.

Christopher Crostic and Miss Merlin. 7/67-11/67.

Doctor Destiny. Sinister Egyptian mystic who apparently falls to his death but return decades later to bedevil Kirby again. 11/58-2/59, 6/77-9/77.

Fingers” Moray. A gambler and a one-time and future associate of the Mangler. 1947, 1952.

Johnny Paragon. Rip’s criminal match in almost every aspect. 1/72-6/72.

The Mangler. Escaping from Alcatraz, a brilliant if brutal thug known only as the Mangler hooks up with his old partner in crime and passion, Pagan Lee, to devise a scheme to obtain a chemical that can cause instant death upon contact. Several years later, in 1950, he joins forces with and ex-Nazi named Frisco Fritz to regain wartime booty. Mangler ultimately kills his partner in an unsuccessful effort to secure the treasure. By 1952, after Pagan refuses to rejoin his criminal efforts, the Mangler hires “Fingers” Moray to kill her. Subsequent encounters with Kirby have the Mangler showing no signs of mellowing. 6/46- /46, 6/50-9/50, 5/52-9/52,1955 … 4/75-6/75, others.

Mr. Monarch. Airplane hijacker who sports a black eyepatch. 11/67-3/68.

The Owl. Leader of a drug ring. 6/73-8/73.

Pen.” Literally kills his enemies with a poison pen. 8/63-12/63.

The Scorpion. Modern-day pirate. 3/63-8/63.

The Shark. AKA Peter Albion. 3/68-7/68.
Original Chroniclers



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Hansel Hartley.Knew Smith during his barnstorming days, later a military officer. ?, 7/36-

Betty. Smith’s original romantic interest. After neglecting her for a number of adventures, he comes back to see her only to find her engaged to a feckless fellow named . , 9/35-10/35.

Spike Drugan. Former lion tamer and early companion in adventure. 2/35-7/35.

Pudge. 2/35-7/35

Himmelstoss. Former adversary turned friend out of respect and gratitude when Smith saves his life from an angry mob of General Armara’s enemies, Himmelstoss is also exceptional pilot and ultimately wins the hand of the young woman to whom Smith is also drawn. Calls Smith “Scorcher Schmidt.” 8/35-8/36.

Michael “Mickey” LaFarge. As Mickey explains, “My mom wuz Irish—she wanted a boy—but it was me—so she called me by that name! I ain’t had much schoolin’! An’ I’m a gomboy! An’ it’s none o’ your business anyhow!” Joins Smith and Himmelstoss in their adventuring after the death of her father. Ultimately gets engaged to Himmelstoss. 10/35-8/36.

Amos Faulkner. Professor of the Aboriginal Institute, who hires Smith to fly his party to Mexico. Famous Funnies 122-126.

Hunch” Mantell. Big time ex-gambler. Famous Funnies 122-126.

Marita Mantell. Colleague of Faulkner and daughter to Hunch, the lovely dark-haired Marita also expresses romantic interest in Scorchy. Famous Funnies 122-126.

Professor Kadaver. Despite a sinister appearance, the bald and slender Kadaver actually turns out to be an ally. (Famous Funnies 144-146).
Notable Adversaries:

Armara. General in the South American country of Huaca. 7/35-8/35.

Cyril Synde. Except for his affectation of a monocle, Synde looks exactly like Scorchy. (Famous Funnies 198-201).

Dan Glider. Unscrupulous pilot, former transport pilot, now barnstormer and air racer who will do anything to win a purse. His actions caused the death of a pilot pal of Smith’s, motivating Scorchy to engage him in a race. Glider’s plane is named The Flying Cobra. Famous Funnies 132-134…

The Dragon. Slender and fit Japanese crime boss with an elegant dragon tattoo on his back. (Famous Funnies 169-170…).

Etienne Lang. Monocle-wearing villain who operates in China. He assisted by Gerda, a beautiful platinum blonde who ultimately goes soft on Smith. Famous Funnies…175-181.

General Zaro. Short and pudgy Mexican revolutionary, an “honorable outlaw” who is aimable towards Scorchy even as he threatens him with murder. Famous Funnies 128-129.

Himmelstoss. Monocle-wearing ace German aviator, early adversary of Smith, who later encounters Smith in service of General Armara. x/34-x/34, 1/35-2/35, 7/35.

Rufus Krag. Corrupt schemer, bald with a small mustache, Krag enters into a business deal with Mickey LaFarge’s father and then kills him. 10/35-1/36.

Talon. A beautiful blonde Eurasian, daughter of a Chinese warlord named the Golden Cat and a Russian beauty. (Famous Funnies 184-188).

Wu. Powerful Chinese warlord. Famous Funnies …94-99…

Yellow Hawk. Chinese guerilla leader who trades with both sides, Yellow Hawk is a small, older man and entirely bald. He is assisted by several beautiful Chinese women, including Eastern Flower and White Poppy. (Famous Funnies 199-203).
Sightings: Famous Funnies …78-203



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Notable Adversaries:

Beady Brusst. Defector. 3/84-6/84.

Corbeau. , , 7/72-9/72.

Dr. Seven. With July of 1972, Dr. Seven’s alliance with Corbeau and Lucian Omar—collectively, Triad—was revealed. 4/71, 1/72-4/72, 7/72-9/72, 2/73-5/73

Joe Ice. Deadly American hitman hired by Madame Lei to eliminate Corrigan. 1/69-3/69, 6/72-9/72

Acting Director Kroi. In June 1984, he is transferred to head up defector Beady Brusst’s E Agency, where he will need to command Corrigan’s feisty female counterpart, Jennever Brand. 3/84-6/84.

LuShan. Same as Madame Lei? -4/71, 1/72-4/72

Madame Lei. Chinese agent of the same organization that sponsored Chang’s struggle with Corrigan in 1968. It later emerges that the head of her organization is Dr. Seven. 1/69-3/69, .

Mr. Magnus. Sun-glasses wearing criminal kidnaps scientists for sale to foreign powers. 1/67-4/67.

Millicent Murkley. Stout older woman who favors sun glasses, pearls, cigarette holders, hats, capes and a cane she is more than willing to use as a weapon. Assisted by her sons, the brilliant Willard (adept at brainwashing), the brutal Tobin and the powerfully built Eustis. Her family used to be conventional criminals, but Mr. Murkley’s “lack of vision” contributed to his demise. Now the family traffics in espionage and sabotage. In her second struggle against Corrigan, Murkley’s beautiful daughter Amanda is introduced, ultimately turning against her mother. 9/67-12/67, 3/69-6/69.

Lucian Omar.

Adrienne Widdoe. Beautiful brunette who employs slave labor (criminals on the run whom she cons out of their ill-gotten gains and uses as work horses) to achieve maximal profit from the Caribbean gold mines she inherited from her honest father. She is assisted by Captain Drumm, who is enamored of the cold-hearted Widdoe. 4/67-6/67.

Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson 1/67-



Original Identity: Jack Martin




Modus Operandi: Smilin’ Jack marries Joy Beaverduck on November 24, 1940, but she later dies. Jack marries a second time, Sable Lottalotta in November 23, 1949. They have a son, Jungle Jolly. He also marries decades later.
Friends and Allies:

Mary Smith. 12/33-9/39…

Dixie Lee. Air hostess and Jack’s onetime fiancé. …6/36-9/39…

Fat Stuff. Overweight island native, “civilized” due to his time in “white man’s prison,” aids Jack when his plane crashes near his island. 10/38-

Downwind Jaxon. Old pilot friend of Jack’s since their barnstorming days in Texas, reunited after Jack’s prison break from Limehouse. 3/39-

Joy Beaverduck Martin. Wealthy aviatrix who has attempted to keep Jack and Dixie Lee apart. Jack married her on November 24th, 1940. She later died.…6/40-x/41, c9/42-c12/44.

Cindy. Aka, the Incendiary Blonde. Cindy ultimately marries a man named Rex and they have a child named Melody. Until Sable becomes Jolly’s step-mother, Cindy often serves as a surrogate aunt for young Jolly. 6/41-c3/43, c9/45-12/45, 4/49, , and many other cameos..

Cherry. Cindy’s equally beautiful blonde daughter, to whom she gave birth at the tender age of 14. Cherry rejects her mother’s attempts to make her distrust all men due to the fact that Cherry’s father deserted Cindy. Cherry and Stretch Martin fall in love and ultimately marrying. The two have a daughter named Melody together. 8/41-x/xx.

Stretch Martin. Smilin’ Jack’s younger brother. Stretch settles down before Jack, marrying a sweetheart named Cherry, with whom he had a daughter, Melody, and a second child on the way. Jack is updated on Stretch’s missions in Korea, in a heartfelt letter from his brother. 8/41-7/48, 7/52..

Rex Martin. Smilin’ Jack’s older brother who was falsely imprisoned years before for a crime that he didn’t commit. Cindy, despite her distrust of men, can’t resist Rex’s charms upon his release from prison and the two marry.

Jungle Jolly Martin. Joy and Jack’s son, to whom Joy gave birth during a period of amnesia. His mother tragically dies, and Jack must raise him on his own. In 1949, the 8-year old Jolly is instrumental in getting his father and Sable back together, as he wants Sable for his new mother. By 1956, Jolly (the Jungle aspect of his name and character has been dropped) is a teen-ager capable of romantic adventures all his own. He joins the military and is, of course, an exceptional pilot. . .c11/42-c12/44, 3/49-4/49, 5/56-11/64…

Wagon Wheels. Young millionaire infatuated with Cindy.

Walkie Talkie. Woman whose shapely legs are the only thing that is ever seen.

Sable Lottalotta Martin. AKA, Supersonic Sable, a wealthy woman and competitive female pilot. Jack and Sable fall in love. Gradually discovering the vast holdings she inherited are riddled with debt, Sable loses everything in July 1949. Sable and Jack are married on November 23rd, 1949 and thereafter struggle financially like any other young American couple. They raise Jolly and in May 1950 Jack learns Sable is pregnant. Jill Martin arrives soon after. But who is Smilin’ Jack, Jr.’s mother? c1/47-

Brassnucks Chuck/Beck. A handsome pilot initially reluctantly involved with the schemes of Pearly Curly and later suspected of smuggling and romancing the lovely Topaz for her inheritance. Brassnucks gradually emerges as a heroic, if flawed figure. He enjoys a brief romance with Zircon, the lovely young daughter of his latter employer, Big Think. 9/48-11/48, 2/53-10/53.

Jill Martin. The daughter of Sable and Jack, a young teen by 1959.

Hot-Rod” Happy. Sable’s long lost brother and thus Jack’s brother-in-law who likes fast cars and planes. Initially opportunistic and frankly lazy, the impulsive and reckless Hot-Rod gradually develops more commendable traits and takes over as one of the primary heroes of the narrative for a few years. 2/49-7/51.

Lava-Lava Vesuvius. Attractive daughter of Lt. Vesuvius, the hot-tempered head of the academy at which Hot-Rod is training. Years later, Lava-Lava later ends up going native and is seen romantically involved with Jolly Martin. 11/50-6/51.

Kameeleon. Beautiful counterspy who is gleaning Russian secrets, but actually working with Jack. Kameeleon dies saving Jack’s life from communist killers. 9/51-2/52.

Pandora. A freelance writer, Pandora attempts to win her way into Jack’s affections by letting him rescue her in the water and teach her to fly. Sable, suspicious, learns she is a championship swimmer and already has her pilot’s license. Pandora ultimately proves herself in Jack’s struggle with Rod Rocket. 5/52-9/52 … 2/53, 11/53-3/54.

Professor Marusha Krasna. Beautiful, pro-Western Russian scientist adept with a gun who helps Jack rescue a captive American scientist, Doctor Fusion. 8/54-10/54.

Jagg Jetson. Jack’s new boss who is highly invested in advanced technology 7/56-6/57…

Jett Jetson. Jagg’s temperamental blonde daughter who has an on-again, off again romance with Jolly. 7/56-3/57…

Prince Pyro and Sirocco. …7/59-11/59…, 4/60-7/60

Sulky Smith. Daughter of a billionaire named Saddlesoap and an aspiring pilot who maintains a feisty romantic tension with Jolly. 8/60-2/61…

Curly Cool. Corporal and assistant to Jack. 5/61-12/61.

Left-Out “Lefty” Miller. Associate of Jack’s and early space pilot. 12/61-3/62

Rush Miller. Adventurous son of a wealthy producer of rockets and other objects of speed. 2/64-11/64…

Smilin’ Jack, Jr. The son of Sable and Jack.

Sizzle Boom. Jack, Jr.’s romantic interest. The two marry on April 1st, 1973 after a tumultuous courtship. …x/72-4/73.
Notable Adversaries:

Action Galore. Female athlete and pilot working for the communist Chinese and later revealed to be an associate of the Head. 11/63-2/64.

Beat Beatnik. A scruffy fellow with an unkempt mustache and five o’clock shadow, Beat is the leader of the Gobwops, a nationwide group of subversive elements. 3/59-7/59.

Biceps Maidenswoon. Muscular, well-dressed and handsome blond-haired cadet who initially seems to only be the annoying fiancée of Hot-Rod’s romantic interest, Tall Timber Tessie. As such, he undermines Hot-Rod’s progress as a cadet in pilot school. It emerges that Biceps’ motives are far more sinister. As an agent of the Crimson Hammer, he is seeking to undermine morale at American military bases through false rumors, and once graduated hopes to steal America’s most advance jet-propulsion plane for his communist masters. Ultimately rejected by his commie allies due to failures in his mission, Biceps is on the run with no shelter, lamenting why he ever betrayed his own country. 10/50-9/51.

Big Think. A short villain with an oversized head who likes to pose, while contemplating, like the Thinker. Big Think tricks Brassnucks into working for him and later is assisted by the physically formidable Warhead, whose cylindrical, bald head earned him his nickname. While traitorous to the core (Big Think schemes to sell uranium reserves to the communists), he can’t bring himself to refuse his beautiful daughter, Zircon, anything. 7/53-10/53, 1/54-2/54.

The Claw. Muscular and shirtless bodyguard of the Head. 8/38-10/38, 12/38-1/39.

The Crimson Hammer. Beautiful, dark-haired European working for the communists, the Crimson Hammer is seeking to steal American aviation technology. The Crimson Hammer is assisted by the Eel and Agent 577G, better known as Biceps. Cold and cruel, the Crimson Hammer rejects Biceps’ romantic overtures. 5/51-9/51.

Diablo. Sinister pilot who is working with the communists in a plot to set fire to America’s forests across the nation. By 1960, he is a general and allied with the voluptuous Vibora, the fiancé of corrupt ruler. Diablo and Vibora are both communists and the sworn enemies of Prince Pyro. 10/57-12/57, 5/60-7/60.

Dude Duncan. Smilin’ Jack lookalike. Jack ends up adopting Dude’s characteristic mustache. 7/36-

Giggles. Sober-faced villain who seeks revenge on Jack after having been imprisoned by him over twenty years ago. He gathers several other former enemies of Jack’s in an ambitious attempt to bring him down. 6/50-9/50.

The Hand. An unseen, behind the scenes mastermind, The Hand turns out to be the beautiful Widow Valentine Heartface, an agent Jack thought was working with him to bring down the villain. 3/53-5/53, 9/53.

The Head. Diminutive, bald and fish-eyed, the Head is also diabolical. By 1947 and again in 1958, the Head is working for Russian communists in far-reaching schemes, including one to allow the Russians to gain control over global weather. By 1964, the Head is working for the Chinese communists, along with the voluptuous Action Galore and Ying-ho. When Jack comments on his shifting allegiances, the Head coolly replies, “I am always loyal to the highest bidder!” 8/38-10/38, 12/38-2/39, c8/47-2/48, 2/58-4/58, 12/63-2/64, others, cameo 4/73.

Hong Kong Hatchet. Hatchet-faced counterfeiter who uses Southeast Asian casino’s to distribute his counterfeit money. Pursued by Jack and the Polynesian beauty Nani-Lina. 8/58-12/58…

Jato. Nickname for a speed hungry beauty, Jato stands for Jet-Assisted Take Off. Always wearing harlequin-styled sun glasses, Jato attempts to steal Stretch, Smilin’ Jack and finally Hot-Rod Happy from their respective sweethearts. 2/48-8/48, 4/49-6/49.

Lady Longlegs. Behind the scenes mastermind of a smuggling enterprise, Lady Longlegs commands operations while lounging in skintight leopard prints, forever stretching out her long, shapely legs. Her underlings include Uncle River Rat and Rocky, a youthful pilot who infiltrates Jungle Jolly’s teen pilots’ club. 10/54-x/55.

Limehouse. Former prison guard. 11/38-3/39.

Lullabye. Wide-eyed and chubby villain who sports a mop of black hair. Ends up in a fatal shoot-out with his former criminal associates, Silent Samson and Coral Doll. 10/56-12/56.

Madam Mongoose. The deadly sister of the Head seeks revenge on Jack for her brother’s imprisonment. Her faithful servant is named Musclebound for good reason. 12/39-3/40.

Papa Longhair. Bald fur racketeer whose beautiful daughter Chinchilla discovers her father’s secret criminal activities and ends up a captive to Longhair’s criminal associates. 2/52-5/52.

Pearly Curly. Smooth-talking head of a smuggling syndicate, Pearly’s charming smile convinces Sable to trust him, much to the chagrin of Jack. Among Pearly’s employees are Anvilhead, the shirtless head of a jungle freight line, Salty Dog, a brutish guard, and Brassnucks Chuck, who is not fully aware of his criminal activities. 8/48-1/49, later?

Rod Rocket. Domestic spy, Rocket romances Pandora with ulterior motives. Rocket pays the ultimate price for his traitorous actions, being blown up by a missile strike, along with his boss, Big Think. 12/53-2/54.

Sidewinder. Machete wielding head of illegal jungle operations who attempts to dissuade developers to ensure the feasibility of his criminal empire. Sidewinder has closely cropped hair, bull nose and a powerful physique. …8/60-11/60.

Teekeela. Latin beauty and smuggler of contraband, appears to work in concert with Brassnucks Beck. 2/53-3/53.
Toemain. 6/41-8/41.

Original Chroniclers

Active: 12/31/33-

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Ebony White.

Inspector Dolan.

Ellen Dolan. In 1950, Ellen is elected mayor of the city, despite the Spirit’s wishes and efforts.

Silk Satin.

Darling O’Shea.

Silken Floss.

Lt. Oren Grey.

Hazel B. Macbeth.

Sammy. 7/49-5/50.

Sand Saref.
Notable Adversaries:

The Black Queen. Lawyer, crime boss and murderess, the lovely but deadly Black Queen attempts to rob the U.S. Treasury in her most ambitious scheme. 6/16, 7/7, 10/13, 11/10/40.

Dr. Cobra. 6/2, 6/9, 10/13/40.

Lorelei. 9/19/48.

Mr. Bubble. Corrupt city politico, the obese Mr. Bubble blows bubbles. 9/15, 10/6/46, 2/8/48.

Mr. Carrion. Schemer who lives off the efforts of others, whether they are the families of servicemen missing in action or other criminals. Carrion has fierce affection for his pet vulture Julia.

Mr. Dusk and Twilight.

Nylon Rose. 3/17, 4/7/46.

The Octopus.


Plaster of Paris. 11/7/48.

Powder Pouf.

The Squid. 1/18, 2/15, 4/5/42.

Original Chroniclers



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Happy Easter.

Delta Index.

Fireball Feeney.

Convoy. 5/87-8/87.

Reed Kimberly.

Dogie Hogan.

Princess Snowflower.


Summer Smith.

Deen Wilderness.

Summer Olsen Canyon. Summer leaves Canyon again in January 1987after seeing a new photograph of Poteet kissing Steve.

Cheetah. , 10/84-12/84(dream).

Doe Redwood. Expert female pilot. , 3/84-5/84

Miss Mizzou.

Holly Hall.

Savanah Gay.

Carrot Kane. 1/88-

El Charibo. , 12/87-

Minerva Kaol.

Iron Myke. 10/66-

Bitsy Beekman. 4/67-

Leighton “Oley” Olsen. 9/69-

Johnny Mink.


Virgilia Downspout. 5/72

Stalky Schweisenberger. , 12/84-

Lieut. Visto “Quiz” Brennan. Dark-haired and handsome, Quiz is also a military man, albeit young and single, gifted with a photographic memory and easily wowed by some of Canyon’s earlier associates. He is smitten with Doe Redwood (5/84), unsuccessfully seduced by Copper Calhoun, at odds with Poteet Canyon (5/85) and drawn to the vulnerable Stalky (2/86), kissing her just once before she is whisked away by her manipulative brother, Gopher, shortly thereafter. He also shows romantic interest in Bitsy Beekman in their second encounter (12/87).

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