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Magneto. 4/01-7/01. The Mole Man

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Magneto. 4/01-7/01.

The Mole Man. 10/10-1/11

Morbius. A living vampire. 2/11-6/11.

Mysterio. 3/78-4/78.

The Puppet Master. 7/10-9/10.

The Rattler. 5/77-7/77.

Rhino. x/05-4/05.

Robin the Good. Bearded thief popular with the public who robs from the rich and apparently gives to the poor. Willing to pose for pictures with those he most politely robs. 3/96-6/96.

Sabretooth. 1/10-6/10.

Sandman. 9/09-12/09.

Scorpion. 7/01-10/01.

The Shocker. 8/07-9/07.

The Vulture. 4/08-8/08.
Original Chroniclers

Active: 1/3/77-2011+


Roommates of Apartment 3-G:

Margo Magee. Spoiled rich girl attempting to make it on her own, the dark-haired brunette begins as a secretary, but later becomes a show business publicist, agent, and manager (and later owner) of an art gallery.

Abigail “Tommie” Thompson. Attractive red-haired nurse who tends to be cautious and conservative in her choices and struggles with a sense of herself as boring.

LuAnn Wright Powers. Naïve and largely unaware of the impact she has on men, LuAnn is a blonde-haired school teacher who resembles the actress . LuAnn is absent from the narrative, immediately after her marriage to Garth Powers from 11/64 until her return in x/67. When her husband is declared missing in action, she continues on as an art teacher, ultimately emerging as a talented painter who also works at Mills Gallery.

Origin: The narrative begins with Margo, Tommie, and Lu Ann moving in together into a new apartment. Margo and Tommie have been roommates before, but this is the first time that Lu Ann, fresh from South Dakota, has lived on their own.

Abilities and Attributes:

Appearance: Tommie is said to resemble a youthful Lucille Ball, Margo a youthful Joan Collins and Lu Ann, Tuesday Weld. Beth, like Lu Ann, is blonde.

Modus Operandi: The narrative alternates between the three women, though Margo and LuAnn are featured more often than Tommie. While initially amused by their larger than life neighbor, Aristotle Papagoras, the three women soon come to regard him as a surrogate father figure and value his advice. Stories often revolve around the men who move into the adjoining apartment. LuAnn is the only woman of the three to have left the apartment, when she decides to marry Garth Powers. Beth Howard takes her place, but also leaves after securing her romantic interest in Dr. Lester Pride. LuAnn, alone while her husband serves in Vietnam, moves back in with old roommates. When LuAnn’s husband is declared missing in action, LuAnn refrains from romance for several years, but finally resumes a social life in the mid-seventies.
Friends and Allies:

Professor Aristotle Papagoras. Their gray-haired and bearded confidante, originally a mysterious figure but soon a good friend. Papagoras is not without romantic intrigues of his own, and his past associates often cross paths with the girls. 5/61-present.

Byron Frost. Margo’s first boss, for whom she works as a secretary. In 1964 he enters into an unhealthy relationship with Ellen Denim. x/xx-x/xx, 12/64-4/65.

Martin Magee. Also called Paul Magee, Margo’s wealthy father who is often emotionally disengaged from his daughter and uses his wealth at times in attempts to influence her. x/xx-x/xx, 5/99-9/99, 3/09-4/10, 6/10, 9/10

Garth “Gary” Powers. The girls first meet Garth when he befriends a sick girl recovering in 3G. Garth is a frugal young man who took classes from Professor Papagoras, who knows of his past with another girl. Garth’s Navy admiral uncle worries about the young man, despite his considerable wealth, and is pleased when LuAnn resolves her love/hate relationship with the sometimes aloof Garth in the young man’s favor. Garth (or LuAnn) is not seen for a few years after his engagement to LuAnn is announced. He returns in 1967 with marital problems with LuAnn. Now going by Gary, he ultimately enlists in the Air Force becoming a pilot. Gary is sent to Viet-Nam where he is later reported missing in action. His death is confirmed in 1971. 6/64-11/64, x/67-x/xx, x/xx-x/xx.

Beth Howard. A wide-eyed transplant from Atlanta, complete with a Southern drawl, Beth proves a more suitable substitute for LuAnn after the girls have a bad experience with Ellen Denim. Beth moves out when she becomes engaged with Dr. Lester Pride. 4/65-x/67.

Peter Papagoras. The professor’s ruggedly handsome but naïve to the ways of America nephew. He comes to America from Greece to visit his uncle, unaware that he has just left on a vacation. The enthusiastic Peter becomes infatuated with Beth and seeks to marry her. He remains a source of equal parts amusement and vexation to the girls. …5/66-7/66.

Newton Figg. Handsome but childlike author of children’s books who talks to his stuffed animals. Encountering Margo prompts Newton to aspire to writing adult novels, to his agent’s considerable distress. 8/66-12/66.

Dr. Lester Pride. Handsome young physician who is torn between the attentions of wealthy Linda Van Nort and Beth Howard. Pride picks Beth, following her to her parents’ home in Macon, Georgia. 1/67-6/67…

Sgt. Smith. The Vietnam veteran brother of Mary Smith, one of LuAnn’s students, who attempts to set the two up by sending letters to her brother in Vietnam, but signing LuAnn’s name. 9/70-x/xx.

Bryan. x/xx-x/xx, c8/73.

Lucas Honeycutt. Aspiring writer with whom Margo becomes involved. The inexperienced young man from Georgia becomes overly involved with his manipulative editor, Jean Esterlin. c1/75-3/75.

Janice. The daughter of one of Papagoras’ former romantic entanglement is in town and visits with the professor but ultimately meets a handsome bartender named Frank. She appears to choose another man at the end of their first encounter, but seeks his love when they meet again the next year. 7/75-12/75, c5/76-c10/76.

Frank. A handsome bartender, Frank is jilted by his first true love, Janice, and attempts to find comfort in the arms of a pretty young nurse but ultimately is drawn back to Janice. 7/75-12/75, c5/76-c10/76.

Lu Ann’s new fiancé. Lu Ann returns from Europe with a new fiancé with a mysterious past. 12/76-x/77.

Blaze Wright. A struggling actor, Ruby’s younger brother and LuAnn’s protective cousin. Blaze grew up in South Dakota and often sports a cowboy hat and bolo tie. Blaze joins the girls on their extended cruise in the Fall of 2001 and perhaps foolishly indulges Margo’s brief foray into acting in 2004. A year later he introduces his old school friend, Alan Lange to LuAnn. In 2010, Blaze produces a play that requires a pianist, a skill Tommie just happens to have. Curiously, Blaze is never shown to have a romantic entanglement with a woman. x/98-4/99, appears sporadically but regularly thereafter, with more extended appearances in:7/01-2/02, 2/04-5/04, …1/10-x/xx.

Rosa Gatica. Martin and Roberta Magee’s longtime maid who doted on Margo as she grew up. It later emerges she only worked for the Magees to keep close watch over Margo, who was actually her sister Gabriella’s daughter. Roberta fires her for revealing the secret but Margo insists that her father rewards Rosa’s loyalty. He does so by making Rosa and Gabriella co-owners of a restaurant, where Rosa will serve as chef. 5/99-10/99.

Gabriella Gatica. Rosa’s sister and Margo’s Latina mother who Martin had an affair with while she worked as the family maid. Gabriella gave Margo up to Martin as an infant in hopes she might have a better life. Margo stays in regular contact with Gabriella but only calls her mother for the first time in January 2008, distraught over Eric Mills leaving for China. 8/99-9/99, 6/01-7/01, appears sporadically but regularly thereafter, with more extended appearances in: … 5/09-4/10.

Pete Bicman. Dark-haired FBI agent who soon becomes initially becomes infatuated with Margo. After several happy months together, Margo is unhappy to discover in 2002 that Pete has a four-year old daughter named Gretchen. Pete catches Margo kissing another man just as he is growing closer to LuAnn. He alone recognizes her symptoms of agoraphobia, after she has suffered a kidnapping ordeal with Marcella Della. But the two have a nasty argument when LuAnn goes against Pete’s wishes and encourages his ex to have Gretchen tested for dyslexia. He nonetheless proposes to LuAnn in July of 2004. LuAnn feels things are moving too fast and declines. Margo unsuccessfully attempts to reconnect with Pete but washes her hands of him when he asks her if she was romantically involved with a criminal named Harold Eldon. 11/00-4/01, 6/02-12/02, 2/04-10/04, 1/05.

Greg Winthrop. Owner and captain of a seaworthy boat, Greg romances LuAnn and invites the girls and Blaze on an extended cruise to the Bahamas. Greg ultimately asks LuAnn to marry him, then neglects to mention that he has fallen in love with and married Marcella, a Cuban girl Margo rescues adrift in the Caribbean Sea. Greg shallowly claims credit for the rescue. 7/01-3/02.

Marcella Della. A talented athlete seeking to escape Cuba, Marcella becomes the first female baseball player to compete in the major leagues. A failed minor leaguer named Earl kidnaps Marcella out of rage at her success and LuAnn who is unlucky enough to witness the abduction. 1/02-7/02.

Alexandra. LuAnn’s pregnant niece, nicknamed Mim. Alexandra gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Liliana. Later, she accidentally reveals that Ruby is LuAnn’s biological mother, her own mother leading her to believe LuAnn already knew. 1/05-5/05, 11/08.

Scott Gaines. Apparently a school teacher who is simply concerned about social issues, Scott turns out to be a very wealthy man who likes to see the work of his family’s philanthropy close up. He falls in love and proposes to LuAnn, who he meets working on a school service project together. But LuAnn breaks off the engagement when she learns from Margo that he has been engaged several times before, relationships that always end due to interference by his mother. To her dismay, in 2006, Margo discovers she is serving as the wedding planner for an impending marriage to a wealthy woman named Nina Blake. Later, in 2012, Scott and Nina return when Nina is pregnant and want Tommie to serve as her midwife. The baby is born healthy, but not before a drunken kiss with Margo creates further difficulties. 5/05-10/05, 2/06-4/06, … 2/12-7/12.

Eric Mills. Handsome owner of Mills Gallery, Eric gives LuAnn the confidence to pursue painting professionally and successfully romances the jaded Margo to whom he declares his love. In January 2008, Eric travels to Tibet to help free his brother Tim, who is being held there as a political prisoner. His contacts with Margo taper off until he proposes to Margo in a voice mail message in October before embarking on a dangerous mission to free a young Buddhist monk destined to be the next Dalai Lam. Margo ultimately learns that he was killed in an avalanche helping a monk/political prisoner escape. His body, however, is never found. 6/06-1/08, 3/08, 5/08-8/08, 10/08, 7/09 (flashback only).

Ruby Wright. Blaze’s older sister and apparently LuAnn’s cousin, Ruby comes to New York from Texas when LuAnn suffers a serious case carbon monoxide poisoning. Ruby largely raised Blaze herself. An older woman with bright red-hair, Ruby is something of a caretaker and loves to cook. She soon becomes romantically interested in a low key way with Papagoras. and moves into apartment 3B when an actress named Gina moves to Hollywood. Ruby supports herself working as a wedding planner. By 2009, Ruby is dropping occasional comments about the price of secrets. In January 2012, she is revealed to be the biological mother of LuAnn. Ruby’s aunt and uncle adopted LuAnn to save the South Dakota family from scandal. 7/07-

Nora Mills. The dark-haired sister-in-law of Eric, she falls in love with him while Eric dotes of his cancer-ridden niece in the absence of her presumed dead husband. When Eric finds evidence that Tim may still be alive, she doesn’t believe it and declares her love to Eric instead. Eric dies seeing to the rescue of Tim who then is happily reunited with his wife, presumably unaware of these details. 4/07-10/07, 1/09-2/09, 6/09-7/09.

Gary Walker. Blond-haired, glasses wearing suitor of Tommie, a self-proclaimed geek. Tommie is initially disinterested when she thinks he is a low level theatrical worker, but her interest is peaked later on when she realizes he is a successful computer systems engineer. Their romance hits a rough patch when he doesn’t warn Tommie that he is investigating Joe Kelly, her medical colleague, for criminal wrongdoing. When Gary gets a promotion in Denver, he proposes to Tommie hoping she will join him there, but she turns him down. 1/07-2/07, 8/07-12/07, 10/08-5/09.

Tim Mills. The brother of Eric, held prisoner for assisting the young Buddhist monk that Eric ultimately rescues. He is reunited with his wife and only meets Margo at the reading of his brother’s will, when she is left full ownership of the gallery. 8/08, 7/09,12/09.

Jack Davis. An old friend of Eric Mills who had been a curator at his studio until Eric encouraged him to follow his passion of producing quality art prints. Handsome with short dark hair, Jack meets LuAnn when Margo arranges for him to produce a series of prints of her botanical paintings. He alone realizes that she has only been painting “species threatened by habitat loss.” He is initially interested in LuAnn romantically but helps out Margo when she must take over Eric’s business during his trip to China. When he rekindles an interest in LuAnn, Margo’s jealousy is aroused. Jack ultimately decides to romance Doris McGill, the long-suffering support staff of the Mills Gallery instead. Jack announces their engagement to the surprise of both women and then marries Doris the following year. 4/08-12/08, 2/10-6/10, 9/10-11/10, 5/11.

Iris Thompson. Tommie’s globe-trotting aunt who enlivens the apartment building with her optimism, introducing Trey Brooks to Margo in the process. She also actively supports Tommie’s fledgling singing career, managing to get Tommie’s timid mother Susan to attend one Tommie’s performances, but only after Iris has already returned to Europe. 10/10-6/11.

Paul Linski. Wealthy blond-haired youth who quickly falls in love with LuAnn and proposed marriage, but is ultimately unable to cope with the fact that she had never told him that she had been married before. The two subsequently break off their engagement, LuAnn realizing they never really knew each other. 11/10-12/11.

Greg Cooper. A handsome, dark-haired actor who is currently starring in the James Bond film franchise. He comes into conflict with Margo when he hires her as his publicity agent, but the two ultimately fall in love and become engaged. 8/12-3/13.

Governor . Republican governor of New York who becomes infatuated with LuAnn who doesn’t share his politics.
Notable Adversaries:

Alan Lange. A talented painter and old school friend of Blaze’s. Blaze introduces him to LuAnn, who encourages his talent and celebrates his show at the Mills Gallery. Alan falls in love with LuAnn but falls in with a bad crowd after he learns LuAnn was engaged to, and might still have feelings for, Scott Gaines. After blowing up at LuAnn, Alan decides to leave New York and return to Maine, declaring his love for her in a letter he leaves behind. Later, Alan returns and briefly becomes curator of the Mills Gallery. Unfortunately, troubled Alan uses drugs, and ultimately becomes a drug dealer who cheats on Lu Ann and steals money from Margo. Nonetheless, LuAnn grieves his death when Alan is fatally shot by another addict. 12/05-3/06, 6/06, 8/06, 3/07-10/08.

Dr. Joseph R. Kelly. Medical colleague of Tommie who treats LuAnn’s case of carbon monoxide poisoning. The recently divorced physician later asks Tommie out, but begins to call her into work to disrupt her blossoming romance with Gary Walker. Kelly is ultimately arrested on charges of grand larceny for padding medical bills and physically threatening Tommie. 6/07-8/07, 11/08-5/09.

Ellen Denim. Con-woman and jewel thief who wiles her way into living with the girls after LuAnn moves out and who almost lands wealthy Byron Frost as a husband. Lacking any loyalty, she throws her criminal colleague and likely paramour when it serves her purposes. 11/64-4/65.

Harry Eldon. Wealthy client of Margo’s publicist business, also turns out to own a garment sweatshop and kidnaps Margo when she uncovers the truth. 8/04-12/04.

Jeremy Dratman. New owner of the apartment complex, Dratman attempts to get the residents to leave the building for obscure reasons. He hires Horatio Carlos, “a death squad leader in Argentina’s dirty war,” as a super whose sole purpose is to create havoc in the building. The two men ultimately and unsuccessfully try to burn the apartment to the ground. In the aftermath, Dratman is arrested for attempted arson, but gets out on bail. Margo negotiates the sale of the building to the residents. 7/00-4/01.

Roberta Magee. Margo’s presumed biological mother who has always been withholding of maternal affection. In 1995, Roberta moves into the penthouse in Margo’s building without even contacting her daughter to let her know. In 1999, Margo learns that Margo is not her biological daughter and that Margo forced her bio mom to give her to be raised by Roberta and her husband, Margo’s biological father. Most recently, in 2009, adopting her nickname and maiden name--Bobbie Merrill—she begins a romance with Ari Papagoras, who provided a one time consultation while a psychiatric colleague was on leave. Unaware of her true identity, Papagoras notes her dramatic mood swings. Bobbie stalks her husband, who is seeking a divorce, and is enraged when she discovers that Martin has renewed his love affair with Gabriella. She ultimately threatens to shoot her estranged husband, and possibly Margo as well. Martin takes her gun away when she is distracted by a call from Aristotle and Papagoras subsequently arranges for Roberta’s private hospitalization. Martin declines to press charges and she has not been heard from since. Various, 6/95-x/95, 5/99-9/99, 8/09-4/10.
Sightings: Menominee Falls Gazette 165-223 (circa 1975).

Chroniclers: Nick Dallis (w) 5/61-x/91

Alex Kotsky (w) x/91-x/96

Lisa Trusiani (w) x/96-10/05

Margaret Shulock (w) 11/05-2/14+

Alex Kotzky (a) 5/61-x/xx

Brian Kotzky (a) x/xx-12/99

Frank Bolle (a) 12/99-2/14+

Active: 5/8/61-2013+


1943-46, 1966-74, 1989-91
Original Identity: Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson




Modus Operandi: Bat Signal. Bat Cave. Batmobile. Batplane.
Friends and Allies:

Robin. 10/43-

Alfred. 10/43

Commissioner Gordon. 10/43-

Batgirl. 5/67-7/67.

Superman. 3/68-8/68.

Aquaman. Costumed hero and ally of Batman, able to swim, breathe underwater and command animals.

Green Arrow. Costumed hero, master archer and ally of Batman.1970.

Galexo. A hero Bruce Wayne enlists to help the duo deal with extraordinary threats, Galexo possesses ESP and futuristic weapons. 4/72.
Notable Adversaries:

Catwoman. s 4/46-6/46, d 5/66-7/66, 1989-90.

The Joker. In his 1945 appearance, the Joker strikes an uneasy alliance with a beautiful blonde known only as the Sparrow. d 3/44-6/44, s 10/45-12/45, d 7/66-9/66, 1990.

The Mad Hatter. x/91-7/91.

Man-Bat. 1970.

The Penguin. 11/43-12/43s, 2/46-3/46s, 5/66-7/66s, 1990.

Poison Ivy. 12/66-3/67.

Professor Radium. After ten years of handling radium without proper protection, Dr. Knell glows in the dark and develops a touch of death, hence his self-imposed moniker Professor Radium. After accidentally killing his pet dog, Radium’s touch was intentional. As he wrote Batman, “Fate gave me the touch of death. I will use this gift to bring merciful release to unhappy humans who are better off dead.” Radium is balding, sports a goatee, and has thick, circular glasses. 9/46-11/46d.

The Riddler. 1991.

Two-Face. 6/46-8/46s, 1990, x/91-8/91.
Original Chroniclers

Active: 10/23/43-11/2/46, 5/29/66-4/72, 11/6/89-8/3/91

Original Identity:

Origin: Tired of only getting birth and death notices to write up, Starr—a reporter for the Flash—demands that her editor give her a real story. He counters that she must get an interview with underworld figure Silky Fowler by midnight or she’s fired. Brenda gets her story and starts her career as a hard-nosed but ever beautiful reporter.



Modus Operandi:
Work Colleagues and Family:

Tom Taylor. Crack reporter and photographer for the Flash, in love with Brenda who consistently turns down his marriage proposals. Taylor ultimately marries in

and by 1947, they have a child together. 6/40-47…

Pesky Miller. Copy boy at the Flash, infatuated with Brenda. Miller comes from a long line of amateur chemists and has created a number of unusual 6/40-present.

Muggs Walters. Editor of the Flash, gruff but kind hearted. 6/40-44…

Larry Nickels. Handsome and independently wealthy editor of the Cloud, a rival newspaper. Nickels comes from a long line of newspapers and has his newspaper offices located in Sun Valley, a ski resort area. He is one of many rivals for Brenda’s heart. He ultimately marries a younger redhead who also just happens to be named Brenda Starr. 12/40- , 7/68-9/68, 9/70,

Hank O’Hare. Brenda’s rather masculine fellow female reporter who wears beret. Hank ultimately marries a newspaper artist named Pierre in 1948 and the two have a daughter named B-Bomb in 1951. …44-

Abretha Breez. Brenda’s overweight cousin. She marries Hyram “Hi” Pockets on June 6th, 1948 moving out to live on his farm. The cousins still visit each other frequently throughout the fifties. By 1957, Abretha is happily eating for two. 44-6/48, 9/48-11/48, … 4/57,

Detective Traverts. Police detective who often becomes involved in Brenda’s crime-oriented stories. …44-2/48…50s, 6/53-7/53.

Slim Nolan. A tough-talking 18-year old copy girl at the Flash, shapely with thin lips and a penchant for cigarettes. Seeing Brenda’s interests constantly divided, despite her friendship with Brenda, Slim sets her sights on Tom Taylor. The two are married very soon after in January of 1946 and a year later have a daughter named Mimi. …44-48…

Tornado. Brenda’s dog.

Livwright. Daphne refers to Livwright as her uncle as she did Muggs. Both he and his wife die of heart attacks at the same time in May of 1982. 1945-82.

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