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Timothy Harold Cavender ("Timothy Cavender") born January 24, 1992 in Ft. Lewis, Washington.

David Cooley and Janett Cooley had a son named:

William Wayne Cooley ("William Cooley") born September 7, 1993 in Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Joseph Becker and Janet Becker had a son named:

Derrick Anthony Donald Becker (“Derrick Becker” & “Anthony Becker”) born on June 11, 1997 in Abilene, Texas; and,

Don Barkley Cavender, Jr. ("Don Cavender" & “D.B. Cavender”) born January 4, 1977 in the Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base in Bexar County, Texas, and died April 17, 2000 in Abilene, Texas from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while playing Russian roulette with gun which was ruled by the JP as a suicide, and is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Merkel, Texas; and,

James Alvin Cavender ("James Cavender" & “J.A. Cavender”) born February 10, 1948 in Chicago, Illinois;421

James Simmons Cavender ("James Cavender", “James S. Cavender”, “J.S. Cavender” & "Jim Cavender") born either on March 2, 1898 or on February 23, 1899, first married a Marcella and later married for the second and third times, and died in September 1981. He had two children who lived in Memphis, Tennessee and whose names are unknown;

Claud Perkins Cavender ("Claud Cavender", "Claude Cavender"?, “C.P. Cavender” & "Tuck Cavender") born September 10, 1901; and,

Rebecca Aline Cavender ("Rebecca Cavender" & “R.A. Cavender”) born either on April 8, 1905 or on August 27, 1909, married Cleo Stark (“Cleao Stark”) on October 10, 1920, and died in December 1991. Cleo Stark and Rebecca Stark (“Aline Stark”) had 5 children:

Mac Lee Stark ("Mac Stark") born September 9, 1928, first married Yvonne Estelle Parker ("Yvonne Parker") December 24, 1950, later married Josephine Rhew, and still later married Lillian Rhewthey. Mac Stark and Yvonne Stark had one son named:

Donald Lee Stark born December 1, 1952. Mack Stark and Josephine Stark had no children.

Mack Stark and Lillian Stark had a son named:

Michael Lee Stark ("Michael Stark") born June 5, 1975;

Jimmy Stark ("James Stark"?), a twin born November 27, 1931, and married Jerlene Pickard on May 16, 19??. Jimmy Stark and Jerlene Stark had two daughters:

Milicent Ann Stark ("Milicent Stark") born March 27, 1967; and,

Holly Lyn Stark born March 21, 1967;

Jackie Stark, a twin born November 27, 1931 and died January 13, 1932;

Sarah Agnes Stark (“Sarah Stark”) born December 27, 1934, and married Charles Rex Canter ("Charles Canter") in Cuba, Graves County, Kentucky on August 17, 1950. Charles Canter and Sarah Canter had four children:

Janice Flo Canter ("Janice Canter") born April 11, 1951 and married Jensen Lyn Gream ("Jensen Gream") on June 3, 1972. Jensen Gream was born August 17, 1950;

Rex Allen Canter ("Rex Canter") born May 19, 1952 and married Anita Dean Legete ("Anita Legete") October 27, 1970. Anita Legete was born December 20, 1951;

Linda Joan Canter ("Linda Canter") born November 10, 1955 and married Thomas Russell Loneway ("Thomas Loneway") February 14, 1975. Thomas Loneway was born November 7, 1950; and,

Dennis Dale Canter ("Dennis Canter") born December 24, 1960;

Edna Cleao Stark ("Edna Stark") born May 9, 1938 after her father died in January of 1938, married Franklin McClain ("Frank McClain") on October 27, 19??. Franklin McClain was born on May 12, 1936, was the son of Forrest McClain of Sedalia, Graves County, Kentucky, and died on April 13, 1999. Frank McClain and Edna McClain had 8 children:

Ginger Kay McCain ("Ginger McCain") born March 27, 1953, and married Michael Dale Williams ("Michael Williams") June 15, 1968. Michael Williams was born May 9, 1952 and he and Ginger Williams had one daughter named:

Kathy Shelane Williams ("Kathy Williams") born January 2, 1969;

Anita Fay McClain ("Anita McClain") born July 1, 1954, married Howard Neal Bouland ("Howard Bouland") who was born July 14, 1952, and she died on February 20, 2000 in Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky. Howard Bouland and Anita Bouland had two daughters:

Tina Marie Bouland ("Tina Bouland") born December 22, 1970; and, Charity Renie Bouland ("Charity Bouland") born May 3, 1974;

Phillip O"Neal McClain ("Phillip McClain") born September 14, 1955 and married Karen Ann Warren ("Karen Warren") on January 5, 1973. Karen Warren was born March 7, 1957. Phillip McCain and Karen McCain had one daughter and one son:

Kimberly Ann McClain (“Kim McClain” & "Kimberly McClain") born August 25, 1973, and married Jacob Wayne Chambers ("Jacob Chambers") on August 19, 1994. Jacob Chambers and Kimberly Chambers (“Kim Chambers” & “Kimberly Chambers”) had a son named:

Trey Chambers; and,

Brian McClain;

Terry Frank McClain ("Terry McClain") born October 20, 1956 and drowned in a pond June 10, 1965;

Beverly Gay McClain ("Beverly McClain") born October 27, 1957 and married Dennis Meade. Dennis Meade and Beverly Meade had two sons: Scott Morgan Meade ("Scott Meade"); and,

Shawn Douglas Meade ("Shawn Meade");

Jimmie Lee McClain ("Jimmie McClain") born December 9, 1958;

Ricky Ray McClain ("Ricky McClain" & "Richard McClain"?) born June 10, 1960; and,

Melody Jane McClain ("Melody McClain") born July 31, 1961;

Ike Cavender later married Emma Cunningham Dove ("Emma Dove") an they had one son and two daughters:

William Henry Monroe Cavender ("William Cavender", “William Henry Cavender”, “William M. Cavender”, “W.H. Cavnder”, “W.H.M. Cavender” & “William H. Cavender”) born May 19, 1912? in Graves County, Kentucky and had 5 children:

Julia Cavender born in 1934;

Peggy Cavender born in 1932;

Barbara Cavender;

Sarah Cavender; and,

William Cavender, Jr. (William Henry Monroe Cavender”, "William Cavender", “William Henry Cavender”, “William M. Cavender, (“W.H. Cavender” & “William H. Cavender”);

Effie Parthenia Cavender ("Effie Cavender", (“E.P. Cavender” & & "Thenia Cavender") died at birth February 5, 1914 in Graves County, Kentucky; and,

Elsie Lee Cavender ("Elsie Cavender") who also apparently died at birth on September 6, 1915 in Graves County, Kentucky

W.C. Cavender born May 9, 1864, died March 11, 1876 in Graves County, Kentucky, and is buried in the same grave as his mother, Parthenia Cavender;

Rebecca E. Cavender (‘Rebecah E. Cavender”, “Rebecah Cavender”, "Rebecca Cavender", “R.E. Cavender” & "Becky Cavender") born December 26, 1866, first married Thomas Lee Yates (“Thomas Yates” & “Buddy Yates”) in Graves County, Kentucky, later married George Foster, and died in 1954. Buddie Yates was born March 9, 1865 and he and Beckie Yates had eleven children:

a baby boy who died about 1886;

a second child who died in infancy;

Vinie Yates born September 6, 1898, married Albert Pirtle December 26, 1906, and died in January 1934. Albert Pirtle was born February 25, 1882 and died December 5, 1965, and he and Vinnie Pirtle had three daughters:

Vivian Elizabeth Pirtle (“Vivian Pirtley”) born April 20, 1908, married W.D. Lowry (“Bill Lowry” & “William Lowry”) on July 4, 1923, and died on October 18, 1997 in Michigan. Bill Lowry was born April 28, 1903 and he and Vivian Lowry had one daughter named:

Dorothy Dale Lowry ("Dorothy Lowry") born March 4, 1926, married Jessie Loyd Owen ("Jessie Owen") on July 4, 1942, and lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jessie Owen and Dorothy Owen had one son named:

Larry Dale Owen who was born February 10, 1945, and married Pennie Cohn who was born October 6, 1946. Larry Owen and Pennie Owen had one daughter named:

Susan Elizabeth Owen ("Susan Owen") who was born November 9, 1971;

Rebecca Pirtle born November 16, 1915, married Reginald Morris on October 24, 1933, and lived in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. Reginald Morris was born June 21, 1912 and he and Rebecca Morris had three children:

Jo Ann Morris ("Joe Morris") born September 26, 1934;

James P. Morris ("James Morris") born October 30, 1936; and,

Marvin K. Morris ("Marvin Morris") born July 22, 1941; and,

Margaret Pirtle born November 29, 1920 and married Hartwell Goodwin on December 29, 1940. Hartwell Goodwin was born March 18, 1918 and he and Margaret Goodwin had one daughter named:

Donna Jean Goodwin born August 10, 1942 and married Roger Walker;

Ocie Yates born March 22, 1890 and married Irene Ridgeway. Ocie Yates and Irene Yates had two daughters:

Ava Nell Yates ("Ava Yates") who married a McCoy; and,

Mildred Yates who married an Irvan;

Calvin Joseph Yates ("Calvin Yates") born May 30, 1892, first married Stella Givens, later married Katie Burke Walker ("Katie Walker"), and died March 1975. Calvin Yates had no children of his own, but he had one step-daughter and four step-sons who were the children of Katie Walter by her previous marriage:

Frances Walker;

Bobby J. Walker ("Bobby Walker");

William Walker;

Cecil Walker; and,

Kenneth Walker;

Jewell Yates first married Pirtle Scott, next married Elzo Foster who was born about 1894, and then married Charles Avery. Pirtle Scott and Jewell Scott had two sons:

James Pirtle Scott ("James Scott"); and,

Richard Scott;

Dalton Yates born March 22, 1894 and married Rayna Givens. Dalton Yates and Rayna Yates had two children:

Sherman Hazel Yates (“Sherman Yates”) who married Nell Weaks (“Neil Weaks”) and lived in Clarksdale, Mississippi; and,

Pauline Yates who married Harold Bennett and had no children;

Rena Yates born September 3, 1902 and died in 1918 with appendicitis;

Lois Yates born February 22, 190? and married Clifton Austin December 24, 1921. Clifton Austin and Lois Austin had two children:

Bobby Louise Austin ("Bobby Austin") born July 22, 1928 and married Mose Foster June 2, 1946. Mose Foster was born March 5, 1925 and he and Bobby Foster had two children:

Rodney Foster who married a Denise. Rodney Foster and Denise Foster had a son named:

Ryan Foster; and,

Roma Foster who married a King. Roma King had 1 son and 1 daughter: Ginger King; and,

Jim Ed King ("Jim King" & "James King"?); and,

Jean Austin born October 19, 1932 and married Gaylon Rushing. Gaylon Rushing and Jean Rushing had two children:

Donna Rushing who married a McIntosh; and,

Randy Rushing ("Randal Rushing"?);

Raymond Yates born January 17, 1899 and married Iva Owen. Raymond Yates and Iva Yates had two children:

Leon Yates; and,

Darrell Yates; and,

Sarah Yates born April 17, 1908 and married Lubie Pirtle. Lubie Pirtle and Sarah Pirtle had one son named:

Richard Dale Pirtle ("Richard Pirtle")

J.E. Cavender born September 14, 1869 in Graves County, Kentucky and died October 21, 1869;

Stephen Cavender ("Little" Steve Cavender" & "Steve Cavender") born 1870 and died at the age of 2 in Graves County, Kentucky;

Johnnie Houston Cavender ("Johnie Cavender", “John H. Cavender”, “J.H. Cavender” & "John Cavender") born June 19, 1873, married Emma Jane Tibbs ("Emma Tibbs") on February 26, 1893, died February 19, 1940 in Graves County, Kentucky, and is buried in the Old Bethel Baptist Cemetery in Pilot Oak, Graves County, Kentucky. Emma Tibbs was born January 31, 1879, and was the daughter of John W. Tibbs (“John Tibbs”) and a Sarah E., and was the younger sister of Dora Tibbs, and both of her parents were born in Kenucky. John Tibbs and his wife are buried in Old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Emma Tibbs Cavender died August 18, 1953, and is buried with her husband and her parents. Johnnie Cavender and Emma Cavender had 8 children:

Vernon Guy Cavender ("Vernon Cavender" & “V.G. Cavender”) born March 15, 1894 in Graves County, Kentucky, married Ila Mae Dallas ("Ila Dallas") in Fulton, Graves County, Kentucky on October 5, 1913, died November 18, 1978 and buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. Ila Dallas was born March 20, 1899, died October 7, 1981, and is buried with her husband. The children of Vernon Cavender and Ila Cavender were:

Virgil Wilson Cavender ("Vigil Cavender" & “V.W. Cavender”), born September 28, 1915, married Erma Sue Goodwin ("Erma Goodwin"), were later divorced, died August 18, 1943 in a military aircraft plane accident in which he was the pilot when his parachute failed to open at Lake Whales, Florida, and is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Virgil Cavender and Erma Cavender had a son named:

Benny Ray Cavender ("Benny Cavender" & “B.R. Cavender”) born April 23, 1940, first married Mariann Whitthorne Drake ("Mariann Drake") who was born September 26, 1941, later were divorced, subsequently married Glenda Sue Casey ("Glenda Casey") who was born June 28, 1954, and they are now divorced, and he later married an Ann. Benny Cavender and Mariann Cavender had a daughter named:

Stephanie Lynn Cavender ("Stephanie Cavender" & “S.L. Cavender”) born May 18, 1970. Mariann Drake had a daughter by her pervious marriage named:

Debbie Drake born August 5, 1959, married Keith Rylant and were living in Florence, Alabama in 1992.

Glenda Sue Casey ("Glenda Casey") had a son by a previous marriage named:

Joey Casey(?) who died in an automobile accident;

Marie Cavender born February 18, 1918 and married Henry Clay Allison ("H.C. Allison" & Henry Allison") August 25, 1937. Henry Allison was born March 25, 1916 in Pryorsburg, Kentucky, the son of Henry Neal Allison ("Henry Allison" & H.C. Allison") and Opal Moore, graduated from Murray State University, Murray Kentucky, became a Church of Christ minister, and died January 12, 1996 at the age of 79. Henry Allison and Marie Allison had two adopted children:

Barry Lynn Allison ("Barry Allison") born March 18, 1948 and first married Carol Ann Giardina ("Carol Giardina") August 15, 1969, were divorced with no children, and later married Terry Ann Fuller ("Terry Fuller", formerly "Terry Kline") July 7, 1978. Carol Giardina was born August 6, 1950 and had no children. Terry Allison had 3 children by her previous marriage and which have been adopted by Barry Allison named:

James Mitchell Allison ("James Allison") born July 10, 1965, first married Debbie Spurling ("Deborah Spurling"?) December 22, 1984, were later divorced, subsequently married a Patricia, and in 1992 was in the army at Ft. Ord, California. James Allison and Debbie Allison had 2 children:

Jamie Michelle Allison ("Jamie Allison") born July 7, 1986; and,

Sloan Elizabeth Allison ("Sloan Allison") born July 20, 1988. James Allison and Patricia Allison had a daughter named Camille Alicia Allison ("Camille Allison") born March 13, 1991; and,

Jason Ellis Allison ("Jason Allison") living in Memphis, Tennessee; and,

Jan Marie Allison ("Jan Allison") born September 16, 1952, first married Stephen Ellison Martin ("Stephen Martin") October 22, 1970, and later married George Ellis on December 17, 1994. Stephen Martin was born October 30, 1951, died May 21, 1992 of cancer, and is buried in the Benton Cemetery in Benton, Kentucky. Stephen Martin and Jan Martin had 2 sons:

Robert Ellison Martin ("Robert Martin" & "Robert Allison Martin"?) born May 19, 1971, and married Jenny Ann Alsobrook ("Jenny Alsobrook") June 5, 1992. Jenny Alsobrook was born October 17, 1971; and,

Justin Allison Martin ("Justin Martin") born September 29, 1975;

Lanelle Cavender ("Nelle Cavender") born January 20, 1920 and married Bailey Wilson Madrey ("Bailey Madrey") January 12, 1940. Bailey Madrey was born December 10, 1921 and he and Lanelle Madrey had 2 children:

Gary Lynn Madrey ("Gary Madrey") born January 3, 1942, and married Anetta Marie Smith ("Anetta Smith") June 17, 1967. Anetta Smith was born November 24, 1946. Gary Madrey and Anetta Madrey had 2 children:

Greg Madrey born January 7, 1968; and,

Shonda Renee Madrey ("Shonda Madrey") born May 13, 1971; and,

Ginger Dale Madrey ("Ginger Madrey") born January 24, 1949, first married Richard Oglesby July 4, 1969, divorced in 1971, and married Nance Salomone June 15, 1973. Richard Oglesby was born August 9, 1947 and Nance Salomone was born October 21, 1943. Nance Salomone and Ginger Salomone had one son and one daughter:

Jeff Salomone ("Jeffrey Salomone"?) born July 24, 1974; and,

Andrea Ann Salomone ("Andrea Salomone") born March 19, 1978;

Clifton Lopez Cavender ("Clifton Cavender" & “C.L. Cavender”) born August 31, 1922, first married Linda Wyatt July 31, 1945, were divorced, later married Louise Myren December 26, 1954, and died about 2000. Linda Wyatt was born June June 30, 1924 and died January 15, 1988 and Louise Myren was born March 3, 1934. By his first marriage, Clifton Cavender and Linda Cavender had 2 children:

Clifton David Cavender ("Clifton Cavender" & “C.D. Cavender”) born May 3, 1946, and who married Linda Susan Nelson ("Linda Nelson", formerly "Linda Ingram") on September 25, 1970. Linda Ingram was born March 29, 1950. Cliston Cavender and Linda Cavender had 2 daughters:

Susan Marie Cavender ("Susan Cavender"); and,

Karen Louise Cavender ("Karen Cavender") born June 7, 1977; and,

Cherylyn Cavender ("Cheryl Cavender") born February 28, 1948, first married Robert Valdy Reeves ("Robert Reeves") November 8, 1965, later divorced, and subsequently lived with Lawrence Boyd Halkes ("Lawrence Halkes") for 8 years. Robert Reeves was born June 17, 1947 and Lawrence Halkes was born May 6, 1943 and died September 15, 1979. Robert Reeves and Cherylyn Reeves had a son named:

Robert Scott Reeves ("Robert Reeves") born February 18, 1967. Lawrence Halkes and Cherylyn Halkes had a son named:

Thomas Lawrence Halkes ("Thomas Halkes") born March 3, 1977;

By his second marriage, Clifton Cavender and Louise Cavender had 5 children:

Gary Carl Cavender ("Gary Cavender" & “G.C. Cavender”) born May 3, 1955;

Deborah Mary Cavender ("Deborah Cavender", “D.M. Cavender” & "Debbie Cavender") born February 27, 1956, and married James Michael Thompson ("James Thompson") November 11, 1978. James Thompson was born August 15, 1955 and he and Deborah Thompson had 2 children:

Joseph Ryan Thompson ("Joseph Thompson") born February 16, 1981; and,

Jenifer Nichole Thompson ("Jenifer Thompson" & "Jennifer Thompson"?) born September 20, 1985;

Kathy Mae Cavender ("Kathy Cavender" & “K.M. Cavender”) born August 26, 1957, first married Gerald Jones, were divorced, and later married Ed Schwark ("Edward Schwark"?);

Clifton Virgil Guy Cavender ("Clifton Cavender", “C.V.G. Cavender”, “C.V. Cavender” & "Cliffy Cavender") born December 17, 1960; and,

Penny Louise Cavender ("Penny Cavender") born February 4, 1964 and married Brian Richard Wiater ("Brian Wiater") October 20, 1990, and are either divorced or separated;

an infant son born July 3, 1924, died the next day, and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Pilot Oak in Graves County, Kentucky;

Edna Lucille Cavender ("Lucille Cavender") born October 27, 1925, married James Ray Flood ("James Flood"), died June 19, 1971 and is buried in Farmington Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky. James Flood was born January 8, 1927 and he and Lucille Flood had 3 children:

Sidney Gale Flood ("Sidney Flood") born September 2, 1953;

Glenn Rayverne Flood ("Glenn Flood"), a twin born February 18, 1959, first married Sherry Ann Hutson ("Sherry Hutson"), were divorced, and later married Lisa Gail Armstrong Smith ("Lisa Smith" & "Gail Smith") April 17, 1993. Glenn Flood and Sherry Flood had one son named Aaron Flood born May 1981 and he has a step-daughter Emilee Smith who was born to Lisa Smith by her previous marriage; and,

Lende Bryan Flood ("Lende Flood"), a twin born February 18, 1959, who married Leisa Vaughn July 22, 1979. Leisa Vaughn and Lende Vaughn had two daughters:

Courtney Ann Flood ("Courtney Flood") born May 1981; and,

Emily Nicole Flood ("Emily Flood") born in 1985; and,

Norma Sue Cavender ("Norma Cavender" & “N.S. Cavender”) born April 17, 1930, and married Will Ed Moore ("Will More") on December 11, 1949. Will Moore was born November 23, 1928 and he and Norma Moore had two children:

Joyce Marie Moore ("Joyce Moore") born October 24, 1956, and married Dr. Peter Craigue Shelton ("Peter Shelton") August 21, 1976. Peter Shelton was born November 21, 1955 and became a dentist. He and Joyce Shelton had three sons and one daughter: John Luke Shelton ("John Shelton") born October 18, 1979; Zachary Usher Shelton ("Zachary Shelton") born March 7, 1983; Joseph Shelton born April 30, 1985; and, Emily Kate Shelton ("Emily Shelton") born June 4, 1987; and,

Vanna Sue Moore ("Vanna Moore") born June 26, 1958 who married John Robert McIntosh ("John McIntosh") February 12, 1983. John McIntosh was born July 17, 1946 and both he and Vanna McIntosh are school teachers in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee;

Bertha Lee Cavender (“Bertha Cavender” & “B.L. Cavender”) born October 4, 1896, died July 27, 1898, and is buried at Old Bethel Cemetery in Graves County, Kentucky;

Dessie Cavender born May 22, 1899 in Graves County, Kentucky, married Don Alvin Stark ("Don Stark") on September 13, 1914, and died on either November 21, 1990 or on November 20, 1990 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. Don Stark was born November 15, 1892 in McKinney, Texas, and died June 20, 1975 in Fulton, Fulton County, Kentucky. Don Stark's brother Cleo Stark and sister Maggie Stark married Dessie's cousins Aline Cavender and Joseph Cavender. Don Stark and Dessie Stark had one son:

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