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Essie Ethel Cavender ("Essie Cavender" & “E.E. Cavender”) born about 1889, married Warren Alley Brookshire ("Warren Brookshire"), and died about 1934;

Dovie Cavender born about 1892 and married Frank William Pickelsimer ("Frank Pickelsimer");

Charles Henry Cavender ("Charles Cavender" & “C.H. Cavender”) born November 4, 1894 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Mary Lou Ella Carder ("Mary Carder"), and died December 25, 1986 in Murphy Medical Center in Murphy, Cherokee County, North Carolina. Mary Carter was born March 9, 1892 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, was the daughter of James Carder and Tabitha Lunsford, and died February 9, 1998 in Cherokee County, North Carolina. Charles Cavender and Mary Cavender had 5 children:

Charles W. Cavender (“Charles Cavender” & “C.W. Cavender”);

Myrtle Pearl Cavender (“Myrtle Cavender”) born in Cherokee County, North Carolina, married Will Forrister (“William Forrester”?), and died December 3, 1999 in Chatsworth, Georgia. Will Forrister and Myrtle Forrister had 4 children:

Janet Forrister;

Harry Forrister;

Martha Ann Forrister (“Martha Forrister”) who married a Rich; and,

Geraldine Forrister who married an English;

Elmer Cavender who married a Childers;

Essie Mae Cavender (“Essie Cavender” & “E.M. Cavender”) who married a Decker; and,

Kathryn Cavender (“Kay Cavender”) born March 2, 1928 in Cherokee County, North Carolina, married EdwardGuynn Owenby (“Edward Owenby”), and died April 28, 2000 in the St. Joseph Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Edward Owenby and Kathryn Owenby had2 children:

Dennis Owenby who married Rhonda Cornwell; and,

Tammy Myra Owenby (“Tammy Owenby”) who married Sandy Parker;

Maude Cavender ("Maud Cavender") born about 1897, married Hill Brookshire, and died about 1990;

an infant son born and died February 3, 1903;

William Gilreath Cavender ("William Cavender" & “W.G. Cavender”) who married a Gaddis. William Cavender and Gladdis Cavender had 6 children:

Elizabeth Cavender who is believed to have married a Bennett Smith and had no children;

Luie Cavender who married Henry Thomason and had four children;

Lizzie Cavender who married Henry Thomason and had two children;

Margaret Cavender who married John Cavender;

Arch Cavender who married and had two children, and,

Martha Cavender;

Allie Johnson Cavender ("Allie Cavender" & “A.J. Cavender”) born on May 3, 1910, married Mozelle Bennett, and died on March 14, 1969. Moselle Bennett was born May 29, 1908, died June 9, 2001, and is buried at the Yellow Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.507); and,

Maude Cavender who married a Brookshire; and,

(xii) SUSAN ANN CAVENDER (“Susan A. Cavender”, “S.A. Cavender” & "Susan Cavender") born about 1866 and married Fate Pickelsimer (“Fate Pickleshimer”?) and they had a son named:

John T. Pickelsimer (“John Pickelsimer”) who married Gladys Mains. John Pickelsimer and Gladys Pickelsimer had a daughter named:

Hazel Pickelsimer who married Charles T. Sewell (“Charles Sewell);487

(9)JOSEPH CAVENDER born March 20, 1817 in either South Carolina or in Whitfield County, Georgia, married Elizabeth Antoinette Garvin (Elizabeth Antonette Garvin", "Elizabeth Garvin" & “Eliabeth Carvin”) on April 23, 1839 in Hall County, Georgia, died on either March 27, 1893 or on March 10, 1895 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia where he moved in 1866, and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Dalton, Georgia. Elizabeth Garvin was born January 21, 1823 and died October 2, 1904.

It is to be noted that his wife was the sister of Nancy Garvin who married his older brother, George Washington Cavender, and his younger sister, Mary Angeline Cavender (“Mary Cavender” & “M.A. Cavender”), married William Garvin who was the son of David Garvin born December 20, 1784 in Penleton County, South Carolina and Nancy Kirksey born February 12, 1795 in North Carolina.

On June 20, 1878, Joseph Cavender filed for a grant of 160 acres of land in Boone County, Arkansas, David Garvin filed for 120 acres on October 20, 1882, Thomas Garvin filed for 40 acres around February 16, 1888 and, Isaac Garvin filed for 120 acres on September 25, 1893.

Joseph Cavender was living in Lumpkin County, Georgia in 1857, and he and Elizabeth Cavender had 11 children:

(i) WILLIAM F. CAVENDER ("William Cavender" & “W.F. Cavender”) born August 5, 1850 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, never married, and died in 1865 in CSA;

(ii) JAMES DAVID CAVENDER ("James Cavender", “James D. Cavender”, “J.D. Cavender” & "David Cavender") born May 11, 1843, died March 2, 1863 in Richmond, Virginia Hospital. On July 9, 1861 he apparently was a private on the Muster Roll of Company E, Phillips Legion, Georgia Infantry, in Lumpkin County, Georgia known as the"Blue Ridge Rifles".355 He never married;

(iii) CLEMETH LAFAYETTE CAVENDER ("Clemeth Cavender", "LaFayette Cavender”, “C.L. Cavender & "Clemith Cavender") born December 16, 1845, and died in Texas. The children of Clemeth Cavender was a son named:

Clyde Cavender who married Wylied DeBoard (“Willie DeBoard”) and lived in Copper Hill, Tennessee;

(iv) GEORGE WASHINGTON CAVENDER ("George Cavender", “George W. Cavender” & “G.W. Cavender”) born on either June 4, 1848494 or on June 4, 1849493 in Murrayville, Hall County, Georgia, married Catherine Callie Green ("Caltron C. Greene"493, "Caltron Greene"?, "Callie Greene", "Catherine Green") on December 28, 1873 in Catoosa County, GeorgiaFHL Number 1299215, died on May 8, 1930 in Dalton in Whitfield County, Georgia, and is buried in the Peavine Cemetery in Catoosa County, Georgia together with his wife Callie. George Cavender and Catherine Cavender had 7 children:

Myra Antoinette Cavender ("Myra Cavender" & “M.A. Cavender”) born on November 23, 1874, and died on February 10, 1875;

Alice Ann Cavender ("Alice M. Cavender"493, “A.A. Cavender”, “A.M. Cavender” & "Alice Cavender") born on March 12, 1876, married her cousin John Madison Cavender ("John Cavender", “J.M. Cavender” & “John M. Cavender”), died of a stroke October 18, 1961, and is buried in Dalton, Georgia. John Cavender was born on November 8, 1862 (believed to be in Hall County, Georgia), and was the son of George Washington Cavender (“George W. Cavender”, “George Cavender” & “G.W. Cavender”) and Nancy Garvin. John Cavender and Alice Cavender did not have any children. In the 1891 City Directory of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a John M. Cavender is listed as being in partnership with a James A. Garrett (“James Garrett”) in operating a room and board establishment at 214 & 214½ Montgomery Avenue in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and operating a grocery store at 210 Montgomery Avenue in Chattanooga, Tennessee;

Clemie Caltron Cavender ("Clemie Cavender", "Clemmie Cavender", “C.C. Cavender” & "Clementine Cavender"?) born on March 18, 1878, never married, died from flu on January 16, 1920, and buried in Dalton City, Georgia;

Robert Joseph Cavender ("Robert Cavender" & “R.J. Cavender”) born on May 19, 1880 in Dalton City, Whitfield County, Georgia, married Ruby Ledgerwood about 1920 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and died October 20, 1961 from a stroke in Shreveport, Louisiana? Ruby Ledgerwood was born in Forest Park West, Shreveport, Louisiana. Robert Cavender and Ruby Cavender had a daughter named:

Betty Cavender ("Elizabeth Cavender"?) born March 30, 1924 in Shreveport, Louisiana and married Hugh Brian Wamsley, Sr. ("Hugh Wamsley") on December 5, 1942 in Coushatta, Louisiana. Hugh Wamsley and Betty Wamsley had 1 child:

Hugh Brian Wamsley, Jr. ("Hugh Wamsley") who married Mary Clay. Hugh Wamsley, Jr. and Mary Wamsley had 2 children:

Clay Brian Wamsley ("Clay Wamsley"); and

Patricia Ann Wamsley ("Patricia Wamsley" & "Betty Wamsley") who married Allan Anderson ("Allen Anderson"?), is presently divorced and had no children;

Oliver Washington Cavender ("Olliver Washington Cavender", "Olliver Cavender", “O.W. Cavender” & "Oliver Cavender"?) born on August 17, 1882, married Esther Mary Sandridge ("Esther Sandridge" & "Ester Sandridge"), and died on April 24, 1972. Oliver Cavender and Ester Cavender (“Mary Cavender”) had child named:

Billie Cavender ("William Cavender"?) who was born in 193?, and died in April 24, 1972;

Oliver Cavender and Ester Cavender? had a son named:

William Jackson Cavender ("William Cavender" & “W.J. Cavender”) living in Eton, Georgia;

Jackson Cleveland Cavender ("Jackson Cavender" & “J.C. Cavender”) born on October 8, 1884 in Tilton, Georgia, married Lula Dickerson, died in Dalton, Georgia. Jackson Cavender and Lula Cavender had a son named:

Travis Cavender who was born in Texas before World War I; and,

Ada Lee Cavender ("Ada Cavender", "Adala Cavender", “A.L. Cavender” & "Addie Cavender") born on February 14, 1889 in Tilton, Georgia, married Eugene Evans and lived in Dalton, Georgia. Eugene Evans and Adala Evans had 2 children:

Washington Robert Evans ("Washington Evans") who married a Martha whose grandmother was a Cavender who lived in Florida. Washington Evans and Martha Evans had 4 children:

Ann Evans born February 26, 1946;

Jane Evans;

Robert Evans; and,

Jimmie Evans ("James Evans") who died at birth;374 and,

Callie Ruth Evans ("Callie Evans") who married Irvin Roach. Irvin Roach and Callie Roach had a daughter named:

Beverly Ann Roach ("Beverly Roach")

(v) REBECCA JANE CAVENDER ("Rebecca Cavender" & “R.J. Cavender”) born August 20, 1850, married a Smith and had a daughter named:

Rebecca Smith;

(vi) KATHERINE ANGELINE CAVENDER (“Catherine Angeline Cavender”, "Angeline M. Cavender"493, “K.A. Cavender”, “C.A. Cavender” & "Katherine Cavender") born on April 26, 1857, married William K. Holland ("William Holland" & "Bud Holland") on December 20, 1873 in Whitfield County, Georgia, and died in Dalton, Georgia. William Holland was born about 1845;

(vii) NANCY K. CAVENDER ("Nancy Cavender", “N.K. Cavender” & “Nancy S. Cavender”476?) born on either June 26, 1858 or on June 26, 1855494, and married Andrew Kelly ("Andy Kelley");

(viii) JOHN SINGLETON SISK CAVENDER ("John Cavender", “John S. Cavender”, “John S.S. Cavender”, “J.S.S. Cavender? & “J.S. Cavender”) born April 27, 1859, first married an unknown person and later married Ann Hancock ("Annie Hancock"), and died in Mississippi;

(ix) SARAH ELIZABETH CAVENDER ("Sarah Cavender”, “S.E. Cavender”, “Sallie Cavender” & “Sally Cavender” born on either October 23, 1863 or on October 23, 1861494, married Joseph Sidney Williams ("Joseph Williams" & “Joseph S. Williams”) on January 8, 1891 in Whitfield County, Georgia, and died in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Joseph Williams was the brother of Richard Sherman Williams ("Richard Williams") below;

(x) TERESIA ANTONETTE CAVENDER (“Teresa Cavender”, "Tersia Cavender", “T.A. Cavender” & "Teresa Cavender") born August 14, 1864, married Richard Sherman Williams on November 23, 1884, brother of Joseph Sidney Williams ("Joseph Williams") above, and died June 22, 1946; and,

(xi) JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER CAVENDER (“Joseph B. Cavender”, “J.C. Cavender” & "Joseph Cavender") born August 13, 1867, married Tresser Ann Whitney ("Tresser Whitney") in either Texas or Arkansas, and died November 1, 1931;

(10) REBECCA CAVENDER born either October 4, 1820493, October 7, 1820494 or on May 2, 1819476 in Hall County, Georgia, near Dalton, Georgia, and married Nelson Johnson on December 14, 1855 in either Whitfield County, Georgia or in Walker County, Georgia494 soon after the death of her mother in 1852. Her brother, George Washington Cavender and his wife Mary were then living in Walker County, Georgia. Rebecca Johnson died in either September 1879493 & 494 or on July 8, 1879476 in Tricum, Whitfield County, Georgia when thrown from a wagon by a run-away horse, and is buried in the Dunagan Cemetery in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia. She apparently was a very large woman and was holding her first grandchild, George Nelson Smith ("George Smith"), in her lap at the time but he was unhurt and she had a broken neck and died soon thereafter. George Smith was one year at the time of the accident and later became the father of an A.W. Smith who was living in Houston, Texas in 1970. Rebecca Johnson is buried with her husband in Dunegan Cemetery ("Dunnagan Cemetery" & "Dunagan Cemetery") in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia. When Rebecca Cavender's mother died in 1852, Rebecca Cavender moved to Walker County to live with her brother, George Washington Cavender ("George Cavender"). Nelson Johnson was born about 1820-1823 in North Carolina, was the son of James Johnson and a Nancy, died about 1908 or 1906438, and is buried in the Dunegan Cemetery near Dalton, Georgia. After the death of Rebecca Cavender, Nelson Johnson remarried but the marriage did not last long. Nelson Johnson and Rebecca Johnson had 3 children:

(i) EMILY FRANCES JOHNSON ("Emily Johnson" & "Emly Johnson") born on December 8, 1857 near Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, was the second wife of Absalom Alonzo Smith ("Absolom Smith" & "Absolam Smith"), remarried to when Absalom Smith predeceased her, died in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia and is buried with one of her husbands in Dunegan Cemetery in Dalton, Georgia. Absalom Smith was born about 1859 and died about 1899. Absalom Smith and Emily Smith had 2 children:

Maybelle Arazona Smith ("Maybelle Smith", “Arizona Smith”? & "Maybell Smith") born February 2, 1893, first married Arie Williams and later married Lester O. Crawford ("Lester Crawford"). Arie Williams and Maybelle Williams had 3 children:

Vivian Williams who married Ryan Floyd. Ray Floyd and Vivian Floyd had 3 children:

Mariam Floyd who married Larry Anderson. Larry Anderson and Vivian Anderson, in turn, had a daughter:

Amanda Anderson ("Mandy Anderson");

Patricia Floyd;

Debbie Floyd; and,

Thelma Williams, and

Mary Ruth Williams ("Mary Williams");

Myrtle Smith who married Lee Manning and is buried in Dunegan Cemetery in Dalton, Georgia. The children of Lee Manning and Myrtle Manning were:

Dorothy Manning who was living in Dalton, Georgia in the 1960's; and,

other children who are yet to be identified;

It is to be noted that the above Absalom Alonzo Smith ("Absalom Smith") first married Nancy Laura Ann Johnson ("Nancy Johnson"), the younger sister of Emily Frances Johnson ("Emily Johnson"). After his first wife died, he married the older sister Emily Frances Johnson ("Emily Johnson");

(ii) NANCY LAURA ANN JOHNSON ("Nancy Johnson") born July 12, 1859 near Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, married Absalom Alonzo Smith ("Absalom Smith" & "Absolom Smith") on October 25, 1877, died on either January 5, 1891 or on June 21,1899493 near Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, and both she and her husband are buried in Dunegan Cemetery near Dalton, Georgia. Absalom Smith was born March 23, 1859 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, was the son of George Franklin Smith ("George Smith") and Mary Ann McClain ("Mary McClain"), and died June 21 1899 at the same location from pneumonia. Nancy Smith died before her son Cleve Smith went to Texas and Absalom Alonzo Smith apparently married her older sister Emily Frances Johnson ("Emily Johnson"). Absalom Smith and Nancy Smith had 4 children:

George Nelson Smith ("George Smith") born September 25, 1878 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, married Jodie Judson Peterson ("Jodie Peterson" & "Josie Peterson") on either February 5, 1905 or on February 5, 1906493 in Camp County, Texas, and died on September 14, 1946. George Smith and Jodie Smith became parents of 4 sons, but only 2 of which lived to maturity:

William Alonzo Smith (“William Smith” & “Lonnie Smith”) born on February 26, 1906, and married Alta Mae Kennington (“Alta Kennington”) in Pittsburg, Texas. William Smith and Alta Smith (“Mae Smith”) had 2 children:

George Milton Smith (“George Smith”) who married Bennie Fay Stevens (“Bennie Fay Stevens”). George Smith and Bennie Smith (“Fay Smith”) had 3 children:

Howard Milton Smith (“Howard Smith”);

Jeffrey Neil Smith (“Jeffrey Smith”); and,

Rosemary Smith; and,

James Norman Smith (“James Smith”) who married Betty Mallet (“Elizabeth Mallet”?). James Smith and Betty Smith (“Elizabeth Smith”) had 2 children:

Cherry Smith; and,

Pat Smith; and,

Arthur Washington Smith (“Arthur Smith” & “Smittie Smith”) born on February 19, 1908, and married Katie B. McAdams (“Katie McAdams” & “Katherine McAdams”?. Arthur Smith and Katie Smith (“Katherine Smith”) had a daughter named:

Norma Sue Smith (“Norma Smith”) who married George Edwin Overturf, Sr. George Overturf and Norma Overturf (“Sue Overturf”) had 2 children:

George Edwin Overturf, Jr. born on February 28, 1955; and,

Kay Lynn Overturf (“Kay Overturf, born on May 8, 1963;

Clyde George Smith (“Clyde Smith”) born on June 23, 1910; and,

Archie Raymond Smith (“Archie Smith”) born on December 18, 1915;

James Monroe Smith ("James Smith") born July 22, 1879 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, married a Belle and died December 7, 1952;

Rebecca Smith born December 28, 1880 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, married John Smith who was born about 1880, and died May 31, 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia; and,

Absalom Cleveland Smith (“Absalom Smith”, "A. Cleveland Smith", "Cleve Smith" & "Cleveland Smith") born May 5, 1886, died August 29, 1904 in Pittsburg, Texas, shortly before his nineteenth birthday, and is buried in Ebenezer Cemetery near Pittsburg, Texas. When he was 16 years of age, Cleve Smith moved from Georgia to Pittsburg, Camp County, Texas where he found employment with a prominent farmer named William Young Peterson ("William Peterson") and later became well-known as the "bronc-busting kid". The story goes that Cleve Smith was in Dalton, Georgia one day when a passenger train stopped and a number of people got off. An older gentlemen among the passengers was attracted to Cleve Smith and the two became engaged in a conversation. The older man said he had just come from Texas. Cleve Smith, a 16 year old lad with a light heart and an adventurous spirit, remarked that one day he hoped to go to Texas. The gentleman told Cleve Smith he had a round trip ticket but had decided not to use the return half and then presented it to the lad;

Absalom Smith and Emily Smith had 2 children:

Maybelle Arazona Smith ("Maybelle Smith" & “Arizona Smith”?); and,

Myrtle Smith; and,

(iii) JAMES ALEXANDER W. JOHNSON ("James Alexander Johnson" & "James Johnson") born March 14, 1861 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, married Cordelia Craig ("Cordele Craig"?), died December 8, 1925, and is buried in the Dunegan Cemetery in Whitfield County, Georgia. James Johnson and Cordele Johnson had 4 children:

Annie Johnson;

Thomas Johnson;

Rosie Johnson; and,

Willie Johnson , a daughter, who lived in Dalton, Georgia in the 1960's, first married a Clark, and later remarried to an unknown person. Willie Johnson Clark ("Willie Clark") had a son named:

James Clark who married a Betty Anne, in the 1960's lived in Dalton, Georgia, and they had 2 unknown children;

(11) MARY ANGELINE CAVENDER (“Mary Cavender” & “M.A. Cavender”) born about 1821 in Georgia, married William Garvin about 1837 when she was about 16 years of age, in 1880 was living in Washington, Boone County, Arkansas, and died in Santa Ana, Texas. William Garvin was born about 1819 in Georgia (Some say born about 1808, and some say he was born in South Carolina), and was the son of David Garvin born December 20, 1784 in Pendleton County, South Carolina and Nancy Kirksey born February 12, 1795 in North Carolina (Some say both were born in South Carolina). William Garmon (“William Garvin”) purchased land in White County, Arkansas about 1861, and was living next door to his father,David Garvin, in Lumpkin County, Georgia according to the 1850 census. However, he apparently moved prior to the taking of the 1860 census. In 1871, William Garvin and Angline Garvin purchased land in Boone County, Arkansas, and sold the same land in 1874.

It is to be noted that her older brother George Washington Cavender ("George Cavender", “George W. Cavender”, "G.W. Cavender", "Washington Cavender" & "Watt Cavender") first married Nancy L. Garvin ("Nancy Garvin" & "Nancy Gavin") Nancy Garvin, the sister of Elizabeth Garvin, and that her older brother, Joseph H. Cavender (“Joseph Cavender”) married Elizabeth Antoinette Garvin (Elizabeth Antonette Garvin", "Elizabeth Garvin" & “Eliabeth Carvin”) who is believed to be the sister of Nancy Garvin.

In the 1880 census reports, the William Garvin family was then still living in Boone County, Arkansas.

William Garvin and Angeline Garvin had the following children:

MARTHA A. GARVIN ("Martha Garvin") born August 23, 1841 in Georgia, married Jesse A. Smith (“Jesse Smith”) in White County, Arkansas in 1861, and died on December 10, 1916 in Bellfonte, Boone County, Arkansas. Jesse Smith and Martha Smith had a son named:

John Wesley Smith (“John Smith”) born November 22, 1865 in Arkansas, married Susan Ester Lindy McDonald (“Susan McDonald” & “Ester McDonald”), and died December 12, 1938 in Morris, Osmulgee County, Oklahoma. Ester McDonald was born December 29, 1870 in Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi to James Angus McDonald (“James McDonald”)(1838-1914) and Nancy Catherine Clark (“Nancy Clark”)(1836-1918), and died October 15, 1951 in Sulphur, Murray County, Oklahoma. John Smith and Ester Smith had a daughter named:

Cora Effie Smith (“Cora Smith”) born July 15, 1897 in Bellfonte, Boone County, Arkansas, married Edward Seymore Johnson (“Edward Johnson”)(1890-1959) on May 24, 1919 in Francis, Boone County, Arkansas, and died June 18, 1975 in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas. Edward Johnson and Cora Johnson had a son named:

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