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Thomas J. Steward born in April 1850;

Sarah F. Steward born about 1853; and,

Lurana C. Steward born about 1856;

(iv) Austin Greene Steward ("Austin Steward") born about 1819 and married Caroline Veal ("Carolyn Veal") about 1838 and moved to Mississippi after 1850. The children of Austin Steward and Carolyn Steward were:

Cynthia Steward born about 1838 and who married a Beacham;

Nancy Steward born about 1839 and married a Wade and moved to Mississippi after 1850;

Rebecca Steward born about 1841;

Elijah Steward born about 1842;

Jasper Steward born about 1844; and,

William Greene Steward ("William Steward") who married Ophelia Tabitha Norris ("Ophelia Norris"). William Steward and Opelia Steward had a son named:

Charles Fancher Steward ("Charles Steward") who married Opal Larkins and they had a daughter named:

Raymonette Steward ("Rae Steward") who married an Aeberli and lived in Mt. View, Arkansas ; and,

(v) John B. Steward ("John Steward") born about 1820;371 & 375

(2) SARAH CORNWELL (“Sally Cornwell”, "Polly Cornwell", "Mary Cornwell"? & "Mary Jane Cornwell"?) born about 1786493 in either Gwinette County, Georgia 475 or in Rowan County, North Carolina493, married George Ramsey on December 25, 1809 in Jasper County, Georgia, moved to Henry County, Georgia before 1830, and died of cancer January 5, 1863 in either Jasper County or in Henry County, Georgia. George Ramsey was born November 26, 1779 in Rowan County, North Carolina and died April 5, 1861. George Ramsey and Sarah Ramsey had son named:

HIRAM RAMSEY born about 1813, married a Nancy, died December 4, 1856 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in Randolph County, Alabama. Nancy was born about 1822. Hiram Ramsey and Nancy Ramsey had 4 children:

Sarah Ramsey born about 1838;

George A. Ramsey ("George Ramsey") born about 1840;

Rebecca Ramsey born about 1842;

James Ramsey born about 1842; and,

Lettitia Ramsey ("Lettia Ramsey"?) born about 1846;

(3) NANCY CORNWELL born on either January 5, 1788 or on January 8, 1788493 in Rowan County, North Carolina434 & 493 or Wilkes County, North Carolina375, married either James B. Diamond ("James Diamond") about 1811-1812375, 434 & 493 or George Diamond 475 in either DeKalb County, Georgia or in Jackson County, Georgia434, or Jasper County, Georgia, died on May 25, 1869 in Henderson, Rusk County, Texas, and is buried in the Crow family cemetery. James Diamond was born about June 30, 1788 in Lancaster County, Virginia, died August 16 or August 26, 1849375 in either Texas or in DeKalb County, Georgia, and is buried in Lithonia, DeKalb County, Georgia in the Diamond Cemetery. He was the son of John Diamond who was born 1750 in Londonberry, Ireland and Elizabeth Diamond. The 10 children of James Diamond and Nancy Diamond were:

(i) Franklin Cornwell Diamond ("Franklin Diamond") born either February 5, 1813375 & 434 or May 2, 1813 in either Jasper County, Georgia or in Jackson County, Georgia375 & 434, married Mary Ann Blackmon ("Mary Blackmon") about 1834 in either DeKalb County, Georgia434 or in Jackson County, Georgia375, died May 5, 1866 or May 27, 1866375 & 434 in Cave Springs, Polk County, Georgia, and is buried in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia. Mary Blackmon was born August 29, 1817 in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia, died October 12, 1862 and is buried with her husband. In the 1850 census for Carroll County, Georgia, the F.C. Diamond family comprised: F.C. Cavender, age 37; Mary Diamond, age 32; Rebecca Diamond, age 13; Rhema Diamond, age 11; William Diamond, age 9; Virginia Diamond, age 5; and, Sarah Diamond, age 9 months. The children of Franklin Diamond and Mary Diamond were:

Elizabette Diamond ("Elizabeth Diamond"?) born about 1835 in DeKalb County, Georgia, died September 14, 1835 in De Kalb, Georgia, and is buried in the Diamond Cemetery in Lithonia, DeKalb County, Georgia;

Rebecca E.A. Diamond ("Rebecca Diamond") born about 1836 in DeKalb County, Georgia, married Dr. Virginius Byrd Burton ("Virginius Burton") about 1859 in Polk County, Georgia, and died October 1867 in Harris County, Texas. Virginius Burton was born September 1828, died about 1862 in Richmond, Virginia, and is buried in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia. Virginius Burton and Rebecca Burton had 2 children:

Arthur Burton who was born in Georgia, died in October 1867 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and is buried in Harris County, Texas; and,

Leland Victor Burton ("Leland Burton") born about 1867 in Georgia, died in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and is buried in Harris County, Texas;

Eli Reamer Diamond ("Eli Diamond") born about 1838 in De Kalb, Georgia, married Mollie Sanford, died about 1868 in Floyd County, Georgia, and is buried in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia. Eli Diamond and Mollie Diamond had 2 children:

Eugene Diamond born in Georgia; and,

Herbert Diamond born in Georgia;

William Diamond born about 1841 in DeKalb County, Georgia, married Caroline Ann Webster ("Caroline Webster" & "Carrie Webster") August 28, 1859 in Fulton County, Georgia, and died about 1861. Caroline Webster was born about 1841;

Lavenia Diamond born November 1843 in DeKalb County, Georgia, died September 1844 in DeKalb County, Georgia, and is buried in the Diamond Cemetery in Lithonia, DeKalb County, Georgia;

Virginia Diamond born about 1845;

Sarah P. Diamond ("Sarah Diamond" & "Sallie Diamond") born either about 1845375 or in December 1849 in DeKalb County, Georgia, and died October 1867 in Houston, Harris County, Texas;

Emma Diamond born either about 1848375 or about 1851 in DeKalb County, Georgia, and died October 1867 in Houston, Harris County, Texas;

Lula Diamond born about 1850, and died in October 1867 in Houston, Harris County, Texas;

Lillie Diamond born about 1852 in DeKalb County, Georgia, and died October 1867 in Houston, Harris County, Texas;

Alice Burton Diamond ("Alice Diamond") born March 10, 1854 in either DeKalb County, Georgia or in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia375, married John Thomas Garner ("John Garner") March 10, 1872 in Polk County, Georgia, died July 12, 1923, and is buried in Polk County, Georgia. John Garner was born January 16, 1849 in Franklin County, Georgia, and died January 22, 1915 in Polk County, Georgia. The children of John Garner and Alice Garner were:

Arthur Franklin Garner ("Arthur Garner") born January 5, 1873 and died February 1, 1937;

Martha Elizabeth Garner ("Martha Garner" & "Mattie Garner") born February 13, 1875, married Jesse Martin Prewett ("Jesse Prewett") April 6, 1904 in Polk County, Georgia, and died November 13, 1956. Jesse Prewett was born January 21, 1858 or January 21, 1859375, and died December 31, 1922. The children of Jessee Prewett and Martha Prewett were:

Thomas Franklin Prewett ("Thomas Prewett") born October 26, 1906, first married Cornelia Irene Kuglar ("Cornelia Kuglar") on November 2, 1929, later married Mary Irene Mason Martin ("Mary Martin" & "Irene Martin") on March 25, 1959, and died November 2, 1929. Cornelia Kuglar was born October 1, 1909, was the daughter of Albert Lee Kuglar ("Albert Kuglar") and Lenora Stevenson, and died September 26, 1958. Mary Martin was born on October 15, 1911 and no children are believed to have resulted from this marriage. The children of Thomas Prewett and Cornelia Prewett were:

Thomas Albert Prewett ("Thomas Prewett") born November 5, 1931, married Joanne Beard February 7, 1954 in California, and died July 5, 1964. Joanne Beard was born December 22, 1931. Joanne Beard was born on December 22, 1931. The children of Thomas Prewett and Joanne Prewett were:

an infant son who died at birth December 1, 1958;

Scott Thomas Prewett ("Scott Prewett") born December 10, 1959;

Cindy Leigh Prewett ("Cindy Prewett") born March 1, 1961; and,

Sheri Lynn Prewett ("Sheri Prewett") born August 1, 1964;

Elizabeth Ann Prewett ("Elizabeth Prewett") born February 28, 1834, and married Fay Clayton Garmon ("Fay Garmon") on June 14, 1953. Fay Garmon was born April 10, 1929, and was the son of Clifton Russell Garmon ("Clifton Garmon") and Electa Mabel Peek ("Electa Peek"). The children of Fay Garmon and Elizabeth Garmon were: Donald Clayton Garmon ("Donald Garmon") born January 5, 1956; Rita Faye Garmon ("Rita Garmon") born July 29, 1958; William Anthony Garmon ("William Garmon") born March 22, 1960; and, Joyce Ann Garmon ("Joyce Garmon") born March 12, 1962; and,

William Jackson Prewett ("William Prewett") born June 16, 1939, and married Sandra Fay Jenkins ("Sandra Jenkins") June 30, 1967. Sandra Jenkins was born March 25, 1945, and was the daughter of B.T. Jenkins and Violet Dorothy Marie Payne ("Violet Payne" & "Dorothy Payne"). The children of William Prewett and Sandra Prewett was a son named:

Randy Daryl Prewett ("Randy Prewett") born September 1, 1968;

Robert Samuel Prewett ("Robert Prewett") born June 17, 1910, and married Jessie Kate Payne ("Jessie Payne") December 25, 1937. Jessie Payne was born October 2, 1912, and was the daughter of William Henry Payne ("William Payne") and Leila Bell Hendon ("Leila Hendon"). Robert Prewett and Jessie Prewett had a daughter named:

Annette Prewett born December 18, 1940, and married Bobby George Ledford ("Bobby Ledford" & "Robert Ledford"?) July 3, 1958. Bobby Ledford was born December 26, 1935, and was the son of Clarence Ledford and Cordie Bell Wilcher ("Cordie Wilcher", formerly "Cordie Bell"?). Bobby Ledford and Annette Ledford had 2 children:

Emory Leland Ledford ("Emory Ledford") born April 10, 1960; and,

Evan Howard Ledford ("Evan Ledford") born October 19, 1961;

Alice Naomi Prewett ("Alice Prewett") was born January 1, 1914, and married Charles James Lemay ("Charles Lemay") October 26, 1947. Charles Lemay was born December 17, 1916, was the son of Allen Lemay and Annie Dury ("Ann Dury"?), and died August 8, 1966. The children of Charles Lemay and Alice Lemay were:

James Edward Lemay ("James Lemay") born October 13, 1949; and,

Carol Sue Lemay ("Carol Lemay") born January 17, 1951; and,

Stella Ruth Prewett ("Stella Prewett") born April 7, 1917, and died August 16, 1919;

Stella Viola Garner ("Stella Garner") born October 8, 1877, married Augustus Mont Hackney ("Augustus Hackney") December 25, 19?? in Polk County, Georgia, and died February 22 1947. Augustus Hackney was born January 24, 1870, was the son of William Hackney ("Doc Hackney") and Lou V., and died January 6, 1940. Augustus Hackney and Stella Hackney had the following children:

Lula Burton Hackney ("Lula Hackney") born May 1, 1899, and married Ollie Lee Culp February 7, 1927. Ollie Culp was born February 12, 1888, was the son of Joseph Culp and Fannie, and died March 30, 1968. Ollie Culp and Lula Culp had the following children:

Lloyd Augustus Culp ("Lloyd Culp") born May 10, 1828, and married Juanita Hanson August 17, 1951. Juanita Hanson was born July 18, 1928, and was the daughter of J.L. Hanson and Nelle The children of Lloyd Culp and Juanita Culp were:

Lloyd Augustus Culp, Jr. ("Lloyd Culp") born December 16, 1954; and, Daryl Lee Culp ("Daryl Culp") born January 21, 1961;

Boyd Lee Culp ("Boyd Culp") born May 10, 1928, and married Rose Hare September 5, 1952. Rose Hare was born April 1, 1928. Boyd Culp and Rose Culp had 1 child named: Kristie Burton Culp ("Kristie Culp") born March 25, 1959; and,

Kristie Burton Culp ("Kristie Culp") born March 25, 1959; and,

Mattie Bell Hackney ("Mattie Hackney") born October 10, 1900;

Mary Ethel Garner ("Mary Garner" & "Mamie Garner") born September 20, 1880, and married Hooten Ashby James ("Hooten James") November 28, 1909 in Polk County, Georgia. Hooten James was born August 21, 1869, was the son of Wiley Jones and Patience Foster, and died July 20, 1968. Hooten James and Mary James had the following children:

Ruth Estelle James ("Ruth James") born August 31, 1910, and died November 1910;

Nonnie Lola James born August 31, 1910 and died at birth;

Maxine James born September 17, 1912, and married Julian Walden Collins ("Julian Collins") December 21, 1940. Julian Collins was born July 26, 1908, and was the son of George Douglas Collins ("George Collins") and Addie Lee Martin ("Addie Martin"). The children of Julian Collins and Maxine Collins were:

Mary Julia Collins ("Mary Collins") born October 29, 1941;

Addie Lee Collins ("Addie Collins") born April 3, 1943;

James Arthur Collins ("James Collins") born September 20, 1945;

Martin Phillip Collins ("Martin Collins born May 23, 1948; and,

Carol Walden Collins ("Carol Collins") born March 1, 1950;

John Thomas James ("John James") born June 14, 1915, and married Gladys Jewell Carter ("Gladys Carter") November 4, 1938. Gladys Carter was born August 18, 1920, and was the daughter of Wiley L. Carter ("Wiley Carter") and Annie Pearl Peace ("Annie Peace" & "Ann Peace"). John James and Gladys James had 2 children:

John Thomas James, Jr. ("John James") born February 1, 1940, and married Dorothy Evelyn Cooper ("Dorothy Cooper") March 16, 1964. Dorothy Cooper was born May 22, 1943, and was the daughter of Quimby Cooper and Julia Edna Ellis ("Julia Ellis"). John James and Dorothy James had a son named:

John Lance James ("John James") born July 13, 1969; and,

Dawn Maryse James ("Dawn James") born July 7, 1944, and married Paul Dempsey February 15, 1969;

Arthur Downey James ("Arthur James") born August 29, 1919, and married Maryse Fernande Ferri ("Maryse Ferri") January 11, 1947. Maryse Ferri was born April 2, 1928, and was the daughter of Fernand Julien Ferri ("Fernand Ferri") and Marie Louise Vidal ("Marie Vidal"). Arthur James and Maryse James had 2 children:

George Arthur James ("George James") born February 4, 1948; and,

Kathryn Michelle James ("Kathryn James") born October 3, 1951; and,

Mary Patience James ("Mary James") born January 16, 1922;

Iva Nonnie Garner ("Iva Garner") born either November 18, 1882 or November 11, 1882375 and died March 11, 1955;

Ruth Burton Garner ("Ruth Garner") born January 27, 1885, married either George Martin Mayers ("George Mayers") or George Martin Ayers ("George Ayers")375 in July 1925 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, and died April 18, 1931. George Mayers was born about 1875, was the son of Hilliary Coleman Ayers ("Hilliary Ayers") and Mary Elizabeth Fincher ("Mary Fincher"),and died about 1952;

James Thomas Garner ("James Garner" & J.T. Garner") born July 7, 1888, and died June 30, 1960;

John Bunyan Garner ("John Garner") born October 3, 1891, married Ruth Lawson June 17, 1925, and died December 6, 1942. Ruth Lawson was born May 14, 1897, and was the daughter of James Monroe Lawson ("James Lawson") and Josephine Pittman. The children of John Garner and Ruth Garner were:

Alice Josephine Garner ("Alice Garner") born August 8, 1926, and married David Trammell Barrow ("David Barrow") September 14, 1947. David Barrow was born March 1, 1929, and was the son of Hugh W. Barrow ("Hugh Barrow") and Virginia Trammell. The children of David Barrow and Alice Barrow were:

David Hugh Barrow ("David Barrow") born June 13, 1948;

Charles Kennon Barrow ("Charles Barrow") born January 17, 1952;

Virginia Ruth Barrow ("Virginia Barrow") born December 22, 1958; and, Frances Ellen Barrow ("Frances Barrow") born June 6, 1961;

John Bunyan Garner, Jr. ("John Garner") born March 11, 1929, and married Julianne Morgan August 26, 1951. Julianne Morgan was born January 22, 1930, and was the daughter of Emory Clyde Morgan ("Emory Morgan") and Juliann Hardage. The children of John Garner and Julianne Garner were:

Michael Morgan Garner ("Michael Garner") born November 7, 1952; and,

Julianne Garner born March 18, 1955; and,

James Lewis Garner ("James Garner") born July 17, 1932, and married Mary Ed Anderson ("Mary Anderson") June 3, 1956. Mary Anderson was born January 10, 1931, and was the daughter of S.A. Anderson and Ola Cooper.. The children of James Garner and Mary Garner were:

Mary Jo Garner ("Mary Garner") born May 17, 1957;

Susan Angela Garner ("Susan Garner") born October 6, 1958; and,

James Lewis Garner, Jr. ("James Garner") born July 22, 1961; and,

Boyd Garner Garner ("Boyd Garner") born November 15, 1896, married Maurine Marrett June 24, 1925, and died March 13, 1967. Maurine Marrett was born March 20, 1901, and was the daughter of Will Bunyan Marrett ("Will Marrett" & "William Marrett"?) and Maggie Cleveland ("Margaret Cleveland"?). Boyd Garner and Maurine Garner had 2 children:

William Thomas Garner ("William Garner") born April 21, 1927 or April 21, 1937375, and married Carolyn Busby July 26, 1953. Carolyn Busby was born March 14, 1931, and was the daughter of Tommy Busby ("Thomas Busby"?). The children of William Garner and Carolyn Garner were:

Linda Carol Garner ("Linda Garner") born March 13, 1958; and,

William Gary Garner ("William Garner") born May 5, 1961; and,

Lorene Garner born July 4, 1930, and married Arthur J. Phair ("Arthur Phair" & "Art Phair") September 17, 1955. Arthur Phair was born September 21, 1928. Arthur Phair and Lorene Phair had 2 children:

Joan Marie Phair ("Joan Phair") born March 31, 1958; and,

Julie Ann Phair ("Julie Phair") born February 6, 1962; and,

James Diamond born April 1856 in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia, married Harriet E. Isbell ("Harriet Isbell") about 1877 or about 1875375, and is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery in Eson Hill, Polk County, Georgia. Harriet Isbell was born October 1855, and is buried with her husband.

The 1900 census for Polk County, Georgia lists the James Diamond family and then comprising: James Diamond, age 44 and Harriett Diamond, age 44 and that they had then been married for 23 years and had 10 children, and that 9 of their surviving children were: Lillie L. Diamond ("Lillie Diamond"), age 21; Anna M. Diamond ("Anna Diamond" & "Ann Diamond"?), age 19; William J. Diamond ("William Diamond"), age 17; John M. Diamond ("John Diamond"), age 15; Bodie F. Diamond ("Bodie Diamond"), age 13; Nannie M. Diamond ("Nannie Diamond"), age 9; Ida B. Diamond ("Ida Diamond"), age 7; Rema H. Diamond ("Rema Diamond"), age 5; and Minnie C. Diamond ("Minnie Diamond"), age 3. Also counted in the household was Henry H. Diamond ("Henry Diamond"), a grandson age 2 months. The children of James Diamond and Harriet Diamond were:

Wyley Diamond born April 1876 in Georgia, and married an Effie A. about 1899. Effie was born about October 1879 in Georgia. According to the 1900 census of Polk County, Georgia, the Wiley Diamond family then comprised: Wiley Diamond, age 24; Effie A. Diamond ("Effie Diamond"), age 20, that they had been married for 1 year and had no children. The children of Wiley Diamond and Effie Diamond were:

King L. Diamond ("King Diamond") born about 1901 in Georgia;

Paul T. Diamond ("Paul Diamond") born in Georgia about 1904;

Guy W. Diamond ("Guy Diamond") born in Georgia about 1909; and,

Faye E. Diamond ("Faye Diamond") born in Georgia about 1816;

Lillie Diamond born September 1878 in Georgia, marriage not confirmed, but had 2 children:

Christine E. Diamond ("Christine Diamond") born about 1900 in Georgia; and,

Pauline Diamond born about 1903 in Georgia;

Anna M. Diamond ("Anna Diamond") born either September 1880 or September 1882375 in Georgia, and married John Wood;

William J. Diamond ("William Diamond") born September 1882 in Georgia, and married Fannie Arrington ("Frances Arrington"?) who was born about 1885 in Alabama and was the daughter of William A. Arrington ("William Arrington") and Julia A. According to the 1920 census for Polk County, Georgia, the William Diamond family then comprised: William Diamond, age 37; Fannie Diamond, age 34; Cyril Diamond, age 14; Frank Diamond, age 11; Lucile Diamond, age 7; and, twins named Annal L. Diamond ("Annal Diamond") and Fannie S. Diamond ("Fannie Diamond" & "Frances Diamond"?), age 4. William Diamond and Fannie Diamond had the following children:

Cyril Diamond born about 1905 in Polk County, Georgia;

Frank Diamond born about 1908 in Polk County, Georgia;

Lucile Diamond ("Lucille Diamond"?) born about 1912 in Polk County, Georgia;

Anna L. Diamond ("Anna Diamond") born about 1915 in Polk County, Georgia; and,

Fannie S. Diamond ("Fannie Diamond" & "Frances Diamond"?) born about 1915 in Polk County, Georgia;

John M. Diamond ("John Diamond") born September 1884 in Georgia;

Bodie F. Diamond ("Bodie Diamond") born February 1887 in Georgia;

Nannie M. Diamond ("Nannie Diamond" & "Nancy Diamond"?) born September 1890 in Georgia, and married Oliver Buttram;

Ida B. Diamond ("Ida Diamond") born July 1892 in Georgia;

Rema Herbert Diamond ("Rema Diamond") born February 1895 in Georgia; and,

Minnie C. Diamond ("Minnie Diamond") born September 1896 in Georgia; and,

Talula Diamond ("Lula Diamond") born August 21, 1859 in either DeKalb County, Georgia or in Cave Spring, Floyd County, Georgia,375 died either in Harris County, Texas or in Spring, Floyd County, Georgia,375 and is buried in the Diamond Cemetery in Lithonia, DeKalb County, Georgia;

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