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Ruffy Balonki. Joe Palooka 50-51.

Schteeger. A leader of the Nazi race hatred movement, Schteeger is described as a mass murderer who has ordered the death of millions. Schteeger handles matters of brutality and torture in the alliance he enjoys with Drooten and Bimmellman, fellow Nazis operating in the Dutch East Indies in the closing months of World War II. Joe Palooka 9-10. 4/45-10/45d.

Van Cortridge Smythe. Arrogant and wealthy Ivy Leaguer turned pro boxer. Joe literally bumps into Symythe coming back from Europe on a cruise ship and engenders instant animosity. During his weigh in with Joe, Smythe declares, “I’ll annex Palooka’s title and his girl, too!” This is enrages Joe so much that he knocks him out on the spot, dislocating his jaw in the process. In so doing, their match is called off and Joe fails to get the funds he planned on using to marry Ann. 8/35-11/35d.

V.V. Weidebottom. Off and on again United States congressman, Weidebottom is a conman and scoundrel. Sporting a large belly and thick white mustache and hair, Weidebottom loses an election for his seat in Congress, only to be reappointed when his opponent unexpectedly dies. In the fall of 1936, out of office again and short of money, he agrees to serve as Joe’s manager “in name only” when Knobby Walsh is indefinitely suspended from boxing for questionable behavior. Weidebottom promptly betrays Walsh and makes decisions for Joe that only profit him. When Joe finally frees himself of the schemer, Weidebottom becomes the manager of a new boxer. In a brief 1938 narrative, Palooka and Walsh help the young boxer realize that his manager is stealing from him and help him recover his funds. Once again in Congress, Weidebottom visits the troops in the early forties. Joe Palooka 3. x/xx-x/xx, 12/34s, 1/36s, 6/36-8/36d, 10/36-4/37d, 1/38-2/38s, x/4x.

1949: 665 U.S. newspapers, 125 foreign.


Ham Fisher (w) 4/30-x/55

Joe Leff (w) x/55-x/59

Morris Weiss (w) x/62-x/70

Ham Fisher (a) 4/30-x/55

Joe Leff (a) x/55-x/59

Tony DiPreta (a) x/59-11/84

Active: 4/19/30-11/24/84


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Favorite shocked expression: “Sufferin’ Susie!”
Friends and Allies:

Brandy. Beautiful blonde war correspondent and later adventurous peacetime journalist. Brandy is one of two enduring romantic interests for Johnny. 6/44-8/47(ds), 4/48-12/48(d), 1/52-6/52(s), 2/69-5/69(d), 3/70-6/70(d).

The Admiral. With an Abe Lincoln beard. The Admiral decides to marry Fluff Randall, the sister of their buddy Bounce in May 1946, effectively spelling the end of his role as Johnny’s partner in adventures. 6/44-1/47(ds).

Side-Pocket Sam. The diminutive Hardhat works for Sam, in later appearances. 10/45-11/45(d), 7/46-11/46(d), 4/47(d), 4/48(d)

Blitz” Martin. 11/46-5/47(d), 9/51-1/52(s), 6/52-11/52(s)

Cut-Out Keeley. Johnny’s inept, short and not overly brave co-pilot.1/48-5/49(s), 7/57-2/58(s).

Lisbeth “Liz” Manning. Vice-President of World-Wide Airlines and initially a romantic interest, her status as Hazard’s boss ultimately comes between them. By 1968, Manning is a United States congresswoman. Later, in 1975, Manning has become the head of an international firm called Zeron, Ltd. 8/47-5/49(s), 11/52-5/54(s), 8/68-10/68(s), 4/75-6/75(d).

Baroness Flame. Fearless hunter and collector, her red hair earned her the name Flame. Early in her career, the Baroness was more ruthless and obsessed with capturing prehistoric species she knew existed outside the ken of conventional science. 5/49-6/51(s), 7/52-11/52(s), 5/54-10/54(s), 11/56-3/57(s), 1977(s).

Paradise. AKA, “woman of a thousand faces,” a mistress of disguise and ace government operative. 8/50-1/51(d), 4/52-8/52(d), 9/54-12/54(d).

Snap” Hunter. Top globe-trotting photo journalist known for the acrobatic effort he makes to get the best shot, Hunter becomes Hazard’s best friend and ultimately fellow agent of WING. 1/55-11/66(d), 1/69-6/69(s), 6/73-12/73(d).

Kitty Hawkes. Top pilot and (for a time) fellow employee with Hazard at Falcon Aircraft. Johnny falls in love with the brown-haired Kitty and the two are very serious for a time. 3/56-12/57(d), 3/62-5/62(d).

Authentic” Logan. Director of major motion pictures and Hazard’s friend. 6/61-9/61(s), 5/62-8/62(d), 9/76-1/77(s).

Mr. Alpha. The gray-haired head of W.I.N.G. (World Intelligence Network Guardian) and Hazard’s espionage boss from 1966 onward. WING’s headquarters are within a huge, perpetually airborne plane of cutting edge technology. Alpha’s origins are tied to an older Western espionage agency, all of whose top operatives had alphabet-inspired codenames. 10/66-77.

Trimble Cathcart. Mr. Alpha’s inept nephew, Cathcart fancies himself a writer and master of the criminal expose. Alpha often asks Hazard to look after him. 8/68-10/68(d), 2/69-5/69(d), 6/72-7/72(d).
Notable Adversaries:

Bucket-Head. Tibetan bandit …11/48-12/48(d).

Baron DeBris. Self-styled sea “pirate extraordinaire,” DeBris is homely, with a long, thin, protruding mustache. He smokes cigarettes from a holder and fancies himself something of a ladies’ man. 10/46-1/47(s), 12/48-5/49(s).

CLUTCH. Global organization of criminals. 1/67-4/67(d), 10/67-12/67(d).

Countess Destina. 11/52-1/53

Dr. Chameleon. 8/71-11/71(d).

General Mariwana. 1944

Herr Umlaut. 5/52-8/52(d)

Lady Mist. 8/46-10/46(d), 4/47-8/47(d).

Madame Cobra and CLAW. The head of an all-female gang of international criminals. 11/66-1/67(d), 4/67-5/67(d).

Mr. Doll. 5/50-10/50(d)

Orchid. Orchid teams up with Sable in 1945 and again in1951. His last and perhaps greatest scheme was executed in 1969, when he returned from apparent death to brainwash Johnny’s best friend, Snap Hunter, into trying to kill him. 12/45-9/46(s), 8/47-11/47(d), 2/51-4/51(d), 10/54-2/55(s), 1/69-6/69(s).

Renard the Fox. A corrupt physician with hypnotic powers. 1/46-5/46(d).

Sable. Sable has a beauty mark on her forehead and may be Hindu. She teams up with the Orchid in 1945 and again in1951. 12/45-9/46(s), 3/51-7/51(d).

Sequin. 3/59-7/59(d), 12/59-3/60(d).

Tabriz. Attractive Arab woman is the leader of a band of desert marauders. 7/51-11/51(d).

Velvet. Attractive woman fond of leopard skin coats and hats, and her pudgy, beret-wearing boss, Grob. 5/49-10/50(d)

Ventro the Great. And his seemingly sentient dummy, Voco. 1/50-4/50 (d).


Original Chroniclers



Given name: Alan Parker




Modus Operandi: From 12/06 to 5/08, Alan Parker isn’t seen in his own narrative, but summons Sam Driver in June 2008 to ask him to represent him in negotiating an advance on a crime novel he’s written, The Chambers Affair. The book is ultimately published to significant success and, by 2012, Driver is called upon to assist in making arrangements for its development into a movie. In retirement, Alan Parker is increasingly a curmudgeon and expresses cynicism about marriage despite an attractive and attentive younger wife.
Friends, Relatives and Allies:

Ann Parker. The Judge’s daughter who often is engaged in ill-advised romances. In 1967 Ann is torn between the attentions of a penniless playboy named Preston Palmer and a struggling young attorney named Dave Williams. 11/52-x/xx, 1/56-x/xx, 10/60-x/xx, x/65-x/xx, 3/67-x/xx..

Randy Parker. Alan Parker’s son and ultimately a judge himself. Originally, shy and sweet, Randy returns from his first year in college in the summer of 1959 over confident and a would be ladies’ man. Randy can be over protective of his older sister, due to her poor choice in men. Randy himself is a light-hearted youth, more than capable of making impetuous choices of his own. Randy ultimately attends law school and becomes an attorney like his father. He is little seen in the narrative from his father’s marriage in 1968 until 1993, when he joins Sam Driver’s law firm. In October 2005, Randy is persuaded to pursue a judgeship in an upcoming elections. The story of his election campaign is told sporadically during the Fall of 2006 and 2007. Giving up his business partnership with Sam Driver after his election victory, Randy is sworn in by his father during Alan’s retirement party in February, 2009. He presides over his first case that April. 5/59-x/59, 2/68, 10/93-present.

Lila. The Parker’s cook and housemother.

Margaret. Judge Parker’s loyal and gray-haired secretary.

Katherine Parker. The Judge’s second wife. The two marry on February 11, 1968.

Jeep. Katherine’s precocious young niece who frequently stays with her Aunt. Little seen after 1968.

Sam Driver. An attorney who often does legal legwork on cases with which Alan Parker become involved. Confident and sometimes cocky, Driver is somewhat domesticated by his romance and later marriage to Abbey Spencer and his co-parenting of her adoptive daughters. As his business grew, Driver took on Parker’s adult son and fellow attorney, Randy Parker. When Randy wins an election to become a judge himself, Driver takes on a new partner, Steve Shannon. 2/18/68-4/14+

Gloria Sanchez. Sam’s attractive, long-time secretary who later falls in love with Driver’s new business partner, Steve Shannon. 3/68-

Abbey Spencer. Wealthy and strong-willed resident of Spencer Farms, a beautiful ranch the Spencer family has overseen for generations. Abbey raises Arabian horses there. She involves Sam Driver in the case of a friend and the two are romantically entangled thereafter. Abbey adopts two girls, Neddy and Sophie, that had been squatting in her ranch. Her oldest friend is Trudi St. James. 8/6/69-4/14+

Trudi St. James. Abbey’s oldest friend who lives in San Francisco and owns a winery with her brother, Keith. Trudi often finds herself in trouble, and has poor taste in men. She once tried to kiss Sam despite her friendship with Abbey. 12/91-x/92, 1/96-x/xx, 5/04-1/05, 6/07-11/07.

Keith St. James. Trudi’s overly protective, short-tempered and often ill advised brother. Keith has shown a romantic interest in Abbey in the past. 1/92-x/92, 1/96-x/xx, 5/04-1/05, 6/07-11/07.

Hope Barton. Aspiring congresswoman and wife to Sy Barton, a best-selling author. Her campaign is undermined by operatives of Preston Langford, the rival candidate. x/92-11/92.

Ezra Barton. Kindly grandfather of Neddy and Sophie, who takes care of the girls after the death of their father and then their mother. Ezra is forced to sell their house to pay for Sophie’s medical bills. Thereafter, the three are homeless and squat on Abbey Spencer’s property until they are discovered. Ezra agrees to have his family stay at the Spencer guest house only if he and the girls work for their room and board. Ezra dies of a heart attack while working at the farm. 11/92-3/93.

Neddy Barton Spencer. Neddy, her sister Sophie and her grandfather were all squatting on Abbey Spencer’s ranch. She was only 14 when she first meets Abbey and initially resents Abbey’s attempts to better shape her future. It soon emerges that Neddy and Sophie are actually wealthy in their own right, having trust funds that were hidden from them by their often manipulative aunt, Rachel Cabot. Neddy has had two significant romances, one with Mark Duncan, the son of one of Abbey’s ranch hands, and later Bob Willard, the doorman at Rachel Cabot’s exclusive club. A talented artist, Neddy travels to Paris to attend art school in 2007 and returns two years later with an aspiring designer in tow. 11/92-5/07, 4/10-10/10.

Sophie Barton Spencer. Younger sister of Neddy, Sophie initially walks with a crutch due to injury that bankrupted her grandfather, Ezra. She is only nine when adopted by Abbey after Ezra’s death. Sophie emerges as a highly intelligent child prodigy, with insights far beyond her years. As she grows older, Sophie often champions social causes, but also tries out to become a cheerleader in 20xx. 11/92-present.

Mark Duncan. Neddy’s longtime boyfriend, the two become involved from when she and Sophie were squatting on Spencer Farms, where Mark lived with his ranch hand father. Added complications to their relationship occur in 1999 when Mark moves to Boston to attend Harvard. 12/92-5/93, 8/93-10/93, 4/94-3/95…, 7/99-8/00.

Cory Duncan. Mark’s father and longtime ranch hand at Spencer Farms. 12/92-3/93, scattered appearances thereafter.

Mimi Doubleday. Engaged to be married to Randy Parker when she first enters the narrative, Randy brings her to his parents for help with her family. Mimi is the daughter of E. Tanner Doubleday, the recently deceased founder of Eon, a multi-million dollar Scientology like cult. Mimi’s brother, Helmuth, orders her return to Eon, via whatever means necessary. Unseen for years, the two break up when Randy refuses to join Eon as a condition for their marriage. 10/93-4/94, 9/05-10/05, 2/06, 5/06-6/06.

Horace Riley. Wealthy owner of Riley Amalgamated, Riley is an old friend of the Parkers and, as it turns out, an old flame of Rachel Cabot. Rachel’s hopes of rekindling their romance are dashed when he marries a far younger woman. On the plump side, with a bushy mustache, Riley also is a power player in politics. In 2005, Horace encourages Randy to run for Alan’s judge seat in when his father retires. When Randy does decide to run a year later, Horace is disappointed when the younger Parker doesn’t ask him to run his campaign but helps him behind the scenes nonetheless. 2/98-6/98, 9/05-10/05, 8/06-10/06.

Cal Reynolds. Old fraternity buddy of Alan’s, now a special operative complete with black eyepatch who works for the Attorney General’s office. Cal enlists Judge Parker’s aid in stemming the tide of human trafficking, which led to the judge getting kidnapping by “the General.” 9/00-1/01.

Alexis Sanchez. Gloria’s glamorous older sister who is drawn to wealthy men, most recently a suave Argentine businessman named Sergio Francesco. 10/01-3/02, 11/02.

April Bower. Originally working as a temporary assistant at Driver and Parker’s law office, April remains there until 2006, postponing her plans to accept a job at the CIA for several weeks. April is woefully over qualified for the role at the office, being fluent in four languages: , and did her Master’s thesis on the economics of the European Union. During this time, April falls in love with Randy Parker and he with her despite the fact that he’s engaged to Mimi Doubleday when they first meet. leaves the agency to become a CIA operative. From the start, she has shown romantic interest in the elusive Randy Parker and the pair ultimately become engaged. 4/04-5/04, 1/05, 9/05-5/06, …, 2/09-3/09, .

Bob Willard. Handsome and good-humored doorman at the country club on Cabot Island. Neddy falls in love with him despite her Aunt Rachel’s objections. Bob’s father was an alcoholic who committed suicide after Rachel cut him out of their highly successful real estate business. Bob’s mother is understandably concerned when she learns her son is dating Rachel Cabot’s niece but is won over by Neddy’s good nature. Neddy is going to forgo her plans to attend art school in Paris to stay with Bob, but Sam convinces the young man to persuade Neddy to follow her dreams instead. 7/04-12/04, 11/05-4/06.

Cedric Hart. Muscular and physically adept, Cedric is a handsome, bespectacled 30-something butler from Canada who temporarily works for elderly Parisian resident Rachel Cabot and therefore assists her guests, Abbey and Neddy Spencer. For a time, Cedric’s beautiful wife Angela stalks Neddy, who she fears will seduce her husband. Cedric always works for very wealthy clients and there appears to be far more to his story than appears on the surface. 1/07-5/07.

Steve Shannon. Decorated war hero and attorney who lost both his legs in Afghanistan but is able to walk with prosthetics. He is drawn to Sam’s sympathetic secretary, Gloria, and she to him. As Driver puts it, “Handsome, talented, accomplished, war hero, single…, what’s not to like?” 12/07-1/08-

Rocky Ledge and Godiva Danube. Country western star and his beautiful wife who has adopted 12 children from around the world. 5/09-2/10.

Julian “Jules” Edgemont. Young shoe designer with whom Neddy falls in love in Paris and out of love once they return to the States. Sam assists him with legal issues related to establishing a business. 4/10-10/10.

Avery Blackstone. Hollywood big wig whom Sam approaches about helming the movie adaptation of Alan Parker’s novel. Blackstone has an attractive dark-haired daughter named Peaches. 5/12-11/12.
Notable Adversaries:

Caesar. Sinister and mostly behind the scenes mastermind behind a scheme to control the world’s water supply. 7/07-10/07.

Casandra Canabar. Dark-haired beauty who heads a bogus peace movement. She charms many a male acolyte, called brothers, including Randy Parker. 5/66-x/66.

Dixie Julep. Former exotic dancer with severe anger management problems. With the help of Driver’s investigations, it emerges that Dixie murdered her lover, Dewey Cheatham, coincidentally the intended publisher of Alan Parker’s novel. 9/08-1/09.

The General. Mastermind behind a human trafficking operation, but nonetheless a cog in a wider multi-national criminal business cartel. 8/00-1/01.

Helmuth Doubleday. Head of Eon, who is willing to resort to kidnapping his own sister, Mimi, to keep her from leaving or threatening the cult-like self-improvement empire. Helmuth himself is under the negative influence of his paramour and administrative aid, Dellas, who is actually siphoning millions off the company without Helmuth’s knowledge. 11/93-3/94.

Maurice Xavier Faron. International jetsetter who romances Trudi St. James, hoping to make her his third wife to access her fortune. Faron dabbles in Arabian horses, an interst he shares with Abbey, but whose purchase he uses for money laundering to cover up his dealings with European heroin cartel. 6/04-12/04.

Max Sparrow. Slick if short New York gangster who has considerable success charming the ladies, despite an obvious lack of breeding. He charms Sandra Deare into assisting him in various schemes, ultimately escaping consequences when Sandra refusal to testify against him results in a jury finding him not guilty on an attempted murder charge. 6/63-12/63.

Rachel Cabot. The extremely wealthy and elderly aunt of Neddy and Sophie, the older sister to their mother, Victoria, whom they barely remember. Rachel lives in a mansion with her subservient son, “Biff” or and his hard-drinking but attractive trophy wife, Allison. Rachel often attempts to control her nieces and wrest them away from Abbey. Rachel lives on Cabot Island, near Puget Sound, and dominates affairs in the upper class community nestled there. In 2004, she interferes with Neddy’s romance with Bob Willard, the son of a former business partner who she likely cheated. In 2007, she shows a softer side in hosting Abbey and Neddy in Paris, but nonetheless pretends to have cancer for sympathy when she is actually suffering from dementia. During this visit she also reveals a 28-year long affair with her chauffeur and butler, Groves. 5/93-10/93, 12/97-6/98, 5/04-1/05, 9/05, 12/06-2/07, 5/07.

Reggie and Celeste Black. Randy Parker’s unscrupulous political opponent for the judgeship. His campaign is ultimately undone by his vicious, alcoholic wife. 8/06-12/06.

Rusty” Duncan. Went to law school with Sam and the two were apparently involved. Since Mary “Red” O’Riley as Sam knew her and “Rusty” as she is known now has become unscrupulous. Attorney for Caesar, Rusty butts head with Sam Driver over a scheme to buy to a winery which, unknown to its owners, siblings Keith and Trudi St. James, rest on top of a vast water table. Rusty is drawn to Driver and kisses him to seal the business deal drafted in his client’s favor. 7/07-11/07.

Sandra Deare. The trouble-making niece of Martha Deare. She returns infatuated with a New York gangster named Max Sparrow. Her machinations allow Sparrow to escape an attempted murder charge but she ultimately can’t avoid the consequences of her involvement in a fur heist. x/xx-x/xx, 5/63-12/63.

Theresa Delgado. AKA Detective Melanie Chavez and Mary Cortez, a deadly hitwoman wanted by Interpol. When Judge Parker is apparently targeted for assassination, Delgado poses as a detective who “investigates” her only hit attempt. Ultimately her disguise is discovered by Sam Driver, including her true target, Katherine Parker. Abducting Driver, for whom she has fallen for, she reveals her true identity and affection, before jumping off a bridge to her apparent death. But Delgado resurfaces when she is hired to kill Randy Parker. Driver once again intervenes, this time to save his friend. Once again declaring her love for Sam, she never repents and escapes at the end of her failed mission, hoping to escape the wrath of the man who hired her. 6/97-11/97, 10/03-4/04.
Sightings: 11/24/52-present


Nicholas P. Dallis (w) 11/52-x/90

Woody Wilson (w) x/90-4/14+

Dan Heilman (a) 11/52-x/65

Harold LeDoux (a) x/65-5/06

Eduardo Barreto (a) 5/06-2/10

Mike Manley (a) 3/10-4/14+



Original Identity: Jim Bradley




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Notable Adversaries:

Lilli de Vrille.

Original Chroniclers



Original Identity:



Appearance: Otherwise virile and youthful, Kerry has white hair.

Modus Operandi: Kerry begins his career as a special investigator for the District Attorney. Kerry is due to marry Sandy, his faithful secretary in 1953, but she is killed by a criminal couple, Bulldozer and Trinket. After their eventual capture, Kerry’s taste for battling bizarre criminals seems at an end. More conventional crooks are the ticket for some time. Kerry meets an attractive police officer’s widow named Mindy in 1957 and finds love again. The two are married a year later. Mindy gives birth to quadruplets in circa August 1967.
Friends and Allies:

Sandy Burns. Kerry’s secretary who is devoted to his work and secretly in love with him. Kerry finally begins to romance Sandy in the late forties. Her shocking murder by Bulldozer and Trinket profoundly impacts Kerry. 10/43-x/53.

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