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Dale Scott.

Normandie Drake. c5/35-

Burma. Tough talking blonde with a heart of gold who refers to herself in the third person. Romantically interested in Pat Ryan. c4/36-

April Kane. c11/38-

Raven Sherman. Her tragic death is a shock to all concerned. c3/40-11/40.

Nasty”. , late 40s

Big Stoop. x/xx-x/xx, 2/47, 4/50-6/50…, 1951, 11/65-1/66, 4/70-5/70

Hotshot Charlie. Full name, Charles Charles. The freckle-faced Charles ultimately replaces Pat Ryan as Terry’s near constant companion, their relationship one of equals. Indeed, Terry is the more mature one of the pair, Hotshot being impulsive and something of a would-be womanizer until he meets Spray O’Hara. The two marry in 1954, and Hotshot is no longer Terry’s constant companion. c12/44-x/55, 11/56-2/57, 1/58-2/58, 2/63-3/64, 4/65-7/65.

Lhassa. Seven-foot Tibetan beauty who is a warrior princess of her people. Lhassa is initially attracted to Hot Shot Charlie but ultimately falls in love with and marries Big Stoop. 1/47-2/47, 5/50-7/50, c12/51?, 7/52-9/52…, 11/65-1/66, 4/70-5/70

Spray O’Hara. Flight attendant and also nurse, the attractive O’Hara is the romantic interest and ultimate wife of Hotshot Charlie. In 1952 she stands trial, having been framed for a black market plasma operation. Spray and Hotshot marry in May of 1954 under unusual circumstances (the Dragon Lady is her maid of honor and she is walked down the isle by Chum Fun. Spray is only seen sporadically in the narrative thereafter. 10/47-2/48, 9/48-4/49, 3/50, 1/51-7/51, …12/51-4/52,11/53-6/54, 11/56-1/57, 12/63-3/64..

Chum Fun. Son of a Chinese mayor, Chum is a mischievous adolescent who assists Terry on a number of occasions. Chum soon is leading a band of boy guerillas in resisting the Chinese communists. He and his guerillas have allied themselves with the Dragon Lady, as in 1953 and 1963. When last seen in the narrative he is a teen-ager. 9/48-4/49, 2/50-4/40, 12/51?, 6/52-8/52, 11/53…, 5/54, 9/56-10/56, 1/61-6/61.

Colonel “Snapper” Brassard. A brigadier general and Terry’s commanding officer. Briefly romantically interested in Spray O’Hara in 1951…1/51

Lucifer “Lucy” Bonecrusher. Skinny, accident prone Air Force officer who becomes infatuated with an exotic dancer named Wing Buck. 5/53-9/53.

General “Ramrod” Ramm. Terry must rescue her when a Russian agent named Brava seduces and then kidnaps him. 7/54-11/54.

Rogue. Like Burma, refers to herself in the third person as Rogue. She is tough minded, madly infatuated with Terry but fair. When her romantic rival, Spruce Winter is emotionally incapacitated, Rogue calls off their rivalry for Lee’s affections until Winter is up to the fight. 11/54-3/55.

Spruce Winter. While searching for her missing brother, Spruce falls for Terry. She is devastated when they find her brother dead. 12/54-3/55

Havoc” Moody. Perpetually depressed but handsome co-pilot. Handsome with five o’clock shadow, Moody is constantly popping aspirin. x/55-x/56.

P. Q. Folly. Tattoo’s father and a mildly shady figure willing to have under the counter deals with various Asian leaders. 2/56-7/56, 11/57-1/58, 8/59-9/59.

Tattoo Folly. Romantic interest of Terry’s. Tattoo and her father were last seen drifting at sea, their final fate unknown. Terry rebuffs another woman’s advances in 1960, referencing his love for Tattoo.3/56-7/56, 7/57-12/57, 2/59-9/59.

Fyffe Drummond. Terry’s new companion in adventure, taking the place of the now married and domesticated Hotshot Charlie. Drummond is a self-proclaimed coward and in the sixties takes to wearing bushy sideburns. Later leaves the Air Force and takes up with a charter air outfit called Air Expendable. In 1965, Drummond, over-confident of his own appeal, memorably attempts to woo Lhasa away from Big Stoop. 10/56-1/57, 7/57-9/57, 6/60-7/60, 10/61-2/62, 4/64-5/64, 10/65-1/66, 9/68-12/68, 3/69-7/69, 10/69-1/70, 7/71-9/71, 5/72-7/72.

Dolores Deepsix. Attractive dark-haired congresswoman who is romantically attracted to Terry. They are dating by 1971, but the relationship doesn’t seem as passionate as Terry’s with Tattoo. 6/60-7/60, 3/64-5/64, 5/68-9/68, 3/71-5/71, 9/71-12/71, 7/72-9/72.

Bucky Warbow. Cheyenne protégé of Terry’s, a rival of Chum Fun’s. After both of his parents are killed, this Cheyenne youth briefly falls into the young, forced conscription army of the Dragon Lady. He briefly suspects she may be his biological mother. While this proves not the case, he is once again in her circle in 1962. He becomes a cadet in the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1963, where he graduates in 1967. Buck becomes a pilot and a lieutenant in the Air Force. 12/60-9/61, 6/62-10/62, 3/63-10/63, 5/67-9/67, 5/70-8/70.

Sgt. Guidon. Blind drillmaster and former marine hired by the Dragon Lady to train her own private army of cadets. 2/61-9/61.

Tripoli Guidon. Attractive blonde-haired young woman who is the daughter of Sgt. Guidon and an early romantic interest of Bucky Warbow. 2/61-9/61.

Delphi. Full name, Delphinium Druid. Beautiful and unpretentious English aristocracy, Lady Druid is the first serious romance for Terry after Tattoo Folly. 10/61-6/62.

La Rubia. Attractive red-haired bull fighter who becomes involved with Terry and a Russian agent named Serge. 7/65-10/65.

Miss Cockatoo. Beautiful woman, half French, half Vietnamese, who seeks Terry’s help in Vietnam. Her ultimate ambition is to restore her father’s plantation to productivity. 10/66-1/67.

Delta. Full name, Delta Derby. Romantic interest of Bucky Warbow. Her mother, Dolly, is the head of a group that keeps watch for flying saucers. 6/67-9/67.

Zuzy Cue. 3/69-5/69.
Notable Adversaries:

Baroness Alexis Poppopnikoff. Arrogant European beauty who is accompanied by a large Russian named Nikol. In her second encounter with Terry, the Baroness appears humbled by misfortune but turns out to have been actually working for the Russian communists all along. 1/49-3/49, 2/50-4/50.

Barracuda. Attractive, but deadly female foreign agent, with dark hair that spikes downward on her forehead. She kidnaps Tattoo and squares off against both Terry and Fyffe Drummond. 7/57-9/57.

Baron dePlexus. 1938-39, 1946.

Brava. Beautiful blond Russian agent who seduces and, with the assistance of her physically formidable associate Timur, kidnaps General Ramm. When the two are captured by Terry, the Russian embassy disavows any knowledge of them and allows them to rot in prison. 7/54-11/54.

Bronz. Crooked collector of priceless antiques who wears an over-sized plantation hat and has an oversized thin-lipped mouth. Bronz ends up menacing Motley Van Goblin when they pursue the same item. 4/48-8/48.

Chappie Khan. Fashionably dressed, Khan controls a tribe of shepherds. 3/69-5/69.

Chopstick Joe. Black marketer willing to deal information to Terry if it’s to his advantage. Chopstick Joe was, for a time, the employer of Terry and Hotshot as the owner of Air Cathay. But Joe closed out that operation to open an inn named Capra Traders Rest, where he often conducts questionable dealings with smugglers. In this capacity, Chopstick Joe is frequently connected in illegal business ventures with the Dragon Lady and thus often aware of her whereabouts. When asked if he was a criminal in 1970, Chopstick Joe described himself as “a free enterprise entrepreneur. Real translation—‘Anything for a buck!’” 1938-39, 1946, 1/47-x/47, 10/48-7/49, 2/50-4/50, 8/51-10/51, 10/53-11/53, 12/57-1/58 …2/63-3/63, 10/67-11/67, 9/70-10/70.

The Dragon Lady. In 1961 and 1963, her encounters are not with Terry but rather Bucky Warbow, who briefly believes Madame Deal may be his biological mother. 8/36-2/37, …12/37-4/38, 4/39-11/39, 8/40-11/40,c42, c12/44-45, c46, 12/47-1/48, 10/49-1/50, 8/51-9/51, 11/53-5/54, 4/55-6/55, 5/56-6/56, 9/59-11/59, 1/61-6/61, 2/63-6/63, 4/65-6/65, 11/67-1/68, 9/70-11/70, 12/71-1/72.

Ermine Toy. Clever and beautiful opportunist who associates herself with powerful men, first with a man named Trek and later with Theodore Bor, a barrel-chested man with a plan to control Southeast Asia’s oil reserves. 12/46-5/47, 8/47-9/47.

General Won Goon. 10/52-11/52.

The House of Ling.

Ikoff. 10/64-12/64.

Judas. 1935-36, 1937, 1941.

Klang. 1937-38, 1939.

Major Kissoff. Handsome Russian agent. 6/67-9/67

Motley van/von Goblin. Pretentious but shapely blonde daughter of a New York art dealer named Harrington van Goblin. 2/48-8/48.

Pavlov. x/55-2/56.

Tony Sandhurst. Sandhurst finally meets his end, desperately fleeing from authorities, at the hands of Big Stoop.1937, 1942, 1946, 1/47-2/47.

Sanjak. 1938-39, 1943.

Shock Stock. Given name, Shockley. Shock is an attractive rock’n’roll musician as well as the daughter of a prominent American senator. Shock murders Niki, her bandmate and fiancé and frames Terry for it. 1/66-5/66.

Singh-Singh. 1938-39, 1944,

Theodor Bor.

Trek. 1/47-3/47.

Valentine. Kidnapper of Chum Fun. 9/48-11/48.

Victoria Tempest. Corrupt, if beautiful nurse who frames Spray for her plasma theft and black market operation. Tempest has shortish black hair. 1/52-4/52.

Active: -2/25/73

Writers: Milton Caniff 1934-46, George Wunder 1947-73.

Artists: Milton Caniff 1934-46, George Wunder 1947-73.


Original Name and Nickname: Winnie Winkle, the Breadwinner




Modus Operandi: Winnie began her life as a breadwinner at the tender age of 17, starting work as a stenographer. She has various side ventures along the way. After winning a bathing beauty contest, she is awarded a movie contract and moves to Hollywood from 9/27-3/28. She also has a brief stint working for the Secret Service in 193x.

After several disastrous romances, Winnie literally meets Mr. Wright in . Winnie married Will Wright on June 11, 1937. They struggled to manage things financially, during one rough period due to Will’s gambling. Later, the two went on the road doing vaudeville. Winnie became pregnant, but Will had disappeared. Winnie gave birth to twins in . Will and Winnie are reunited but an explosion happens while Bill is working overseas in 1951 and he is again presumed dead. After this, the narrative of Winnie Winkle becomes more serious as she raises her two children as a single mother, staving off various romantic suitors along the way.

Already a skilled fashion designer, Winnie takes over as CEO of Bonnaz Fashion beginning in January, 1955, though “Aunt” Bessie retains ownership. But in 1967, Bessie sells Bonnaz to Armand Gilt, who unceremoniously fires Winnie. Winnie gains positive work experience on her own, ultimately cobbling together enough finances to buy back Bonnaz, with Bessie acting as intermediary. For the first time, Winnie has total control of her business.

In January of 1979, exploring a tip, Winnie finally finds her lost husband. Bill initially doesn’t remember her and must undergo surgery to regain his memory. He remains a faithful, if occasionally unreliable husband until he is presumed dead yet again six years later in January 1985 in an accident arranged by his scheming, millionaire brother, Orville.

Friends and Allies:

Pa and Ma Winkle. Given name, Rip Van, Pa Winkle is a good hearted conniver who is always attempting to make a fast buck. His schemes often inadvertently entangle Winnie. Ma is long-suffering, sweet wife.

Perry Winkle. Perry is Winnie’s cousin and adoptive brother, taken in when Rip Winkle’s wealthy brother passes away. Pa Winkle soon squanders the accompanying fortune but looks after young Perry thereafter. Initially Perry largely appears in the humorous Sunday strips as a mischievous boy who is good friends with Denny Dimwit. Once the humorous Sunday strips are dropped in 1954, Perry disappears from the narrative. When he finally returns six years later, Perry is portrayed as a handsome, young man with short brown hair who has been in the military. He almost immediately has a conflicted chemistry with Janie Plane, a cousin of Bill Wright’s who has been staying in his room during his military service. .After several romantic misadventures, Perry ultimately marries Janie in 1965. Perry is portrayed as a loving, if often irritated husband. The couple have a pair of twins four years into their marriage. 4/22-x/54, 2/60-

Denny Dimwit. Perry’s intellectually slow best friend and offensive stereotype. Played for lowbrow humor, Denny disappears from the comic strip permanently in 1954.

Barnaby Bibbs. Winnie’s first boss, a safety pin manufacturer, for whom she worked as a stenographer. She worked for him off and on until 1949, when he introduces her to Edwin Bonnaz, a fashion mogul, who was impressed by her fashion work for him on an Easter season promotion. x/xxx-7/49.

Harry and Larry Tyler. Wealthy socialite twins who are both interested in romancing Winnie. One of them ends up leaving Winnie at the altar. 2/22-x/22.

Mike Mulligan. Unsophisticated country boy interested in Winnie. He later comes into money, pretending to be an interior decorator but actually making his money as a bootlegger. He left Winnie at the altar when his illegal operations resulted in his arrest.. Mike ultimately finds happiness with a woman named Patsy Dugan, whom he marries in June, 1927. 5/23-x/24, 1/26-4/26, 6/27.

Marty Mulligan. Mike’s identical cousin, an aspiring boxer who was also becomes interested in Winnie, naturally. 2/30-6/35…

William “Bill” Wright. Will and Winnie meet when he is surveying the corner that the Winkles live on. He saves the Wrights from being swindled out of their property by Preston Price. Will proposes to Winnie on April 1st and the two are married on 6/11/37 but only after Will escapes from having been kidnapped by his wealthy brother. Will’s gambling problem soon trouble them. From 1938 to 1941 they try to make it as professional dancers, coming across many a lowlife along the way. Bill, while his judgment isn’t always the best, is capable of defending Winnie with his fists and is loving father until his second disappearance in early 1950, in an apparently fatal South American mine accident, lasts for decades. Winnie unsuccessfully pursues a lead that suggests Bill might still be alive in 1958. Bill reappears in 1978 and the two are happy for awhile until Orville Wright arranges for another accident in 1985. A Latin American revolutionary named Cicatraz that Winnie encounters in a new search may or may not be Bill. 2/37-x/42?, c45-x/51, 1/78-2/78, 1/79-1/85, possibly 2/88-5/88 (see Cicatraz).

Greek boss. Diminutive speakeasy owner who hires Will and Winnie as his dancing entertainment.

Wendy Wright. Initially known as Little Winnie, the girl is renamed Wendy in 1959 as a headstrong adolescent. Wendy gradually grows up to be an attractive and independent if spoiled and emotionally impulsive young woman. Later dramas of the series often revolve around her ill-fated love affairs.

Billy Wright. Writer of the comic strip toyed with the idea of having Billy be gay but decided against it.

Edwin Bonnaz. Fashion tycoon who hires Winnie to work for him after seeing some of her fashion designs for a local Easter season promotion. For a time, presumably after Bill’s death, he is also her suitor. Bonnaz is the nephew of Winnie’s adoptive “aunt,” Elizabeth “Bessie” Murtagh. When Bonnaz dies unexpectedly in 1954, Bessie asks her to run the business. Though it takes nearly twenty years, in 1971, Winnie finally becomes the owner of Bonnaz Fashion.7/49- , 10/54.

Elizabeth “Bessie” Murtah/Murtagh. Winnie’s adoptive “aunt” who hires her to work for and ultimately run the fashion operation she inherits with the death of her nephew, Edwin Bonnaz. Overwhelmed at the prospect of running a fashion business, Bessie appoints Winnie as CEO. Bessie foolishly marries Winnie’s brother-in-law and ends up being killed in March, 1985 by a gunman who is attempting to kill Orville. …9/50-12/50… 10/54-1/55, x/57-10/57, off and on through 3/85.

Tootsie Rocket. Star baseball player for the Central City Rums whose infatuation with Winnie initially threatens his ball play though he and his team ultimately win the pennant. Tootsie is something of a palooka: strong, a little dense, good-hearted but also quick-tempered. He once paid for Paw Winkle to visit him in training camp just to inquire about Winnie’s well-being. Paw is particularly invested in Rocket’s romance with his daughter given the ball player’s wealth. 5/51-11/51, 3/52-8/52, 5/53.

Professor Kirk Davis. Handsome college professor whose romance with Winnie Paw Winkle ruins on behalf of the far wealthier Tootsie Rocket. 2/53-4/53, 2/54.

Dr. Bob North. Physician whose interest in Winnie leads him to propose despite the obsessive opposition on his high society sister, Lenore. 9/53-2/54.

Stan Adams. Stockholder and employee of Winnie’s new fashion company, Adams initially attempts to undermine Winnie but ultimately comes around to respect and support her. 10/54-

Big Bill Stentor. Sexist and crude womanizing stockholder and employee of Winnie’s new fashion company. 11/54-2/55…

Birdie” Byrd. Winnie’s supportive and somewhat overweight secretary in her new role as CEO. She marries a sweet and handsomely well built Polynesian man named Tutu from the island of Pago Pago in 1966. When she returns to visit Winnie in 1972 she is severely overweight and Winnie helps her lose a good part of it. From then on, Winnie visits Birdie regularly and learns in 1974 that Birdie is considering leaving her husband. Their marriage is relatively happy for the rest of the narrative. 1/55-2/66, 10/67-1/68, 4/72-6/72, c5/73-7/73, 3/74-4/74, many others.

Brad Dunham. Handsome fashion executive, Brad initially romances Winnie pretending to be a ski instructor at his wealthy father’s lodge. This is Winnie’s first serious romance since her husband’s death. Overcoming a brief separation, in which Winnie contemplates what she really wants, the two are reunited by happenstance and their romance takes root. Brad’s father disinherits Brad and blacklists him in the industry. Planning on marrying on Valentine’s Day, 1956, their wedding is ultimately derailed by Brad’s inability to manage all the obstacles his father puts up. Winnie later chooses not to interfere with Brad’s burgeoning romance with a woman named Linda. 2/55-4/55,10/55-2/56, 1/57-3/57.

Janie Plane Winkle. A dark-haired, “Plain Jane” office girl receives a makeover by Winnie and the Bonnaz gang. She is ultimately revealed to be Bill Wright’s younger cousin and is invited to live in the Winkle home. She seems to alternate in drawing men into romantic interludes with the somewhat older widow Winnie. Professionally, Janie becomes Winnie’s most trusted business associate. When Winnie’s younger brother, Perry, returns to town in 1960 all grown up, the two fall in love and ultimately marry in February 1965. Janie is portrayed as a loving, if somewhat scatter-brained wife. In December 1969, Janie gives birth to twins, Tommy and Tammy. Perry and Janie play a shrinking role in the narrative thereafter. 1/58- .

Dick Valentine. Dark-haired, handsome and fit, Valentine is a resort owner Winnie meets on vacation and whom she considers a possible romantic interest for a time. The two become engaged in 1963, but the loss of his resort from a bad fire makes him financially unable to support Winnie and he breaks off the engagement. Ultimately Valentine decides to focus on other women after he comes for a visit and finds her gone on one of her periodic wild goose chases in search of her lost husband. 9/60-10/60, 5/61-6/61…, 2/63-4/63 …10/65-11/65.

Bill Williams. Wendy’s science teacher, Williams looks just like Bill Wright. Winnie suspects he may be her lost husband suffering from amnesia but the clues leading her in that direction are all coincidences. 1/61-2/61.

TuTu Johnson. Hunky Polynesian man from the island of Pornacopia (!) later designated by the more sedate name Pago Pago. TuTu falls in love with Birdie and shortly after their initial romance travels to the United States to ask her to marry him. While there, he takes a crash course in hotel management in order to support her when they move back to the South Pacific after their February 1966 wedding. He later appears to own his own hotel located on one of islands ruled over by Prince Jim. 4/65-6/65, 12/65-2/66, 11/67-1/68,

Mano. Tutu’s equally handsome and muscular younger brother, Mano becomes infatuated with the significantly older Winnie, who is tickled by but ultimately rebuffs his advances given her commitment to Hal Martins (see below). …6/73-7/73...

Prince Jim. Of Beguilia Island. 1/67-3/67, 7/67-2/68,

Hal Martins. The head buyer for the prestigious Excalibur department store chain, Martins falls in love with Winnie when she seeks him out to sign on with Bonnaz when he is vacationing in the Bahamas. In early 1972, Winnie learns he has lost his job and is now broke, a state which he feels negates his ability to marry her. After he is killed in an auto accident, after regaining his financial footing, an engagement ring is found in his pocket. 12/71-1/72, 3/72-4/72, 2/73-3/73, (news of his death) 8/73.

The Chameleon. AKA Joey Dell, a pen pal of Billy’s from the state correction institution. 11/74-2/75.

Consuelo. Also called Connie, this Colombian girl first claims to be Bill Wright’s daughter, sired during his lost period. She becomes a model, develops anorexia and appears to steal Wendy’s boy friend, but really doesn’t. Connie is later deported as an illegal alien as part of a scheme by Orville Wright to tear all of Winnie’s emotional supports from her side. 1/81-8/82.


Pierre Saville. -2/87, 3/91-

Drusilla Jones. With a Ph.D. in Comparative Religions, Drusilla is well equipped to pose as a witch, pretending to cast a spell on Winnie (actually a close friend) to fall in love with Orville Wright. It is all part of a scheme that finally allows Winnie to wrest control of Wright Enterprises from her missing husband’s brother. 7/88-8/88, 11/88.
Notable Adversaries:

Adrian Ardsley. Handsome painter whom Winnie meets while at a secluded cabin. Ardsley wants to paint her portrait and proves to be obsessed with Winnie, not to mention mentally unhinged. 6/56-9/56.

Armand Gilt. Unscrupulous businessman who buys Bonnaz Fashion and soon unfairly fires Winnie. From then on, until she buys the company herself, Gilt is an ongoing thorn in Winnie’s efforts to reestablish in the fashion world, going so far as have her innovative fashion designs stolen. 10/70-12/70, 10/71-11/71.

Cicatraz. An unhinged gun runner operating out of Central America who has a scarred face and just happens to cut his food just like William Wright. He saves Winnie’s life, who later leaves the region, convinced he isn’t her husband. 2/88-5/88.

Colonel Nicola Nokkov. Communist military officer infatuated with the Countess von Saber, a Winnie Winkle look alike. Winnie is enlisted by the O.S.I. to serve American interests by pretending to be the Countess in order to undermine communist interests in the region. 7/55-9/55.

Gregory Kontos. Arrogant and unscrupulous Greek tycoon obsessed with marrying Winnie. The handsome billionaire ultimately plots to secretly ruin Winnie’s company so she’ll be more vulnerable to his marriage proposal. 7/74-9/74, 2/75-6/75.

Kenneth Dare. A handsome and wealthy stockbroker, Dare attempts to marry Winnie, even though he is already married. His real wife outs the scoundrel at Winnie and Kenneth’s unrealized nuptials. 10/22-1/23.

Lenore North. Beautiful and wealthy, Lenore is the sister of her physician brother, Bob. Lenore wears beautiful Asian-styled dresses and smokes cigarettes from a cigarette holder. Obsessed with a sense that Winnie is unworthy of her brother, she hires a criminal to frame Winnie for a series of crimes. 9/53-2/54.

Lone Wolf Willie. AKA Bruce Williams, notorious jewel thief with whom Winnie has a romantic flirtation. 2/51-3/51.

Marsha Vogue. Described at one point as Winnie’s “arch enemy,” Vogue is originally the assistant to fashion mogul Edwin Bonnaz. With Bonnaz’s death, Vogue attempts to fraudulently take control of the company by tampering with his will. Winnie uncovers her deception and becomes the head of the company he left behind instead. Vogue later returns to seek revenge on Bill Stentor, Birdie, and most especially Winnie. She beats out Bonnaz Fashion for a lucrative television fashion contract by way of blackmail and fraud. In 1963, Vogue returns with a scheme to use Bessie’s husband’s gambling habit as a vehicle for taking over Bonnaz Fashion. By 1964, her own efforts at Fabian Fashions are showing declining sales in the face of Bonnaz’ success, so much so that Vogue hires a hit man to “rub out” Winkle—unsuccessfully, of course. 10/54-12/54, c10/56-12/56, 5/63-7/63, 9/64-11/64. .

Martine Saville. Scheming ex-wife of Pierre Saville. 3/87-

Omar Jabar. 12/81-4/82.

Preston Price. 1/37-3/37, 5/37.

Princess Gloriana. Murderous, horse-faced fiancé of Prince Jim. Gloriana used a trade agreement with her country that the prince desperately needed for his, to blackmail him into marrying her. 9/67-1/68, later?

Roscoe Wright. Bill and Jamie’s good-natured, con-man uncle. In 1950, Roscoe attempts to cheat Bessie Murtagh out of $3000, all of the money she has in her fashion business, to purchase an oil well supposedly worth a million dollars, but actually non-existent. In 1953, Roscoe blackmails Warren Wright into returning custody of the twins to Winnie, despite the fact that dirt he had on his nephew might helped him financially at a later date. Roscoe assists Winnie by conning some gentlemen far more sinister than he is in 1959. 10/49-12/49, 10/50-12/50, 8/53-9/53, 1/59-3/59, others.

Victor Ventura. Handsome con-man who solicits financial backing from a wealthy married friend of Winnie’s as they tour Europe to support the writing of a nonexistent novel. 8/64-9/64.

Vivian Vixon. The sleekly attractive, dark-haired Vixon gets herself hired as Winnie’s secretary while Birdie is briefly incapacitated and proceeds to try to sabotage Winnie’s every effort and ingratiate herself with Bessie Murtagh, the owner of Bonnaz, so she could see Winkle fired and gain a foothold in the company. A later tangle with Winkle leads to Vixon’s imprisonment. Vixon returns years later in disguise, seeking revenge and the utter financial destruction of her adversary. 10/60-11/60, 7/80-12/80.

Warren/W. Wayne/OrvilleWright. Will’s wealthy and disapproving older brother, who will stoop to any length to keep his sibling and Winnie apart. When Bill is presumed dead in South America, Warren and his mother attempt to gain custody of the twins by manufacturing evidence against Winnie’s parenting. When Bill’s brother returns in 1983 he goes by Orville, but the narrative suggests he has clashed with Winnie before. Thereafter he is a near constant thorn in Winnie’s side, at various times trying to marry her. He marries Winnie’s Aunt Bessie, a courtship that results in the latter’s death in 1985 when Orville pulls Bessie in front of him to take a bullet intended for him. 4/37-6/37, 5/53-9/53, 4/58, 3/82-12/82, 7/83-8/85, 12/85, 9/86-10/86, 2/87-6/87, 11/87-2/88, 6/88-11/88, 4/90-6/90.
Sightings: Chicago Tribune

Active: 9/20/20- /96

Writers: Jack Berrill 1943-59,

Artists: Martin Branner, Frank Bolle

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