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William James Mahon ("William Mahon") born January 7, 1950, first married Jeannie Lynne Marsalia ("Jeannie Marsalia") about 1972, and later married Kathie Roe ("Katherine Roe"?) June 12, 1978. William Mahon and Marsalia Mahon had a son named:

Shane Allen Mahon ("Shane Mahon") born March 18, 1973. William Mahon and Kathie Mahon had a son named:

Joshua Paul Mahon ("Joshua Mahon") born February 1, 1979;

James Mac Taylor ("James Taylor") born July 4, 1923, married Emily Ruth Crumpler ("Emily Crumpler") May 13, 1946, and died May 8, 1951. James Taylor and Ruth Taylor had 2 children:

Virginia Inez Taylor ("Virginia Taylor") born March 31, 1947, and married Tommie Walker Choate ("Tommie Choate" & "Thomas Choate"?) December 23, 1966. Tommie Choate and Virginia Choate had 13 children:

Virginia Ruth Choate ("Virginia Choate") born December 28, 1968;

Ivey Dawn Choate ("Ivey Choate") born January 10, 1970;

Tommie Walker Choate, III ("Tommie Choate") born December 13, 1972;

Brandie Ellen Choate ("Brandie Choate") born March 12, 1974;

Adam Joseph Choate ("Adam Choate") born August 12, 1976;

Cary Taylor Choate ("Cary Choate") born April 15, 1979;

Joshua Mac Choate ("Joshua Choate") born February 2, 1980;

Mark Buchanan Choate ("Mark Choate") born September 20, 1981;

Benjamin Wade Choate ("Benjamin Choate") born November 4, 1983;

Emily Jeane Choate ("Emily Choate") born May 10, 1985;

Zachary James Choate ("Zachary Choate") born October 19, 1986; Samuel Christopher Choate ("Samuel Choate") born January 19, 1989; and,

Micah Council Choate ("Micah Choate") born February 14, 1991; and,

Patricia Anne Taylor ("Patricia Taylor") born January 29, 1948, and married Ronald Wayne Koonse ("Ronald Koonse") March 12, 1971 Ronald Koonse and Patricia Koonse had a son named:

Rusty Kyle Koonse ("Rusty Koonse") born August 29, 1975;

Lola Katherine Taylor ("Lola Taylor") born March 25, 1925, and married Jack Warren Martin ("Jack Martin" & "John Martin"?) on October 19, 1946. Jack Martin and Lola Martin had 3 children:

Katherine Ann Martin ("Katherine Martin") born February 2, 1951, married Anthony John Ackerman ("Anthony Ackerman") August 1, 1970, and died February 2, 1973;

Judith Elaine Martin ("Judith Martin") born November 8, 1953, first married Louis Anthony Benaglio ("Louis Benaglio") January 27, 1973, and later married Chester D. Cathey ("Chester Cathey") may 1980, and still later married Robert Allen Bohannon ("Robert Bohannon"). Louis Benaglio and Judith Benaglio had a daughter named:

Amy Elaine Benaglio ("Amy Benaglio") born September 12, 1977. Robert Bohannon and Judith Bohannon had 2 children:

Rebekah Kathleen Bohannon ("Rebekah Bohannon" & "Rebecca Bohannon"?) born February 9, 1986; and,

Micah Warren Bohannon ("Micah Bohannon") born January 11, 1988; and,

Michael Glenn Martin ("Michael Martin") born on October 24, 1955 and died June 17, 1979;

Ruth Ann Taylor ("Ruth Taylor") born February 22, 1927, married Kenneth Warren Goode ("Kenneth Goode") June 7, 1950, and died July 23, 1989. Kenneth Goode and Ruth Goode had 2 children:

James Kenneth Goode ("James Goode") born February 4, 1952; and,

Betty Jane Goode ("Betty Goode") born December 20, 1953;

Judith Patricia Taylor ("Judith Taylor") born May 3, 1931, and married Bert Temp Sheppard ("Bert Sheppard", & "Bert Sheppart"?) June 12, 1954. Bert Sheppard and Bert Sheppard had 4 children:

Dixie Jan Sheppard ("Dixie Sheppard") born November 5, 1955, first married Phillip W. Windham ("Phillip Windham"), and later married Robert Douglas Smith ("Robert Smith") June 16, 1978. Robert Smith and Dixie Smith had 4 children:

Lindsey Jan Smith ("Lindsey Smith") born November 16, 1979;

Lanna Camille Smith ("Lanna Smith") born March 16, 1982;

Lance Douglas Smith ("Lance Smith") born May 15, 1984; and,

Cayla LaDohn Smith ("Cayla Smith") born on either July 26, 1986 or on May 15, 1984375;

Deborah Lynn Sheppard ("Debory Sheppard" & "Deborah Sheppard"?) born May 17, 1957 and married Michael Lynn Cook ("Michael Cook") August 14, 1976. Michael Cook and Debory Cook had 2 children:

Cameron Chase Cook ("Cameron Cook") born June 14, 1985; and,

Rance Austin Cook ("Rance Cook") born October 10, 1988;

Judy Beth Sheppard ("Judy Sheppard" & "Judith Sheppard"?) born April 7, 1961, and married David Ray Lesley ("David Lesley") on June 25, 1977. David Lesley and Judy Lesley had 2 children:

Skip Taylor Lesley ("Skip Lesley") born June 12, 1977; and,

Natnei Brooke Lesley ("Natnei Lesley") born July 25, 1982; and,

Ronald Bert Sheppard ("Ronald Sheppard") born August 28, 1964, and married Janet Wygant on January 7, 1989. Ronald Sheppard and Janet Sheppard had a son named:

David Kater Sheppard ("David Sheppard") born July 25, 1993; and,

Martha Loy Taylor ("Martha Taylor") born January 5, 1933, and married Elry Coy Jones ("Elry Jones") on either August 3, 1955 or on August 2, 1955375. Elry Jones and Martha Jones had 4 children:

Lee Matthew Jones ("Lee Jones") born October 6, 1958, and married Shery Ann Singley ("Shery Singley" & "Sherry Singley") March 7, 1987. Lee Jones and Shery Jones ("Sherry Jones") had 2 children:

Joshua Lee Jones ("Joshua Jones") born September 9, 1990; and,

Caleb Andrew Jones ("Caleb Jones") born April 30, 1992;

Russ Alan Jones ("Russ Jones") born September 27, 1960, and married Pamela Martelle Muncy ("Pamela Muncy") March 10, 1984. Russ Jones and Pamela Jones had a child named:

Caitlin Martelle Jones ("Caitlin Jones") born April 9, 1993;

Martha Ann Jones ("Martha Jones") born March 15, 1967, and married John Clayton Everheart ("John Everheart") January 2, 1988. John Everheart and Martha Everheart had a son named:

Ryan Clayton Everheart ("Ryan Everheart") born November 20, 1991; and,

Jay Walt Jones ("Jay Jones") born December 1, 1969;

Andrew Johnson Taylor, Jr. ("Andrew Taylor") born January 31, 1890, married Merle Averitt on December 8, 1914, and died April 1973. Andrew Taylor and Merle Taylor had a daughter named:

Shirley Louise Taylor ("Shirley Taylor") born December 2, 1927, and married Milton Flowers October 12, 1945. Milton Flowers and Shirley Flowers had 2 children:

Andrew Flowers who died November 1, 1968; and,

Gregory Flowers who married Mrs. Carla Hebor. Grebory Flowers and Carla Flowers had 2 children:

Keith Edwin Hebor Flowers ("Keith Flowers" & "Edwin Flowers"), formerly ("Keith Edwin Hebor" & "Keith Hebor"?); and,

Jeffry Flowers ("Jeffrey Flowers") born February 2, 1976;

Charles Wesley Taylor ("Charles Taylor") born December 27, 1891, married Clara Doris Burroughs ("Clara Burroughs") December 28, 1914, and died December 3, 1943. The children of Charles Taylor and Clara Taylor were:

Wilma Charlene Taylor ("Wilma Taylor") born January 17, 1916, first married Aubrey Carl Pinkston ("Aubrey Pinkston") December 4, 1933, next married Allen Roberts and had no children by this marriage, and still later married Carl Gardner and had no children by this marriage. Aubrey Pinkston and Wilma Pinkston had a daughter named:

Carline Pinkston ("Charlene Pinkerson"?) who married Troy Tucker. Troy Tucker and Carline Tucker 2 children:

Ronda Ann Tucker ("Ronda Tucker") born February 5, 1955, and married Tom Lindsey ("Thomas Lindsey"). Tom Lindsey and Ronda Lindsey had a son named:

Ryann Lindsey; and,

Renie Carol Lindsey ("Renie Lindsey") who married Frank Holik and they had 2 children:

Lindsey Holik born May 20, 1980; and,

Michael Frank Holik ("Michael Holik") born September 6, 1985; and,

Neal Andrew Taylor ("Neal Taylor") born March 4, 1918 and married Ann Hooper. Neal Taylor and Ann Taylor had 4 children:

Tom Taylor ("Thomas Taylor");

Gary Taylor;

Kenneth Taylor; and,

Mike Taylor ("Michael Taylor"?);

Gene Blanchard Taylor ("Gene Taylor") born April 16, 1921, and married Faye Blanchard Baxter ("Faye Baxter") about 1940. Gene Taylor and Fay Taylor had a son named:

Orval Gene Taylor ("Orval Taylor") born about 1941;

Betty Louise Taylor ("Betty Taylor") born November 16, 1919 and died November 22, 1920;

Christine Laverne Taylor ("Christine Taylor") born December 24, 1922, first married J.T. Lane, next married Loyal Caldwell, and finally married Phil Rundle ("Phillip Rundle"?). J.T. Lane and Christine Lane had a child named:

Nehman Lane. Loyal Caldwell and Christine Caldwell had 3 children: Cecelia Caldwell;

Jeff Caldwell ("Jeffrey Caldwell"?); and,

Debbie Caldwell ("Deborah Caldwell"?);

Charles Wesley Taylor, Jr. ("Charles Taylor") born August 28, 1924 and married Ida Jane Sterling ("Ida Sterling"). Charles Taylor and Ida Taylor had a daughter named:

Kathryn Taylor;

Mary Frances Taylor ("Mary Taylor") born July 23, 1926, and married Billy Stark ("William Stark"). Billy Stark and Mary Stark had 2 children:

Jerry Stark; and,

Dwain Stark;

Warren Taylor born June 22, 1928, and married Shirley Sue Gilbert ("Shirley Gilbert") November 7, 1954. Warren Taylor and Shirley Taylor had 3 children:

Debra Taylor (“Deborah Taylor”);

Terry Nathan Taylor ("Terry Taylor"); and,

Pamela Diane Taylor ("Pamela Taylor");

Doris JoAnn Taylor ("Doris Taylor") born February 1, 1930, first married Bill Handley ("William Handley"). William Handley and Doris Handley had 4 children:

Peri Handley;

Taylor Handley;

Clark Handley; and,

Erin Handley; and,

Foye Ellen Taylor ("Foye Taylor" & "Faye Taylor"?) born December 13, 1935 and married Don Larson ("Donald Larson"?);

Irma Taylor born June 27, 1896 and died May 13, 1899;

a unidentified son who died at birth June 27, 1900;

Lola Hammack Taylor ("Lola Taylor") born August 28, 1901, married Artell Green Roberts ("Artell Roberts") November 30, 1927, and died January 28, 1941. Artell Roberts and Lola Roberts had a stillborn infant;

Layla May Taylor ("Layla Taylor") born May 5, 1904, and married Earl C. Evans ("Earl Evans") December 19, 1920. Earl Evans and Layla Evans had 4 children:

Annazine Evans born October 2, 1921, first married Amel Adolphus Glaser ("Amel Glaser"), and later married Odas Williams on November 14, 1952. The children of Amel Glaser and Annazine Glaser were:

Amel Allen Glaser ("Amel Glaser") born August 19, 1940, and married Sue Mae Jo Eddy ("Sue Eddy") August 17, 1961. Amel Glaser and Sue Glaser had 3 children:

Rickey Allen Glaser ("Rickey Glaser" & "Richard Glaser") born August 27, 1961;

Susan Annette Glaser ("Susan Glaser") born July 16, 1962; and,

Tammy Ann Glaser ("Tammy Glaser") born October 16, 1966; and,

Layla Ann Glazer ("Layla Glazer") born July 23, 1942, first married Charles Wright June 18, 1960, and later married a Bryan. Charles Wright and Layla Wright had a daughter named Laura Jo Wright ("Laura Wright") born August 18, 1962.

The children of Odas Williams and Annazine Williams were:

Amanda Lou Williams ("Amanda Williams") born February 6, 1954;

Earline Williams born April 13, 1955; and,

Odas James Williams ("Odas Williams") born April 19, 1958;

Donald Roland Evans ("Donald Evans") born March 15, 1923, first married Margaret Baker, and later married Mildred Brown. Donald Evans and Margaret Evans had 2 children:

Mark Andrew Evans ("Mark Evans") born January 2, 1958; and,

Terri Maylene Evans ("Terri Evans") born January 25, 1958;

Larry Earl Evans ("Larry Evans") born February 20, 1936, and married Ada Mary George ("Ada George") June 4, 1955. Larry Evans and Ada Evans had 2 children:

Lawrence Eric Evans ("Lawrence Evans") born June 28, 1956; and, Gregory Mason Evans ("Gregory Evans") born October 7, 1958; and,

Billy Garfield Evans ("Billy Evans" & "William Evans") born October 28, 1938 and married Judith Patricia Butler ("Judith Butler"). Billy Evans and Judith Evans had 3 children:

Shavawn Elizabeth Evans ("Shavawn Evans") born March 27, 1963; Katherine Theresa Evans ("Katherine Evans") born September 1, 1966; and,

Jocelyn Suzanne Evans ("Joselyn Evans") born May 20, 1969; and,

an unidentified son who died at birth in 1907;

Charles E. Taylor ("Charles Taylor" & "Charlie Taylor") born either April 24, 1868 or May 1868375 in Randolph County, Alabama, married either Eldora Jane Lee ("Eldora Lee") or a Dora E.375 about 1892, and died June 22, 1903 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama. Eldora Lee was born August 1870. Charles Taylor and Eldora Taylor had a son named:

Charley B. Taylor ("Charley Taylor" & "Charles Taylor") born June 1894;

Emory C. Taylor ("Emory Taylor") born January 18, 1870 in Randolph County, Alabama, died March 3, 1872 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama;

Beula E. Taylor ("Beula Taylor") born November 21, 1871, first married Jasper N. Grubbs ("Jasper Grubbs"), next married Charles Curtis Grubbs ("Charles Grubbs"). Jasper Grubbs was born February 27, 1860, died August 15, 1892, and is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama. Curtis Grubbs was born June 19, 1872 and died September 6, 1942. Charles Grubbs and Beula Grubbs had a daughter named:

Lucy Mae Grubbs ("Lucy Grubbs" & "Lucille Grubbs"?) born May 3, 1894, first married John Allen Kirby ("John Kirby"), and next married Virge Beall who was born April 6, 1877 and died September 19, 1966. John Kirby and Lucy Kirby had a son named:

Charles N. Kirby ("Charles Kirby") born March 16, 1915, and married Enid Mae Latornell ("Enid Latornell") June 29, 1957. Charles Kirby and Enid Kirby had 2 children:

Doris Ann Kirby ("Doris Kirby") born April 2, 1958; and,

Mary Catherine Kirby ("Mary Kirby") born April 27, 1960. Virge Beall and Lucy Beall had 2 children:

Gilbert Craig Beall ("Gilbert Beall") born January 11, 1926; and, Dorothy Mae Beall ("Dorothy Beall") born December 3, 1927;

Daniel Perry Taylor ("Daniel Taylor") born August 13, 1874, married Bessie Gordon, and died October 1, 1940. Bessie Gordon was born November 8, 1888 and died January 19, 1957;

Jerome Taylor born either November 29, 1876 or November 9, 1876375 in Randolph County, Alabama, died May 25, 1878 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama;

Annie Maud B. Taylor ("Etta Maud B. Taylor"?, "Annie Taylor", "Anne Taylor", "Etta Taylor"?, "Maude Taylor" & "Maud Taylor") born April 27, 1879 in Randolph County, Alabama, died May 10, 1889 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama;

B.H. Taylor born August 7, 1882 in Randolph County, Alabama, died October 12, 1884 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama; and,

Leon Taylor born either September 15, 1884 or in September 1883375 in Randolph County, Alabama, married Willie Mae Dean ("Willie Dean"), and died December 23, 1941. Willie Dean was born May 24, 1888 and died February 27, 1956. Leon Taylor and Willie Taylor had 2 children:

Dorothy Dean Taylor ("Dorothy Taylor") born January 28, 1907, married Louie C. Hasberger ("Louie Hasberger" & "Louis Hasberger") March 7, 1931, and died March 26, 1935; and,

Clarice Leone Taylor ("Clarice Taylor") born September 22, 1911, married Charles Baxter McLean ("Charles McLean") March 17, 1934, and died July 29, 1972. Charles McLean was born December 6, 1905. Charles McLean and Clarice McLean had a son named:

Leon Taylor McLean ("Leon McLean") born July 6, 1941, and married Patricia Marshall August 5, 1960 and who was born April 19, 1941. Leon McLean and Patricia McLean had 2 children:

Deborah Dawn McLean ("Deborah McLean") born October 4, 1961; and,

David Donald McLean ("David McLean") born June 27, 1964;

Elizabeth Ellen Taylor ("Elizabeth Taylor") born May 12, 1844, in Randolph County, Alabama, married Martin Polk Pittman ("Martin Pittman") November 8, 1866, died April 30, 1925 in Randolph County, Alabama, and was buried in Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama. Martin Pittman was born July 18, 1844, died either on March 29, 1924 or on March 28, 1924375 and is buried with his wife. Martin Pittman and Elizabeth Pittman had 3 children:

Laura V. Pittman ("Laura Pittman" & "Louise Pittman") born November 24, 1871, and married Daniel Brewer Stephens ("Daniel Stephens") July 17, 1890. The children of Daniel Stephens and Laura Stephens ("Louise Pittman") were:

Clark Howell Stephens ("Clark Stephens") born May 13, 1891, and married Dess Peffery January 21, 1923;

Claudie Hortense Stephens ("Claudie Stephens") born January 9, 1895, and married Harold Hamilton Hudgins ("Harold Hudgins") April 25, 1915;

Helena Christine Stephens ("Helena Stephens") born October 31, 1896, and married Lucius Todd September 26, 1932;

Daniel Bryant Stephens ("Daniel Stephens") born September 2, 1898, and married Martha Petty May 11, 1941;

Lula Hazel Stephens ("Lula Stephens") born March 12, 1901, and married George William Decker ("George Decker") October 6, 1923;

Martin Henry Stephens ("Martin Stephens") born March 11, 1905 and died June 10, 1905; and,

Mary Helen Stephens ("Mary Stephens") born March 11, 1905, and married Jack Gleeson (“Jack Gleason”?) On October 20, 19??;

Escar A. Pittman ("Escar Pittman") born December 1, 1874 in Randolph County, Alabama, married Hattie A. Davis ("Hattie Davis" & "Harriet Davis") December 30, 1894, and died August 9, 1899 in Randolph County, Alabama, and was buried in Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama. Hattie Davis was born January 1877. Escar Pittman and Hattie Pittman had 2 children:

Martin Paul Pittman ("Martin Pittman") born September 7, 1896 in Randolph County, Alabama, and married Mary L. Pate ("Mary Pate") June 3, 1922. Martin Pittman and Mary Pittman had 2 children: Jean Pittman born June 11, 1925, and married B.N. Ferrell; and, Marilyn Joy Pittman ("Marilyn Pittmen") born March 29, 1927, and married Rev. Clem G. Sortey ("Clem Sortey" & "Clement Sortey"?); and,

Escar Albert Pittman, Jr. ("Escar Pittman") born August 3, 1898 in Randolph County, Alabama, and married Josephine Tigert; and,

Sarah Lola Emilia Pittman ("Sarah Pittman", "Lola Pittman" & "Loler Pittman") born December 24, 1878 in Randolph County, Alabama, married Frank R. Wood ("Frank Wood") September 27, 1896, died May 27, 1913 in Randolph County, Alabama, and was buried in Lebanon Cemetery in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama. Frank Wood was born April 6, 1874, became a medical doctor, died April 21, 1965 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried with his wife. Frank Wood and Sarah Wood had 4 children:

Mildred Irene Wood ("Mildred Wood") born October 13, 1897 in Randolph County, Alabama, married Ernest Crabbe Kirk ("Ernest Kirk") May 24, 1919, and died September 14, 1986. Ernest Kirk was born January 30, 1895, and died February 13, 1972. Ernest Kirk and Mildred Kirk had 2 children:

Sara Blanche Kirk ("Sara Kirk" & "Sarah Kirk"?) born December 13, 1920, and died December 28, 1925; and,

Elizabeth Ellen Kirk ("Elizabeth Kirk") born August 11, 1926 and married James L. Sanders ("James Sanders"). James Sanders and Elizabeth Sanders had 4 children:

James Kirk Sanders ("James Sanders") born April 14, 1951 and died August 25, 1956;

Elizabeth Sanders born June 2, 1954;

Ellen Sanders born June 17, 1959; and,

Lesa Sanders ("Lisa Sanders"?) born May 20, 1961;

William Martin Wood ("William Wood") born February 1900, and married Nell C. Brown ("Nell Brown" & "Nellie Brown") June 24, 1923. William Wood and Nell Wood had 2 children:

Miriam Irene Wood ("Miriam Wood") born December 14, 1924, and married James Haywood August 21, 1946. James Haywood was born June 16, 1923; and,

Nancy Ann Wood ("Nancy Wood") born February 24, 1933, and married Elton Jones June 8, 1955. Elton Jones and Nancy Jones had 2 children:

Luinda Jones born July 18, 1961; and,

David Jones born August 9, 1963;

Franklin Pittman Wood ("Franklin Wood") born September 23, 1902, first married Ruth Jones March 4, 1923; and later married Margaret Walters October 17, 1943. Franklin Wood and Ruth Wood had 2 children:

Linton Franklin Wood ("Linton Wood") born September 2, 1925, and married Myra Stanley September 5, 1946; and,

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