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The following article was published in the Fulton Daily Leader newspaper on July 31, 1974:



The legend of Jim Si Cavender will live on and on, and his big, beautiful brick home with a ball room on the second floor remains a show place at Dukedom, Tenn., on the Kentucky side of the Graves County community. Mr. Cavender was a very colorful character and many stories are told about him. He was a very wealthy man and owned extensive land holdings and business establishments in several states, but always made his home at Dukedom as long as he lived. Mr. Cavender was a very outspoken politician and had circulars printed and distributed voicing his beliefs and opinions. He fought hard to get the road between Fulton and Dukedom paved. This week the Jim Si Cavender home at Dukedom is being nominated as a Historic Site, to be listed in the Supplement to Survey of Kentucky Historic Sites, being published by the Kentucky Heritage Commission, Frankfort. Mr. Cavender was born in Graves County, Kentucky, Oct. 8, 1858 on a farm two miles west of Dukedom, Tenn. He was married to Demetrie Ann Cannon March 20, 1884. She was the daughter of the Fate and Margaret Roberts Cannon. (Note: A line was evidently omitted here by the newspaper as her father's name isn't there). They settled in Dukedom, where he had purchased a house and built a small grocery in the corner of the yard. To this union four children were born, three girls and a boy. A few years later, Mr. Cavender bought another lot and built a larger grocery. During this time he owned a saloon in Fulton, on East State Line on the Tennessee side. When whiskey was voted out in Tennessee, Mr. Cavender moved the saloon to Dukedom on the Kentucky side. He then built a two-story frame home, which burned a few years later. This home was replaced with the two-story brick, which still stands. The walls of this house are three brick thick. Most of the brick were made on this land, which consists of many acres. A kiln was built in a back field. People came from miles around when firing of the brick was done at night. The woodwork of the house is of Bird's Eye Maple. There are eight rooms and a bath downstairs, and two rooms and dance hall upstairs. Windows to the entrance are of leaded glass. All bedrooms and the dining room have cabinet mantles and grates, with a fireplace in the kitchen. This home was built by W. M. Hill and his brother in 1900-1901. Mr. Cavender was fond of square dancing, and people came from far and near and enjoyed dancing in the Cavender hall. When the children were old enough to want to round-dance, he had a teacher come from Nashville, Tenn., and he taught all the boys and girls in Dukedom to round-dance. Mr. Cavender's two grandchildren, Dorothy Dale and Charlie Burton Winsett, used the hall to learn to roller skate. Miss Mabel Cavender, youngest daughter, resided at the home place until her death in March 1970. Mr. and Mrs. Wohlhart are the present owners. Mr. Cavender built a two-story brick business house and enlarged his grocery. The second story was used for caskets, which he sold. At the time he had a horse-drawn hearse. When embalming began, his son did not want to be an undertaker, so Mr. Cavender then went out of the casket business and replaced the upper story with furniture and added dry goods and shoes to the store. When whiskey was voted out in Kentucky, Mr. Cavender was told by a judge, that it could be sold as a drug, so he immediately went into the drug business, which was located in the first frame business house. Mr. Cavender opened a saloon in Gary, Okla, and Clovis, New Mexico. He bought several acres of land there, which was a wheat farm. In 1917 he quit the liquor business and turned his interest to farms and live-stock. During the years he was in the liquor business, he told many times that he never sold to a minor, behind churches nor at picnics. Mr. Cavender bought an 800 acre farm near Jackson, Miss. When on a deal for this farm he asked if they grew corn or tobacco. The answer was that they could not grow tobacco because they had a worm that would eat it up. He laughed and said that worms would eat it up in Kentucky if we didn't get them off. This land was being tended by one mule plows for cotton. After purchasing the land he came home and bought up young mules by the car-load and would loan them out to farmers around Dukedom to tend their crops - to break the mules to work. He would then ship them to Mississippi for sale. It was amazing to the people in Mississippi to come out and see two and four mules to a farm implement. There were thirteen families of colored people living on the plantation. In later years, he turned the farm over to his son, John Jim Burton. He and Mrs. Cavender and daughters spent their summers in Oklahoma and New Mexico and winters in Florida. Of all the business he had outside of Tennessee and Kentucky he never moved from Dukedom. Mr. Cavender professed his faith in Christ at Good Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He was the first President of the Dukedom Bank. He was active in politics and a worker for good roads. At one time he had it agreed that Dresden would meet the highway in Dukedom from the south and Mayfield meet the highway in Dukedom from the north, if he could get the road from Dukedom to Fulton, as he had business houses in Fulton. He had many promises but during his lifetime it never matured. Mr. Cavender was a lover of fine horses and kept the girls in saddle horses. He built a race track in a back field on the land of Dukedom, where he also had breeding stock. His purse was always open to the needy and he furnished two widows with cows, so that they could have milk and butter for their small children. Their coal, used for heat, was put in for the winter. This took a day to send a wagon and team to have it hauled from Fulton. The colorful Mr. Jim Si Cavender of Dukedom died at the age of seventy-two in 1929. Mrs. Rosalea Winsett is the only member of the family still living. She and her daughter, Dorothy Dale Lastinger, live on Jackson Street in Fulton. They still own and operate the farm where Mr. Cavender was reared."

Jim Si Cavender (“James Silas Cavender” & “J.S. Cavender”) and Mittie Cavender had 4 children:

Lilly Mae Cavender ("Lilly Cavender" & “L.M. Cavender”) born December 28, 1884 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, married Norman Harris, had no children, died in August 1958, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Norman Harris died December 25, 1929;

John James Burton Cavender ("John Cavender", “J.J.B. Cavender”, “John B. Cavender”,“John J. Cavender” & "James Cavender") born August 28, 1886 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, married Grace Goodwin, and had no children;

Rosalie Cavender ("Rosalea Cavender") born April 19, 1893 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, married Thomas Winsett ("Thomas Winesett"?), died in 1980, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Thomas Winset was born September 9, 1888, died November 15, 1942, and is buried with his wife. Thomas Winset and Rosalea Winset had 2 children:

Dorothy Dale Winsett ("Dorothy Winsett") who first married Paul Prince, was divorced, later married Leo Lastinger, had no children, and died about 1980. At the time of her death, Roaslea Winsett was living with her daughter, Dorothy Lastinger and still owned and operated the farm where her father, James Silas Cavender was reared; and,

Charles Burton Winsett ("Charles Winsett") who married Margaret Pigg, had no children, and died about 1970; and,

Mabel Claire Cavender ("Mabel Cavender" & “M.C. Cavender”) born November 5, 1897 in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky, never married, died in March 1970, and is buried in the Old Bethel Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky;

Stephen Cantrell Cavender ("Stephen Cavender", “Stephen C. Cavender”, “S.C. Cavender” & "Steve Cavender"), a twin to John Calvin Cavender ("John Cavender"), born in Dukedom, Graves County, Kentucky on December 2, 1831, first married Amanda S. Roberts ("Amanda Roberts", “A.S. Roberts” & “Mary Roberts”?) on July 3, 1856 in Graves County, Kentucky, later married Catherine Jane Gunn (“Catherine Gunn”, "Catherine Guinn"?, "Catherine Quinn"? & "Catherine Gunn"?), and formerly Catherine Cavender by her first marriage. (Actually, she may have been Catholene Goya or “Cathaline Goya” or “Cathelene Goya” who he married on October 8, 1858.) Still later he married a Sis Hicks, and died October 6, 1890 in Graves County, Kentucky at the age of 58 years. When Stephen Cavender married Amanda Roberts, he was 24 years of age and she was 19 years of age. Amanda Roberts was born on February 27, 1837 and died on May 8, 1866 at the age of 29 years. Stephen Cavender married Catherine Gunn about 1867. She was born on September 29, 1830 in Kentucky, her parents were both born in Kentucky, and she died on August 15, 1887 at the age of 56. The 1870 census transposed Catherine Jane Gunn's initials as "J.C.". Stephen Cavender and Sis Cavender had no children, but Sis Hicks had 4 children by her pervious marriage named; Allie Hicks; George Hicks; Lu Hicks whose children live near Paris, Henry County, Tennessee; and, Tu Hicks? Catherine Gunn was born on September 29, 1830, was the daughter of Gunner Gunn? ("Gunner Quinn? & "Gunner Guinn"?), died on August 15, 1887, and is buried in the Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Amanda Roberts was born on February 7, 1837, and died on either May 8, 1864 or on May 8, 1866. Stephen Cantrell Cavender had 8 children:

Silas Francis Cavender ("Silas F. Cavender", “S.F. Cavender”, "Eff Cavender" & "Silas Cavender") born June 16, 1857 in Graves County, Kentucky, married his first cousin Annie Haseltyne Cavender (“Ann Haseltine Cavender”? & "Ann Cavender") about 1875, died on December 25, 1928 at the age of 71, and is buried in Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma about 25 miles southwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Annie Cavender was born August 23, 1859 in Kentucky, was the daughter of John Calvin Cavender ("John Cavender", “J.C. Cavender” & “John C. Cavender”) and Nancy Parthenia Stark ("Nancy Stark") who were both likewise born in Kentucky, died March 15, 1938 at the age of 78 years, and is buried with her husband. Silas Cavender's father, Stephen Cantrell Cavender (“Stephen C. Cavender”) was a twin brother to John Calvin Cavender (“John C. Cavender”). Silas Francis Cavender ran a peddling wagon in Arkansas for a while but kept the Country Farm in Graves County, Kentucky which had 2 houses on it. In 1880, his family was living in Sisson, Howell County, Missouri and he had only one child, Stephen C. Cavender (“Stephen Cavender” & “S.C. Cavender”), who was then only 1 year old. They later moved to Oklahoma about 1925, and he and Annie Cavender had 10 children:

Stephen Calvin Cavender ("Stephen Cavender", "Steve Cavender" & "S.C. Cavender") born in August 1878, married Molly Maud Titsworth ("Molly Titsworth", "Mary Titsworth" & "Mary Ann Titsworth") about 1910 in Porum, Oklahoma, became a Judge in Muskogee, Oklahoma when he was about 31 years of age, was a Methodist, and died in July 1943 at the age of 64 years. Molly Titsworth was born either February 13, 1885 or on February 13, 1880,444 and died in either July 1970 or July 1969 444 at the age of 89 years. Stephen Calvin was the first of the family to go to Oklahoma to live. Apparently Stephen Calvin Cavender was considered to be a prominent lawyer and city court judge in Phoenix, Arizona for many years beginning in 1935. The following article appeared in the Mayfield Messenger in Mayfield, Kentucky which was taken from the July 16, 1943 issue of the Muskogee County, Oklahoma Daily Phoenix:

"Funeral services for S. C. Cavender, 65, prominent lawyer and city court judge, who died yesterday afternoon following an illness of several weeks, will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. at St. Paul's Methodist Church with Rev. Fletcher Crowe, pastor, officiating. Arrangements are in charge of the Thornton Funeral Home. Judge Cavender only last month had resigned from the city court bench because of poor health. His tenure as judge of that court dated from 1935 when he was appointed by Gov. E. W. Marland to fill the remainder of J. F. Beavers' term upon resignation of the latter to accept a place in the county attorney's office. He was elected to the city judgeship in 1936 and at each biennial election thereafter he was returned to the office by the voters. Born at Mayfield, Kentucky in 1878, Judge Cavender moved to eastern Oklahoma the year of statehood, 1908, settling at Porum, McIntosh County, Oklahoma for the practice of law. He lived there for several years, marrying Miss Mollie Maud Titsworth, and then moved to Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma. From 1924 to 1928 he was assistant county attorney under Sam Lattimore and he served in the same capacity under Phil K. Oldham ('Phillip Oldham'). Survivors include the widow, of the home; four daughters, Mrs. Helen Singleterry, Odessa, Texas; Mrs. Price Milburn, Pryor; Mrs. Annabelle Muncy, Bartlesville; and Mrs. Louise McDonald, College Station, Texas; four sisters, Miss Iva Cavender and Mrs. T. H. Cantrell, both of Bristow; Mrs. S. P. Galloway, Tulsa; and Mrs. Walter Caldwell, Mayfield, Ky.; and two brothers, J. O. Cavender ("Joseph Oscar Cavender" & "Joseph Cavender"), Mayfield, and J. V. Cavender ("John Vodie Cavender", “John V. Cavender”, “John Vode Cavender” & "John Cavender")." It is to be noted that an Oscar Cavender married Ettie Clapsaddle in Shelby County, Illinois.

Stephen Calvin Cavender and Molly Cavender ("Mary Cavender" & "Mary Ann Cavender") had 4 daughters:

Helen Cavender born on September 9, 1911 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and married Tearl Singleterry on June 11, 1938 when she was 26 years of age. She was listed in the obituary of her brother as living in Odessa, Texas in July 1943. Tearl Singleterry was born on January 30, 1910. Tearl Singleterry had 2 children:

Carol Sue Singleterry ("Carol Singleterry") born May 7, 1940 who married Robert Cary Piper ("Robert Piper") who was born January 18, 1939. Robert Piper and Carol Piper had 3 children:

William Michael Piper ("William Piper") born March 12, 1957;

Robert Scott Piper ("Robert Piper") born April 11, 1958; and,

Betsye Lynn Piper ("Betsye Piper") born September 25, 1960; and,

Thomas Calvin Singleterry ("Thomas Singleterry") born August 10, 1942 and married Karen Wheeler who was born March 31, 1944;

Hazel Cavender born either on May 11, 1914 or on May 11, 1913 444 and, married Price Milburn on July 23, 1940 when she was 27 years of age. She was listed in the obituary of her brother as living in Pryor, Oklahoma in July 1943. Price Milburn was born on either February 4, 1911 or on January 30, 1910.444 Price Milburn and Hazel Milburn had 2 sons:

Steve Milburn ("Stephen Milburn") born November 27, 1941, and married Linda Lea Eden ("Linda Eden") who was born November 27, 1941. Steve Milburn and Linda Milburn had 2 sons:

Steven Scott Milburn ("Steve Milburn" & "Stephen Milburn") born August 18, 1969; and,

Timothy Michael Milburn; and,

James Price Milburn ("James Milburn") born December 20, 1944, and married Cathey Ann Lindsay ("Cathey Lindsay" & "Cathy Lindsay") June 10, 1972;

Anabell Cavender born on October 14, 1916, and married Levi Muncy on June 1, 1940. She was listed in the obituary of her brother as living in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in July 1943. Levi Muncy was born on September 10, 1916. Levi Muncy and Anabell Muncy had 3 children:

John Muncy born November 1941 who married and has at least 1 child;

Don Muncy ("Donald Muncy"?) born October 1944; and,

Ann Muncy born August 10, 1947 who married and has at least 2 children; and,

Louise Cavender born August 17, 1920, first married J.D. McDonald, divorced, and later married Thomas Knowles ("Tommy Knowles") who died in December 1973. She was listed in the obituary of her brother as living in College Station, Texas in July 1943. J.D. McDonald and Louise McDonald had a son named:

Bob McDonald ("Robert McDonald");

Lou Ella Cavender ("Lou Cavender" & “L.E. Cavender”) born in 1879, married Walter Caldwell who was born about 1872. She was listed in the obituary of her brother as living in Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky in July 1943. Lou Caldwell died in 1947 at the age of 68 years without bearing children. Walter Caldwell and Lou Caldwell owned a farm at South Mount Zion, Kentucky, which was southwest from Cuba, Kentucky. They went to Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan where they kept boarders for a short while and thereafter returned to Mayfield, Kentucky and lived on a 10 acre farm on Jimtown Road;

Joseph Oscar Cavender ("J.O. Cavender" & "Joseph Cavender") born March 15, 1884, taught school at the Poyners Chapel School in 1906, married Ara Adna Garnett ("Ara Garnett" & "Adna Garnett") March 27, 1912, and died September 8, 1953 at the age of 72 years. (It is to be noted that an Oscar Cavender married Ettie Clapsaddle in Shelby County, Illinois.) Oscar Cavender was listed in the obituary of his brother as living in Mayfield, Kentucky in July 1943. Adna Garnett was born February 12, 1885, and died March 23, 1981. Joseph Oscar Cavender graduated from Louisville Medical School in 1911 and for a short period of time practiced medicine in Hoyt, Oklahoma and Guthrie, Oklahoma, working with the Indians and later returned to Mayfield, Kentucky. Joseph Cavender and Ara Cavender had 3 daughters:

Annie Louise Cavender ("Annie Lois Cavender", “A.L. Cavender”, "Lois Cavender" & "Annie Cavender") born May 5, 1913, married Voris Sanderson on May 3, 1936 when she was 22 years of age, and died October 2, 1990. Voris Sanderson was born February 18, 1911, was the son of James N. Sanderson ("James Sanderson" & "Jim Sanderson") and Ester Ann Holland ("Ester Holland"), and died on February 1, 1985. She graduated from Mayfield High School, Mayfield, Kentucky, in 1931. They lived in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, for a time after their marriage. Then moved back to Mayfield. Later moved to Murray, Kentucky where Voris worked until retirement at Tappan. They bought a home at 1006 West Main Street. They were members of Memorial Baptist Church, where she worked for a time as church secretary. Voris Sanderson and Lois Sanderson had 2 sons:

John Cavender Sanderson ("John Sanderson" & “John S. Cavender”) born July 24, 1940, on May 2, 1964 married Bobbie Hannah Trigg ("Bobbie Trigg" & "Hannah Trigg") who was born December 21, 1941, and later became a Baptist Minister and had two sons. He is a graduate of Murray State University and of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was ordained into the ministry on March 15, 1964 at Memorial Baptist Church in Murray, Kentucky. She is also a graduate of Murray State University. Her home is Bardstown, Kentucky, where her parents own Wickland, an old Governor's home. She has been an elementary school teacher for many years. They spent about 2 1/2 years in Trinidad, where they were sent by the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. They have both taught at Oneida Baptist Institute and he has done work toward his Ph.D. at University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. As of June 1993, John was a minister in a Presbyterian Church in Batesville, Mississippi. John Sanderson and Bobbie Sanderson had 2 sons:

Samuel Scott Sanderson ("Samuel Sanderson" & "Scott Sanderson") born April 8, 1968 in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, first married June 29, 1996 to Kimberly Dawn Goetz ("Kimberly Goetz") at Murray, Kentucky, later married Carol Louise Lee (“Carol Lee”) on April 1, 2000, with his father, John C. Sanderson ("John Sanderson") performing both ceremonies; and,

Micah Jay Sanderson ("Micah Sanderson" & "Jay Sanderson") born May 22, 1970 in Trinidad; and,

Robert Glenn Sanderson ("Robert Sanderson" & "Bob Sanderson") born December 18, 1946, on December 14, 1968 married Marilyn Fisher who was born April 28, 1946, resided in Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia, and had two sons:

Michael Anthony Sanderson ("Michael Sanderson") born March 7, 1975 in Calloway County Hospital in Murray, Kentucky, and married Kerry Lynn Axelberg on September 13, 1997 in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and who was the daughter of A.E. Axelbery, Jr.; and,

Bryant William Sanderson ("Bryant Sanderson") born in July 1979 in Georgia;

Lynda Elizabeth Cavender ("Lynda Cavender", “Lyndia Cavender”? & “L.E. Cavender”) born on April 17, 1916, on July 5, 1941 married Guy Henderson in Graves County, Kentucky when she was 25 years of age, and lived in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan until he was inducted into the army. Guy Henderson was born on March 9, 1913, and died on April 18, 1995. Guy Henderson and Lynda Henderson later lived in Alabama where he received his basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama, later spent 21 months in the Philippine Islands during World War II, and later returned to Mayfield, Kentucky and lived on a farm. Both are charter members of the West Broadway Baptist Church in Mayfield, Kentucky. Guy Henderson and Lynda Henderson had 2 children:

Mary Ann Henderson ("Mary Henderson" & "Ann Henderson") born August 3, 1947, on August 9, 1968 married William Joseph Kelley ("William Kelley" & "Bill Kelley") in the West Broadway Baptist Church in Mayfield, Kentucky, with her cousin Rev. John Cavender Sanderson ("John Sanderson") performing the ceremony. William Kelley was born February 10, 1947; and,

David Ray Henderson ("David Henderson") born March 7, 1955, on June 20, 1975 married Valerie Sue Madding who was born August 2, 1957, and had a daughter named:

Devada Sue Henderson ("Devada Henderson") who was born March 29, 1980 in the Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, McCranken County, Kentucky, and divorced October 14, 1991. David Henderson later married Debbie Murphey Graham ("Debbie Graham" & "Deborah Graham"?) November 11, 1995 in the West Broadway Baptist Church in Mayfield, Kentucky, with his cousin Rev. John Cavender Sanderson ("John Sanderson") performing the ceremony. Debbie Graham was born December 10, 1952 and had a son by a previous marriage named Brian J. Graham ("Brian Graham") born February 9, 1977 and attended the Paducah Community College in Paducah, McCranken County, Kentucky; and,

Dorothy Ophelia Cavender ("Dorothy Cavender") born January 17, 1919, married Joseph Charles Powers ("Joseph Powers") on December 4, 1950 when she was 31 years of age, and died on January 8, 1995. Joseph Powers was born April 5, 1911 and died March 31, 1985. Joseph Powers and Dorothy Powers had 2 children:

Donna Carol Powers ("Donna Powers") born on May 21, 1952, on June 30, 1969 married James Terrell Fulcher ("James Fulcher" & "Terrell Fulcher") who was born August 19, 1951, and both are members of the West Broadway Baptist Church in Mayfield, Kentucky. James Fulcher and Donna Fulcher had 3 children:

Dedra Ann Fulcher ("Dedra Fulcher") who was stillborn in 1969;

an un-named son who was stillborn in 1973; and,

Jared Terrell Fulcher ("Jared Fulcher") born June 10, 1986 in Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee; and,

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