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There apparently was a second Ezekiel Cavender living in Dorchester County, Maryland at least by December 12, 1764, at which time an Ezekiel Cavenor ("Ezekiel Cavender") and John True were named the sureties to the bond of Catherine King who was the Administratrix of the Thomas King estate in Dorchester County, Maryland. Also, according to the 1850 census for Jasper County, Georgia, Catherine Cavender who was the oldest child of the particular Ezekiel Cavender who subsequently moved to Georgia, was listed as having been born in Maryland.403

On March 14, 1768, an Ezekiel Cavender was living rent-free for a term of one year on the land of James Brown, a planter in Dorchester County, Maryland, and, by 1770, an Ezekiel Cavender family was settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia.271, 302 & 392

On June 10, 1771, an Ezekiel Cavender was listed as one of the many debtors of the estate of Dr. Reimour Land of Dorchester County, Maryland.392 Ezekiel later moved Westmoreland County, Virginia where five other children are said to have been born.302, 313, 336 & 337

On October 20, 1779, an Ezekiel Cavender purchased from Robert Stephens and his wife, Jannet Stephens (“Janet Stephens”?), 73 acres of land known as "New Port" or “Newport” on the east side of the Northwest fork of Nanticoke River in Dorchester County, Maryland. On the same day, Ezekiel Cavender and his wife, Nancy Cavender, sold to Robert Stephens 85 acres of land in Dorchester County, Maryland, known as "Ezekiel's Fortune" which was located on the east side of the Northwest fork of the Nanticoke River in Dorchester County, Maryland.286 & 352

On September 18, 1780, Ezekiel Cavender and Ann Cavender (sometimes "Nancy Cavender" or another wife) sold to William Paddison 73 acres of land in Dorchester County, Maryland, known as "Newport" which was located on the east side of the Northwest fork of the Nanticoke River and which he has previously purchased from Robertson Stevens and Jannet Stephens on October, 20, 1779.286 & 352

Ezekiel Cavender is said to have moved from Westmoreland County, Virginia around 1780 and thereafter lived for a short time in Princess Anne County, Virginia, in Charlotte County, Virginia, and in Washington County, Virginia, and that he later moved to Rockingham County, North Carolina sometime between 1780 and 1786, then to Rowan County, North Carolina around 1787, then to Pearson County, North Carolina, then to Pendleton County, South Carolina and finally to Jasper County, Georgia where he died.

(NOTE: From the foregoing, it appears that there were actually two persons named Ezekiel Cavender. One apparently had a wife named Ann and the other had a wife named Nancy or, in fact, they both may have had a wife named Ann. Accordingly, there seems to have more than one Ezekiel Cavender living in Maryland at the same time, one of which lived in Maryland and eventually died in Massachusetts, and the other, appears to have moved to the South and eventually wound up in Indian Territory in Jasper County, Georgia where he died.)

On either September 17 or October 17, 1786, Ezekiel Cavender of Rockingham County, North Carolina purchased for 80 pounds from Charles Biles of Rowan County, North Carolina, 94 acres of land on the north side, and crossing, Duchman Creek in Rowand County, North Carolina, next to William Roberts, William Roberts and William Butlar ("William Butler"?). 371 On September 9, 1786, Ezekiel Cavender purchased from Guy Vermillin ("Guy Vermilion"?) for 58 pounds and 8 shillings 150 acres of land on both sides of Little Fork of Wolf Island Creek in Rochingham County, North Carolina. In 1787, Ezekiel Cavender and family were living in Rowan County, North Carolina and the family consisted of 1 male 21-50, 4 males under 21 and above 50, and 3 females.

In the 1787 census for Rowan County, North Carolins, his family comprised 4 males under 21, 1 male 21-50 and 2 females.

Ezekiel Cavender was listed in the 1790 census taken in the Salisbury District of Rowan County, North Carolina as "Ezekiel Carender", and his family at that particular time comprised: 3 males under 16 years of age; 2 males over the age of 16; and, 2 females.403 Also listed in the same district were: and Edmond Dedmon.403 Ezekiel Cavender's oldest son, Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?), apparently married the daughter of Edmond Dedmon. Also of interest is the fact that Edmond Dedmon was also apparently from Baltimore County, Maryland. At the same time, his sons Clemeth Cavender and James Cavender were living nearby in the Pendleton District of South Carolina what is now the 96th District of Spartenburg County, South Carolina, On November 9, 1792, the deed from Charles Biles to Ezekiel Cavender for the above 94 acres on Dutchmans Creek was "proved" by William Butler.371 Apparently Ezekiel Cavender also owned land in 1792 on Newcome Creek, a branch of Dutchman Creek, in Davie County, North Carolina.

On September 13, 1796, Ezekiel Cavender and wife Ann Cavender conveyed to Edmond Dedman ("Edmond Dedmon", "Edmond Deadman" & "Edward Dedman"?) for 100 pounds 94 acres of land in Rowan County, North Carolina on Dutchman Creek on its south bank next to Elijah Owens and John Brendle for 100 pounds. NOTE: It is believed by some that the wife of Ezekiel Cavender at this particular time was actually his second marriage and that they were married in Rowan, North Carolina.374 The Indenture was witnessed by Zacheriah Bartelson and Basil Gaither.371 In 1800, the families of Ezekiel Cavender, James Cavender and Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?) were living in South Carolina in what is now Oconee County, South Carolina.

In the 1800 census for the Pendleton District of South Carolina, there was listed the household of Ezekiel Cavender, as being located next to the household of James Cavender, and Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?). Also listed was the household of Elijah Cornwell.

On September 5, 1801, Edmond Deadman ("Edmond Dedman", “Edmond Dedmon” & "Edward Dedman"?) and wife Elizabeth Dedman of Rowan County, North Carolina sold to Laura Roberts of Rowan County, North Carolina 94 acres on the north side of Dutchman Creek and crossing it, next to John Brindle and William Roberts for 100 pounds. The Indenture was witnessed by William Deadman ("William Dedman" & "William Dedmon") and John Stinchcomb. 371

In 1804, Ezekiel Cavender was living on the north side of Jackson County, Georgia near Hog Mountain and which is believed to be originally on Cherokee Indian land. Also living nearby were the families of Joseph Cavender and the Elijah Cornwell.

In the 1810 census for the Pendleton District of South Carolina, Ezekiel Cavender was then living near Josiah Fortner and William Stancil. Joseph Cavender and Willis Cavender were living nearby.

Before 1820, Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?) removed his family to Hall County, Georgia near what is now Murrayville, Georgia and near the family cemetery.

Ezekiel Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender are believed to have had 7 children:

(I) ELIZABETH CATHERINE CAVENDER ("Elizabeth Cavender", “E.C. Cavender”, "Kitty Cavender" & “Catherine CavanaughDAR Patriot Index ”) born on June 16, 1764 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, married Elijah Cornwell ("Elijah Cornwall" & "Elijay Cornwall") either about 1783 or about 1793494 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, died on either July 19, 1853 475, 493 & 494 or July 16, 1853 or on July 11, 1853434 in Jasper County, Georgia at the age of 93? years, and is buried in the Old Cornwell Cemetery in Jasper County, Georgia near the Alcovy River and which is now under the water of Jackson Lake created in 1911 and which is about two miles from Mechanicsville, Georgia.135, 295 , 296, 297 & 309 Elijah Cornwell was born either about 1750-1756475 or about 1750 or about 1760375, 429 & 434 in either Dinwiddy County, Virginia 475 or in Amelia County, Virginia376& 400 to Obediah George Cornwell ("Obediah Cornwell" & "Obadiah Cornwell"?) and Hannah Davis, served in the Revolutionary War for the Colony of Virginia as a Private, thereafter moved to Wilkes County, North Carolina prior to 1784, the year of the birth of his daughter, Elizabeth Cornwell, and died on either November 4, 1827 475 or on November 14, 1827 or on November 16, 1827434 in Jasper County, Georgia and is buried there in the old Cornwell cemetery which is now under water. Some say he was born in either Dinwiddie County, Virginia, Fauquier County, Virginia or in Prince William County, Virginia.429 Others say he was originally from South Carolina and was the son of Joseph Davis Cornwell, Sr. (“Joseph Cornwell, Sr.”), and some say he was the son of William Cornwell who had sons named Eli Cornwell, William Cornwell, Obadiah Cornwell (“Obediah Cornwell”? & "Obadiah Cornwell"?), Elijah Cornwell, and Jesse Cornwell, and a daughter named Hannah Cornwell, and quite possibly the grandson of William Cornwell who was born about 1615.434

According to the book entitled "Gone to Georgia" by William Stewart and "A Cornwell Family History" by Elaine Sullivan Cobb, Tupelo, Mississippi, 1983, Elijah Cornwell was born about 1750-1756, served in 1776 and 1777 in Capt. Thomas Blackwell's Company in the 10th. Regiment of Foot of the Connecticut Line, Virginia, as shown by the muster roll, and is said on page 155 in the DAR Patriot Index to have later served in Georgia, in which case he probably was not born in either South Carolina or Georgia, but may have been born in Amelia County, Virginia. Elijah Cornwell joined the army on November 19, 1776 at the age of about 26 and was "left behind as a casualty". He was carried on the August 6, 1777 Roll as being "sick in Virginia". He then deserted on October 9, 1777. Additionally, the Cornwell family was living in Amelia County, Virginia in 1752, the year in which Elijah Cornwell's brother, William Cornwell, was born and William Cornwell applied for a Revolutionary War Pension No. S-21125. Seven years later, he married Catherine Cavender. He was then 34 years of age and she was 24 years of age. 1784 was an eventful year for Elijah Cornwell and Catherine Cavender, i.e., they moved to Wilkes County, Georgia, and their daughter, Elizabeth Cornwell was born.400 By another account, Elijah Cornwell and Catherine Cornwell first moved from Dinwiddie County, Virginia to North Carolina where their first five children were born, next moved from Rowan County, North Carolina to Pendleton District, South Carolina, next moved to Jackson County, Georgia in 1802, and from there to Jasper County, Georgia where he purchased land along the Alcovy River which is now a part of the Turtle Cove Development.434 In 1804, the Elijah Cornwell and Ezekiel Cavender families were living on the north side of Jackson County, Georgia in Cherokee Indian land near Hog Mountain, Jackson County, Georgia along with the family of Catherine Cavender's younger brother, Joseph Cavender, when the government purchased a strip of land from the Cherokee Indians that was 4 miles wide by 10 miles long, running east from near Hog Mountain to the Wofford settlement. The same piece of land had been purchased earlier from the Cherokee Indians and consisted of an area 4 miles wide by 23 miles long running west from near the Currahee Mountains ("Curahee Mountains"), southwest of Toccoa, Georgia, to within 10 miles of Hog Mountain, down the Franklin County and Jackson County lines. In 1804, a Cavender family was listed in a report by William Wofferd to the agent to the Cherokee Indians, Southwest Point regarding the number and condition of the settlers living in or near the Wofferd Settlement on the frontier of Georgia and the Cherokee Nation of Indians, lying between the Carrakee? Mountain and the headwaters of the Oconee? River. 355 Elijah Cornwell moved for the last time in 1808 from Jackson County, Georgia to Jasper County, Georgia. He apparently served in the War of 1812 as a Georgia Volunteer as a Private under a Wimberly. In 1820, the Elijah Cornwell and George Cavender families were still living in Jasper County, Georgia where the children of Elijah Cornwell grew up and he and Catherine Cornwell spent the remainder of their lives near Mechanicsville in Jasper County, Georgia. Elijah Cornwell drew in the Georgia Land Lottery as a Revolutionary War Veteran on March 30, 1827 and he died shortly thereafter on either November 14, 1827 or on November 16, 1827434 at the age of 77 years. Apparently, Elijah Cornwell’s father, Joseph Davis Cornwell, Sr., stated in his last will and testament that the wife of Elijah Cornwell was Catherine Cavanaugh, rather than Catherine Cavender as does records at the DAR434. The 10 children of Elijah Cornwell and Elizabeth Cornwell ("Catherine Cornwell") were:

(1) ELIZABETH CORNWELL ("Betsy Cornwell") born about 1784 in Rowan County North Carolina, married Absalom Steward ("Absolam Steward", "Absolum Steward" & "Absolom Steward"475) about 1806, and died in either Dekalb County, Georgia434 or in Jasper County, Georgia493. Absalom Steward was born about 1776 in Virginia, moved to Jackson County, Georgia about 1801, to Morgan County, Georgia about 1810, to Jasper County, Georgia about 1811, to Gwinnett County, Georgia about 1816, and to Henry County about 1821. His land became DeKalb County, Georgia in 1822. Absalom Steward (“Absalom Stewart”?) and Betsy Steward ("Betsy Stewart") lived near the Jim Diamond family, both died in Dekalb County, Georgia and are buried in the Diamond Cemetery in Dekalb County, Georgia. The children of Absolom Steward ("Absolom Stewart") and Elizabeth Steward were:

(i) Thenia Steward ("Bethenia Steward") born about 1802 and married John Henry;

(ii) Wilson Steward ("Wilson Steward"?) born about 1808400 (some say 1804375, 376 & 434) who married a Mahala (“Malaha”) about 1817 and moved to Alabama before 1840. "Mahala"is a fairly common American Indian term for a woman and is also used for a woman's name in the Middle East. Mahala was born about 1817. The children of Wilson Steward were:

John Barnett Steward ("John Steward") born about 1833 and is believed to have become a prominent judge in Decatur County, Georgia;

Madison Steward born about 1835;

Clementine Steward born about 1837;

Minerva Steward born about 1839;

Wilson Steward born about 1841;

William Steward born about 1844 and his family apparently lived in the vicinity of Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia on which was still Cherokee Indian land.400 Apparently the Klu Klux Klan proclaimed its 20th century rebirth on the granite mountain that gives Stone Mountain, Georgia its name. For decades, white-hooded Klansmen flocked there for annual gatherings, and Confederate heroes are sculptured on the sides of the mountain. In 1997, Stone Mountain, Georgia had 1,681 white and 1,812 black registered voters and, with only 568 people voting in the recent Mayor’s race,Chuck Burris was elected the first black mayor, having received 49% of the vote against two other candidates.

Mahala Jane Steward ("Mahala Steward" & “Malaha Steward”) born in March 1850. "Mahala"is a fairly common American Indian term for a woman and is also used for a woman's name in the Middle East;

Elizabeth Steward born about 1852; and,

Caroline Steward born in September 1859;

(iii) Elijah Steward born May 27, 1807, married Anna Alford ("Anne Alford", "Annie Alford" & "Ann Alford") on January 26, 1832, and died August 30, 1886 in Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia. Anna Alford was born about 1814 and died September 8, 1877. The children of Elijah Steward and Anna Steward were:

John Barnett Steward ("John Steward") born about 1832, married Mary J. Dean ("Mary Dean" & "Elizabeth Dean"?) who was born about 1836, and later became an attorney. The children of John Steward and Mary Steward were:

Margaret J. Steward ("Margaret Steward") born about 1858;

Virginia A. Steward ("Virginia Steward") born about 1860;

Arthur H. Steward born about 1865;

John D. Steward ("John Steward") born about 1870;

Captain J. Steward ("Captain Steward") born about 1872; and,

Birdie L. Steward ("Birdie Steward") born about 1875;

Cynthia C. Steward ("Cynthia Steward") born about 1833;

Armenia A. Steward ("Armenia Steward") born September 21, 1835 and married William L. Wade ("William Wade") either July 17, 1851 or July 12, 1850. William Wade was born April 16, 1831. The children of William Wade and Armenia Wade were:

Elijah Henry Wade ("Elijah Wade") born about 1852 married Augustera A. who was born in August 1855. The children of Elijah Wade and Augustera Wade had the following children:

John D. Wade ("John Wade") born October 1874;

Ola Minnie Wade ("Ola Wade") born November 1878, and married an M. Scarborough who was born May 1874. The children of M. Scarborough and Ola Scarborough were:

Ola M. Scarborough ("Ola Scarborough") born May 1895;

Lila B. Scarborough ("Lila Scarborough born October 1897; and,

John T. Scarborough ("John Scarborough") born November 1899;

Edgar H. Wade ("Edgar Wade") born July 1882; and,

Mary S. Wade ("Mary Wade" & "Elizabeth Wade") born October 1890;

John Franklin Wade ("John Wade") born June 13, 1854 or June 18, 1954, married Georgia Ann Campbell ("Georgia Campbell") September 5 or November 5, 1875375. Georgia Campbell was born in June 1858. The children of John Wade and Georgia Wade were:

Dora L. Wade ("Dora Wade") born about 1876;

Homer Burrough Wade ("Homer Wade") born April 12, 1880;

Oscar M. Wade ("Oscar Wade") born April 1882;

Maudie G. Wade ("Maudie Wade") born September 1884;

Myrtice M. Wade ("Myrtice Wade") born November 1886;

Jehu Paul Wade ("Jehu Wade") born September 18, 1888;

William Rogers Wade ("William Wade") born June 1890;

Allie B. Wade ("Allie Wade") born May 1892;

Mattie Lou Wade ("Mattie Wade") born September 1895;

Stephen B. Wade ("Stephen Wade") born January 1897; and,

Hudie Summer Wade ("Hudie Wade") born February 11, 1905;

Martha Ann Wade ("Martha Wade") born about 1855 and married John H. Jones ("John Jones") who was born about 1843. John Jones and Martha Jones had the following children:

William A. Jones ("William Jones") born about 1874;

Otis Olin Jones ("Otis Jones") born about 1876;

Ernest Ed Jones ("Ernest Jones") born about 1878;

James Jones born December 1879;

Offie Jones born October 1883;

Effie Jones born April 1885;

Bessie Jones born February 1887;

Hardie Jones born March 1889; and,

Ann Jones born February 1891;

Joseph D. Wade ("Joseph Wade") born about 1857375 or 1859;

Mary Jane Wade ("Mary Wade" & "Elizabeth Wade") born about 1859;

William Ellsberry Wade ("William Elberry Wade" & "William Wade") born June 16, 1862, and married Mary Jane Hicks ("Mary Hicks" & "Elizabeth Hicks"?) March 26, 1885. Martha Hicks was born March 1865. The children of William Wade and Mary Wade were:

Walter E. Wade ("Walter Wade") born June 1892;

Lemer E. Wade ("Lemer Wade") born August 1894;

James Murphey Wade ("James Wade") born March 27, 1896;

Clifford Dewey Wade ("Clifford Wade") born April 13, 1899; and, an

infant daughter who apparently died at birth May 1900;

Emma Elizabeth Wade ("Emma Wade") born November 4, 1864, and married Matthew Judson Scarborough ("Matthew Scarborough") September 13, 1885;

Armenia Melissa Wade ("Armenia Wade") born about 1866;

Hiram Thomas Wade ("Hiram Wade") born April 6, 1869 and married Mary Ann Beauchamp ("Mary Beauchamp" & "Elizabeth Beauchamp") either April 21, 1891 or September 21, 1891. The children of Hiram Wade and Mary Wade were:

Ruby L. Wade ("Ruby Wade") born June 1891;

Jennie Pearl Wade ("Jennie Wade") born September 11, 1893;

William J. Wade ("William Wade") born about 1895;

Charles Wade born February 1898; and,

Hoks Alexander Wade ("Hoks Wade") born December 26, 1911;

Daniel Wire Wade ("Daniel Y. Wade"? & "Daniel Wade" & "Wire Wade") born about 1871;

Josiah Clark Wade ("Josiah Wade") born about 1873; and,

James L. Wade ("James Wade") born about 1876;

Mary A. Steward ("Mary Steward" & "Elizabeth Steward"?) born about 1837 and married Jeremiah G. Hicks ("Jeremiah Hicks") who was born about 1837. The children of Jeremiah Hicks and Mary Hicks were:

James W. Hicks ("James Hicks") born about 1853;

Elijah B. Hicks ("Elijah Hicks") born about 1855;

John M. Hicks ("John Hicks") born about 1857;

Milly A. Hicks ("Milly Hicks" & "Millie Hicks"?) born about 1861;

Charlie E.L. Hicks ("Charlie Hicks" & "Charles Hicks") born about 1865;

Fitchen L. Hicks ("Fitchen Hicks") born about 1867;

Mary E. Hicks ("Mary Hicks" & "Elizabeth Hicks"); and,

Laura A. Hicks ("Laura Hicks") born about 1873;

Nancy E. Steward ("Nancy Steward") born about 1839, married Franklin Wade ("Frank Wade") on January 7, 1855 and who was born about 1829. The children of Franklin Wade and Nancy Wade were:

Elijah H. Wade ("Elijah Wade") born about 1855;

Robert E. Wade ("Robert Wade") born about 1857;

Nancy A. Wade ("Nancy Wade") born about 1859;

David Wade born about 1861;

Virginia Wade born about 1865;

Joseph J. Wade ("Joseph Wade") born about 1866; and,

James B. Wade ("James Wade");

J. Ellsberry Steward born about 1840 and who married an Angeline who was born about 1842. Ellsberry Steward had the following children:

Rosalie Steward born about 1865;

Joseph Steward born about 1867;

Annie Steward born about 1870;

Frederick Steward born about 1873;

Gertrude Steward born about 1875; and,

Homer Steward born in September 1879;

Martha J. Steward born about 1844;

Elizabeth Ann Steward ("Elizabeth Steward") born about 1846;

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