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Edward Johnson, Jr. who married Erelene Stonecipher, and died in 1995. Edward Johnson and Erelene Johnson had 3 daughters:

Ellen J. Johnson (“Ellen Johnson”) married Donald William Krause (“Donald Krause”) who died in 1998;

ALMEDA GARVIN born about 1843, and married Charles L. Coffey on May 30, 1877 in Arkansas when he was 30 years of age and she was 24 years of age;

MANDA GARVIN? born about 1844 and married Charles Reynolds on July 3, 1877 when he was 38 years of age and she was 33 years of age;

ANGELINE A. GARVIN (“Anglina Garvin” & “Angeline Garvin”) born about 1848 in Bellefonte, Boone County, Arkansas, married Elias W. Oliver (“Elias Oliver”) on December 25, 1870 in Arkansas when he was 22 years of age and she was 22 years of age, and died January 19, 1954 at the age of 94 years in Santa Ana, Texas;

MARY EMILINE GARVIN (“Mary Emeline Cavender” & “Mary Garvin”) born January 5, 1860 in Arkansas, married John Robert Hudson (“John Hudson”) on June 20, 1875 in Boone County, Arkansas when she was age 18, moved to Santa Ana, Texas, died January 19, 1954 in Madera, Madera County, California, and is buried in the Arbor Vitae Cemetery in Maderia, Maderia County, California. John Hudson was born about 1857, and died about 1939;

F. KATHERINE GARVIN born about 1862;

SAMUEL H. GARVIN ("Samuel Garvin") born about 1863; and, HENRY L. GARVIN ("Henry Garvin") born about 1871.

(12) CLEMETH CAVENDER, Jr. ("Clement Cavender, Jr."? & "Clemith Cavender, Jr.") born May 12, 1821 in Hall County, Georgia, first married Julia Anne Barnes (“Julia Ann Barnes”, "Julianne Barnes"493, “Julie Ann Barnes”, "Julie Barnes" & "Juliane Barnes") on March 18, 1849 in Hall County, Georgia, next married Turzanah J. Kimsey (“Turzah J. Kimsey”, “Turzanah Kimsey” & “Turzah Kimsey”) in Lumpkin County, Georgia, died October 6, 1898 in Hall County, Georgia, and is buried in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery near Murrayville in Hall County, Georgia.

Julianne Barnes was born September 21, 1830, was the daughter of Ranson Barnes, and died on November 27, 1901.Turzah J. Kimsey ("Thurzah Kimsey", "Turzah Kimsey") was born September 21, 1830 in North Carolina, and died on November 27, 1907. Clemeth Cavender and his wife Turzah Cavender are buried in the Cavender Cemetery. Clemeth Cavender and Julia Cavender had 5 children:

(i) EMMETT CAVENDER born December 1849, and died March 1850;

(ii) JOHN CAVENDER born about 1849 in Union County, Georgia;

(iii) ELIZABETH CAVENDER born about 1851;

(iv) WILLIAM CAVENDER born about 1854 in Union County, Georgia, married a Nancy? in Georgia, and had 2 children:

Jane Cavender born in Georgia; and,

Martha Cavender born in Georgia;

Clemeth Cavender, Jr. and Turzah Cavender had a son named:

(v) ANDREW JACKSON CAVENDER ("Andrew Cavender", “Andrew J. Cavender” & “A.J. Cavender”) born September 12, 1859, first married Teresa B. Barnes ("Teresa Barnes") who was born November 1, 1879 and died March 12, 1927 in Georgia, later married Elizabeth H. Gillispie ("Elizabeth Gillispie") on December 21, 1884 in Lumpkin County, GeorgiaFHL Number 281678and who was born September 12, 1860 in Georgia and died April 5, 1913 in Georgia. He became a medical doctor, died December 27, 1922, and is buried in the family cemetery near Murrayville in Hall County, Georgia. Teresa Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender are both buried in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery near Murrayville, Hall County, Georgia. It is to be noted that an Andrew J. Cavender (“Andrew Cavender”) married Martha S. Roberts (“Martha Roberts”) on January 22, 1868 in Carroll County, Georgia. FHL Number 341902 Elizabeth Gillespie was born about 1859. Andrew Cavender and his first wife Elizabeth Cavender are buried in the family cemetery and they had 4 children:

Nelle Cavender married Andrew Jeff Hulsey ("Andrew Hulsey") December 22, 1915 who was born April 9, 1889, resides in Gainesville, Georgia. Andrew Hulsey and Nelle Husley had 2 children:

Martha Elizabeth Hulsey ("Martha Husley") who married Allan Marshall, resides in Eatonton, Georgia, and they had three sons; and,

Jack Cavender Hulsey who was a Judge in Hall County Probate, Gainesville, Georgia in 1990;

Clemeth Hoyt Cavender ("Clemith Cavender", “C.H. Cavender” & "Clemeth Cavender") born September 19, 1897 in Georgia, and died August 28, 1900 in Georgia;

an infant son who died December 10, 1899; and,

Elizabeth Cavender who married a Marshall;

(13) NANCY CAVENDER born on October 7, 1823 in Hall County, Georgia, married John M. Barnes (“John Barnes”) on December 12, 1843 in Hall County, Georgia, died January 16, 1912430 & 494 (some day June 1, 1912 279, some say June 19, 1912371, 400 438 & 476 in Hall County, Georgia, and is buried with her husband in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery near Murraysville, Hall County, Georgia. John Barnes was born on either February 13, 1824, or on February 13, 1822 371 & 443, and died on either July 3, 1864, or on July 3, 1865371 & 443, while serving in the Civil War in the First Georgia State Troops (also known as the “Blue Ridge Rifles”)and while he was guarding the railroad bridge north of Atlanta, Georgia when Sherman was approaching.400 John Barnes was also wounded in the battle at Jonesboro during the Civil War. It is highly doubtful that Nancy Cavender is a child of Clemeth Cavender, Sr., however, it is believed that John Barnes and Nancy Barnes had 6 children:

(i) Clemeth Ransom Barnes (“Clemeth R. Barnes”, "Clemeth Barnes" & "Clemith Barnes"?) born December 30, 1844 in Hall County, Georgia, married Mary Ann McDonald ("Mary McDonald") on December 1, 1864 in Georgia, died January 26, 1917 in Hall County, Georgia, and is buried with his wife at the family cemetery in New Bridge, Cleveland, Georgia. Clemeth Barnes enlisted in the Civil War along with his father. Mary McDonald was born November 11, 1842 and died August 11, 1918. Clemeth Barnes and Mary Barnes had 5 children:

John Barnes who married Ella Pierce June 1, 1884;

James A. Barnes ("James Barnes") born January 28, 1870 in Georgia, married Ella Evans, and died October 31, 1947;

Joseph Washington Barnes ("Joseph Barnes") born December 8, 1873 in Georgia, never married, died March 6, 1951, and is buried in the Cavender/Barnes Cemetery in Hall County, Georgia;

David Glenn Barnes ("David Barnes") born February 8, 1876, married Lola Mathews September 22, 1918, died October 5, 1962 in Omaha, Nebraska, and both he and his wife are buried at Dawsonville, Georgia. Lola Mathews was born September 23, 1891, the daughter of Rev. Samuel Mathews and Dora Mathews (formerly Dora Payne"), and died October 19, 1958. David Barnes and Lola Barnes had 7 children:

Alma Barnes who married Eugene Marion Fields ("Eugene Fields"). Eugene Fields and Alma Fields had 4 children:

Eugene M. Fields ("Eugene Fields");

Don David Fields ("Don Fields")

Linda Fields; and,

William Fields;

David Glenn Barnes, Jr. ("David Barnes") born May 16, 1921, and married Claudia Crawford, daughter of Marion Crawford and Vesta Crawford ("formerly Vesta Goswick on April 14, 1944. David Barnes and Claudia Barnes had 3 children:

David Glenn Barnes, III ("David Barnes");

Jon Barnnes born in 1949 and died January 6, 1966; and,

Don T. Barnes ("Don Barnes" & “Donald Barnes”?) born February 11, 1945, married Maxine Bruce, daughter of S.C. Bruce, Sr. and Etta Bruce (formerly "Etta Conner") and had a son named:

Don T. Barnes, Jr. ("Don Barnes" & “Donald Barnes”?);

Clemeth Hoyt Barnes ("Clemeth Barnes" & "Clemith Barnes"?) born September 4, 1880 in Georgia, died January 29, 1964, never married, and is buried in the Cavender/Barnes Cemetery in Hall County, Georgia;

Donnie Barnes ("Don Barnes" & “Donald Barnes”)) who married Mattie Owens and is buried at Canton, Georgia;

Nancy Barnes who married Henry Peck;

Fanny Barnes (“Frances Barnes”?) who married Jude Whitfield; and,

Dennie Barnes (female); and,

Clemeth Hoyt Barnes (“Clemeth Barnes” & “Clemith Barnes”?) born September 4, 1880 in Georgia, died on January 29, 1964, never married, and is buried in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery in Hall County, Georgia;

(ii) JOSEPH BARNES born in Georgia on either April 22, 1847493 & 511, or on April 22, 1849443, married Mary Ann Boyd ("Mary Boyd") about 1878 in Georgia, died February 1, 1896, and is buried with his wife are buried in the family cemetery. Mary Boyd was born December 26, 1853, the daughter of Hopson Boyd and Patsy Boyd (formerly "Patsy Blackwell), and died May 7, 1925. Joseph Barnes and Mary Barnes had 10 children:

John Alfred Barnes born October 31, 1876, remained unmarried, and died February 4, 1896;

Colonel Barnett B. Barnes ("Colonel Barnes", which is his name and not a title, "Barnet B. Barnes", "Barnet Barnes" & "Barnett Barnes") born November 13, 1879 in Georgia, married Vista Hurley, and died November 28, 1910. Colonel Barnett Barnes and Vista Barnes had 3 children:

Mattie Barnes born October 31, 1902, who married Hershel Vickers. Hershel Vickers and Mattie Vickers had 3 children:

Robert Vickers ("Bob Vickers") who died from a broken neck falling into a well;

Pete Vickers ("Peter Vickers"); and,

Christeen Vickers who married Roy Spitzen. Roy Spitzen and Cristeen Spitzen had 2 children:

Roy Spitzen; and,

John Preston Spitzen who was born September 22, 1947;

Grady Lee Barnes ("Grady Barnes") born December 6, 1903, married Willie May Pierce ("Willie Pierce") who later married Evelyn Barnes and who later married James Albert Wallace ("James Wallace"), and

Joseph Grover Barnes ("Joseph Barnes") born May 20, 1905, married Elizabeth Sims and had 2 children:

Jack Barnes who married Joyce Moore. Jack Barnes and Joyce Barns has an adopted son named:

Michael Barnes; and

Boyce Barnes who married Sabra Ash. Boyce Barnes and Sarba Barnes had a son named:

Joseph Barnes;

Sarah Tullula Barnes ("Tulula Barnes" & "Sarah Barnes") born December 3, 1880 in Georgia, married Luke L. Truelove ("Luke Truelove") and is buried with her husband in the Cavender/Barnes family cemetery. Luke Truelove was born January 27, 1892 and died September 16, 1937. Luke Truelove and Sarah Truelove had 3 children:

Mary Lou Truelove ("Mary Truelove") born December 2, 1909 and married Hugh Hurst,

Ida Mae Truelove ("Ida Truelove") born November 15, 1911 and married William Woods. William Woods and Ida Woods had 2 children:

John Spencer Woods ("John Woods") born July 18, 1938, married a Joan. John Woods and Joan Woods had 2 children:

Diane Lynn Woods ("Diane Woods") born September 4, 1960; and,

Christina Marie Woods ("Christina Woods") born December 29, 1961, and,

David Barney Woods ("David Woods") born July 28, 1949; and,

Nellie Irene Truelove ("Nellie Truelove") born May 20, 1914 married Paul Seagar, and died June 11, 1962. Paul Seagar and Nellie Seagar had 4 children:

Robert Joseph Seagar ("Robert Seagar") born August 6, 1939;

Ronald Paul Seagar ("Ronald Seagar") February 11, 1943;

Ethel Linda Seagar ("Ethel Seagar") born September 2, 1949; and,

Bradley Luther Seagar ("Bradley Seagar") born September 7, 1951 and died February 11, 1958;

Ida Rebecca Barnes born December 1, 1881, never married, and died August 12, 1943;

Noah Barnes born December 19, 1883, never married, and died March 25, 1897;

Rev.Thomas Young Barnes ("Thomas Barnes") born January 3, 1886, married Lula Higgens March 19, 1911, died July 4, 1941 and is buried with his wife in the family cemetery. Lula Higgens was born September 23, 1871, the daughter of James Higgens and Elizabeth Higgens (formerly "Elizabeth Free"), and died April 19, 1964. Rev. Thomas Barnes and Lula Barnes had a son named:

Roy Barnes who married a Sarah. Roy Barnes and Sarah Barnes had 2 children:

Thomas Barnes; and,

James Barnes;

Nancy Johanna Barnes ("Nancy Barnes") born March 25, 1888 and never married;

Joseph Radcliff Barnes ("Joseph Barnes") born March 7, 1890, married Dorothy Parks January 19, 1916, died in 1948 and both Joseph Barnes and his wife are buried at Wahoo, Georgia. Dorothy Parks was born in 1894, the daughter of Thomas Parks and Missouri Parks (formerly "Missouri Bryant") and the sister of Henry Claude Parks ("Henry Parks"). Joseph Barnes and Dorothy Barnes had 2 children:

Joseph Thomas Barnes ("Joseph Barnes" & "Joe Barnes") born May 22, 1919, married Silvia White and had a son named:

John Barnes; and,

Annie Barnes who married Reginald Glaze ("Buck Glaze");

Orah Malinda Barnes ("Orah Barnes") born April 22, 1894, and married Henry Claude Parks ("Henry Parks") April 16, 1916 who was born January 29, 1895 and was the brother of Dorothy Parks above. The children of Henry Parks and Orah Parks was a daughter named:

Bonnie Boyd Parks ("Bonnie Parks") born April 9, 1924, married Hoyt Underwood, the son of Silas Underwood and Birdie Underwood (formerly "Birdie Hightower"). Hoyt Underwood and Bonnie Underwood had 3 children:

Marion Underwood, a twin born January 17, 1947;

Donald Underwood, a twin born January 17, 1947; and,

Jonathan Henry Lamar Underwood ("Joathan Underwood" & “Henry Underwood”) born April 13, 1949; and,

John Alfred Barnes;

(iii) ALFRED WEBB BARNES (“Alfred W. Barnes” & "Alfred Barnes") born on either October 13, 1849 or on October 1, 1849371, 400, 443 & 493, first married Rachel Weaver ("Rachael Weaver"), later married Nancy Loden ("Nan Loden"), and died on either March 10, 1895 or on October 10, 1935.371, 400 & 493 Rachel Weaver was born in September 1852 and who died August 12, 1896. Nan Loven was born in May 1869 at St. Paul's Methodist, Lumpkin County, Georgia and died in April 1947. Alfred Barnes and Rachel Barnes 6 children:

J. Dee Barnes ("Dee W. Barnes"493 & "Dee Barnes"), a dwarf who was born December 2, 1879, and died December 26, 1928;

Kader Barnes (“Kater Barnes”493) who married Ruth Bennett;

Peter Barnes born December 11, 1882 in Georgia, and died December 20, 1882 in Georgia;

Jolin Olin Barnes (“Jolin O. Barnes” & "Jolin Barnes") born April 13, 1884 and died August 6, 1954;

George Barnes who first married Mamie Jones and later married Dora Howington; and,

T. Watson Barnes ("Watson Barnes") born August 27, 1892 and died in the navy December 26, 1915;

Alfred Barnes and Nancy Barnes had a son named:

Frank Barnes who married an Edith;

(iv) SARAH REBECCA BARNES (“Sarah Barnes” & "Sallie Barnes") who married Abner Francis O’Kelley (“Abner O’Kelley” & Frank O'Kelley) and both are buried at Concord Church Cemetery in Clermont, Georgia. Abner O’Kelley was born in Habersham County, Georgia, was the son of John Pendlton O’Kelley (“John O’Kelley”) and Mary Chastain, and died in Hall County, Georgia. John O’Kelley was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, married Elizabeth Chastain, and died in White County, Georgia Frank O'Kelley and Sarah O’Kelley (“Sallie O'Kelley”) 8 children:

John Pendlton O'Kelley (“John O’Kelley”);

Nancy O'Kelley ("Nancy O'Kelley" & "Nannie O'Kelley") who married Frank Bowen;

Elizabeth O'Kelley who married Luther Bowen;

Edd P. O'Kelley ("Edward O'Kelley"? & "Ed O'Kelley"?) who married Bessie Blackwell;

Mary O'Kelley who married Alvin Nix;

Mamie O'Kelley who married James Head the son of Sampson Head and a descendant of Isaac Head and Kitty Head (formerly "Kittie Cavender");

Lillie O'Kelley who married Marion Bowen; and,

Fred O'Kelley who married Chester Head, the daughter of Marion Head, a descendant of Isaac Head and Kitty Cavender Head (“Kitty Head” & “Hetty Cavender”?);

(v) MARY A. BARNES ("Mary Barnes") born October 24, 1859, married Jasper L. Pierce ("Jasper Pierce"), died March 30, 1929, and both she and her husband are buried in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery. Jasper Pierce was born February 26 and died December 28, 1931. Jasper Pierce and Mary Pierce 6 children:

Nancy Pierce ("Sallie Pierce") who married Alfred Miller;

Nancy Pierce who married Edd Bird ("Ed Bird");

Vicie Pierce born May 10, 1884, married David Martin ("Dave Martin") and died September 26, 1914;

Lillie Pierce ("Lily Pierce") who married Thomas Bowen ("Tom Bowen");

Bunyan Pierce who first married Belle Stringer and later married Mary Belew; and,

Estelle Pierce who married Lester Hulsey; and

(vi) NANCY LODEN BARNES ("Nancy Barnes") born in May 1864 and died in April 1947; and,

(14) WINIFRED ANN CAVENDER (“Winney Cavender”, “W.A. Cavender”, “Winnie Ann Cavender”& “Winnie Cavender”) born about 1825 in Hall County, Georgia, first married E.F. Bowman, next married Enoch Green on October 30, 1840 in Hall County, Georgia, and died on October 6, 1898 in Hall County, Georgia; and,

(V) JAMES B. CAVENDER (“James B. Cavender”, “James Cavender” & “J.B. Cavender”) born in Westmoreland County, Virginia either about 1775 or about 1766494, and in the 1780's a James Cavender lived in Princess Anne County, Virginia (which now in the independent City/County of Virginia Beach, Virginia), in Charlotte County, Virginia, and in Washington County, Virginia, first married Susannah Kites, and later married Mary Smith on July 8, 1795 in Rowan County, North Carolina494 with Elijah Cornwell being the bondsman.

In 1790, a James Cavender family was living in Spartanburg District of South Carolina and which family then comprised 1 male 16 and over, and 3 females. However, this particular James Cavender is not believed to be the same James Cavender first mentioned above who subsequently moved to the Pendleton District of South Carolina.

Also in 1790, another James Cavender family was living in Rowan County, North Carolina which comprised 3 sons and 2 daughters under 10, 1 male 26-45, and 1 female 16-26.371 It is believed that this particular James Cavender married Mary Smith on July 8, 1795493 in Rowan County, North Carolina, and Elijah Cornwell ("Elijah Cornwall") who married Catherine Cavender was the surety and J. Troy was the witness. Mary Smith was born about 1775. As the Rowan County James Cavender already had a family in 1790, then for the particular James Cavender who married Mary Smith in 1794 to be the same person as the Rowan County James Cavender, then he must have been previously married and already had a young family when he later married Mary Smith on July 8, 1795 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Some believe James Cavender married Elizabeth Prewitt (“Elizabeth Pruitt”?) on May 11, 1815 in either Iredell County, North Carolina or in Rowan County, North Carolina, and that he still later married Susannah Kates ("Susannah Kites"? & "Susanah Kites") on February 9, 1819 in Newton, Jasper County, Georgia with Justice of the Peace Eaton Banks performing the ceremony. However, the person who married Susannah Kates on February 9, 1819 in Newton, Jasper County, Georgia was James B. Cavender (“James Cavender”) the son of George Cavender and Rebecca Dedman, and grandson of Ezekiel Cavender.

In 1800, a James Cavender family was living in the Pendleton District of South Carolina along with Ezekiel Cavender, Clement Cavender, and Elijah Cornwell who married Catherine Cavender, the sister of James Cavender. At that time, the family of James Cavender comprised 3 males under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female 26-45.371 From 1790 to at least 1800, James Cavender was living in the Pendleton District of South Carolina between his father, Ezekiel Cavender, and his brother, Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?).

On February 23, 1815, the estate of Jacob Crouse was divided among his heirs by Britain W. Heymoore, Sr. ("Britain Heymoore" & "Britain Seymore"?). The estate was appraised by Nicholas Click, Bailey Tatum, Norman Owins ("Norman Owens"?) Edmund Foster ("Edmond Foster"?) and Conrod Fraves ("Conrad Fraves"?). Heirs were John March and his wife Catherine who was the daughter of Jacob Crouse, Daniel Crouse, William Crouse, and John Crouse.

On August 19, 1815, John Crouse sold to James Cavender, both of Rowan County, North Carolina, 109.48 acres on the north side of Great Dutchmans Creek next to William Crouse, William Bailey and John March for $200. The indenture was witnessed by Nelson Crouse and William Crouse. 371

On October 4, 1815, Daniel Crouse sells to Cavender of Rowan County, North Carolina, 87.5 acres of land on the Great Dutchmans Creek on the original line for $12.00. The indenture was witnessed by Moses Nelson and William Crouse. The land apparently was previously sold by John March, Sr. to William Crouse as a 1/7th. undivided part.371

On October 16, 1818, Daniel Crouse and wife Fanny Crouse sold to James Cavender and William March, both of Rowan County, North Carolina, 50 acres of land on the waters of Dutchmans Creek next to John March. The indenture was witnessed by Samuel Estep and William Crouse.

On August 19 and October 4, 1815, James Cavender purchased land on Dutchmans Creek in Rowan County, North Carolina from John Crouse and Daniel Crouse, respectively.

On October 13, 1815, James Cavendar ("James Cavender") was named as a grandson of Frainey Crouse of Rowan County, North Carolina, having apparently married Frainey Crouse's granddaughter, Caty Crouse, daughter of William Crouse. Other children of Frainey Crouse were: William Crouse, Caty March ("Catherine March" formerly "Catherine Crouse" & "Cathy Crouse"); Mary Hendricks (formerly Mary Crouse"), Frainery Crouse ("Frainey Crouse") and Barbary Crouse ("Barbara Crouse").

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