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Kyle Gordon.

Melissa ------. Pregnant by Kyle.

Brent Raptor. Talented football player who struggles with his weight and a demeaning mother.

Von . Returns, helps Marty with golf debts. x/xx-c4/05?, 8/06-9/06.

Jimmy Hughes. Drafted by the Detroit Tigers. x/xx-8/08.

Bill Ritter. One-legged boy whom Thorp teaches to box. 9/06-12/06, 7/07-12/07.

Cully Vale. A boy with a secret, Cully accidentally killed another boy while they were playing at professional wrestling moves. 9/07-12/07.

Jamarr “the Ghost” Gaddis.

Slim” Chance.

Cortez Beecher.

Bellini “Lini” Tintoretto. Though never explicitly identified as gay Lini clearly is. c1/11.

Brody Abro. Boy diagnosed with Asperger’s who becomes a Milford punter.
Notable Antagonists, Rivals and Adversaries:

Arnold Brett. New high school principal who has an old grudge to settle with Gil Thorp. His maltreatment almost drives Thorp out of Milford, but when Brett comes down with a terminal illness he apologizes before he dies. c9/96-8/97.

Bobby Loft. Arrogant and irresponsible young athlete. Among other reprehensible behaviors, he mocks a fellow athlete who stutters. His attitude ultimately leads to him losing a college scholarship. Wi79/80-4/82.

Dr. Melinda Schmidt. Marty Moon’s sister and new counselor at Milford. Schmidt allows her brother’s animosity towards Thorp to seriously impair her judgment. She falsely accuses Thorp of putting too much pressure on Brent Raptor. 8/03-10/03..

Lenny Hull. Troubled student who one summer was skimming money off the till at the Snack Shack and next summer sexually harassing a girl at the same establishment. He almost got caught up in steroids scandal but ultimately reformed and became a stand up guy. Su/90, Fa/90, Su/91, Fa/91.

Marty Moon. Full name Marty Munenhausen. Play-by-play sports announcer and radio personality. When he first arrives in town, Marty is surprised to meet an old college sweetheart, Holly Dodds. He immediately tries to romance her away from Thorp. Moon is often critical of Thorp’s coaching and is generally unscrupulous in revealing sensitive student information over the airwaves, a practice that has gotten him into trouble with his employers on more than one occasion. Initially Moon sports only chin hair, but later grows a fuller goatee. After Holly leaves town, he attempts to woo Peaches McClure on more than one occasion. 8/66-6/13+

Ransom Tate. Unscrupulous tattoo artist who claims to hail from Australia who uses student insecurities to fuel his tattoo business. Has an attractive assistant named Kitten. Thorp exposes him as plain old Rupert Hall of Dayton, Ohio. 12/11-3/12.

Tod Andrews. Originally an assistant coach to Thorp, Andrews takes a job as head coach in the 1990s at rival Oakwood High. He proves to be a formidable and often irritating rival coach.

Steve “Win or Else” Wilcox. Milford booster club president who thinks poorly of Thorp and often seeks to undermine him. This is in part due to a winless football season upon his adopting this position and his perception that Thorp underplays his son Arnie. When he attempts to make a player’s struggle with depression public (he feels Tilwell is getting the publicity his son deserves), even Marty Moon tells him where to go. Soon afterwards Wilcox quits the booster club. Fa/82-Fa/84.

Zobah. Religious cult leader who influences Joe Sharky into thinking that his pursuit of success in professional sports is vain glory and thus evil. Thorp exposes Zobah as a fraud. Sp/73..
Newspapers: Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press

Sightings: 120 papers in 1984

Book Collections:

Active: 9/8/58-5/13+

Writers: Jack Berrill 1958-96, Jerry and Chad Jenkins 1996-2004, Neal Rubin 2004-13+

Artists: Jack Berrill 1958-93, Warren Satler, 1993- , Frank Bolle, Ray Burns -2000, Frank McLaughlin 2000-08, Frank Bolle 2008, Rod Whigham 2008-13+

Maiden Name: Juliet Jones


Attributes and Abilities:


Modus Operandi: After the death of her fiancé, Johnny Edge, the day before their wedding, Julie buys out a struggling hat store to try and find a new focus. After operating out of the Jones household to save money, in 1956 Julie opens Juliet Jones Hat Shop in downtown Devon, after developing a national reputation in design. In 1958, Julie wins an improbably campaign against Devon’s incumbent mayor to take on the office herself. Unfortunately Julie develops amnesia after a bump on the head that same year. Jones and Cantrell marry on 10/18/70.

Friends and Allies:

Eve Jones.

Howard “Pop” Jones. Originally the owner a paint business, Pop later works as the bookkeeper at a construction company.

Dr. Chet Davis. Handsome, dark-haired physician in the town of Devon, an early romantic interest of Juliet. 3/53-x/53d, 9/53-1/54d, 11/54?, 3/55d, 8/55d, 1/56d.

Gig Holley. Algebra teacher at the school where Eve attends. Holley initially competes with Dr. Davis for Julie’s affections, then falls for Eve, then tries again with Julie. When Holley next appears in the narrative he is married to a wealthy woman named Laura. x/53-xx d, 5/57-8/57d.

Shorty” Hale. Given name, Aubrey Hale, III, son of the owner of the Devon Department Store, where Eve takes a job. Eve is initially put off by the romantic attentions of the young man she nicknames Shorty, showing interest in the stuffed shirt but ambitious Hardy Cole, who runs the lingerie department. Eve ultimately becomes friends with Shorty but the romantic sparks never seem to quite take fire. 3/55-8/55d, 1/56d, 12/56d, 1/59d.

Miss Parky. The smart-talking, but sympathetic older lady who works with Eve and is friendly with Shorty Hale. 3/55-8/55d.

Johnny Edge. An architectural engineer with a poet heart and a poet’s lack of concern for practicality. Edge nonetheless falls for Julie’s small town pragmatism and the two are engaged to marry. Edge tragically dies in a construction accident after Julie and he have resolved the last of their interpersonal difficulties. 8/55-12/55d.

Larry “the Body” Hone. Well built young man obsessed with building his body. The Body is desired by most of the girls of Devon, but Eve struggles with whether she’d more attracted to him or Andy, his older and more humble, police officer, brother. 5/56-9/56d

Steve Nabjic. Struggling writer and “combination janitor, bouncer and rental agent” at the big city apartment building Eve moves into when she decides to move to the big city. 1/57-5/57d.

Maggi Mellet. Literary agent with whom Eve obtains a job as a typist when she decides to move to the big city. 1/57-4/57d, 8/57-11/57d, (off-panel 8/58d).

Billy Carmichel. Nephew of Athena Marmon, once the queen of New York society. Billy becomes infatuated with Eve while she is taking dictation of Athena’s memoirs. 9/57-11/57d, 7/58-8/58.

Governor Mayo Millson. 9/59-1/60d.

Owen Cantrell. Criminal lawyer and romantic interest, later husband, of Jones. After a few years of happy marriage, Cantrell is murdered in 1985.

Notable Adversaries:

Carroll Wyngate. A criminal at heart, Carroll gains Pop’s trust which allow him and his conwoman wife, Zelma, to rob the Devon Construction firm where Pop works at gunpoint. 9/56-12/56d.

Henri Glover. Julie’s chief rival in the hat business, an unscrupulous Frenchman who is also arrogant and pretentious. He goes out of business as a result of Julie’s success and she moves her home business into the storefront he used to occupy. 2/56-5/56d.

J. Stanley Hatch. Devon’s corrupt mayor whom Julie runs against in an uphill campaign. Julie wins the election when his handsome crony exposes his illegal tactics. 12/57-4/58d.

Mavis Maybank. Elderly nurse who cares for Pop after a heart attack. The two soon become engaged, largely because Mavis thinks Pop has a healthy stash of money tucked away. The girls are suspicious and when Mavis learns otherwise she leaves town. Mavis has a lazy, would be musician son named Leo who hopes to live off her. x/54-3/55d.

Original Chroniclers


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Most of the time Scarlet only uses her powers of invisibility to intervene in relatively risk free domestic situations. Occasionally, however, she faces more serious threats, some of which are noted below.
Friends and Allies:
Notable Adversaries:

Amy McTwist. A haglike witch who is assisted in her efforts by her brutish female assistant, Lulu. Famous Funnies …122-123.

Hattie the Hag. An evil “Apple Mary,” Hattie pickpockets customers while they are buying apples from her cart. Scarlet rescues her when she is accidentally knocked unconscious. Famous Funnies 133-135?

Hershel Mandy. Inventor of a chocolate candy that can add five pounds per piece, Hershel attempts to fatten up Scarlet so that his girl friend, Brenda Bright, can win a beauty contest in which Scarlet has been invited to participate. Famous Funnies 83-85.

Ivan Itch and Comrade Iltz. The handsome Ivan is an identical twin won over to foreign espionage by Iltz. Ivan adopts the identity of his soldier brother in order to pursue an act of sabotage. Iltz, for his part, is a short fellow who goes about in a black cape and dark framed glasses as he plots his next scheme. Famous Funnies 90-92…

Mournful Bagly. Homocidal hypnotist, short with a long nose and an unruly mop of black hair. Escapes an insane asylum and is able to place Scarlet and her invisible powers under his hypnotic spell. Restored to sanity by a blow to the head, his former business partner having committed suicide out of guilt. Famous Funnies 126-128.

Snead Wormly. Corrupt county treasurer in cahoots with the mayor and police chief to foreclose on the homes of innocent couples all to increase the price of land when a defense plant that only he knows about gets built. Famous Funnies 119-121.

Sightings: Famous Funnies 82 (4/41)-167

Original Chroniclers


Original Identity: Jane Arden


Abilities: Excellent reporter and physically agile.

Appearance: Attractive and fit black haired woman.

Modus Operandi: Singularly interested in crime reporting, particularly exposing cons and scams. In 1939, she was among the first to travel to Europe to cover unfolding developments there. Back home, she also occasionally exposed foreign spies and espionage rings. After the war, she returned primarily to exposes. She showed particular interest in uncovering ways that men took advantage of women in their criminal schemes. While not disinterested in romance, she rarely became preoccupied with romance or relationships with men, remaining the epitome of the career girl.
Friends and Allies:

Ed. Jane’s editor.

Inspector Murphy. Squash-nosed police official who frequently sought out Jane’s help in solving cases and was there to arrest the criminals that Jane successfully exposed.

Jim Porter. High ranking agent of the Treasury Department who frequently called upon Jane’s help in the late 1930s.

Martha Blanton. Jane’s wealthy and attractive debutante friend

Tim. Cocky but not overly competent male reporter on staff.

Honey Chile. Pretty but naïve office receptionist.

Tubby. Former boxer whose chubby appearance and soft face belies his former profession. Now a newsboy with a crush on Honey Chile. Tubby was originally a character in a separate newspaper comic strip about two young boxers called Slim and Tubby. When that strip was cancelled, Tubby later migrated to Jane’s newspaper office.
Notable Adversaries:

Bill Flint. Secret Nazi sympathizer who feigned friendship with Jane and assisted a German agent in America. Flint was skilled as disguises. x/43-5/44.

Blazes Smith. Editor of rival paper, who earned his nickname for angrily exclaiming “Blazes” when frustrated or angry, which he often is. Blazes variously wants to hire Jane or put her temporarily out of action. He’s capable of pursuing these ends to a criminal degree, including kidnapping, drugging her, and placing a female spy as her roommate. 1/47-4/47, 11/47-3/48.

Breezy. A perfume smuggler and knockoff peddler, Breezy also charms Honey Chile into inadvertently assisting him. 9/47-11/47.

Dr. Marvel. Scam artist who provides sugar pills as weight loss remedies and, if weight loss doesn’t occur, convinces them that they are precisely the right weight. c1946-47 (Jane Arden 1)

Flame Rand. Ambitious female reporter who gets her start under the shady auspices of Blazes Smith who, along with Hi Calbur, develop a scheme to help Flame steal scoops from Jane. 11/47-3/48

Hi Calbur. Reporter for Blazes. A womanizer who Jane easily sees through. 1/47-4/47, 11/47-3/48

Japhet Squires and Evie. Charmingly portly, older con-man who calls his beautiful young blonde associate extravagant terms of endearment to help persuade her to use her ample pick-pocketing skills to further his criminal goals. 10/48-1/49.

The Man with the Scar. Renowned jewel thief, rarely seen, whose only identifying characteristic is a scar that goes up his left cheek from his mouth. It takes Jane going undercover in the world of high end thieves and fences to discover the scar is only a disguise that allows the otherwise non-descript thief to easily blend in. One of Jane’s more extended adventures, lasting several months. c1939 (Feature Comics 24-29)

Sue. Jane’s pretty blonde cousin, sneaky and competitive, first takes a job as a rival reporter, later works on the same paper with Jane in a generally more supportive fashion. c1937 (Feature Funnies 2-9)

Trigger. Trigger-happy gunman whose trail Jane covered to negative effect. Now seeking revenge, Trigger’s criminal associates include men nicknamed Dumpy and Shifty. 12/44-3/45.
Sightings: St. Paul Pioneer Press, Feature Funnies 1-20, Feature Comics 21-31, Crack Comics 1-25, Pageant of Comics 2, Jane Arden 1-2

Original Chroniclers


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Joe Palooka is a 16-year old youth who catches the eye of boxing coach Knobby Walsh in 1930. After training and several bouts, Joe defeats the corrupt heavyweight champ. During much of 1935, Joe boxes his way across Europe when a boxing commission makes it temporarily illegal for him to box in the United States. In 1938, Joe joins the French Foreign Legion (Smokey joins with him) after Ann rejects him based on a misunderstanding that suggested infidelity on his part. In November 1940, Joe decides to enlist again, this time in the U.S. Army and gradually becomes far more articulate. Joe has many combat adventures in Europe thereafter. After the war, Joe looks forward to being reunited with Anne Howe but she is apparently lost in a plane crash on her way back from Europe in the summer of 1946. But Anne actually has amnesia. The two are finally reunited and finally married on June 24th, 1949. Joe and Ann soon have two children, . Palooka is not portrayed in the narrative as fighting between 1955 and at least 1965.
Friends and Allies:

Knobby Walsh. Initially owner of a habadashery and Joe’s first employer, later his manager. Knobby is perennially attracted to fortune hunters and women otherwise not good for him..

Mrs. Palooka. Joe’s elderly mother.

Mr. Palooka. Joe’s father, a worn coal miner.

Steve Palooka. Joe’s younger brother who grows up to be the middleweight champion of the world.

Rosie Palooka. Joe’s younger sister, just a girl in the beginning of a narrative, a young woman by the end of it.

Anne Howe Palooka. Wealthy heiress of a cheese company, Anne Howe is Joe’s long suffering sweetheart and fiancé who finally marries Joe in on June 24th, 1949. They subsequently have two children, (as retold in Joe Palooka 44).

Mr. Howe. Anne’s wealthy father, owner of a cheese manufacturing empire.

Mrs. Howe. Anne’s snooty, high society mother.

Joannie Palooka. Joe and Anne’s daughter. x/5x-

Buddy Palooka. Joe and Anne’s young son. x/5x-

Smokey Johnson. Originally an stereotypically subservient African American valet, Johnson gradually emerges as a more serious figure, a sparring partner, trainer and friend. …5/34-x/4x.

General Scallopini. Foreign minister of Hangoveria and a liaison to the country’s dictator. Scallopini is short, bald, pudgy and sports a handlebar mustache. The general is a wily figure who ultimately proves loyal to Joe, who has travelled to Hangoeria for a bout, and the country’s troubled king. 6/34-9/34.

Sheik Ibe-ben-Abou. Good-hearted rogue who is the leader of a hidden city in the Saharan desert of North Africa. One of his men, the brutish Assassin fought Joe in a boxing match during their first encounter. Joe visited there once as a member of the French Foreign Legion and later as a soldier during World War II. 4/38-7/38, 4/43-6/43.

Angela Billingsly. Beautiful dark-haired woman who grows close to Joe during their mutual captivity to North Africa. Angela probably came the closest to providing an actual threat to Joe’s relationship with Ann. 4/38-8/38.

Jean Bateese. French-Canadian boxer who once fought Joe Palooka and now is a trusted friend. Beaten badly by Ruffy Balonki when trying to gather intelligence about his boxing style. He is often described as the Canadian Heavyweight Champion.

Jerry Leemy. Joe’s GI buddy and later business associate after the war. Jerry and Humphrey open a chain of Humphreyburger restaurants.

Humphrey Pennyworth. Gentle but powerful overweight blacksmith that Knobby decides is going to be his next big thing. Humphrey fights and beats both Batise and Balonki before losing to Palooka in a title bout. Opens a series of successful restaurants with Jerry Leemy. x/4x-x/5x.

Prunella Pennyworth. Humphrey’s thin and homely sister.

Dr. Anthony Hunter. Famous physician who falls in love with Anne while she has

amnesia. Joe Palooka 32-33.

Donnie. Loveable young ward of Knobby.

Little Max. Mute sidekick of Joe’s. Remains a boy of no more than nine throughout the narrative.
Notable Adversaries:

Big Leviticus. Hillbilly brawler who crossed paths with Joe several times, always with chaotic results. Originally created by Al Capp and served as a prototype for Li’l Abner. Joe Palooka 39. 10/29/33-11/33s, 2/34-3/34s, 5/34d, x/xx-x/xx, 1/9/43, 11/14/48, 3/63-4/63, others.

Bimmellman. Physically powerful, white-haired Nazi who sports a monocle, Bimmellman is a former Luftwaffe pilot and extremely wealthy gesellshaft industrialist.

He also has a doctoral degree, presumably in physics. Bimmelman was the primary funder of Adolf Hitler and after his death in World War II, the Nazi considered himself “the fuehrer’s heir” and the new fuehrer, interested in conquering the world himself. Bimmellman is first allied with a Dutch Nazi named Drooten and the vicious Schteeger. Of the three, Bimmellman is the only one to escape. Disguised with his hair and beard dyed black, Bimmellman seeks to have Palooka assassinated in the United States. Dr. B. possesses scientific secrets of the atomic bomb, cosmic rays, and other advanced destructive technology. Joe Palooka 9-10, 12-15. 4/45-10/45d, 1/46-7/46d.

Chu-Chu Perez. “The Venezuelan Sensation,” a cocky, aggressive boxer who enjoys knocking out his sparring partners on a whim with whichever fist his trainer picks. His contract is picked up by gangster, Marvin Bonessa. Joe Palooka 31

Drooten. Dutch Nazi of a rubber plantation in the Malay region of the East Indies. Drooten is married to a beautiful, but sadistic Japanese woman and allies with two German Nazis who have fled the collapse of Hitler’s regime in the fatherland. Though never seen, it appears Hitler himself is attempting to reach the plantation to regroup. Joe Palooka 9-10,. 4/45-10/45d.

Eustice Pinkney-Grimes. Arrogant, haughty English boxer who is both strong and technically proficient. Nearly defeated Joe in their two matches in Boston and London respectively. Joe Palooka 40-42, 58-xx. 1949, c1951,

Fredric DeLan. Arrogant actor who Joe fights while playing himself in Hollywood. Joe Palooka 18-19. 11/37-12/37d.

Jack McSwatt. The ill-tempered heavyweight champion whom Joe defeats to replace him.

Jeb Alltrash. Treacherous Arab sheik who frames Sheik Ibe-ben-Abou for the crimes he has committed across North Africa. Joe Palooka 22.

Jess Maber. Western ne’er do well who kidnaps Anne during the period that she has amnesia. c x/46-x/47d, Joe Palooka 25-27.

Joy Allure. Attractive blonde actress who Knobby falls for and helps obtain the part of Ann Howe in a Hollywood version of Joe’s life that Joe himself is starring in. Joy is spied kissing another actor on the movie, Frederic deLan, and to cover herself, tells Knobby that Joe may tell him lies due to his jealous attachment to her. Knobby proceeds to tell Ann, who proceeds to break things off with Joe. Originally Sally Grebbs, Joy ends up storming off the set before the picture is completed and leaves Knobby for an independent film producer. 9/37-2/38.

Marvin Bonessa. Nightclub racketeer who frames Knobby for murder after he foolishly flirts with his girl friend, Judy Fowler. Joe Palooka 29-32.

Motabussa. African chief who dresses elegantly and speaks with an English accent. Smokey takes on the powerfully built Motabussa in a boxing match in which Motabussa soon loses all semblance of civilized behavior. 5/35-6/35d.

Phantom Dill. A slow-moving but vicious powerhouse, Dill attempts to crush Joe’s hand when they shook hands at their weigh in, but Joe saw what he was trying and outdid his grip. Of his bout with Palooka, Dill said, “I’ll bust that sissy wide open!” 6/37-9/37d.

Phineas Sott. Nicknamed “Fainty” Phineas for his tendency to cry foul during his boxing matches, Sott takes the heavyweight title from Joe by underhanded means. 11/34-1/35d…

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