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May 24, 1860, rode to Clinton and back 12 miles.

May 25, 1860, rode 5 miles and preached at McFaddens Schoolhouse.

May 26, 1860, drove 12 miles and preached at Bethel, then drove 2 miles and stayed at J. Cavender’s. (John Calvin Cavender?)

June 6, 1860, reached home after an absence of nearly one month.

June 16, 1860, at Franklin. I preached to a good congregation and then I, my wife, and daughter Martha joined the church. (Evidently they had withdrawn from the church at Big Harpeth).

July 19, 1860, this is my birthday being 67 years old.

July 26, 1860, very dry. The crops the worst I ever saw.

August 20, 1860, Returned home and found it had rained for the first time since April. Crops ruined so I don't know how we will live.

September 11, 1860, rode 34 miles to T. Pettus and spent night.

September 12, 1860, rode 14 miles home my son Jesse being very sick sent for me.

September 14, 1860, went 4 miles to Franklin, Tennessee. Two messages came for me. Jesse was worse and a grandson had a spasm. I returned home and found the child recovered.

September 18, 1860, Jesse improving some.

September 19, 1860, remained at home for the first time in a month.

Filled various appointments during 1860. Traveled 2,129 miles, preached 82 sermons and 5 funerals.

February 9, 1861, walked one mile and voted against the state having a convention to secede from the union.

Preached in various places.

May 18, 1861, at Franklin. Saw Capt. Hanar's Company start to which my son Jesse belongs. The parting was very affecting. At least 1,000 persons present.

May 25, 1861, at Flat Creek in Bedford County, Tennessee a good congregation.

June 20, 1861, Started on a tour of preaching.

September 2, 1861, at Franklin to get clothes cut for J. T. Cox.

September 9, 1861, at Franklin to send clothes to the soldiers.

September 28, 1861, arrived at Bethel, Madison County, Alabama. Met the Mud Creek Association.

October 1, 1861, preached at Vienna on Paint Rock in Alabama. Here I passed in 1814 from the Creek Indian Nation before the country was settled.

October 5, 1861, preached at New Market, Alabama.

October 9, 1861, returned from Alabama after two weeks absence.

November 6, 1861, at Franklin voted for Jefferson Davis for President of the Southern States and Stevens for Vice-President.

November 21, 1861, made a large pair of shoes. Health improved.

November 26, 1861, made a pair of shoes.

November 27, 1861, made a pair of shoes on account of the war having made shoes so dear.

December 17, 1861, received a letter from Jesse. He is sick at Staunton with diphtheria.

In 1861 traveled 2460 miles, preached 138 sermons.

January, 1862, health worse, confined to the house.

January 16, 1862, great excitement among the people for fear the Yankees will get in Tennessee.

January 19, 1862, Northern army has taken Fort Henry on the Tennessee River.

February 20, 1862, the Confederate Army retreated from Nashville to Murfreeborough. War continues.

June 29, 1862, expecting Yankees to arrest me for having slaves and preaching.

July 8, 1862, Elizabeth very sick with typhoid for 6 weeks.

August 25, 1862, the Yankees came after me today, but I was away from home. They drove off all my sheep worth $200.

August 27, 1862, rode 16 miles to Pettus -- hid my horse and wagon.

August 29, 1862, hid my horses in the thickets and stayed out of the way.

September 1, 1862, still hid out.

September 4, 1862, the Yankees left the county. All greatly relieved.

December 29, 1862, I am quite unwell.

In 1862 traveled 1071 miles, preached 63 sermons and 14 funerals.

February, 1863, Yankees still foraging and killing.

April 1, 1863, it seems that the Yankees will take everything I have.

April 13, 1863, packed up ready to leave not knowing what is coming. The Yankees continued every day during the month of April until they took all they could carry off, horses, corn, fodder, chickens, eggs, hams, and shoulders.

May 1, 1863, Yankees cutting my wheat and grazing on my meadows. My wife and Sarah very sick. I have tried to get my son from Franklin as a doctor, but the Yankees won't let him come. We are without medicine.

June 2, 1863, Jesse was released last evening and stayed here last night. He had been a prisoner two months and released without a trial. They took his horse, money, and watch.

June 3, 1863, went to see young Vaughan the first time I had left my farm in three months. Wife and daughter still very sick.

August 19, 1863, my family has been so sick I have not kept up my diary.

August 21, 1863, Today my daughter Sarah was taken very bad. She called her son Jesse (Pearce). He realized that she was dying young as he was and said, 'Lord have mercy on my soul and body for I will have no papa or mama neither.'

August 23, 1863, Sarah Pearce dies being 38 years, 6 months, 16 days of age.

On the third Sunday of September I drove 12 miles to College Grove and preached--then drove 4 miles to Mr. Pettuce and stayed all night. Monday went home.

October 1, 1863, have been sick two weeks. Yankees have not been here since June.

In 1863, rode 187 miles and preached 14 sermons. My preaching was light for I had nothing to ride on and was forbidden by Yankees from leaving home, and had much sickness in my home.

February 2, 1864, servants all left today, three young men, two women and one child and went to the Yankees.

February 20, 1864, was compelled to take the oath of allegiance or be driven off and lose all we have, being the only man in the county but what had taken an oath.

(NOTE: Captured Confederate soldiers were required to take the following oath: "We whose names are subscribed hereto do solemnly swear in presence of Almighty God that we will henceforth faithfully Support, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States and the Union of the States thereunder and that we will in like manner abide by and faithfully support all acts of Congress passed during the existing rebellion with reference to slaves, so long and so far as not repealed, modified or held void by Congress or by decision of the Supreme Court and that we will in like manner abide by and faithfully support all proclamations of the President made during the existing rebellion having reference to slaves so long and so far as not modified or declared void by decision of the Supreme Court, So help us God. And, we give our solemn parole of honor (to be enforced according to military law) that we will hold no correspondence with or afford any aid or comfort to any enemies or opposers of the United States save as an act of humanity to administer to the necessities of individuals who are in sickness or distress. And we solemnly declare that this Oath and Parole are taken and given freely and willingly without any mental reservation or evasion whatever and with full intention to keep the same.")

March 5, 1864, a gang of Yankee soldiers came and threatened to shoot us. Broke down the meat house and took 22 shoulders.

March 9, 1864, Yankees came tonight and took all our fowls but three.

April 13, 1864, am giving $1.00 per bushel for corn. I continued to preach the rest of year 1864. I am compelled to labor as I have lost about $8,000 worth of property to the Yankees for which I have never received compensation.

September, 1865, am attempting to make a crop by myself so I cannot travel and preach during crop time having only a blind mare to do it. Preaching near home by special invitation.

September, 1865, met with the Elk River Association at Mt. Mariah, the first time since the war.

January, 1866, health improved. Still having to labor with only my grandson, my blind mare having gotten killed.

Continued to preach every Saturday and Sunday to very large congregations.

August, 1866, by special invitation preached at Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Preached by invitation and appointment at many places during 1866.

January, 1867, continued regular appointments and preaching by invitation.

Having become nervous I cannot write and it is now impossible to keep a regular day journal.

December, 1868, at Providence. After a full deliberation decided to have a meeting July 8, 1869, at Friendship. Here we met and organized claiming this to be the Cumberland Association."

At the time of Jessie Cox's sister marriage to Silas Cavender, she and her mother, Temperance Cox, were then living with Jesse Cox on his farm which was located adjacent to the farm of Eudaley James Cavender.

Rev. Silas Cavender also preached for his society, Rock Springs Church in Alexander Precinct during the early years of its history and which was organized in 1828.

Apparently Silas Cavender and Rachel Cavender had a very large family consisting of 12 children:

Elizabeth Louisa Ann Cavender ("Elizabeth Cavender", "Louisa Cavender"?, "Lizzie Cavender"?, “E.L.A. Cavender”, “E.L. Cavender” & "Eliza Cavender"?) born in Williamson County, Tennessee on November 3, 1823, married John Mills Bennett ("John Bennett") in Graves County, Kentucky, and died on September 15, 1914. John Bennett was born November 17, 1816 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. John Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett had the following children:

Margaret Rachel Bennett ("Margaret Bennett" and "Marge Bennett") born May 23, 1841 and married Bill Wood ("William Wood"?). The children of Bill Wood and Margaret Wood were:

Mollie Wood who married Jim Brann; and,

Mattie Wood who married Hardy Little. Hardy Little and Mattie Little had a daughter named:

Annice Bell Little ("Annice Little") who married Bonee Nabores? Bonee Nabores and Annice Nabores had a son named:

James Naboes;

Mary Francis Caroline Bennett ("Mary Bennett") born January 15, 1842 in Mayfield, Kentucky, married William Meredith McFarland ("William McFarland") in New Howell County, Missouri, and died November 8, 1927. William McFarland was born January 16, 1841 in Gilmar County, Georgia and died in 1910. William McFarland and Mary McFarland had a daughter named:

Laura Bell McFarland ("Laura McFarland") born April 1, 1874 in Missouri, married James R. Jones ("James Jones") July 17, 1893, and died April 10, 1961 in Newall County, Missouri. James Jones was born April 17, 1867 in Arkansas and died August 17, 1945 in Howell County, Missouri. James Jones and Laura Jones had a daughter named:

Asa M. Jones ("Asa Jones") born November 29, 1899. Asa Jones had a daughter named:

Mabel M. Jones ("Mabel Jones") born February 2, 1924 in Oregon County, Missouri, married Andy R. Klobnak ("Andy Klobnak") and live in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa;

Mary Elizabeth Bennett ("Mary Bennett") born February 16, 1844;

Silas Micager Bennett ("Silas Bennett") born March 13, 1847;

James Benjamin Bennett ("James Bennett") born August 10, 1848;

William C. Bennett ("William Bennett") born July 28, 1850;

Stephen R. Bennett ("Stephen Bennett") born February 2, 1852;

Sarah Ann Bennett ("Sarah Bennett") born July 5, 1853;

Rufus Dodd Bennett ("Rufus Bennett" & "Doc Bennett"?) born January 17, 1855, died December 28, 1928, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. This may be the same person as the Dock Bennett who became a Primitive Baptist preacher, first married Bettie Stack ("Betty Stack"? & "Betty Stark"?) and later married Augusta Yates. Doc Bennett and Bettie Bennett had a son named Edd Bennett ("Ed Bennett" & "Eddie Bennett"?) who married May Holden. Doc Bennett and Augusta Bennett had the 3 following children:

Preston Bennett ("Prester Bennett"?) who first married Etta Williams and later married Mary Boaz;

Chester Bennett who first married Pauline Austin, had a son named:

Robert H. Bennett ("Robert Bennett") who died young.

Chester Bennett later married Bonnie Jones Hodge ("Bonnie Hodge") and had the following children:

Bonnie May Bennett ("Bonnie Bennett") who married Larry Sims. The children of Larry Sims and Bonnie Sims were: Larry Craig Sims ("Larry Sims"); and, Kerry Bennett Sims ("Kerry Sims");

Darlena Bennett ("Darlene Bennett") who married a Tucker. The children of Darlene Tucker ("Darlena Tucker") were: Teresa Ann Tucker ("Teresa Tucker"); and, Marvin Charlton Tucker ("Marvin Tucker");

Brenda Bennett who married Jeff Gagnon ("Jeffrey Gagnon"?). The children of Jeff Gagnon and Brenda Gagnon were: Glenn Joseph Gagnon ("Glenn Gagnon"); and, Gregory Robin Gagon ("Gregory Gagon"); and

Hester Bennett who first married Ollie Roper, had a son whose name is unknown, later divorced and latter married Rella McClure;

Joseph Washington Bennett ("Joseph Bennett" & "Joe Bennett") born April 3, 1858, is believed to have first married Sallie Welch and had a daughter named Love Bennett who married Luther Hale and they had two daughters, and he still later apparently married a Betty? or "Bettie";

John C. Breckinridge Bennett ("John Bennett") born July 26, 1860 and married Molly Cox ("Mary Cox" & "Mary Ann Cox"). The children of John Bennett and Molly Bennett ("Mary Bennett" & "Mary Ann Bennett") were: Joe Bennett ("Joseph Bennett") who married Ann or Anna; Linda Bennett who married Howard Boaz and they had two sons whose names are unknown; and, Lonnie Bennett;

Jefferson Davis Bennett ("Jeferson Bennett" & "Jeff Bennett") born April 24, 1862, first married Alice Moss, later married Susie Yates ("Susan Yates"), died August 21, 1912, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. Jefferson Bennett and Alice Yates had a daughter named:

Hattie Bennett who married Tommy Howard (“Thomas Howard”) and had two sons whose names are unknown.

Jefferson Bennett and Susie Bennett had 5 children:

Lutie Bennett who married Tom Foster ("Thomas Foster"). Tom Foster and Lutie Foster had a son named:

Jack Foster who married a Wetherspoon;

Nettie Bennett who married Elzo Foster. Elzo Foster and Nettie Foster had a son named:

Mose Foster who married Bobby Jean Austin ("Bobbye Jean Austin"?, "Bobby Austin" & "Bobbye Austin");

Liston Bennett who never married; and,

Lissie Bennett ("Elizabeth Bennett) who married Ora Forrester. Ora Forrester and Lizzie Forrester ("Elizabeth Forrester") had a daughter named:

Mildred Forrester who married Herbert Butler; and,

un-named infant who died at birth June 5, 1865;

An unnamed son born in 1826-1828 and who died at an early age;

An unnamed daughter born in 1826-1828 and who died at an early age;

Sallie Ann Cavender (“Sarah Cavender”?, "Sally Cavender"? & “S.A. Cavender”) born in Williamson County, Tennessee, about 1829, and first married Head Stark in Graves County, Kentucky, later married a John W. who was born on November 9, 1831 and who died on December 27, 1925. Head Stark and Sallie Stark had 2 children:

Sye Stark who married his first cousin, Elizabeth Jane Cavender ("Elizabeth Cavender") who was born on either October 17, 1852 or on November 15, 1852464 and died December 9, 1937. Sye Stark and Elizabeth Stark had a son named:

Prosser Stark; and,

Lucinda Ann Stark ("Lucinda Stark", "Lucy Stark" & "Sallie Stark"?) born March 20, 1814, married Francis Marion Cannon ("Francis Cannon") who later married Martha Ann Yates ("Martha Yates") on January 25, 1884 in Graves County, Kentucky. Lucinda Stark died December 13, 1847 and is buried in Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Francis Cannon and Lucinda Cannon ("Lucy Cannon") had the following children:

Susie Cannon ("Susan Cannon"?) who married George Croft. George Croft and Susie Croft ("Susan Croft"?) had 3 children:

Homer Croft who married Cammie Yates (“Carmine Yates”?). Homer Croft and Cammine Croft had two children:

Helen Croft who married Sheldon Reed and lived in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky; and,

Marion Francis Croft (“Marion Croft”);

Neuman Croft who first married Meta Johnson ("Meda Johnson"?), later married Effie Killebres, still later married a Tibbs, and still later married a Speight; and,

Lucille Croft who married Lorenzo Palmer. Lorenzo Palmer and Lucille Palmer had a son named:

Bobby Palmer ("Robert Palmer");

Jonny Cannon ("Johnny Cannon"?) who married Beula Ford and they had a daughter who died young; and,

Isaac Cannon who married Eva Cavender who was formerly Eva Pace, the widow of William Samuel Cavender ("William Cavender", “W.S. Cavender” & "Will Cavender");

Silas James Cavender, Jr. ("Silas Cavender", “S.J. Cavender” & “Silas J. Cavender”) born in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky on April 4, 1830, married Catherine Jane Gunn ("Catherine Gunn" & "Catherine Quinn"?) in Hickman County, Kentucky on December 13, 1851, died on July 9, 1862 in Graves County, Kentucky, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Church in Graves County, Kentucky. Catherine Cavender was born on September 29, 1830 in Hickman County, Kentucky, was a member of the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Graves County, Kentucky, died August 15, 1887 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, and is buried with her husband. Silas Cavender and Catherine Cavender had 5 children:

Elizabeth Jane Cavender ("Elizabeth Cavender", “E.J. Cavender” & "Liz Cavender") born on either October 17, 1852 or on November 15, 1852464 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, and died December 9, 1937. She first married Sye Stark who was her first cousin, later married Marion Logan Cole ("Marion Cole"), and was killed by a train near Pryorsburg, Kentucky on June 6, 1902. Marion Cole was born on April 18, 1884, and died on either December 23, 1914 or on December 23, 1918. Sye Stark and Elizabeth Stark by her first marriage had one son named:

Prosser Stark who died at the age of 1 year.

Marion Cole and Elizabeth Cole by her second marriage, is believed to had 2 daughters and 1 son:

Ethel Jane Cole ("Ethel Cole"), born June 19, 1893 and married Herman John Moody ("Herman Moody") on December 15, 1912. Herman Moody was born on April 18, 1884 and died on December 23, 1918. Ethel Cole was the name sake of Daisy Ethel Welch ("Daisy Welch") who is said to have never used the name "Daisy". Herman Moody and Ethel Moody had 1 son and 1 daughter:

Eugene Simmons Moody ("Eugene Moody") born February 16, 1914, married Vera Wickerson ("Jera Wickerson"?) on December 24, 1946, and died of cancer November 8, 1978. Vera Wickerson was born January 26, 1911. Eugene Moody and Vera Moody had 3 children: Herman Harry Moody ("Herman Moody"), a twin who died at birth August 4, 1943; James Larry Moody ("James Moody"), a twin who died at birth August 4, 1943; and, Donna Lynn Moody ("Donna Moody") born April 22, 1945 and who was killed when she fell from a moving automobile May 13, 1960; and,

Chatherine Carlene Moody ("Catherine Moody") born November 6, 1915 and who was married 5 times but had no children. She first married Bewley Owen Boone ("Bewley Boone") May 1, 1934 and who was born May 26, 1908 and died August 14, 1948. She later married Cecil Adkisson and was later divorced. On October 10, 1951, she married Joseph Powell ("Joe Powell") who was born March 8, 1901 and died December 10, 1962. On November 26, 1969, she married Earl W. Girtler ("Earl Girtler") who was born July 27, 1915 and died April 25, 1975. She finally married James Arnold McNeely ("James McNeely");

Catherine Frances Cole ("Catherine Cole") born on May 2, 1895, married Amos Williams on January 7, 1915, and died on May 16, 1958. Amos Williams was born May 15, 1889 and died March 22, 1957. Amos Williams and Catherine Williams had 2 children:

Marion Alfred Williams ("Marion Williams") who was born February 23, 1916 and died 3 days later; and,

James Williams born September 22, 1918, first married Emma Freeman November 26, 1938, was divorced, later married Gloria Workman and was again divorced. James Williams had a son and a daughter:

Karen Williams; and,

Larry Williams ("Lawrence Williams"?); and,

Carl Cole?:

Nancy Catherine Cavender ("Nancy Cavender", "Nannie Cavender", “N.C. Cavender” & "Nan Cavender") born November 5, 1854 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, never married, died on March 14, 1936, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky;

Ardella Ann Cavender ("Ardella Cavender", "Dell Cavender", “A.A. Cavender” & "Idela Cavender") born January 21, 1857 in Dukedon, Graves County, Kentucky, never married, died February 12, 1942, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. In 1880, she was living in the household of her uncle Stephen Cantrell Cavender (“Stephen Cavender” & “S.C. Cavender”) in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky;

Ada B. Cavender ("Ada Cavender" & “A.B. Cavender”) born August 24, 1860, married Acie Phelps, in 1880 was living in the household of her uncle Stephen Cantrell Cavender (“Stephen Cavender” & “S.C. Cavender”) in Dukedom, Graves County, Tennessee, and died in Texas. Acie Phelps died in Texas about 1942 and he and Ada Phelps are both buried in Kaufman, Texas where they lived for over 40 years. Acie Phelps and Ada Phelps had 4 children:

Jimmie Phelps ("James Phelps") who is believed to have married a Nona and was killed in an automobile accident in 1910. Jimmie Phelps and his wife were both lawyers and they had one son named Jimmie Stanley Phelps ("Jimmie Phelps" & "James Phelps") who lived in Mineral Wells, Texas;

Sue Ella Phelps ("Sue Phelps" & "Susan Phelps"?) who married Homer Lanier. Sue Phelps deceased and Homer Lanier remarried. Homer Lanier and Sue Lanier had one daughter named Catherine Lanier who had at least 5 children;

a first infant who died in infancy; and,

a second infant who died in infancy; and,

James Silas Cavender ("James Cavender", “J.S. Cavender” & "Jim Si Cavender") born October 8, 1858 about 2 miles to the west of Dukedom, Graves County, Tennessee, actually Graves County, Kentucky, married Demetrie Ann Cannon ("Dimitrie Cannon", “Mittie Ann Cannon”) & "Mittie Cannon") on March 20, 1884, in 1880 was living in the household of his uncle Stephen Cantrell Cavender (“Stephen Cavender” & “S.C. Cavender”) in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, died November 3, 1929, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Church Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Demetrie Cannon was born about 1861, was the daughter of Pate Cannon and Margaret Roberts, died about 1942, and is buried with her husband.

Actually, the town of Dukedom was located on the borders of the States of Kentucky and Tennessee where the southern portion was located in the State of Tennessee and the northern portion was located in the State of Kentucky. Demitrie Cannon was born April 1, 1861 and died June 1942.

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