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THOMAS CAVENDER born about 1793? near Brandywine Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware, first married Lucretia Woolen on May 17, 1804, later married Mary A. Young ("Mary Ann Young" & “Mary Young”) on October 22, 1840 in Ashbury, New Castle County, Delaware,N.C. Cnty. Del. Vol.36, pp 47 became a Presbyterian, and eventually moved to Kembleville, Chester County, Pennsylvania where he bought a farm. Assuming Thomas Cavender was 21 years old when he first married, then he would have been born around 1793. Mary Young was born in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, was the daughter of Stephen Young and a Sarah, the widow of Clinton H. Garrett (“Clinton Garrett”), and her ancestors were among the passengers of the Mayflower on her first voyage to the “land of hope”. 313, 334, 336 & 337 This might be the same Thomas Slate Cavender who also married Alice Sheeler ("Alice Wheeler"?) on December 15, 1810 in Bristol Parish in either Shenandoah County or Nelson County, Virginia with Rev. David Kaufman performing the ceremony and being the bondsman. Thomas Cavender and Mary Cavender had 6 children:

Sarah J. Cavender (“Sarah Cavender”) born in Mill Creek Hundred, first married Clinton H. Garrett (“Clinton Garrett”) in Kimbersville, Pennsylvania in 1883 who died in Mill Creek Hundred. Sarah Garrett later married Elwood B. McKee (“Elwood McKee”) in Newark, Delaware, and she died in her home in New Castle County, Delaware;

Mariam Cavender who married James Lysle (“James Lyle”?) of Chester County, Pennsylvania;

Thomas Alphenus Cavender (“Thomas Cavender”) who lived in Chester, Pennsylvania;

Mary S. Cavender (“Mary Cavender” & “M.S. Cavender”) who married Joseph Waterson of Oxford, Pennsylvania;

Laura E. Cavender (“Laura Cavender” & “L.E. Cavender”) of Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware; and,

William Cavender who apparently died in the prime of his life;

ELIZABETH CAVENDER who was the widow of William Austin of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;

MARY JANE CAVENDER (“Mary Cavender”, “M.J. Cavender” & “Mary J. Cavender”) who married Jacob Norris in Claymont, Delaware;

WILLIAMINA CAVENDER (“Wiliamina Cavender”?) who died at an early age; and,

EVELINA CAVENDER (“Evelyn Cavender”?) who died young; 41, 131, 313 & 350

CHARLES CAVENDER born in Maryland on February 16, 1763, first married Mary Owens (“Mary Owen”) on February 13, 1783 and had 6 children, later married Elizabeth Browne ("Elizabeth Brown"?) on June 8, 1799 and had 3 children,285 and died February 24, 1795. Mary Owens was born January 30, 1760, was the daughter of Samuel Owens ("Sam Owens", "Samuel Owen" & "Sam Owen"?) and an Elizabeth, and died in August 1827 at the age of 67 years and 7 months. Of the 6 children of Charles Cavender and Mary Cavender, all of whom are believed to have been born in Maryland, 2 known children were:

CURTIS H. CAVENDER ("Curtis Cavender") born January 25, 1784, married Cordelia Morris on January 16, 1806 with the ceremony being conducted by Rev. M. Crate, and died April 6, 1837. Cordelia Morris was born February 25, 1786, was the daughter of Joseph Morris and Sarah Kallan (“Sarah Ceylon”, "Sarah Kellam", "Sarah Kallen", and "Sarah Kellen"?), and died September 27, 1871. Joseph Morris was born on February 6, 1761, married Sarah Kallan on March 20, 1785, and died on March 11, 1842. Sarah Kallan was born on December 13, 1765, and died on August 28, 1839.285 Curtis Cavender and Cordelia Cavender had 15 children which included the following:

CURTIS CAVENDER born January 14, 1804 and died April 6, 1857 according to Vol 2, Genealogy, "Fragments of Old Philadelphia Graveyard", Society of Pennsylvania;

FRANCIS EDWIN OWENS CAVENDER (“Francis E.O. Cavender”, “Edwin Cavender”, “Owen Cavender” & "Francis Cavender") born January 7, 1807, and died November 18, 1807;

MARY SARAH ANN CAVENDER (“Sarah Cavender”, “Mary S. Cavender”, “Mary A. Cavender” & "Mary Cavender") born March 15, 1808, and died July 19, 1809;

CAROLINE MATILDA CAVENDER ("Caroline Cavender") born September 20, 1809;

EDMOND MORRIS CAVENDER ("Edmond Cavender" & “Edmund Cavender”?) born February 24, 1811, and died January 9, 1870;

CORDELIA FRANCES CAVENDER ("Cordelia Cavender") born January 29, 1813, married Tenge W. King ("George King" & "Tenge King") on January 1, 1837 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and died April 1, 1900 (some say December 16, 1893.279). Tenge King was the son of Jason King, Jr., the grandson of Jason King, Sr., the great grandson of Jeremiah King, the great-great grandson of William King, the great-great-great grandson of John King, Jr. born about 1650 and lived in East Hampton, New York, and the great-great-great-great grandson of John King and who lived in Oyster Pond, New York (now Long Island, New York) and East Hampton, New York. When Cordelia King's will dated May 12, 1898 was probated, she was then a widow, and in her will she named her children as follows: daughter Emma A. Chattel ("Emma Chattel") and her husband George M. Chattel ("George Chattel") and their daughter Louise Chattel, and Louise Chattel's husband William Chattel and their daughter Josepha Chattel; daughter Mary King Harrison ("King Harrison"); deceased son named William King; daughter Anna N. Valiton ("Anna Valiton"); deceased daughter Fannie King; son George W. King ("George King") and his wife Anna King; daughter Mary K. Harrison ("Mary Harrison") and her daughters Carrie E. Kemp ("Carrie Kemp") and Cordelia Kemp. Tenge King and Cordelia King had 8 children which included:

EMMA ADELAIDE KING (“Adelia Emma King”? & "Emma King") born in October 1838, married Dr. T.G. Chattle on October 1, 1856, and died on July 4, 1879;

CAROLINE MATILDA KING born about 1841 and died about March 10, 1865;

MARY KING born either July 30, 1842445 or September 6, 1865, and married John Thomas Harrison ("John Harrison"), and died April 5, 1924. John Harrison was the son of Thomas Harrison and Maria Garde. John Harrison and Mary Harrison may have had a daughter named Mary King Harrison (“Mary Harrison. However, it is known that they had a daughter named:

CORDELIA EMMA HARRISON ("Cordelia Harrison"), born August 18, 1866, married Charles Albert Kemp ("Charles Kemp"), and died January 27, 1937. Charles Kemp was born June 7, 1859 and died May 31, 1926. Charles Kemp and Cordelia Kemp had the following children:

Mary Roberta Hopkins Kemp (Mary Kemp") who married Charles Wood Ratcliffe ("Charles Ratcliffe");

Cordelia Cavender Kemp ("Cordelia Kemp") born June 13, 1891 and who married Henry Nelson Harrison ("Henry Harrison" & "Nelson Harrison"); and,

John Harrison Kemp ("John Kemp") born March 25, 1894, and married Margaret Bridges. John Kemp and Margaret Kemp had the following children:

John Harrison Kemp, Jr. ("John Kemp"), born August 16, 1917, and married Evelyn Carey Baynard ("Evelyn Baynard") who was born September 26, 1916. John Kemp and Evelyn Kempand had the following children:

David Harrison Kemp ("David Kemp") who married Bonnie Dodson. David Kemp and Bonnie Kemp had 5 children:

Jacqueline Kemp;

David Kemp;

Gregory Kemp;

Michael Kemp; and,

Jacepueline May Kemp ("Jacepueline Kemp" & "Jacqueline Kemp"?) born January 3, 1941 and married Garey Andrew. Gary Andrew and Jacepueline Andrew had a son named:

Douglas Andrew; and,

Anna Virginia Kemp ("Anna Kemp") born July 16, 1920, and married Edward David Baynard ("Edward Baynard") September 17, 1936. Edward Baynard was born March 3, 1914. Edward Baynard and Anna Baynard had the following children:

Edward David Baynard, Jr. ("Edward Baynard") born April 24, 1937 and died April 27, 1947;

Harrison Kemp Baynard ("Harrison Baynard" & "Kemp Baynard") born July 17, 1938, first married Nancy Lee Hall and later married Carol Ann Campbell ("Carol Campbell"). The children of Harrison Baynard and Nancy Baynard were:

James Edward Baynard ("James Baynard") born January 3, 1958;

Susan Blair Baynard ("Susan Baynard") born August 1, 1960 and married Scott Cowan. Scott Cowan and Susan Cowan had 2 children:

Melissa Sue Cowan ("Melissa Cowan"); and,

Jessica Cowan;

Trisha Ann Baynard ("Trisha Baynard") born about 1965; and,

Harrison Kemp Baynard, Jr. ("Harrison Baynard") born January 3, 1969, and married Carol. Harrison Baynard and Carol Baynard had a son named:

Robert Harrison Baynard ("Robert Baynard") born in 1970;

James Harrison Baynard ("James M. Baynard"? & "James Baynard") born July 8, 1940 and died April 27, 1947; and,

Thomas Joseph Baynard ("Thomas Baynard") who was born October 22, 1955, and married Ann Kimberly Brittingham ("Ann Brittingham") March 11, 1977. Thomas Baynard and Ann Baynard lived in St. Michaels, Maryland and had a daughter born in 1985 named:

Kate Olivia Baynard born about 1985; and,

Margaret Bridges Kemp ("Margaret Kemp") born July 20, 1925, first married David Emberton and later married Roger Tyler; David Emberton and Margaret Emberton had a daughter named:

Julie Emberton born February 15, 1950 and married Louis Hart. Louis Hart and Julie Hart had a son named:

Brian Hart;

FRANCES AMANDA KING ("Frances King") born December 24, 1844 and died February 9, 1891;

CORDELIA CAVENDER KING ("Cordelia King") who died November 21, 1871;

WILLIAM ATWOOD KING ("William King") who died about March 21, 1881;


IRMA NATOLIA KING ("Irma King") who married Peter Valiton August 15, 1885; and,

ANNA NATOLIA KING ("Anna King" & "Ann King");

EMMA AMANDA CAVENDER ("Emma Cavender") born February 17, 1815, married a King on October 1, 1856 and is believed to have died July 4, 1879;

CURTIS HANSON CAVENDER (“Curtis Cavender”? & "Curtin Cavender") born February 18, 1817;

LEONA ANABELLA CAVENDER (“Annabelle Cavender”? & "Leona Cavender") born October 11, 1818;

LEROY NELSON CAVENDER ("Leroy Cavender") born May 1, 1820 and died August 10, 1820;

ELLENORA OLTHEA CAVENDER ("Ellenora Cavender", “Ellen Olthea Cavender” & "Ellen Cavender") born July 1, 1821, and died August 2, 1821;

ADALADE MARILLA CAVENDER ("Adalade Manilla Cavender" & "Adalade Cavender") born October 11, 1822;

ANDERENE NATOLIA CAVENDER ("Anderene Cavender") born on January 25, 1825, and married L.A. Smith on January 21, 1866;

SELINA ELMADENA CAVENDER ("Selina Cavender") born October 9, 1826; and,

CHARLES WESLEY CAVENDER ("Charles Cavender" & “Charles W. Cavender”) (stillborn) born March 11, 1828; and,

MARY CAVENDER born in April 1789, and died November 13, 1856 at the age of 67 years and 7 months;

The 3 children of Charles Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender were:

R. REBECKAH CAVENDER ("Rebekah Cavender" & "Rebecca Cavender"?) born January 7, 1801;

JAMES BROWNE CAVENDER ("James Cavender", “J.B. Cavender” & “James B. Cavender”) born January 18, 1803; and,

ELIZABETH CAVENDER born January 28, 1806 and died November 22, 1807; and, 285

(NOTE: A lot of the above information was found in the Curtis Cavender family bible. However, the following persons who were mentioned in the Curtis Cavender family bible cannot be exactly fitted into the above lines: Carrie M. King ("Carrie King") died March 10, 1865; Willis D. Aldridge ("Willis Aldridge") born July 1, 1849 and died August 30, 1867; Ann Morris who died September 17, 1871 at the age of 77; Adelia Cavender Harrison (“Adelia Harrison”); and, Mary R. Radcliffe ("Mary Radcliffe" & "Mary Radcliff"?).285

JOHN HENRY CAVENDER (“John Cavender”, “J.H. Cavender” & “John H. Cavender”) was born about 1790 in New Castle County, Delaware, married an Elizabeth, was listed in the 1810 census for Prince Edward County, Virginia and in the 1820 census for New Castle County, Delaware, later became a Quaker and an attorney in Philadelphia, and his Last Will and Testament was probated on November 22, 1869. According to the Colonial and Revolutionary Lineages of America, Vol. 15, pages 524-526, a Henry Cavender who was also born about 1790, likewise lived in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and had descendants who married into the Mott family whose descendants came over on the Mayflower. 279 The children of Henry Cavender were:


MARY ELIZABETH CAVENDER ("Mary Cavender", “M.E. Cavender” & “Mary E. Cavender”);

THOMAS S. CAVENDER ("Thomas Cavender", “T.S. Cavender” & "Thomas Slate Cavender"?) was born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania about 1821, married Elizabeth Mott, became an attorney in Philadelphia, and in 1845 was a member of the Society of Friends, also called Pennsylvania Quakers. Elizabeth Mott was born about 1825, was the daughter of James Mott, and died in 1865. 79, 252 & 278 Apparently, the Motts came to this country on the Mayflower. Thomas Cavender practiced law for several years in the City of Philadelphia and then moved to South Carolina after retirement. It is of interest to note that another Thomas Slate Cavender (“Thomas S. Cavender” & “T.S. Cavender”) was living in Ohio on May 23, 1808, was living in Robertson County, Tennessee on November 21, 1808, and was living in Davidson County, Tennessee on April 26, 1809 and which was formerly a part of North Carolina. The children of Thomas Slate Cavender and Elizabeth Mott Cavender were:

Charles Cavender born May 22, 1855, and who later became a Quaker and an attorney in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1872 and practiced law there. According to Wescotts "History of Philadelphia", pages 368-564, a Rev. Charles Cavender was a pastor of St. George's Church in Philadelphia at one time;

Henry Cavender born January 29, 1849, and died in September 1863;

Fannie Cavender ("Frances Cavender"? & "Fanny Cavender"?) born May 25, 1846, and married Thomas C. Parrish ("Thomas Parrish"); and,

Mary Cavender ("Mary A. Cavender"?) born December 13, 1857;79, 252 & 278and,

WILLIAM CAVENDER;294 & 355 and,

MARY CAVENDER who married a Cannon (“Connor”? & "Conner"?) in Dorchester County, Maryland (and thus became “Mary Cannon”);

(VII) PATRICK CAVINDIRE? ("Patrick Cavender" & “Patrick Cavanagh”?) who married Mary Potee (“Mary Patee”?) at Saint George's Street in Saint John's Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland on January 5, 1769. He could be the same Patrick Cavanagh who was a Catholic schoolmaster in York County, Pennsylvania which later became Baltimore County, Maryland. If Patrick Cavender had married when he became 21 years of age, then he would have been born about 1748. (NOTE: As Dorset Cavender, believed by some to have been the father of the above Patrick Cavindire, died about 1739, then it is extremely unlikely that the above Patrick Cavindire could have been his son, as he would have been born after his father died.); 262, 263, 272, 273, 279, 286, 302, 313 & 455 and,

(VII) EZEKIEL CAVENDER who married Nancy (sometimes "Ann"?) and who lived in Dorchester County, Maryland at least by December 12, 1764, the date on which an Ezekiel Cavenor ("Ezekiel Cavender") and John True were named the sureties to the bond of Catherine King who was the executrix of the Thomas King estate in Dorchester County, Maryland.

On March 14, 1768, an Ezekiel Cavender was living rent free for a term of one year on the land of James Brown, a planter in Dorchester County, Maryland.271 & 302 On June 10, 1771, Ezekiel Cavender was listed as one of the many debtors of the estate of Dr. Reimour Land of Dorchester County, Maryland.392

On October 20, 1779, an Ezekiel Cavender purchased from Robert Stephens and his wife, Jannet Stephens, 73 acres of land known as "New Port" or "Newport" on the east side of the Northwest fork of Nanticoke River in Dorchester County, Maryland. On the same day, Ezekiel Cavender and his wife, Nancy Cavender, sold to Robert Stephens 85 acres of land in Dorchester County, Maryland, known as "Ezekiel's Fortune" which was located on the east side of the Northwest fork of the Nanticoke River in Dorchester County, Maryland.

On September 18, 1780, Ezekiel Cavender and Ann Cavender (sometimes "Nancy Cavender" or possibly his second wife) sold to William Paddison 73 acres of land in Dorchester County, Maryland, known as "Newport" which was located on the east side of the Northwest fork of the Nanticoke River and which he has previously purchased from Robertson Stevens and Jannet Stephens on October, 20, 1779.286 & 352

On September 18, 1780, Ezekiel Cavender and Ann Cavender (sometimes "Nancy Cavender") sold to William Paddison 73 acres of land in Dorchester County, Maryland, known as "Newport" which was located on the east side of the Northwest fork of the Nanticoke River and which he has previously purchased from Robertson Stevens and Jannet Stephens on October, 20, 1779.

In 1789, Ezekiel Cavender sold 107 acres ("Ezekiel's Fortune") to Robert Stevens in Dorchester County, Maryland. It is believed that by this point in time, he was approximately 60 years of age. 286, 302 , 313, 336 & 352

(NOTE: There is some possibility that the above Ezekiel Cavender is the same person whose line is separately listed in the index. Additionally, there was apparently another person likewise named Ezekiel Cavender who is believed to have immigrated from England, first settled in Maryland around the same time that the above Ezekiel Cavender was also living there, but who later moved to Westmoreland County, Virginia about 1770, and still later moved to North Carolina and then into Indian Territory in Georgia where he died.296)

CHARLES SAMUEL CAVENDER #1 line (1765-1842)

This particular Charles Samuel Cavender (“Charles S. Cavender”, “C.S. Cavender” & “Charles Cavender”) was born about 1750 in Cork City, Ireland, married Deborah Davis about in that portion of Lake Champlain which lies between Ferrisberg Township in Addison County, Vermont and Clinton County, New York, died June 9, 1833 in Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, and is believed to have been buried in the Tell City/Cannelton, Perry County. Indiana vicinity. Deborah Davis was born about 1771 in New York, New York, was the daughter of Daniel Davis and Mary Nin, and died about 1835 in Troy Township, Perry County, Indiana.388, 403 & acbgram@altel.net

It is to be noted that there are some who say that his name is not really Charles Samuel Cavender on the basis of a statement attributed to his grandson who was very young when his grandfather died and who wrote a letter saying that his name was either Samuel, William or Charles and went on to say: “What difference does it make what his name was?”

The foregoing conclusion that the above Charles Cavender was the one who married Deborah Davis is the fact that a Charles Cavender was living on the West bank of Lake Champlain in Wellsburgh Township, Clinton County, New York when the 1790 census was taken, and was listed as then being 16 years old, or over. Another report states that this Charles Cavender was listed in the 1790 census as then living in Ferrisburg, Addison County, Vermont and was then being over 21 years of age with no dependents.388 According to the 1800 census, a Charles Cavender was still living in Ferrisburg, Addison County, Vermont and was the only Cavender listed as then living in Vermont. At that time he was 26-45 years of age and had 1 son and 2 daughters under 10 years of age. Supposedly, he was living somewhere in New York around 1810, the same year he was listed in the census of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. The close proximity of Clinton County, New York to Ferrisburg, Vermont strongly suggests that this particular Charles Cavender was the one who married Deborah Davis as he was the only Charles Cavender in or near both New York and Vermont in 1790. According to an 1861 obituary notice for his son, James Cavender, the Cavender family went to Perry County, Indiana in 1818, and according to the 1820 census report for Clark County, Indiana, his family was then living in Clark County, Indiana, and as early as 1824 they had purchased land in Perry County, Indiana.

It believed by some that Charles Samuel Cavender decended from an ordained minister also named Charles Cavender who sailed from England to Baltimore, Maryland about 1705. It has been stated that all the Cavenders were either Protestants, Whigs or Republicans and maybe "Scotch-Yankees" and were said to be the leading pioneer families of the White River Settlement in Indiana.

Deborah Davis was born about 1771 in New York, was the daughter of Daniel Davis and a Mary, both of Suffolk County, New York area, and Deborah died about 1835 in Perry County, Indiana. Daniel Davis fought in the Revolutionary War, died about 1826 at the age of 92, and his wife Mary Davis died about 1830 at the age of 93. According to the "Boston Transcript" issue dated February 27, 1927, the Daniel Davis family moved from Setanket, Brookhaven Township, Suffolk County, New York to Ferrisberg, Vermont around 1786 where he made his first purchase of land about the same year and had the following children: William Davis born about 1759 who married a Mercy; Zophar Davis born about 1769 who married Lois Porter, later moved to Erie County, Pennsylvania, and died about 1782 in Brookhaven, New York, the year his will was probated; Deborah Davis who married the above Charles Cavender; and, Mary Davis who married Robert Satterly.

The foregoing is considered significant because the given name "Zophar", "Zoper" and "Zophar" in the above Davis family later appeared as one of the given names of later members of the Indiana Cavender family after the Charles Cavender, Jr. family subsequently moved to Indiana.

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