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Pam Beyer ("Pamela Beyer"?) born July 27, 1966 in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas, and married Thomas Smith; and,

David Beyer born August 13, 1968 in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas; and,

Donna Sharpes born June 14, 1954, first married Robert Watts and later married Gene O'Bryan ("Eugene O'Bryan"?). Robert Watts and Donna Watts had a child named:

Shelly Watts who married Bud Smith; and,

Nita Ladell Taylor ("Nita Gene Taylor"? & "Nita Taylor") born October 8, 1928 or August 10, 1928375, and married John Preston Dry ("John Dry") who was born September 28, 1917. John Dry and Nita Dry had a son named:

John Michael Dry ("John Dry") born April 30, 1959;

Sallie Mildred Taylor ("Sallie Taylor) born August 21, 1904 in Runnels County, Texas, married Curtis William Barrett ("Curtis Barrett"), and died April 5, 1992. Curtis Barrett died April 28, 1992. Curtis Barrett and Sallie Barrett ("Sally Barrett"?) had a son named:

Scott Barrett who had 2 children:

Tony Barrett ("Anthony Barrett"?); and

Kim Barrett; and,

an infant who apparently died at birth March 30, 1910 in Runnels County, Texas, and is buried in the Norton Cemetery in Norton, Runnels County, Texas;

(x) JOHN R. TAYLOR ("John Taylor") born about 1832 in Georgia, married a Louisa or Lucy, and died June 12, 1863. Louisa was born July 1825 in North Carolina, and died July 3, 1903.

In the 1860 census for Wedowee in the Southern Division of Randolph County, Alabama, the household of John Taylor comprised himself age 30, his wife Lucy Taylor age 35 and his 7 children: Elizabeth Taylor age 14; James Taylor age 12; twins Angeline Taylor age 11; Catharine Taylor ("Catherine Taylor") age 11; John Taylor age 7; Mary Taylor age 5; and, Martha Taylor age 1.

In the 1870 census for Wedowee in the Southern Division of Randolph County, Alabama, the household of Louisa Taylor, the widow of John Taylor, comprised herself age 40 and her 6 children: twins Angaline Taylor ("Angeline Taylor") and Catherine Taylor age 20; John Taylor age 16; Mary Taylor age 14; Joseph Taylor age 8; and William Taylor age 7.

In the 1880 census for Wedowee in the Southern District of Randolph County, Alabama, the household of widow Louisa Taylor comprised herself age 52? and the proprietor of a farm and her 5 children then living with her: twins Angaline Taylor ("Angeline Taylor") and Catherine Taylor age 26?; John Taylor age 16?; Mary Taylor age 20?; Joseph B. Taylor ("Joseph Taylor") age 18; and William T. Taylor ("William Taylor") age 7?.

On July 24, 1899, Louisa Taylor applied for and received a pension from the State of Alabama as a widow of John Taylor who apparently was killed in action on June 12, 1863 while serving as a private in Company F of the 25th. Regiment of the Confederate State of Alabama Volunteers.

In the 1900 census for Randolph County, Alabama, Louisa Taylor was age 74 and reported that she was the mother of 9 children, 6 of whom were then still living. Her 2 spinster daughters Angaline Taylor ("Angeline Taylor") and Catherine Taylor age 50, and Mary L. Taylor ("Mary Taylor") then lived with her. John Taylor and Louisa Taylor had 9 children:

Elizabeth Taylor born about 1847;

James Taylor born about 1849;

Catherine Taylor, a twin born about 1849 in Alabama;

Angeline Taylor, a twin born about 1849 in Alabama and did not marry;

John Joshua Taylor ("John Taylor") born August 31, 1852 in Alabama, married Adaline Tompkins ("Adeline Tompkins"?) December 23, 1875, and died June 20, 1930. Adaline Tompkins was born December 23, 1859 and died November 26, 1899. John Taylor and Adaline Taylor ("Adeline Taylor"?) had 9 children:

James William Taylor ("James Taylor") born March 29, 1877, married Samaria Ann Cummings ("Samaria Cummings") September 5, 1895, and died February 10, 1966. Samaria Cummings was born November 1876. James Taylor and Samaria Taylor had 12 children:

Lula M. Taylor ("Lula Taylor" & "Lulur Taylor") born July 1897;

James Luther Taylor ("James Taylor") born about 1901;

Ernest Sylvester Taylor ("Ernest Taylor") born about 1903;

Leslie O. Taylor ("Leslie Taylor") born about 1904;

Nancy Louisa Taylor ("Nancy Taylor") born about 1905;

Mamie A. Taylor ("Mamie Taylor") born about 1908;

Velma N. Taylor ("Velma Taylor" & "Velmer Taylor") born about 1910;

Roxie Taylor born about 1912;

Woodrow W. Taylor ("Woodrow Wilson Taylor"? & "Woodrow Taylor") born about 1914;

James William Taylor, Jr. ("James Taylor") born October 1915;

Paula Taylor born June 1917; and,

Midie L. Taylor ("Midie Taylor") born March 1919;

Robert Joshua Taylor born February 5, 1879, married Elizabeth King about 1898, and died April 8, 1948. Elizabeth King was born May 1882. Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor had a child named:

Lela M. Taylor ("Lela Taylor" & "Leler Taylor") born in July 1898;

Joseph Ceaf Taylor ("Joseph Taylor") born August 28, 1881 or August 23, 1881375, and married Cynthia Louise Rainwater ("Cynthia Rainwater") or Cynthia Louise Cummings ("Cynthia Cummings")375 on February 13, 1902 in Randolph County, Alabama, and died September 8, 1933. Cynthia Rainwater was born about 1885 and Cynthis Cummings was born August 17, 1886, and died June 3, 1940. Joseph Taylor and Cynthia Taylor had 3 children:

Ezra J. Taylor ("Ezra Taylor") born about 1902 and married Edith Spencer. Ezra Taylor and Edith Taylor had 2 children:

Jean Taylor; and,

Betty Taylor ("Elizabeth Taylor");

Eva A. Taylor ("Eva Taylor") born August 11, 1905, married William Webb Cather ("William Cather") on August 19, 1928, and died December 8, 1995. William Cather was born June 3, 1905 and died March 11, 1978. William Cather and Eva Cather had 2 children:

William Hart Cather ("William Cather") born August 27, 1929 and died October 23, 1966; and,

Robert Joseph Cather ("Robert Cather") born August 27, 1932, and married Daisy Jean Misso ("Daisy Misso") on June 5, 1967 in Trenton, Dade County, Georgia. Daisy Misso was born November 11, 1938 in Brooksville, Mississippi. Robert Cather and Daisy Cather had a son named;

Robert J. Cather ("Robert Cather") who was born September 12, 1968; and,

Mary Frances Taylor ("Mary Taylor") born September 29, 1908 in Randolph County, Alabama, and married Luther Anderson Bevis ("Luther Bevis") on June 4, 1928 in Randolph County, Alabama. Luther Bevis was born September 25, 1905 and died April 24, 1981. Luther Bevis and Mary Bevis had a son named:

Luther Anderson Bevis, Jr. ("Luther Bevis") born March 2, 1929, married Gayle Rosemary Shultz ("Gayle Shultz") on August 31, 1963 in Oxford, Calhoun County, Alabama, and died May 27, 1987. Gayle Shultz was born December 31, 1942. Luther Bevis, Jr. and Gayle Bevis had 2 children:

Kelli Brooke Bevis ("Kelli Bevis" & "Kelly Bevis"?) born January 4, 1969 in Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama, and married Barry Scott Parker ("Barry Parker") on November 21, 1989 in Tennessee. Barry Parker was born October 11, 1969. Barry Parker and Kelli Parker had 2 children:

Hunter Brooks Parker ("Hunter Parker") born September 4, 1982; and,

Taylor Scott Parker ("Taylor Parker") born April 19, 1990; and,

Mandi Taylor Bevis ("Mandi Bevis" & "Mandy Bevis"?) born August 13, 1970 in Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama, and married Jerry Lynn Nelson ("Jerry Nelson") on June 18, 1994 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. Jerry Nelson was born July 22, 1959 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. Jerry Nelson and Mandi Nelson had a son named:

Parker Andrew Nelson ("Parker Nelson") born October 30, 1995;

Wyatt Lee Taylor ("Wyatt Taylor") born December 8, 1883, married Tessie Lee Floyd ("Tessie Floyd" & "Teresa Floyd"?) October 13, 1912, and died January 7, 1961. Tessie Floyd was born October 15, 1891 and died March 11, 1961. Wyatt Taylor and Tessie Taylor had 5 children:

Ida Adell Taylor ("Ida Taylor") born July 7, 1913, married Owen J. Carlen ("Owen Carlen") February 15, 1941, and died January 17, 1984. Owen Carlen was born July 10, 1904 and died February 24, 1977;

Myrtis Gay Taylor ("Myrtis Taylor") born October 2, 1914, and died May 2, 1916;

Leon Carl Taylor ("Leon Taylor") born July 21, 1916, married Lela Marie Hudson ("Lela Hudson") December 21, 1946, and died March 24, 1984. Lela Hudson was born December 19, 1919;

William Lee Taylor ("William Taylor") born June 29, 1930, and married Anita Louise Kathryn Freve ("Anita Freve" & "Louise Freve") August 21, 1952. Anita Freve was born October 18, 1930. William Taylor and Anita Taylor had 2 children:

Sheryl Ann Taylor ("Sheryl Taylor") born May 29, 1953 and married Randson Parker April 22, 1979. Randson Parker was born June 24, 1944. Randson Parker and Sheryl Parker had a son named:

William Carmichael Parker ("William Parker") born July 31, 1982; and, Kim Kathleen Taylor ("Kim Taylor") born May 27, 1959; and,

Floyd Albert Taylor ("Floyd Taylor") born October 13, 1932 and married Martha Sue Bailey ("Martha Bailey") February 22, 1958. Martha Bailey was born June 27, 1940. Floyd Taylor and Martha Taylor had 3 children:

Barbara Jo Taylor ("Barbara Taylor") born November 25, 1958 and died November 25, 1958;

Elizabeth Anne Taylor ("Elizabeth Taylor") born August 6, 1961, and married Carl Michael Gore ("Carl Gore") June 13, 1987. Carl Gore was born October 27, 1960. Carl Gore and Elizabeth Gore had 2 children:

Mykal Gabriella Gore ("Mykal Gore") born February 15, 1989; and,

Russell Cameron Gore ("Russell Gore") born November 19, 1991; and, Janet Adell Taylor ("Janet Taylor") born February 27, 1965, and married Ernest Eugene Tatum, III ("Ernest Tatum") April 28, 1984. Ernest Tatum was born April 13, 1963. Ernest Tatum and Janet Tatum had 3 children:

Erik Christopher Tatum ("Erik Tatum" & "Eric Tatum"?) born October 22, 1984;

Marcus Kyle Tatum ("Marcus Tatum") born October 13, 1987; and,

Corey Michael Tatum ("Corey Tatum") born June 26, 1990;

Raymond Elsie Taylor ("Raymond Taylor") born December 8, 1886 or on December 8, 1888375, married Eunice L. Floyd ("Eunice Floyd") about 1907, and died August 18, 1969. Euice Floyd was born February 1890. Raymond Taylor and Eunice Taylor had a son named:

Huey Taylor born February 1908;

Silas Sylvester Taylor ("Silas Taylor") born May 23, 1891, married Claudie Atchison on December 25, 1915, and died January 2, 1965. Claudie Atchison was born about 1895. Sylvester Taylor and Claudie Taylor had 2 children:

Virginia Taylor born February 1916; and,

Charles Taylor born October 1918;

Pascal O. Taylor ("Pascal Taylor") born June 16, 1894, and married a Lizzie M. who was born about 1895. Pascal Taylor and Lizzie Taylor ("Elizabeth Taylor"?) had a son named:

James C. Taylor ("James Taylor") born October 1915;

Omie Laura Taylor ("Omie Taylor" & "Oma Taylor") born March 8, 1897 or March 3, 1897375 or on March 3, 1897375, married Charles Raymond Arrington ("Charles Arrington") on June 10, 1919 in Alabama, and died March 5, 1960 in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia. Charles Arrington was born July 8, 1898, was the son of Charles William Arrington ("Charles Arrington") and Carolyn Beatrice Rivers ("Carolyn Rivers"), and died January 19, 1981 in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia. Charles Arrington and Omie Arrington had 5 children:

Aderae Arrington born May 16, 1920 in Lineville, Clay County, Alabama, married Henry A. Sulzcki ("Henry Sulzcki") on October 24, 1945. Henry Sulzcki was born September 10, 1919, and died March 21, 1962. Henry Sulzcki and Aderae Sulzcki had 4 children:

Henry Ray Sulzcki ("Henry Sulzcki") born September 8, 1947, and married Joyce Pociask on September 15, 1984 and who was born April 25, 1954. Henry Sulzcki and Joyce Sulzcki had 3 children:

Andrew Alexander Sulzcki ("Andrew Sulzcki") born August 28, 1987;

Louren Alexandria Sulzcki ("Louren Sulzcki") born July 5, 1990; and, Ashley Alexandria Sulzcki ("Ashley Sulxcki") born August 26, 1991;

Charles Richard Sulzcki ("Charles Sulzcki") born June 3, 1949, and married Patricia Smith on December 15, 1973 and who was born May 24, 1954. Charles Sulzcki and Patricia Sulzcki had 2 children:

Charles Richard Sulzcki ("Charles Sulzcki") born August 20, 1975; and, Jennifer Ann Sulzcki ("Jennifer Sulzcki") born January 6, 1980;

Linda Louise Sulzcki ("Linda Sulzcki") born November 21, 1952, and married William Yates on May 23, 1986 and was later divorced. William Yates was born January 13, 1949. William Yates and Linda Yates had a daughter named:

Erica Yates; and,

Raymond Stephen Sulzcki ("Raymond Sulzcki") born November 17, 1956, and married Annie Marie Welch ("Annie Welch" & "Ann Welch") on September 20, 1980 and who was born on March 9, 1959. Raymond Sulzcki and Annie Sulzcki had 3 children:

Raymond Stephen Sulzcki, Jr. ("Raymond Sulzcki") born February 3, 1986;

David William Sulzcki ("David Sulzcki") born March 20, 1988; and, Catherine Lauren Sulzcki ("Catherine Sulzcki") born about 1993;

Kathryn Arrington ("Catherine Arrington"?) born June 12, 1922 in Donalsville, Georgia, married Leonard Owen Fletcher ("Leonard Fletcher") on January 16, 1943, and died April 5, 1995. Leonard Fletcher was born September 9, 1917, and died February 2, 1960. Leonard Fletcher and Kathryn Fletcher ("Catherine Fletcher"?) had 4 children:

Leonard Owen Fletcher, Jr. ("Leonard Fletcher") born December 18, 1944, and married Lydwena Ray Pond ("Lydwena Pond") on January 6, 1967 and who was born on November 28, 1946. Leonard Fletcher and Lydwena Fletcher had 2 children:

Kimberly Fay Fletcher ("Kimberly Fletcher") born August 5, 1967 and married Robert Kevin Wilkes ("Robert Wilkes") on August 4, 1990 and who was born on January 19, 1966; and,

Owen Carleton Fletcher ("Owen Fletcher") born December 16, 1977;

Charles Franklin Fletcher ("Charles Fletcher") born April 25, 1949, married Mary Gretchen Mottel ("Mary Mottel") on June 24, 1978 and who was born on August 22, 1956. Charles Fletcher and Mary Fletcher had 2 children:

Charles Franklin Fletcher, Jr. ("Charles Fletcher") born December 19, 1979; and,

Barrett Granger Fletcher ("Barrett Fletcher") born February 27, 1984;

Harry David Fletcher ("Harry Fletcher") born May 31, 1950, and married Nancy Elizabeth Futrelle ("Nancy Futrelle") on November 23, 1974 and who was born July 26, 1950. Harry Fletcher and Nancy Fletcher had 3 children:

Whitney Elizabeth Fletcher ("Whitney Fletcher") born September 3, 1978;

Taylor Carson Fletcher ("Taylor Fletcher") born August 28, 1980; and,

Eric Harrison Fletcher ("Eric Fletcher") born August 20, 1981; and,

William Lawrence Fletcher ("William Fletcher") born May 3, 1957, and married Anna Kim Polatty ("Anna Polatty" & "Ann Polatty") on June 29, 1986 and who was born September 28, 1964. William Fletcher and Anna Fletcher ("Ann Fletcher"?) had a son named:

William Lawrence Fletcher, Jr. ("William Fletcher") born September 7, 1989;

Louise Arrington born November 1, 1923 in Lineville, Clay County, Alabama, married William Thomas Ferrell ("William Ferrell") on April 17, 1943, and died May 21, 1946. William Ferrell and Louise Ferrell had 2 children:

Julianne Ferrell born October 27, 1944, first married Ronald Pleasant on September 21, 1963 and was divorced, and later married H.B. Fowkles on May 9, 1982. Ronald Pleasant and Julianne Pleasant had 2 children:

Tracy Pleasant born April 4, 1966; and,

Mary Beth Pleasant ("Mary Pleasant") born September 3, 1969; and,

Patricia Ferrell born September 20, 1946, and married Wayne B. Walker ("Wayne Walker") on August 24, 1966. Wayne Walker and Patricia Walker had 3 children:

Patricia Arrington Walker ("Patricia Walker") born October 22, 1970;

Amy B. Walker ("Amy Walker") born March 2, 1972; and,

Scott Thomas Walker ("Scott Walker") born February 21, 1978;

Jean Arrington born September 14, 1930 in Talledega, Talledega County, Alabama, and married Wiley R. Westbrook ("Wiley Westbrook") on August 14, 1962 and who was born December 24, 1922. Wiley Westbrook and Jean Westbrook had a son named:

Wiley R. Westbrook, Jr. ("Wiley Westbrook") born September 27, 1966; and,

Charles Raymond Arrington, Jr. ("Charles Arrington") born July 13, 1934 in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, married Jeanne Turner about 1952 and who was born on May 10, 1934. Charles Arrington and Jeanne Arrington had 3 children:

Ellen Marie Arrington ("Ellen Arrington") born February 15, 1953, and married Francis Michael Marion ("Francis Marion") who was born June 6, 1948. Francis Marion and Ellen Marion had 2 children:

Laura Marie Marion ("Laura Marion"); and,

Regina Denise Marion ("Regina Marion");

Laura Ann Arrington ("Laura Arrington") born February 22, 1955 and married Timothy Barker who was born in September 1955. Timothy Barker and Laura Barker had a son named:

Timothy Ryan Barker ("Timothy Barker") who was born November 19, 1973; and,

Leslie Regina Arrington ("Leslie Arrington") born October 27, 1957, and married Dennis Hill about 1984. Dennis Hill and Leslie Hill had a son named:

Russell Hill who was born October 28, 1986; and,

Carl Taylor born July 19, 1899 and died April 9, 1900;

Mary Taylor born May 1855 in Alabama;

Martha Taylor born about 1859;

Joseph B. Taylor ("Joseph Taylor") born September 1860 or about 1862375 in Alabama, married for the first time to an unknown person, and later married a Roxie who was born June 1876 and died about 1892. By his first marriage, Joseph Taylor had 6 children:

John Taylor born September 1881;

Joseph R. Taylor ("Joseph Taylor") born April 1883;

Wyatt W. Taylor ("Wyatt Taylor") born June 1884;

Ella L. Taylor ("Ella Taylor" & "Eller Taylor") born June 1887;

Lillie B. Taylor ("Lillie Taylor" & "Lillian Taylor"?) born April 1890; and,

Walter B. Taylor ("Walter Taylor") born January 1892.

Joseph Taylor and Roxie Taylor by his second marriage had 4 children:

Cora M. Taylor ("Cora Taylor") born July 1894;

Claud L. Taylor ("Claud Taylor" & "Claude Taylor"?);

Albert D. Taylor ("Albert Taylor") born July 1897; and,

Arthur B. Taylor ("Arthur Taylor") born May 1899; and,

William T. Taylor ("William Taylor") born about 1863 in Alabama;

(xi) JAMES DEKALB TAYLOR ("James Taylor" & "Jim Taylor") born January 12, 1835 in Georgia, married Martha Elizabeth Slay ("Martha Slay") November 30, 1858 in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama, died March 11, 1908 at Taylor's Crossroads in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in the Taylor's Crossroads Church of Christ Cemetery, in Randolph County, Alabama. Martha Slay was born July 28, 1841 in Meriwether County, Georgia, was the daughter of Alpheus Slay and Amanda McCulloch, died March 11, 1905 in Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried with her husband.

In the 1850 census for Randolph County, Alabama, James Taylor age 15 is listed in the household of his brother Malachi Taylor.

In the 1860 census for the Southern Division of Randolph County, Alabama, the household of James D. Taylor ("James DeKalb Taylor" & "James Taylor") comprised himself age 25, his wife Martha Taylor age 18 and they have 1 child named Mary J. Taylor ("Mary Taylor") age 8 months.

In the 1870 census for Randolph County, Alabama, James D. Taylor ("James Taylor is listed as age 36, his wife Martha Taylor age 29, and they now have 6 children: Mary Taylor age 11; Antry B. Taylor ("Antry Taylor") age 9; William Taylor age 7, James Taylor age 4; Braxtin Taylor age 3; and, Martha Taylor age 3 months.

In the 1880 census for Randolph County, Alabama, James D. Taylor ("James Taylor is listed as age 45, his wife Martha E. Taylor ("Martha Taylor") age 39, and they now have 9 children living in their household: Antionette B. Taylor ("Antry B. Taylor"?, "Antionette Taylor" & "Antry Taylor") age 19; James D. Taylor ("James Taylor") age 14; Braxton Taylor ("Braxtin Taylor"?) age 12; Laura Taylor ("Martha Taylor"?) age 10; Claude Taylor age 8; Fannie B. Taylor ("Fannie Taylor" & "Frances Taylor"?) age 6; Brente Taylor age 2; and Winston Taylor age 3 months.

In the 1900 census for Randolph County, Alabama, James D. Taylor ("James Taylor is listed as age 66, his wife Martha Taylor age 39, and they reported that they had been married for 40 years. Martha Taylor also reported that she was the mother of 11 children, 9 of whom survived. Wint Taylor age 20 is the only listed as then living in their household. Ten of James Taylor and Martha Taylor's children are as follows:

Mary Jane Taylor ("Mary Taylor" & "Janie Taylor") born October 27, 1859 in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama, married Millard Fillmore Ussery ("Millard Ussery" & "Filmore Ussery"?) about 1878, died April 2, 1895 in High Shoals, Randolph County, Alabama, and is buried in High Shoals Cemetery in High Shoals, Randolph County, Alabama. Millard Ussery was born January 1857 in Alabama. Millard Ussery and Mary Ussery had 3 children:

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