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Pierre Palette. Staff artist at the Flash. The Frenchman with a neatly groomed mustache falls hard for Hank O’Hara, whom he ultimately marries in 1948. x/48-x/48, 1/51, and various cameos thereafter.

B-Bomb Palette. Hank and Pierre’s wild child daughter who doesn’t go in for frilly girly stuff and is highly energetic and fearless. 1/51 and various cameos thereafter. Featured in 4/55-8/55, 5/64-7/64.

Ben Starr. Handsome dark-haired journalist who runs his own paper in the Ozarks. Irresponsible and something of a womanizer, Brenda and Ben consider their same last name a mere coincidence, but I believe Ben is ultimately revealed to be her long lost brother. The two kiss before his secret is revealed. This flirtation with incest may explain why he never appears again, though he is briefly mentioned. 5/55-11/55.

Starr St. John. The only child of Brenda Starr and Basil St. John, conceived a year after the marriage of her parents. Starr disappears with her father in Mexico in 1983 and is presumed lost, despite her father’s subsequent returns. Then, by happenstance, Brenda is convinced to attend a movie entitled Teen Temptress, starring a red-haired adolescent named Starr Sizzle. It emerges that Dylan Jagger, her manager and acting father, found Starr lost and hungry in a Mexican jungle and raised her as his own. Starr sports major attitude at first, but ultimately accepts both that Brenda is her mother and that she didn’t intentionally abandon her. However, Jagger is the only parent she ever remembers having and she convinces Brenda that it is best to leave her with him. 9/77-c8/83, 2/94-6/94.

Farewell Joshua Livwright. The spitting image of his younger brother, save that he stands only two/thirds as tall. The elder Livwright sells his interest in the Flash to Bottomline in January 1989.

B. Babbit Bottomline. Profit-driven publisher of a chain of newspapers who buys the Flash in January 1989 (wrong date?)..

Callow Kidman. Handsome young reporter in his twenties, a colleague at the Flash, whose youth and attitude manage to both annoy and attract Brenda. 12/94-3/95…

Uncle” Spiff . Originally hairdresser to the stars, Spiff becomes a journalist and Brenda’s best gay pal. 3/02-9/02, 12/04-10/05, 9/06-2/07, 10/07-6/08, 3/09.

Pug Tuff. Originally an intern at the Flash, Pug has subsequently made a name for herself as a journalist in India. Pug is short, stout and tough. 8/03-2/04, 3/09-
Romantic Interests and Friends:

Basil St. John. Originally known simply as “the mystery man” with the black eye-patch and affinity for black orchids, the love of Brenda’s life is ultimately identified as Basil St. John. He comes in and out of her life, never reliable enough for their love to flourish despite the deep attraction the two feel for each other. He gradually emerges that St. John has to grow the rare black orchids in order to make a serum to keep himself alive. Sequential bouts of amnesia in both parties keeps them apart in 1968 and discovering St. John is married to another woman in 1970 certainly puts a damper on things. Finally, after years of tribulations, Brenda and Basil marry in January 1976. In September 1977 they have their first and only child, Starr. It is later revealed that, years earlier, St. John had a son named Sage with Wanda Fonda. 9/45, 12/45-2/46, c5/47-6/47, 10/47, 5/49, 5/51-8/51 …1/53, 5/57-8/57 … 8/60-11/60 (not in 62 or 63)…12/67-8/68, 5/70, …3/74-9/74, 5/75-9/80, 10/81-c8/83… 7/86-2/87, 3/88-6/88, 10/88-1/89, 7/90-1/91, 8/91-10/91, 1/97-7/97, 10/01-12/01, 8/08-2/09.

Crystal Dish. 14-year old girl who has been under Basil St. John’s care and keeping at his black orchid farm in mysterious Sun Valley. Basil ultimately sends Crystal away with Brenda, as she has never lived away for Black Orchid Farm and desires a chance to live like other girls. 1/46-x/46, 6/51-9/51,

Siberia. Daphne Dimple’s attractive African-American maid who is more than willing to speak her mind but more often just shakes her head at the antics of her employer. Siberia has worked overtime as a dancer. Siberia’s status in the series is marked by the fact that paper dolls and fashions for Siberia were occasionally featured on Sunday pages. 1947, 5/48, 12/50, 5/53- , 6/54.

Timber Woods. Wealthy and handsome lumber magnate. Brenda almost marries him when she believes that he is deathly ill, then agrees a second time to marry him, in hopes that the news of her impending nuptials with bring her mystery man around again. It does, and Woods ends up marrying Daphne Dimples by mistake. c6/47-11/47, 7/68.

Hy Pockets. Pockets tall, thin frame is in marked contrast to Abreatha, the woman with whom he falls deeply in love and quickly marries. The two live together on Pockets’ farm. 4/48-6/48 , 3/57, others.

Awful Natural. AKA, the Natural Man, a heavily bearded, shirtless man who spends his spring, summer and fall every year living off the land in the woods just outside Hy Pockets’ farm. The handsome and fit Natural ends up shaving his beard and dressing up for Brenda, but promptly falls in love with another woman once in the city. 9/48-11/48.

WeeGee Castle. A backwoods girl is revealed to be the presumed lost Castle heiress. Despite her step-mother’s efforts to turn her into a high society debutante, Wee Gee falls for and impulsively marries a handsome Italian soda jerk named Tommy Noletti. 1/52-6/52.

Howie Haddem. Crime reporter for the Flash who marries Daphne Dimples. 4/53-9/53.

Merrie Rider. Brilliant girl who, when Brenda first encounters her, is always trying to make a buck, including selling tickets to her friends to see her father propose to Brenda. Her intelligence constantly puts her into challenging situations (such as a highly successful quiz show contestant) as she gradually grows into an attractive young woman who just wants to be a normal girl. 3/54-8/54, c7/59-10/59 … , 5/62-8/62, 11/66-3/67.

Hitch Rider. Merrie’s handsome father, sought after by both Brenda and Libby Lipps.

Ruff Banister. Handsome playwright who attempts to plot Brenda into a romance with him. He even goes so far as to disguise himself as her mystery man to steal a New Year’s Eve kiss. He has the rare distinction of being supported in his efforts by Hank O’Hare and her husband. He ultimately marries his secretary “Funnyface” Bannister, who quietly held a torch for him for years. Ruff has blond hair and is well tanned. 11/58-4/59.

Dr. Grantham Eden. Handsome British psychiatrist infatuated with Brenda. 1/61-3/61.

Professor Danny Dalivar. Handsome, dark-haired scientist who studies the properties of the black orchid. Merrie Rider is initially infatuated with him and Brenda tries to deflect that interest by going to work for Dalivar, disguised in a plain black wig, as his secretary. Dalivar falls in love with “Ruth” who reminds him of his late wife and Brenda in him, creating a dilemma for her. 6/62-10/62…

Raye Gunn. Something of a rogue, Raye creates life-size dolls as part of the family business. Brenda is drawn to him despite her sense she may well get burned. 2/63-5/63, 7/68.

T.J. Gunn. Raye Gunn’s older, married and more reputable brother. T.J. is married to , who is very temperamental. The couple has two children. 5/63-8/63…, …12/63-1/64…, 7/68.

Paula Siegfried. Beautiful young girl who apparently is a mermaid. She is protected by her father and her equally beautiful sister, Margo. 5/66-8/66.

Milton Inkski. Beatnik modern artist and romantic interest. 8/67-10/67, 7/68.

Ab Able. Handsome, college-educated Native American who is the publisher of a newspaper in Stampede, Oregon. He serves as a guide for Brenda as she does a story on a abominable snowman sighting. Able is presumed lost in an avalanche. 8/68-12/68.

Dice Domino. Handsome man of mystery who may have connections via his mother, MaMa Domino, with a crime family. He also is a big game hunter and Brenda and he share an adventure in Africa. 8/70-3/71.

Browny Kate.

Joe Bulio. Macho and sometimes irresponsible blond-haired cop. Unusual for Brenda, as he is not fabulously wealthy. Still, he has a secret. 2/72-5/72, 8/72-9/72.

Nino St. John. Latino waif that Brenda virtually adopts thinking he is Basil’s son, only to discover the boy is his nephew. Nino’s best friend is the equally mischievous, red-haired “Hot Dog.” 3/74-7/76.

Slippery St. John. Brenda discovers in early 1979 that the pop singing sensation Slipper Veil is actually Basil’s cross-dressing nephew. He manages to maintain his singing career as a male and displays romantic interests towards women, including Brenda herself. He later marries the bizarre Galaxy Gal in a hot air balloon over the Bermuda Triangle. 11/78-10/80.

Wanda Fonda. 1/86-2/86, 10/88-1/89, 7/90, 10/90-1/91, 6/91-9/91, 6/92… 11/94-12/94, 3/96, 1/97-7/97, 5/08, 3/09

Sage St. John. The son of Basil and Wanda Fonda, born in July, 1991, diagnosed with his father’s genetic eye disease necessitating an eye patch even as an infant. 1/97-7/97, 1-

Mikhail Godenuf. 1/86-4/86, 8/86-12/86, 10/88-1/89, 5/90-10/90.

Raven Graves. Night photographer and possible vampire, handsome with jet black hair and sun-glasses he wears even in the dark. He has a coffin in his own, in which it is only later revealed that he keeps old newspapers and photographs. Graves keeps his elderly mother hidden, whom he “kidnapped” from his cruel sisters for her own protection. When he once again goes on the run, Raven asks Brenda to join him, but she declines, lamenting that she never seems to fall for normal men. 1/93-7/93.

Dylan Jagger. Handsome move impresario with a single streak of white down the center of his lush, dark hair. Jagger serves as the manager of the hot new actress, Starr Sizzle, who turns out to be Brenda’s long lost daughter. Jagger found Starr lost in the jungle back in the days when he was running guns in Mexico for the S.I.A. under his original name, Mick McCartney. Wanting to be father to Starr, he must adopt his Jagger identity to escape the notice of the possessive underground government agency. While he initially tries to thwart Brenda’s efforts to see “his” daughter, the two come to an understanding. Starr can stay with the only parent she’s ever known as long as Jagger keeps Brenda apprised of their whereabouts from here on out. 2/94-6/94.

Jett Sweat. Handsome fitness fanatic with long blond hair, also an aspiring screenwriter. 6/95-10/95.

Rock Rappel. Handsome, dark-haired mountain climber associated with the criminal Consortium. Also Bottomline’s abandoned son. 8/96-1/97.

B. Brand Bottomline. Handsome, dark-haired son who briefly takes over as publisher of the Flash. His pet parrot sits on his shoulder, leading Brenda to suggest he just wants his own words parroted back at him. 10/07-3/09.

Laramie Coyote. Per Brenda, “my mandolin-playing, poetry writing mountain man (who) made the perfect cup of coffee.”

Sledge Hammer. Posed as a handyman at Brenda’s building, this handsome rogue is a discredited member of the sinister Shadow Intelligence Agency. He and St. John go way back and Hammer once saved his life. Hammer is seemingly equally devoted to Brenda, uncovering the secret to Basil’s black orchid formula and saving his own neck. 7/01-12/01.

Nick Nikon. Handsome, globe-trotting photo journalist. 1/02-9/02.
Notable Adversaries:

Aurora. Lovely, platinum-haired dealer in antiquities who is using the money she raises to fund an army to destabilize Kazookistan. One-time lover of Basil St. John. …9/08-12/08…

The Beastly Twins. Both named Mary Elizabeth Beastly, the two girls were considered one person by their wealthy but insane mother. One sister had a beautiful face but a withered body from spending her life inside an iron lung. The other sister has a beautiful body but a disfigured face. With the assistance of the murderous surgeon Dr. Pierre, the two sisters intend to steal Brenda face for one and her body for the other. She is able to convince them there are two plastic surgeons that could help them without such dire means, the identical twin doctors Rayo. 9/41-12/41.

Cash Wallstreet. Imagined adversary that a delusional Brenda models after the likeness of her psychiatrist, Dr. Mackey, for an entire year of adventures that never apparently happened. Her instincts aren’t entirely off, as Mackey proves to be nearly as unscrupulous and equally infatuated with Brenda. As Cash: 10/80-6/81; as Dr. Mackey: 10/81-3/82.

Cheet Kelly. A master of disguise who also posed as Sir Gregory and others in efforts to defraud the wealthy. 10/59-12/59+

Count Orlando. Apparently young and handsome, Count Orlando—the richest man in the world--romances Brenda and convinces him to join him on his island. There, the supposed beau turns out to only be the Count’s nephew. The actual count is hideously ugly and all previous attempted romances have ended with the girl screaming herself to death when she finally sees his face. Brenda’s kindness redeems the Count who then hires her to find his nephew who has fled the island with a lover. 10/64-5/65.

Craven Odd. Handsome botanist with aspirations of marrying Brenda and achieving world dominion. His plan: “Possessing the earth with atomic morning glory vines, which, once planted, will choke out all other vegetation and destroy the world’s food supply.” 11/57-3/58.

Daphne Dimples. Niece of the Flash’s first editor, Muggs Walters, Daphne is beautiful, spoiled and willing to sacrifice the needs of others to meet her own. She marries Timber Woods in 1947 while wearing a Brenda Starr mask. Of course, he was wearing a Basil St. John mask, so in terms in treachery it kind of evened out. She marries a Flash reporter in

1953 and is revealed to be pregnant not long after. 1940- 6/50- ., 1/53-x/xx, 6/54.

Dr. Delores Pain. Unscrupulous surgeon who falsely informs Brenda and a pregnant Wanda that Basil is dead after a hit and run accident. In actuality she has performed a surgical procedure that removed all of Basil’s memories. She lives with Basil, who she has renamed . Brenda is accused of her murder late in 1991. 11/90-1/91, 8/91-10/91.

Dr. Kissintel. One of Basil’s instructors in science, the diminutive Stanford professor sports a wild shock of white hair and is more than willing to sell State secrets. 11/82-2/83.

Dr. Slimski. 3/48-4/48.

Gaby Van Slander.

Gig Lovelady. Handsome, but treacherous blond-haired actor, gigolo and murderer. Willing to seduce both men and women, Gig uses a closeted actor’s Oscar to kill his victims. 7/06-2/07.

Hennie Horton. Wealthy, pipe-smoking owner of the Kitten Club, a playboy-like establishment. Horton loses interest in his kittens once he meets Brenda. When Brenda rejects his advances at his Shangra-la retreat, he buys the Flash in revenge and sends Brenda on outrageous stories. Ultimately he succumbs once again to her charms, is rejected again and immediately sells the Flash. 4/69-10/69.

Lady Conrad Trumpster. Gray-haired murderess who ran a rival newspaper. Non-maternal mother of two exceptionally handsome twin sons, one evil, the other striving for redemption. The one way to tell them apart is the evil brother has “Dad” tattooed on his chest while the good one has “Mom.” Lady Trumpster attempted to seduce B. Babbit Bottomline as well as kill Brenda. 3/04-11/04.

Lazy Grayson. “The social register’s number one wildcat,” Lazy Grayson is a wealthy heiress with mysterious connections to Basil St. John and his black orchids. At the end of their first encounter, she withholds from Brenda the information that Basil is still alive after an explosion. 3/49-6/49, 9/49-11/49.

Libby Lipps. Journalist rival at the Flash, Libby is an attractive brunette who goes after Brenda’s stories and men! In June of 1954, Libby takes the bold step of enlisting a formal rival, Daphne Dimples, in her plans to bring Brenda down…1/54-1/55…

Liz Cleaver. Aspiring female journalist who attempts to take Brenda’s place and both admires and schemes against her. 10/60-3/61.

Madame Velonese. Gypsy woman and kidnapper. 5/68-6/68.

Maximilian Everheart. Handsome, dark-haired artist and con-man who concocts a brilliant jewel smuggling campaign in conjunction with his abstract art. 7/67-9/67.

Mencken. Handsome, but illiterate conman who pretends to write an award-winning column and is willing to kill to protect his secret. 2/89-6/89.

The Nameless Doll. Extraordinarily beautiful exotic dancer who successfully runs off with the club owner’s cash. x/61-12/61.

Nevera Livwright. Elder sister of Livwright who inherits the newspaper with the sole clause that she may never fire Brenda Starr. She has sinister motives and is a constant thorn to Brenda and later her younger brother who arrives on the scene. 5/82-7/82, 11/82, 3/83, 5/83-8/83…

Palava. AKA the White Heat of the South Seas. Palava owns her own night club which she uses to kidnap to suitable men to bring back to her Pacific island for her sisters to marry. There she hopes to create a substitute for modern society which she sees as being in deep decline. As for Palava, she has her sights set on Basil St. John. 6/60-10/60.

Professor Squell. Master of an underground realm that traps light from magnifying lenses scattered across a mountain in snowy Sun Valley. Deep underneath the earth he uses the sunlight to grow vegetables to feed those he has trapped there. Squell uses a mysterious gas that steals the will of all those who inhale it, rendering them susceptible to his mental control. Brenda is able to trick by way of her feminine wiles. 2/41-3/41.

Razootksy. Zychkon Razootsky first appears in Brenda’s life as a Svengali-like artist who sports a drooping mustache and long-black hair. After their first encounter, Razootsky abandons his first name, shaves his head and curls his mustache. It is revealed that the villain’s home is on a Pacific island where he keeps a harem of dozens of women, to which he obsessively seeks to add Brenda. In later adventures, he frequently goes about shirtless, revealing a powerful chest. Razootsky ends up marrying Brenda’s arch rival, Lucy LaTouche and is the closest thing to an arch enemy that Brenda possesses. Naturally he despises Basil St. John and works to eliminate him as a presence in Brenda’s life. 3/75-6/75, 8/75-6/76, 9/76-2/77, 7/77, 6/78-8/78.

Rock Roquefort. Renown media chef and briefly boy friend to . Secretly a dog and drug smuggler from south of the border, Roguefort attempts to douse Brenda and the gang with olive oil and set them on fire. 10/05-5/06.

Ruby Gordon. Selfish, domineering and emotionally volatile actress. Wife to Jason and mother to a little girl named Precious. …5/70-9/70…

Sir Oliver Twerp. …12/52-8/53.

Svetlana Foxynov. Ex-wife of Godenuf, she schemes to enflame tensions between her home country, Gorbmania, a nuclear power, and the United States. 4/90-9/90.

Tarantella. The woman who cared for Basil during an extended illness becomes crazed when he recovers and returns to Brenda. She enlists her handsome brother, Riccardo Dinero, in a revenge scheme against her romantic rival. 10/86-12/86, 2/87-6/87.


Mary Smich

Ramona Fradon (a)


Original Identity:

Origin: “Brick Bradford, son of a millionaire American, copper magnate, is making an aerial survey of his father’s mines in the Cerro de Pasco range of South America.” He and co-pilot “Sandy” Sanderson see a damsel in distress. Brick rescues June Salisbury, whose archeologist father provides the impetus for many of the adventures Brick has for the next several years.

Abilities: Initially simply a two-fisted aviator, Brick soon gains the ability to travel through time and space via the Time Top. Much later, after contact with the mystic Lore, he also obtains rock-crushing strength and various telekinetic powers.

Appearance: Brick is handsome and well built with blond hair.

Modus Operandi: Bradford gained access to the Time Top was time/space travel in 1937. He obtained superior, rock crushing strength and other psychic powers by gripping hands with Lore in July 1974. He retained these powers throughout the rest of the narrative. He and Saturn Sadie were off to get married at the end of his last adventure in May 1987.
Friends and Allies:

Sandy” Sanderson..Brick’s co-pilot, Sandy joins Bradford in his first adventure in South America. He is later lost on an independent mission. Bradford’s search for his friend takes him to Titania where, after some time, finally discovers Sandy posing as the hooded Ghost of Titania. Once reunited, the two share adventures for a few more years. 8/33-x/xxd, 4/41 (voice only), 6/43-5/48d.

Professor Van Atta Salisbury. An archeologist whose interest in investigating lost lands often fuels Bradford’s early adventures. 8/33-2/37d, 3/40-12/40d, others..

June Salisbury. The professor’s impetuous daughter, June often accompanies Bradford and her father on adventures and is an early romantic interest of Brick’s. 8/33-5/48d, others.

Dr. Kalla Kopak. Brilliant inventor, “Lord” Kopek first labors under the evil fist of Temuchin, a modern-day Mongol chieftain. Bald with a dark goatee, Kalla’s next inventions, powerful metal robots, are coopted by the evil Avil Blue. Kalla later labors faithfully for the Americans, inventing an extremely advanced plane and tank, called the Menace Meteor and the Menace Mastodon respectively, all under the unlikely name of Ajax Menace. The American government apparently encouraged him to adopt this alternative identity in late 1940 to protect him from foreign government kidnappers. When at home, Kopak is attended to by his loyal Mongol servant, Mongra. 4/36-1/38d, 3/39-3/40d, 1/41-4/41d.

Flame. A fantastic horse from the lost land of Nova Longa, Flame becomes involved in early and subsequent Bradford adventures. x/36-x/36s, others.

Dr. Horatio Southern. Inventor of the Time Top, which he invented in 1935, but didn’t meet Bradford until two years later. (4/35-7/35s), 8/37-x/37, others.

April Southern. Dr. Southern’s daughter. (4/35s-7/35s), 8/37-x/37, 5/48-3/49d, others.

Bucko O’Brien. Brick’s somewhat reckless companion on some of his early adventures. By 1941, Bucky has become a lieutenant in the American Air Force, but is chagrined to learn that Brick has become a captain and thus outranks him. 1/38-3/40d, 1/41-4/41d, 5/48-3/49d.

Timak. A sorcerer from the Antarctic realm of Titania, Timak possesses a crystal casket that can serve as a portal to other times and realms. 6/43-6/46d.

Pert Preston. A young woman from a moon colony established in the 19th century who travels with Brick back to earth. 5/46-7/47d.

Rota. Beautiful guerilla leader and ultimately queen of Futura, a land that exists a million years in the future. Rota, with Brick’s help, rids future Earth of the giant insects who have taken over. Rota subsequently joins Brick in other time traveling adventures beginning in September 1945. Rota is lovely with bright red hair. x/41-c/48s.

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