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Warren McGill born on October 10, 1911 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, married Inez Gail Brown (“Inez Brown”), and died on August 25, 1953. Inez Brown was born on December 18, 12, and died on June 3, 1957. Warren McGill and Inez McGill had 2 children:

Lillian Rosalee Magill (“Lillian Magill”) who married Charles Jackson Barnette (“Charles Barnette”). Charles Barnette and Lillian Barnette (“Rosalee Barnette”) had 3 children:

Charles Jackson Barnette (“Charles Barnette”);

Robert Burton Barnette (“Robert Barnette”); and,

Warren Magill Barnette (“Warren Barnette”); and,

Mary Jane Magill (“Mary Magill”);

Lillian McGill born about 1915 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee; and,

Mary Jane McGill (“Mary McGill”) born about 1917 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, and married Robert Lee Jack (“Robert Jack”). Robert Jack and Mary Jack (“Jane Jack”) had 3 children:

Charlotte Lee Jack (“Charlotte Jack”) who married Gary Donald Knipling (“Gary Knipling”). Gary Knipling and Charlotte Knipling (“Lee Knipling”) had a child named:

Kristen Lee Knipling (“Kristen Knipling”);

Mary Magill Jack (“Mary Jack”) who married Charles Christopher Johnson (“Charles Johnson”); and,

Robert Clements Jack (“Robert Jack”);

Judson Cicero Cavender ("Judson Cavender") born July 4, 1880 in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia, married Flora Collins on February 18 1905 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, died October 2, 1945 in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia, and was buried in either Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia or in the Lafayette Cemetery in Lafayette, Walker County, Georgia476. Flora Collins was born November 27, 1887 in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia, died July 20, 1971 in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia, and is buried in the LaFayette Cemetery in LaFayette, Walker County, Georgia. Judson Cavender and Flora Cavender had 5 children:

Ben Cavender (“Benjamin Cavender”?) who married Elizabeth Cropp;

Benjamin Warren Cavender ("Benjamin Cavender") born about 1906 in Walker County, Georgia, and died on February 14, 1937;

Martha Cavender born about 1908 in Walker County, Georgia, and married E.L. Hightower. E.L. Hightower (“Edward Hightower”?) and Martha Hightower had 2 children:

Judson Hightower; and,

Eddie Hightower (“Edward Hightower”?);

Joseph Cavender ("Joe Cavender") born about 1914 in Walker County, Georgia, and married Mary Wait. Joseph Cavender and Mary Cavender had 2 children:

Henry Cavender; and,

Martha Cavender; and,

Robert Cavender; and,

Joseph Warren W. Cavender ("Joseph Warren Washington Cavender"?, "Joseph Cavender" & "Warren Cavender") born November 2, 1882 in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia, died December 9, 1882 in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia, and was buried in the Cavender Cemetery in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia; 375

(v) S. ADELLA ISABELLA CAVENDER ("Adella Cavender", "Addella Cavender", “S.A.I. Cavender” & "Addella J. Cavender") born April 30, 1852 in Hall County, Georgia, died on either September 29, 1862493 or on September 19, 1862476 in Hall County, Georgia, and is buried in the Peavine Cemetery in Hall County, Georgia, the same cemetery in which her father and mother are buried;

(vi) DAVID LAFAYETTE CAVENDER (“David Cavender”, “D.L. Cavender” & “David L. Cavender”) born on February 19, 1855, was an army private on July 9, 1861, married Anna Shady Fowler (“Anna Fowler”, “Annie Fowler” & “Ann Fowler”?) on February 11, 1881 in Catoosa County, Georgia FHL Number 1299215 and died in a Richmond, Virginia hospital on August 15, 1922;

(vii) NANCY L. CAVENDER ("Nancy Cavender" & “N.L. Cavender”) born August 23, 1857 in Hall County, Georgia, died September 3, 1857 in Hall County, Georgia, and is buried in the Peavine Cemetery in Hall County, Georgia, the same cemetery in which her father and mother are buried;

(viii) JOHN MADISON CAVENDER (“John Cavender”, “J.M. Cavender” & “John M. Cavender”) born on November 8, 1862, married his cousin Alice Ann Cavender (“Alice Cavender”), was apparently in various business ventures with E. Wallace Catlett (“Wallace Gatlett”?) and with James M. Garrett (“James Garrett”) in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1890 and 1891, and died on July 30, 1946. Alice Cavender was born on March 12, 1876, died of a stroke October 18, 1961, and is buried in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia; and,

(ix) JOLEN CAVENDER ("Julen Cavender"?), son, born about 1863;

(8) JOHN DEDMAN CAVENDER ("John Deadman Cavender”?, “John Cavender", “John Dedmon Cavender”, “John D. Cavender” & "J.D. Cavender") born on either February 12, 1815 in South Carolina494 or on February 15, 1815476 in Hall County, Georgia,425 married Emily Huse Smith (“Emily H. Smith”, "Emily Smith" & "Emly Smith") on August 25, 1837 in Hall County, Georgia, enlisted in the Indian Wars October 12, 1840 from Monroe, Marion County, Georgia (which adjoins Gwinnett County), later became a second lieutenant, and died on either April 28, 1908279 & 425, or on March 8, 1904443, 476 & 493 , or on March 8, 1908494 or on April 22, 1902 and is buried in the Thomason-Cavender Cemetery in Suches, either Lumpkin County, Georgia, or in Cherokee County, Georgia. Emily Smith was born on July 8, 1819 in South Carolina, died on May 17, 1900 in Union County, Georgia, and is buried in the Thomason-Cavender Cemetery in Georgia. In August of 1825, a John Cavender was living near the Yadkin River and Dutchmans Creek in Rowan County, North Carolina, south of Grouses Hill Creek, next to Robert Foster, John Douth, a Mumford, a Loo, John Connetzer and George March.371

The Thomason-Cavender family cemetery is in the Gaddistown District of Union County, Georgia. From the Old Court House Square in Blairsville, Georgia, it is 7.6 miles west on U.S. 76, then 7.9 miles southwest on Skennah Gap Road, then south on Georgia route 60 about 11.3 miles to Gaddistown Road, then across the river and proceed about .5 miles northwest near Lester Tritt home place. There are 5 marked graves with legibly inscribed headstones and 6 unmarked graves. The oldest grave with a legible headstone is that of J.B. Thomason who died in 1878. A story handed down from the older generations is that when Young Cochran died, the Toccoa River was from hill to hill and his family had to bury him in this cemetery instead of the Woody Cemetery where his family would have otherwise buried him.

John Cavender and Emily Cavender had 12 children:

(i) WILLIAM S. CAVENDER ("William Cavender", “W.S. Cavender” & "Bill Cavender") born February 24, 1840 in Hall County, Georgia, married Margaret Adaline Gaddis (“Margaret Adeline Caddis”, “Margaret Caddis”, "Margaret Adaline Gaddis" & "Margaret Gaddis")on either May 24, 1860511 or on May 12, 1860438 & 493, died July 12, 1906 in Cherokee County, Georgia, and he and his wife are buried in Conn's Creek, Cherokee County, Georgia. Margaret Gaddis was born May 27, 1840 in Georgia, and died October 26, 1916 in Cherokee, Georgia. William Cavender and Margaret Cavender had 7 children:

John Lewis Cavender ("John Cavender", “J.L. Cavender” & “John L. Cavender”) born about 1861, married Annie Frix (“Ann Frix”?, “Anna Frix”? & Annie Frick”) in Dawson County, Georgia on March 22, 1885, and had an infant son who was born and died February 3, 1903 and buried at Conn's Creek, Cherokee County, Georgia;

Georgia Ann C.M.F. Cavender ("Georgia Cavender", “Georgia Ann Cavender” & “Georgia A. Cavender”), a twin, born about 1864, married John Godfrey on August 11, 1892, and died in 1946. John Godfrey was living on Camp Highland Road, Symrna, Georgia when Georgia Cavender died. John Godfrey and Georgia Godfrey had 4 children;

Myrtie Godfrey who married a Hembree and lived in Atlanta, Georgia,

O.W. Godfrey who lived in Canton, Georgia,

E.W. Godfrey who lived in Smyrna, Georgia, and

Jack Godfrey who lived in Ball Ground, Georgia;

Jolanda Victory I.S.E. Cavender ("Jolanda Cavender". "Victory Cavender", "Jolando Cavender" & "Josie Cavender"), a twin born about 1864 and married Burrell C. Cox ("Burrell Cox") July 14, 1892 in Dawson County, Georgia;

Emily Hughes Cavender ("Emily Cavender" & "Emma Cavender"?) born February 21, 1868, never married, died March 21, 1941, and buried in Mt. Hope, Dalhonega, Lumpkin Counry,, Georgia;

William Albert Cavender (“Abb Cavender”, “William A. Cavender”, “W.A. Cavender” & "William Cavender") born in Pickens County, Georgia on January 13, 1870, married Nancy Jane Owens ("Nancy Owens", “Minie Owen” “Minie Owens” & "Minnie Owens") on either January 27, 1902 or about 1890 in Forsyth County, Georgia, and died on May 5, 1915 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Nancy Owens was born on August 18, 1873 in Forsyth County, Georgia, and died on January 23, 1941 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. William Cavender and Nancy Cavender are believed to have had 9 children:

Carlton Cavender born on August 17, 1892, and married a Bertha;

Emma C. Cavender (“Emma Cavender”) born in Forsyth County, Georgia on March 30, 1894, and married Jessy Taylor (“Jesse Taylor”? & “Jessie Taylor?);

Vadie Cavender (“Vodie Cavender”?) born in Forsyth County, Georgia on November 20, 1896, and married a Webb;

Bessie Cavender (“Betsy Cavender”? & “Elizabeth Cavender”) born in Forsyth County, Georgia on September 25, 1898, married Virgil Holman, and died on January 29, 1974. (Note that it is recorded that Bessie Cavender’s mother was named Miney Owens);

Jewel Edmond Cavender ("Jewel Cavender" & "Jewell Cavender"?) born on December 26, 1902 in Forsyth County, Georgia, married Dallie Lou McGiboney ("Dallie McGiboney" & "Dollie McGiboney"?) on March 2, 1929 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, and died on March 19, 1960. Dallie McGiboney was born December 9, 1906 in Rockdale, Georgia. Jewel Cavender and Dallie Cavender ("Dollie Cavender"?) had a son by the name of:

Jack Edmond Cavender ("Jack Cavender", “Jack E. Cavender”, “John Edmond Cavender”?, “John E. Cavender”? & “John Cavender”?) born on October 12, 1929 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Jack Cavender had 4 children:

Jacquelin Leigh Cavender ("Jacquelin Cavender");

Jenny Lynette Cavender ("Jenny Cavender" & "Jennifer Cavender"?);

David Garrett Cavender ("David Cavender"); and,

Jack Edmond Cavender, Jr. ("Jack Cavender");

William A. Cavender, Jr. (“William Cavender”) born in Forsyth County, Georgia on May 8, 1904, and died on August 13, 1953;

Cleo Cavender born in Forsyth County, Georgia on May 31, 1906, and married Exie Lee McGiboney on April 15, 1927;

Nettie Cavender born in Hall County, Georgio on March 26, 1908, and married Paul J. Barker;

Guy Cavender born in Gwinett County, Georgia on April 10, 1910, married Katie Dexter (“Katherine Dexter”?), and died on June 19. 1962; and,

Ollie Estie Cavender (“Ollie Cavender”) born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 2, 1912;

Margaret Emeline Janie Cavender ("Margaret Cavender", “Emeline Cavender”, “Emeline Cavender”, "Emline Cavender" & "Janie Cavender") born on either August 18, 1873 or on November 9, 1873 in Forsyth County, Georgia, married on January 27, 1902, died on either June 23, 1941 or on February 25, 1949, and is buried in Mt. Hope, Dalhonega, Lumpkin Counry,, Georgia; and,

George Clemith Lester Cavender ("George Cavender" & "Luster Cavender") born April 13, 1879, married Eva Woody August 2, 1905 in Lumpklin County, Georgia, died October 3, 1922, and is buried in Methodist Church Cemetery in Auroria, Georgia. Eva Woody, the daughter of Peter Woody and Emma Woody (formerly Emma Stover), was born in 1833 and died May 24, 1962. George Cavender and Eva Cavender had 2 children:

Pearl Cavender born either August 12, 1910 or August 2, 1912, married a Palmer, and died January 23, 1960, and

Fred C. Cavender ("Fred Cavender" & “F.C. Cavender”) born May 8, 1912, never married, and died February 6, 1937. In later years, Emma Cavender and Janie Cavender owned a hotel in Dalhonega, Lumpkin Counry,, Georgia, Lester Cavender owned a blacksmith shop, and Eva Woody lost her mind and died in the State Hospital;

(ii) DOVIE CAVENDER ("Dovey Cavender"493) married LaFayette Frank Pickelsheimer ("LaFayette Pickleshimer", "LaFayette Picklesimer" "LaFayette Pickleshimer", "Frank Picklesimer" & "Fate Picklesimer"), son of John Lee Pickelsheimer ("John Pickelsheimer" or "John Picklesimer") and Mollie Pickelsheimer ("Mollie Picklesimer" formerly "Mollie Clemmons"). LaFayette Pickelsheimer and Dovie Pickelsheimer had a son named:

Lee Pickelsheimer ("Lee Picklesimer");

(iii) SARAH REBECCA A. CAVENDER (“Sara Rebecca Cavender”476, “Mary W. Cavender”?, “Mary Cavender”?, "Sarah Rebecca Cavender", “S.R.A. Cavender” Sarah Cavender") was born either on June 10, 1842494 or on March 3, 1842425 (some even say about 1840422) in either Gladdiston, Georgia or in Union County, Georgia, married James A. Thomason ("James Thomason, "Jink Thomason" & "James Thompson"?) on either on July 21, 1859 in Lumpkin, Georgia, died May 19, 1898 (1889 or 1921422 & 425) in Russellville, Hamblen County, Tennessee. James Thomason was born on February 21, 1836 in Gaddistown, Union County, Georgia, was the son of John Thomason, Jr. ("Young J. Thomason") who was born on February 25, 1807 in Union County, Georgia and Easter Grindle who was born on either November 15, 1803422 or on November 15, 1808425 in South Carolina, and the grandson of John Thomason and Hannah Abercrombie, and died October 6, 1889 in either Russellville, Hamblen County, Tennessee or in Rocky Point, Tennessee425. In the 1860's he was a private in the Georgia 2nd. CSA 33rd. Sen Dist GM 434th.. Dist, Hall County, Georgia. James Thomason's brother, Hiram Thomason, married Emily Josephine V. Cavender ("Emily Cavender", “E.J.V. Cavender” & "Josephine Cavender") Hall County, Georgia on August 15, 1867. James Thomason and Sarah Thomason had at least 9 children:

Emily Thomason born about 1860 and died about 1861;

John James Thomason ("John Thomason") born February 19, 1863 in Union County, Georgia, married Catherine Elizabeth Haun ("Catherine Haun", "Katherine Haun" & "Kathryn Haun") on May 12, 1889, and died September 22, 1948 in Johnson County, Missouri. Catherine Haun was born on May 12, 1889. John Thomason and Catherine Thomason ("Katherine Thomason" & "Kathryn Thomason") had 3children:

Lucye Ellen Thomason ("Lucye Thomason", "Lucille Thomason"? & "Lucy Thomason") born January 18, 1892 in El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma, married Escoe Wells on February 17, 1937 in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, and died August 22, 1969 in Johnson County, Missouri;

Albert J. Thomason ("Albert Thomason") born on October 9, 1895 in El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma, married Cora May Whiteman ("Cora Whiteman"), and died after 1969. Cora Whiteman was born on February 19, 1920 in Johnson County, Missouri; and,

Francis Henry Thomason ("Francis Thomason") born April 30, 1897 in El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma, married Dorothy Jane Whiteman ("Dorothy Whiteman") on April 17, 1936, and died February 14, 1967 in the Holden Cemetery in Johnson County, Missouri;

Henry David Thomason ("Henry Thomason") born June 5, 1865 in Union County, Georgia, first married Cora Anthony Wheeler ("Cora Wheeler" & "Clara Wheeler") on July 4, 1886, later married Ethel Orrick on April 10, 1827, and died on either June 10, 1945 or on June 1, 1945422 in Missouri. Clara Wheeler was born on February 8, 1868 in Bedford, Virginia, and died on April 5, 1910 in Holden, Johnson County, Missouri. Ethel Orrick was born on May 10, 1903. Henry Thomason and Cora Thomason ("Clara Thomason") had 9 children:

Lillie Verna Thomason ("Lillie Thomason" & "Lillian Thomason"?) born on September 1, 1887 in Tennessee;

Sara J.L.C. Thomason ("Sara Thomason", "Annie Thomason" & "Sarah Thomason") born on October 28, 1889 in Tennessee and married Roy Mitchell about 1914?;

William Lankfort Thomason ("William Thomason" & "Willie Thomason) born on September 12, 1891 in Tennessee, married Fern Shimel about 1914?, and died September 28, 1956;

Clara Elizabeth Thomason ("Clara Thomason" & "Cora Thomason") born on April 29, 1894 in Tennessee, married Val Dudley, and died February 7, 1918;

Mamie Ethel Thomason ("Mamie Thomason") born on December 24, 1896 in Tennessee, married Albert Mathews ("Albert Matthews"?), and died about 1916;

John Henry Thomason ("John Thomason") born on March 15, 1899 in Tennessee, and married Mary Elizabeth Pelote ("Mary Pelote");

David Crockett Thomason ("David Thomason" & "Thommy Thomason") born May 19, 1902 in Tennessee, married Opal Crumbough, and died on February 1, 1929 in Oklahoma;

Eva B. Thomason ("Eva Thomason") born on March 23, 1905 in Tennessee; and,

Thomas Roosevelt Thomason ("Thomas Thomason").

Henry Thomason and Ethel Thomason had 3 children:

Henry David Thomason ("Henry Thomason") born August 29, 1928;

James Clyde Thomason ("James Thomason") born January 25, 1931, and died on December 23, 1932; and,

Mary Jane Thomason ("Mary Thomason") born on September 5, 1934;

Susan Thomason born about 1868 in Georgia, and married Henry Howington on August 15, 1893;

Young Pinkney Thomason ("Young Pinckney Thomason?" & "Young Thomason") born on November 6, 1869 in either Tennessee or in Gaddistown, Georgia425, married Ella D. Wisecarver ("Ella Wisecarver") on October 5, 1900, and died on February 23, 1942 in either Johnson County, Missouri or in Russellville, Tennessee425;

Joseph D. Thomason ("Joseph Thomason") born in November 1871 in either Tennessee or in Hall County, Georgia,422 married Vina Williams on December 11, 1897, and died sometime after 1900 in Tennessee;

Thomas L. Thomason ("Thomas Thomason") born in January 1874 in Tennessee, first married Mary L. Hale ("Mary Hale") on February 26, 1899, later married a Sarah about 1900, and died sometime after 1900;

Jacob LaFayette Thomason ("Jacob Thomason" & "LaFayette Thomason"?) born in October 1877 in Tennessee, married Sarah O. Howington ("Sarah Howington") on February 11, 1899, and died sometime after 1900; and,

Wade N. Thomason ("Wade Thomason") born in September 1880 in Tennessee, remained unmarried, and died sometime after 1900;

It is believed that the following persons were also children of James Thomason and Sarah Thomason438:

Oscar Thomason born February 20, 1903 and died July 30, 1910, and

Glen Thomason born July 9, 1910 and died July 30, 1910.)

(iv) MAIDEN FOSTER CAVENDER ("Maiden Cavender", “Maiden A. Cavender”?507, “M.F. Cavender”, “M.A. Cavender”?507 & "Mauden Cavender"?) born about 1845 in Union County, Georgia, first married John M. Cochran ("John Cockran" & "John Cockrand"?), and died about 1928. John Cochran was born about 1849 and died about 1925. John Cochran and Maiden Cochran ("Mauden Cochran") 8 children:

Georgia Ann Cochran ("Georgia Cochran") born about 1869 and married Sam Carder ("Samuel Carder");

John Wilborn Cochran ("John Cochran" & "John Wilburn Cocran"?) born about 1870, married a Makay, and died about 1948;

Martha Emily Huges Cochran ("Martha Cochran" & "Emily Cochran") born about 1873, married Tom Pastell ("Thomas Pastell"), and died about 1953;

Henry Cochran born about 1875 and died about 1918;

William J. Cochran ("William Cochran") born about 1877, married Josephine Shipp, and died about 1952. Josephine Shipp was born about 1883 and died about 1939;

Jacob Emory Martin Cochran ("Jacob Cochran" & "Emory Cochran") born about 1880, and died about 1957;

Merit Young Cochran ("Merit Cochran") born about 1883; and,

Fannie Elizabeth Cochran ("Fannie Cochran" & "Frances Cochran") born about 1886, married John Wood, Charles E. Davis ("Charles Davis"), and married Harve Gooch ("Harvey Gooch"?), and died about 1974. Charles Davis was born about 1874 and died about 1944;

(v) MARY MALISSA CAVENDER (“Mary M. Cavender”, "Mary Melissa Cavender", "Mary Millisa Cavender", “M.M. Cavender, "Malissie Cavender"? & "Mary Cavender) born July 8, 1847 in Union County, Georgia, was married to Hiram James A. Thomason ("Hiram Thomason", "Jack Thomason", "James Thomason" & "Jink Thomason") before about 1845 in either Hall County, Georgia or in Union County, Georgia, was divorced by 1880, and had no known children. She later married the brother of Hiram Thomason whose name was Zacharias Zimra Thomason (“Zachariah Thomason”, "Zimn Thomason", "Zimri Thomason" & "Zimra Thomason") andwere married in Union County, Georgia on November 26, 1863 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. She died on either February 18, 1923 or on July 25, 1916422 in Canadian County, Oklahoma. Hiram Thomason also was married to either E. Emily Cavender or to Emily Josephine V. Cavender422 ("Emily Cavender" & "Josephine Cavender") on August 15, 1867. Hiram Thomason was born August 20, 1848 in Union County Georgia, was the son of Young John Thomason ("Young Thomason") and Easter Grindle, and died July 21, 1881 in Union County, Georgia. Zacharias Thomason was born on July 15, 1840 in Union County, Georgia, and died on June 21, 1881 in Union County, Georgia. Zacharian Thomason served as a private in the 1860's in the Georgia 4 CSA Company G, 13th Georgia Calvary State Guards. Hiram Thomason later married Emily Josephine V. Cavender ("Emily Cavender" & "Josephine Cavender") who was born about 1851 and died about 1895. Zacharias Thomason and Mary Thomason had 7 children:

William John Foster Thomason ("William Thomason", "John F. Thomason" & "John Thomason") born June 28, 1865 in Georgia, married Nancy Ellen Johnson ("Nancy Johnson") in Union County, Georgia on October 4, 1885, and died May 14, 1899 in Gaddistown, Union County, Georgia. Nancy Johnson was born May 29, 1865 in Illinois, later married John Foster Thomason ("John Thomason") December 28, 1911? and died January 9, 1941 in Oklahoma. William Thomason and Nancy Thomason had 2 children:

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