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Active: 3/5/34-7/30/55d, x/x/35-x/x/xs


Original Identity:

Origins: Dondi is an Italian war orphan who is befriended by two GIs while stationed in Europe. When they receive orders to return to the United States, Dondi stowaways on their ship.



Modus Operandi:
Friends, Family and Allies:

Ted Wills. Corporal in the Army. Once home, resumes his job as a truck driver. 9/55-

Whitford “Whitey” McGowan. Private First Class in the Army. 9/55-5/56.

Mrs. McGowan. …1/70-5/70, 4/71-8/71, not in 72,

Hollis. The McGowan butler who takes a special liking to Dondi.

Clara Wills. Ted’s mother. 12/55-

Queenie. Dondi’s dog, a pregnant stray. When given a choice to keep one of four puppies, Dondi chooses the mother. 6/56-

Webster “Web” Franklin. Dondi’s first child friend in Midville. He is blond-haired and wears glasses and loyal and dependable by nature. 7/56-

Ed “Pop” Fligh. Older friend to both Clara and Ted Wills. 7/56-

Kean and Dean Downey. Twins with identical wiener dogs. 5/58-

Baldwin “Baldy” Burnside. Boy whose mop of hair totally covers his eyes, he only calls himself Baldy because he considers his first name too fancy. Far more moody than the even tempered Web. 5/58-

Katje Bogar Wills. Dondi’s school teacher who takes an interest in the boy and then his informal foster father. Initially in conflict over Katje’s threat of holding Dondi back a grade, the two soon fall in love and Ted proposes in December 1958. Once Katje and Ted marry in 1959, they seek custody of Dondi but face the obstacle of Mrs. McGowan’s guardianship. c10/58-

Captain Hunt. Head of the police in Midvale who handles criminal matters that happen to cross Dondi’s path.

Eddie. A deaf boy with whom Dondi establishes a friendship. c4/61.

Joe Vale. Criminal who initially holds Dondi captive but is transformed by his loving nature. After only one week out of prison, he rescues the family from the machinations of Colonel Otto Suggs and Pierre, but is shot in the process. , 3/62-4/62.

Jim Dante. Very possibly Dondi’s biological father who returns to claim him. Having to work nights, social workers threaten to remove Dondi from his care and Dondi goes on the run. Dante recognizes he can’t provide for him as well as the Wills and claims that Dante was actually a fellow soldier who died in his arms. This appears to be the lie, however. In any case, Dante selflessly gives up custody. 11/62-2/63, 5/63.

Chuck Murdock. Dondi’s overweight friend and sometimes nemesis, Chuck is often selfish and the other club members sometimes reject him. Dondi tends to feel guilty at such times and often reaches back out to him.

Connie Bowman. The only female member of the Explorer’s Club, Connie lives with her widowed mother. In 1964, she meets Spottiswood Atkins, the man who was responsible for the fire that killed her father.

Dave. 7/64-x/xx.

Louie Augustine. 1/65-x/xx.

Spottiswood Atkins. An older man, haunted by the fatal fire he accidentally caused, happens upon the woman he made into a widow and her daughter when traveling to Midvale. Connie never learns the truth and regrets his departure. 3/64-6/64.

Aya Ayanova. Katje’s twenty-something niece from Slomsk, in America on a visitor’s visa. She is pretty, blonde and wear glasses. Despite a heavy accent, she is clever and shares Katje’s warm heart. 8/71-12/71.

Virgil Peddy. Highly intelligent boy who starts a “kid’s lib” movement, but gets overly caught up in the media attention and lecture circuit money he generates. 2/72-4/72

Jimmy Lake. First African American boy to be voted in as a member of Dondi’s Explorer’s Club. Dondi meets Jimmy when the youth tries out for the Midville Midgets football team, but is very bad at it. Things begin to turn around when Jimmy’s Dad asks to assist Ted Wills in coaching duties. 9/72-12/72.

Mr. Deep Space. Disembodied alien composed of pure electrical energy who has conversations with Dondi and other humans in his evaluation of the human race. Ultimately, he believes the skill of friendship, as demonstrated by Dondi, may be humanity’s saving grace. 6/79-8/79.


Apocalypse. 12/81-2/82.

Byron Strand. Conman and so-called “love thief” who uses his young son Hutchinson to set up Mrs. McGowan to fall for him. 1/70-5/70.

Delia McGowan. Whitey’s mother. 10/55-5/56, 8/56-3/57, 6/57, 9/57, 2/58-3/58, 8/58,

Mr. Henry Hudson. 1/76-3/76.

J. J. Jax. Multi-millionaire business man who is interested in buying the land the children of Midvale use as a park to build a shopping mall. His young daughter, Gloree and Dondi become close. Gloree ultimately convinces her father to change his plans even though that means she will have to leave Midvale and Dondi. 3/69-7/69.

Knights of the Round Table. 11/83-

Milo Smyly. Head of Universe Village. 5/74-7/74.

Monique Carson. Whitey’s scheming girl friend. She succeeds in marrying Whitey in April 1956, but both die due to Whitey’s reckless driving on their honeymoon. 10/55-5/56.

Morgana Salem. Attractive young woman and witch, Morgana is the aunt of Dondi’s friend Billy Beezle. She come to Midvale seeking revenge on the Wills family through Dondi. Her ancestor, Mercy Salem—also a witch—was hung by order of Judge Deodat Wills in 1692. 2/71-4/71.

Mr. Magnum. Owner of Magnum Industries, with whom Ted Wills has business dealings. Magnum is a convicted poacher (from hunting expeditions in Africa) and comes in conflict with Dondi with his insatiable desire to kill deer of any age. 10/70-1/71.

Prince Mida. Ruler of Harane and head of Ultra-Genesis, a company specializing in cloning. He attempts to bequeath his wealth to a clone until his young daughter, Niftahi, literally pulls the plug on his would be duplicate. For this act of disobedience, the prince disowns and exiles her. But at the end of this encounter, Mida is beginning the process anew in Brazil. 1/78-4/78.

S.A.P.S. The Student Anarchy Protest Society is interested in enlisting a reformed young Frenchman named Marc Renay, whom Dondi has befriended. Though Renay no longer believes in their cause, they blackmail him into joining their group by threatening to harm Dondi if he doesn’t cooperate. 8/69-11/69.

Uncle Otto and Pierre.

Original Chroniclers



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Dale Arden.

Prof. Zarkov.

Prince Barin.

The Space Scouts. Youthful junior spaceman wannabes who ultimately attend and graduate from Space Academy. First among their number is Worriless Willy. 4/53-10/53(d), 9/62-3/63(d),

Convict Squad and Kenoma. 11/71-

Jack Hammer.

Egon Blant. Alien from the future. 5/63-11/63(d), 1/68-5/68(d), c8/74…, 2/85- (d), early/86(d), -8/89

Baldur. 3/79-6/79(s), 3/86-5/86(d)

Namu Hopat’ya. Flash’s Martian mentor who trains him how to become a Martian knight with enhanced abilities, including how to enter an astral plane. Later, Flash tends to neglect these powers, though is reminded to use them by Namu in a second appearance. 8/80-10/80(d).

Secret Agent X-9. AKA Phil Corrigan, agent of the I.I.I. (International Intelligence Institute) 7/00-8/00, 11/00-6/01(s).
Notable Adversaries:

Azura, Witch Queen of Mongo. In 1956, Azura allies herself with Ming’s son in an effort to oust Prince Barin and his ruling council from power. 4/35-10/35(s), /56- /56, 1/83-5/83(d).

Blaze. Possesses the power to project severe heat. 1/00-6/00s.

The Chameleon. 7/64-11/64(s), 1/68-8/68(s).

Choong-li. A centuries old, reptilian-faced sorcerer whose spirit, after the death of his body, is able to take possession of weak or willing bodies. 11/98-3/99s.

Durok. Originally the captain of King Barin’s elite guard, the ill-tempered Durok fully crossed over to the dark side when Dale Arden, falsely accused with crimes against the state permanently blinded him one eye with a ray gun blast. Ever after, Durok has been obsessed with obtaining an eye for an eye revenge on Dale, a pursuit that ultimately leads him into an alliance with Ming. Durok is a fierce looking creature, blue skinned and bearded with three horns down the center of his head. 11/96-12/96, 2/97-4/97s, 11/97-12/97, 2/98-3/98s, 4/99-?, 9/99-10/99, 12/00-x/01.

Garakahn. One of a cadre of Ming supporters who attempt to send former enemies of Ming into the Dark Dimension, through portals disguised as mirrors. After his plans are thwarted by Flash, Garakahn escapes into the Dark Dimension, not realizing his action will transform him into a giant green lizard-like creature. Months later, Garakahn as monstrous lizard is freed by Ming to inflict revenge on Gordon. This time, the portal permanently sealed, Garakahn returns to his human form, but his mind still believes he’s a monstrous creature. 2/96-4/96s, 5/98-9/98s.

Kag the Conqueror. 3/56-6/56(d).

Kala (I). Green-skinned king of an underwater realm, Kala is a loyal ally of Ming. Years later, he seeks a bogus peace with the other republics of Mongo, all in a scheme at Ming’s behest to lead a wide range of leaders into a deadly trap. x/34-x/34, 7/00-10/00s.

Kala (II). Lovely underling of Ming’s, inventor and mastermind of the his Robo-Guards. 4/90-7/90(d).

Kang the Cruel. The equally sinister son of Ming, Kang attempts to reconquer Mongo. He also hopes to add Dale to his harem of beauties. Kang is heavyset, unlike his lean father, but shares a Fu Manchu mustache. 2/45-7/48(s)

Ming the Merciless. 1/34-3/39(s), 4/40-6/41(s), mid/75(d), 12/75-2/76(s), 2/78-6/78(d), 2/79-12/79(d), 8/79-12/79(d), 9/82-1/83(d), 11/89(d), 4/90-7/90(d), 6/95-1/96(s), 10/96-12/96(s).

Ming, Jr. Ming shares his father’s headskull, but beneath has black hair which matches his sinister-appearing goatee. 1956(d).

Ming IV. The great-grandson of the original Ming, Ming IV is a dead ringer for his ancestor and similarly desires Dale Arden as his consort. Due to some variations in the time continuum, Ming IV claims that “three generations have passed” since Gordon was last on Mongo. This explanation conflicts with later continuity which featured the return of Ming I. 4/66-6/66(d).

Morbud. Hooded robot leader (all that shows of his “face” are a pair of glowing yes out of the shadows) of a band of computerized thieves. , 3/85(d).

Kang the Cruel. The equally sinister son of Ming, Kang attempts to reconquer Mongo. He also hopes to add Dale to his harem of beauties. Kang is heavyset, unlike his lean father, but shares a Fu Manchu mustache. 2/45-7/48(s)

Reddol. Originally one of Garakahn’s trusted aides, Reddol encounters Ming himself after months of wandering aimlessly. Against his will, Reddol is subjected to painful treatments that grant him the ability to change his appearance at will. Among other subversive activities, he frames Flash by adopting his appearance and attempting to assassinate King Barin. In his natural form, Reddol is a handsome fellow with short black hair and a goatee. 2/96-3/96, 10/97-4/98.

The Skorpi. Led by Baron Dak-Tula. In 1977, the Skorpi invade Mongo itself. In 1980, Flash learns that Dak Tula has psychic powers that he has learned from the Martian/Atlanteans, just like Flash, as the Skorpi threaten the undersea realm. 11/58-12/58(d), 2/59-4/59(s), 9/62-3/63(d), 12/77-2/78(d/s), 8/78-11/78(s), 3/79-6/79(s), 10/80-1/81(d), 8/94-9/84(d).
Sightings: Sundays 1/34-3/03; Daily 5/40-6/44, 11/51-

Original Chroniclers



Full Name: Jenny Dare

Origin: Originally a sales pilot for Starcraft Aviation, Jenny begins a series of exciting adventures once she loses her job to the machinations of Slip Morgan.

Abilities: Excellent pilot.

Appearance: Attractive with blonde hair.

Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Rick Davis. Plane designer and Jenny’s romantic interest. 10/39-

Captain Salt. South Sea oil magnate. 10/39-

Wanda Salt. His beautiful dark-haired daughter, an aspiring pilot and Jenny’s protégé. 10/39-.

Spinner Martin. Overweight associate of Jenny’s and supplier of comic relief.

Babe Woods. Handsome news photographer, appeared only in Sunday continuities.

Notable Adversaries:

Sandra. Threatens to kill Rick unless Jenny doesn’t deliver a load of stolen cattle to her secret base. 1940.

Slip Morgan. International criminal, con-man and pilot who dupes Captain Salt and seeks to marry his daughter for her money. Slip is handsome and sports a thin mustache.10/39-

Original Chroniclers: Russell Keaton


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Friday is a photographer’s assistant to Shawn North and is interested in becoming a photographer herself. Her natural beauty leads several to encourage her to try modeling, though she always returns to her first love.
Friends and Allies:

Cleve Foster. Friday’s adolescent brother who is in her care.

Shawn North. Friday’s original employer, a fashion photographer who hires Friday as an assistant. Shawn is handsome, blond-haired and good with his fists when he needs to be. …5/70-

Alan Abu. Clothes designer inspired by African motifs seeks Foster as a model and a romantic interest. 10/70-12/70.

Rick Ho. Savvy Asian American young man who first assists Foster in finding a missing Asian American model named Petal Ling. He later assists Foster and the mysterious detective, Blackhawk. 7/71-8/71, 6/72-7/72.

Blackhawk. 9/71-10/71, 6/72-7/72.

____ Colt. 9/71-10/71.

Zulu Jackson. Host of the popular African American radio advice program, Harlem Heartline. 2/72-4/72.

Blake Tarr. Wealthy and handsome African American who is so reclusive he sometimes wears a hood when in his limousine. He becomes markedly more outgoing once he begins romancing Foster. 11/72-1/73.

Slade King. Former African-American football star dons a loincloth and pursues jungle justice in Africa. 3/73-4/73.
Notable Adversaries:

Daphne Brent. Shawn’s alienated fiancee who is jealous of his relationship with Friday despite her own actual infidelities with a handsome Brazilian playboy, Fernando DaSilva. 2/70-5/70.

The Monster Maker. Real name, Linc Torrey, an African American actor who was only able to make it in Hollywood by playing monsters in the sixties horror boom. Now mentally unstable, he stalks Zulu Jackson. Friday is able to talk him down disguised as Jackson. 2/72-4/72

Red Dragon. Chinese-American gang involved in various criminal enterprises. 7/71-8/71.

Varga. European terrorist operating in Spain. 1/71-3/71.

Original Chroniclers


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Prior to coming to coach at Milford High in Connecticutt, Gil Thorp served in the military. Gil dated a number of women before meeting his true love, Mimi Clover, in 1975. The two were married ten years later. Mimi gave birth to Keri in 1988 and Jamie in 1991. The narrative took on an increasingly religious tone from 19xx to 19xx.
Faculty and Friends:

Mimi Clover Thorp. Physical education teacher and girl’s sports coach at Milford, beginning in 1975. Gil and she marry on July 10th, 1985. Mimi subsequently gives birth to Keri and Jamie in the next few years and continues with her coaching duties. Ear/75-13+

Keri Thorp. Gil and Mimi’s daughter. x/88-

Jamie Thorp. Gil and Mimi’s son. x/91-

Myron Booth. Milford’s principal.

Irene Day. An English teacher at Milford whom Gil first clashes over her keeping one his baseball players after school to practice his grammar, thus missing practice. The two date for a few years. Sp/60-Wi61/62.

Marcia DeVoy. Older sister of one of his basketball players. Wi61/62.

Mark Tabor. An assistant coach under Thorp, Tabor is known for his macho, take no prisoners approach. This causes some conflict with his son Andy and Dean Denton, a football player rumored to be gay. Fa/64-Fa/80…

Holly Dodds. Poetry teacher at Milford with acting aspirations. Her old college friend, Marty Moon arranges for an audition in New York. She leaves to pursue in theatre career in New York, Thorp forgoing a planned proposal so as not to stand in the way of her career. He learns that Holly is married in 1976. Sp/65-Su/67, Fa/68, Su/71, Su/72, Fa/72.

Tod Andrews. Assistant coach under Thorp. Su/69.

Matt Shaw. History teacher at Milford.

Vince Packard. Junior varsity coach under Thorp. Packard shaved his head and sported a beard. When he marries Rita Minton, another teacher at Milford, he also decides to leave coaching. Fa/77-Wi83/84.

LeRoy Gillen. An African American assistant coach under Thorp, Gillen once played pro ball with the Pistons. Wi83/84-98,

John Dowd. An assistant coach under Thorp who replaces Tod Andrews. Dowd was falsely accused of sexual harassment in the summer of 1993. c9/90-x/xx.

Peaches McClure. Romantic interest of Marty Moon who, despite his best efforts, is turned off by his tendency to slip back into underhanded ways. x/xx-x/xx, 4/01-10/01.

Dr. Martha Pearl. New principal at Milford High. Fair but often tough on Thorp. c12/97-13+

Bob “Kaz” Kazinski. Most recent athletic coach and Thorp’s best friend and workout buddy.

Kelly Krystek. Kaz initially alientates Kelly by mistaking her for a student on her first day of work and ordering her to get a hall pass. Kelly and Kaz ultimately become romantically involved and often go on double dates with Gil and Mimi.

Clambake Otha. 4/07-7/07.

Bobby Watkins. One of Thorp’s earliest players who, by his example of giving up a focus on cars, drew other to football. Milford’s star quarterback, he went on to play college ball at State U and run a camp that Thorp worked at during summers. Fa/58-Su/61, Su/64.

Billy Bunkin. His sister Effie arrives in Wi64/65. 12/63-Sp/66, Wi64/65, Su/72.

Woody Willis. A brainy student who has never played sports devises a formula that he believes allows him to hit any pitch. His supreme confidence, not his formula per se, leads him to have an unheard of perfect batting average. Sp/64.

Joel Frost. Wi67/68, Wi 68/69, Wi69/70, Su/71, Su/78?.

Joe Sharky. Star outfielder went on to the minor leagues. He performed well until eyesight problems led to a declining batting average. Thorp suggested glasses and his career was back on track until he lost a finger in a career ending farm accident. Sp/71, Sp/73, Su/74, Su/77, Su/79.

Jerry Pulver. Wi72/73, Wi73/74, Wi74/75.

Luke Bunkin. Billy’s cousin. Su/73, Fa/73.

Jackie Hill. Attempts to become Milford’s first female pitcher. Sp/75.

Andy Tabor. Mark Tabor’s son tries out for football. Fa/75, Fa/76.

Clyde Bean. African American student and his partner in mayhem Ernie Fenton. 12/76-.Wi78/79, Su/80.

Ernie Fenton. 12/76- Wi78/79, Su/80.

Mickey Barnett. Mentally retarded student. Fa/78.

Laura Patton. Pregnant by basketball player Terry Turner, the two break up and she ultimately miscarries. Wi78/79, Fa/79.

Dean Denton. After quitting ballet, Denton joins the football team. Rumors that he might be gay lead to both macho coach Mark Tabor and some of the players to react negatively to him. A Milford player tells the defensive line of an opposing team of the rumors and they purposely injure Denton. Fa/80.

April Warner. Extremely intelligent student who is conned by Bobby Loft into doing his homework. Ultimately April finds a far more suitable boy friend in Chip Wilder. Wi80/81-Sp/81.

Charlie Carton. Star football and basketball player Charlie Carton is a loner because of his severe stuttering problem. Bobby Loft attempts to isolate him because of it. Fa/81-Wi81/82.

Larry Cutter. Talented Milford pitcher. Sp/82, Sp/83, Su/84, Sp/87..

Ozzie Beacon. African American student and talented catcher of the Milford baseball team. He and Thorp help shape Larry Cutter’s pitching talent and both boys are scouted by the pros. Sp/82-Su/82.

Arnie Wilcox. Quarterback of the Milford football team who struggles under the pressure that his father, “Win or Else” Wilcox—president of the school booster club—places on him. Fa/82-Fa/84.

Kim Cross. Troubled by her parents’ separation, Kim initially brushes off the attentions of Arnie Wilcox, but the two ultimately begin to date. She ends up being a pawn in her parents’ custody dispute. Wi82/83-Wi83/84.

Bubba Joe Tilwell. Su/83, Fa/83, Sp/84, Fa/84.

Chip Hunter?

Tommy Chin and Sally Chong. Sp/86-Su/86.

Nancy Fallon. Cheerleader with powers of ESP. Wi86/87.

Abby Andrews. Well behaved daughter of assistant coach Tod Andrews. c/88.

Bitsy Twill. Initially a bad girl, she matures into a girl of good spirit and character. Sp/88-c6/92, …10/25/08.

Wally Lamb. Sp/89-Sp/92…10/25/08..

Chip Jordan. Sp/89-Sp/90.

Binky Peel. Sp/92-Sp/95.

Mickey Scagg. Wi/94-Wi/97.

Jarvis White. Ultimately is caught using steroids. Sp/98-7/01.

Marty DeJong. x/02-x/xx, 7/09-8/09.

Ted Pearce. Milford basketball star who secretly was homeless. In college, it is later revealed that Ted is majoring in social work and recreation management and helps fun a camp for poor children during the summer. He offers Marty DeJong the opportunity of working with him and thus refind meaning in his life. 12/05-x/xx, 7/09-8/09.

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