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Lafayette Cavnar ("Lafayette Cavender"?, "Lafayette Cavener");

William Hamblin and Martha Hamblin had one son named:

Virgil Harmblin; and,

George Washington Cavnar ("George Cavnar", "George Washington Cavenar", "George Washinton Cavender"?, “George W. Cavender”?, “G.W. Cavender”? "George Washington Cavender"? & "George Cavender") born November 15, 1845 in Marshall County, Tennessee, married Martha Malinda Wilson ("Martha Wilson" & "Mattie Wilson") on October 11, 1866 in Giles County, Tennessee, died January 1916 in either Marshall County, Tennessee or in Maury County, Tennessee,355 and is buried in the family plot on a hill in back of the old home place where he was born. Martha Wilson born October 17, 1842, was the daughter of John Wilson and Tempy Johnson, and died January 14, 1913. According to his Revolutionary War pension application in the Tennessee State Archives, George Cavnar served in Company K of Nixon's Tennessee Calvary in the Civil War and was paroled in 1866 at Gainsville, Alabama, and fought in the battles of: Franklin, Tennessee; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and, Duck River, Tennessee George Cavnar and Martha Cavnar had 3 children:

Mary Minerva Cavnar ("Mary Cavnar", “Mary Minerva Cavender”?, “Mary Cavender”? & “M.M. Cavender”?) born September 1, 1867, married Robert Jackson Morrow ("Robert Morrow"), and died April 2, 1947. Robert Morrow was born January 15, 1861, was the son of Noah Morrow and Ann Hogan, and died November 9, 1955. Robert Morrow and Mary Morrow had 4 children:

Bernie Leslie Morrow ("Bernie Morrow") born October 11, 1891, married Ruth Mason of Lavergne, Tennessee on August 19, 1917. Bernie Morrow served with the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I. The children of Bernie Morrow and Ruth Morrow were:

Naomi Lee Morrow ("Naomi Morrow born October 4, 1918, married a Jack Hailey in 1940 and they had no children. Naomi Morrow attended Akron University in Akron, Ohio;

Robert Paul Morrow ("Robert Morrow") born October 5, 1923, married Marge Woods ("Peggy Woods, graduated from Kent University, Kent, Ohio, and lived in California. Robert Morrow served in the Armed Forces in World War II and the Korean War. Robert Morrow and Marge Morrow had 2 children:

Jeffrie Ryan Morrow ("Jeffrie Morrow" & "Jeffrey Morrow"?) born February 20, 1951 in Akron, Ohio; and,

Connie Lyn Morrow ("Connie Morrow" & "Lynn Morrow"?) born February 2, 1953 in Long Beach, California;

Lacy May Morrow ("Lacy Morrow"), a twin born January 12, 1905 and did not marry;

Lenzy Dewitt Morrow ("Lenzy Morrow"), a twin born January 12, 1905, married Eunice Fly on September 1946 and had no children;

Callie Maud Morrow ("Callie Morrow" & "Maude Morrow"?) born December 25, 1908, married Edward Allen Mason ("Edward Mason" & "Dock Mason", and they had no children;

Tempa Theodosia Cavnar ("Tempa Cavender"? “Theodosia Cavender”?, “Theodosa Cavender”?, “Tempa Theodosia Cavender”?, “T.T. Cavender”?, "Tempa Cavnar" & "Tempe Cavnar"?) born March 31, 1873, married George William Hosea Boyd ("George Boyd" & "Hosea Boyd") September 6, 1896 in Marshall County, Tennessee, and died April 17, 1956. George Boyd was born December 15, 1875, was the son of William Anderson Boyd ("William Boyd") and Ann Henry Trentham ("Ann Trentham"), and died February 11, 1954. The children of George Boyd and Tempa Boyd were:

John Wilson Boyd ("John Boyd") born November 12, 1897, first married Lottie Louise West ("Lottie West") May 17, 1921. Lottie West was the daughter of William West ("Will West") of Williamson County, Tennessee, and Adaline Johnson, and died May 11, 1957. John Boyd married Elsie Young Radar ("Elsie Radar") June 1957 and had no children from either marriage;

Jack Charles Monroe Boyd ("Jack Boyd" & "Charles Boyd") born October 31, 1898, and married Marie Lancaster June 7, 1921. Marie Lancaster was the daughter of Marion Lancaster and Lula Dickey of Union City, Obion County, Tennessee. Marion Lancaster and Marie Lancaster had a son named:

Jack Charles Monroe Boyd, Jr. ("Jack Boyd" & "Charles Boyd") born June 24, 1926, and married Betty Rawls ("Elizabeth Rawls? & "Betty Rawles"?) September 15, 1945. James Boyd and Betty Boyd had 2 children:

Charles Ray Boyd ("Charles Boyd" & "Chuck Boyd") born September 4, 1946;

Gerald Boyd ("Gerry Boyd") born October 9, 1948; and,

Betty Jacqueline Boyd ("Betty Boyd" & "Elizabeth Boyd"?) born March 21, 1953; and,

Ida Izora Boyd ("Ida Boyd") born December 10, 1899, married William Loader Fuqua ("William Fuqua") February 1921, and died June 10, 1932. The children of William Fuqua and Ida Fuqua were:

William Loader Fuqua, Jr. ("William Fuqua") born October 24, 1922, and married Mary McMillon about 1939. William Fuqua, Jr. and Mary Fuqua had the following children:

Mary Lou Fuqua ("Mary Fuqua") born March 3, 1940 and attended Vanderbilt University;

Velna Vivian Fuqua ("Velna Fuqua" & "Velma Fuqua"?) born January 27, 1943;

William Loader Fuqua, III ("William Fuqua") born February 7, 1948;

Walter Allen Fuqua ("Walter Fuqua") born December 12, 1924, and died January 1925; and,

Robert Vance Fuqua ("Robert Fuqua") born September 6, 1926;

Callie May Boyd ("Callie Boyd") born January 21, 1902 and died June 21, 1903;

Velna T. Boyd ("Velna Boyd") born September 10, 1903;

Mattie Cavnar Boyd ("Mattie Boyd") born November 28, 1906 and died March 11, 1908;

Georgia Othella Boyd ("Georgia Boyd") born December 1, 1909, and married Sampson Bauman Smith ("Sampson Smith") August 9, 1929. Sampson Smith was born August 4, 1908, was the son of Charlie Smith ("Charles Smith") and Frances Chapman, died February 12, 1936, and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Sampson Smith and Georgia Smith had a son named:

Sampson Bauman Smith, Jr. ("Sampson Smith") born June 7, 1930 and married Delores Elaine Schlots ("Delores Schlots") January 18, 1957, Delores Schlots was the daughter of Frederick Emerson Schlotts ("Frederick Schlotts") and Dorothy Day of Seattle and Chehalis, Washington. Sampson Smith received a mechanical engineering degree from Vanderbilt, University and served with the U.S. Armed Forces during the Korean War Sampson Smith and Delores Smith had 2 children:

Michael Emerson Smith ("Michael Smith") born September 10, 1958; and,

Pamela Lori Smith ("Pamela Smith") born November 2, 1959;

William Terrice Smith ("William Smith" & "Spud Smith") born September 11, 1932, and married Lottie Caylor July 28, 1956. Lottie Caylor was the daughter of Glenn E. Caylor ("Glenn Caylor") and Lottie Waters of Scott County, Tennessee. William Smith served with the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and attended Middle Tennessee State College. William Smith and Lottie Smith had 2 children:

Terrice Lynn Smith ("Terrice Smith") born July 15, 1957; and,

Michelle Cavnar Smith ("Michelle Smith") born November 23, 1959;

Willie Beatice Boyd ("Willie Boyd") born June 10, 1912, married Leonard O. Gebhardt ("Leonard Gebhardt") March 1940 and attended Louisiana Tech College. Leonard Gebhardt was the son of Emil George Gebhardt ("Emil Gebhardt") born in Germany in 1865 and Laura E. Brownfield of Hardenville, Illinois. Apparently Leonard Gebhardt came to this country when he was a child Leonard Gebhardt and Willie Gebhardt had 2 children:

Richard Carl Gebhardt ("Richard Gebhardt") born June 30, 1941 in Washington, D.C. and live in Alexandria, Louisiana; and,

David Lynn Gebhardt ("David Gebhardt") born June 27, 1946 in Washington, D.C. and live in Alexandria Louisiana;

Tempa Theodosia Boyd ("Tempa Boyd") born November 16, 1915, and married Shirley F. Wilkerson ("Shirley Wilkerson") August 31, 1939. Shirley Wilkerson was the son of Walter Wilkerson and Fannie King, both of Tusculum Community of Nolensville Road. Shirley Wilkerson was the ggg grandson of Major John Buchanan who was the son of the founders of Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee and Davidson County, Tennessee. He is also a descendant of Capt. George Ridley who was one of the first settlers of middle Tennessee. Tempa Boyd is a graduate nurse from the school of nursing from the General Hospital in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Shirley Wilkerson and Tempa Wilkerson had 3 children:

Tempa Theodosia Wilkerson ("Tempa Wilkerson" & "Teddy Wilkerson") born August 1, 1940 and attended the Middle Tennessee College in Murfreesboro, Tennessee;

Mary Cavnar Wilkerson ("Mary Wilkerson") died at birth January 23, 1948; and,

Shirley Ann Wilkerson ("Shirley Wilkerson") born September 28, 1949; and,

Ida Day Cavnar ("Ida Cavnar", "Ida Day Cavender"?, "Ida Cavender"?, "Ida Cavenar"?, “I.D. Cavender”? & "Ida Cavenor"?) born January 25, 1876 and died on either March 17, 1889 or on November 17, 1889.355

George Cavender ("George Cavenner"?, "George Cavener"?, "George Cavner"? & "George Cavndar"?) and Sarah Elizabeth Agnew Cavnar had 6 children:

Josephine Caledonia Serrilda Cummie Johnson Cavnar ("Josephine Cavnar", Caledonia Cavnar", “Caledona Cavner”, "Serrilda Cavnar", "Cummie Cavnar"?, "Cumni Cavnar"?, “Josephine Cavenar"?, “Josephine Caledonia Cavender”?, “J.C. Cavender”, “Josephine Cavender”, “Caledonia Cavender”?, “Caledona Cavender”? “Serrilda Cavender”?, “Cummie Cavender”?, “Cumni Cavender”? & “Johnson Cavender”?) born on March 31, 1848 in Giles County, Tennessee, married William Boyd Wilson (“William Wilson”) on August 3, 1865 in either Giles County, Tennessee, Maury County, Tennessee or in Marshall County, Tennessee457, died on either March 15, 1926, on April 16, 1926 or on April 11, 1926457 in Giles County, Tennessee, and is buried in the Old Bear Creek Cemetery in Marshall County, Tennessee. William Wilson was born March 24, 1845, was the son of John Wilson and Tempy Johnson, fought with the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and died August 24, 1878, and is buried in the Old Bear Creek Cemetery. Josephine Wilson (formerly"Josephine Cavnar") later married George Henry Perry ("George Perry") who was born August 21, 1859, had no children by his marriage to Josephine Wilson, and died August 7, 1896. The children of William Wilson and Josephine Wilson were:

Sarah Tempie Elizabeth Wilson ("Sarah Wilson" & "Tempie Wilson") born September 8, 1866, married Eli Collins June 1880 from Virginia, and died April 1, 1883. Eli Collins and Sarah Collins had 2 children:

William Monroe Collins ("William Collins") born April 25, 1881, married Broda Chumm about 1905, and died March 3, 1910. William Collins and Broda Collins had 2 children:

Clinton Claude Collins ("Clinton Collins") born about 1906; and,

Verna Collins born about 1907 in Chattanooga, Tennessee; and,

George Clinton Collins ("George Collins") born January 12, 1883, married a Pocahuntus from the Cumberland Mountains, and died September 14, 1951. George Collins and Pocahuntus Collins had a son named:

George Clinton Collins, Jr. ("George Collins") born about 1912 and married Florence Olmstead. George Collins, Jr. and Florence Collins had 3 children:

George Clinton Collins, III ("George Collins");

Olstead Collins ("Olmstead Collins"?); and,

Marion Collins;

Alice Cynthelia Arilla Wilson ("Alice Wilson" & "Cynthelia Wilson") born August 13, 1871, died February 9, 1882, and is buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery in Marshall County, Tennessee;

Annah Malissie Wilson ("Annah Wilson" & "Anna Wilson", "Cynthelia Wilson" & "Cynthia Wilson"?) born June 14, 1874, died September 18, 1885, and is buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery in Marshall County, Tennessee;

William Viola Josephine Wilson ("William Wilson", "Viola Wilson" & "Josephine Wilson") born April 25, 1877, and married Joe Wesley Steele ("Joe Steele" & "Joseph Steele"?) January 26, 1897. Joe Steele was born February 20, 1871 and died April 14, 1946. Joe Steele and Viola Steele had 5 children:

Will Roy Steele ("Will Steele" & "William Steele"?) born December 16, 1903 and married Pearl Elliott on September 4, 1921. Will Steele and Viola Steele had 4 children:

Margaret Lyndell Steele ("Margaret Steele") born July 1, 1922;

Alice Virginia Steele ("Alice Steele") born May 12, 1924;

Roy Wesley Harrison Steele ("Roy Steel" & "Wesley Steele") born July 1, 1926; and,

Norma Nathella Steele ("Norma Steele") born August 12, 1828;

X.L. Steele born September 26, 1908 and married a Sarah on October 27, 1929. X.L. Steele and Sarah Steele had 3 children:

Joseph Leo Steele ("Joseph Steele") born May 13, 1930;

Charlotte Annette Steele ("Charlotte Steele") born February 4, 1932; and,

Helen Alta Steele ("Helen Steele") born September 17, 1933;

Ethel Steele born April 14, 1911 and married Earl Harris on July 5, 1930. Earl Harris and Ethel Harris had 2 children:

Martha Jo Harris ("Martha Harris born November 14, 1943; and,

Olyse Earline Harris ("Olyse Harris") born July 24, 1945;

Olyse Lorane Steele ("Olyse Steele") born July 26, 1913, first married Oscar Miller on March 7, 1932, later married C.E. Schwiee on January 1, 1939. Oscar Miller and Olyse Miller had a daughter named:

Valera Sue Miller ("Valera Miller" & "Valery Miller"?) born February 22, 1933; and,

Walter Tom Steele ("Walter Thomas Steele"?, "Walter Steele" & "Thomas Steele"?) born November 22, 1915, and married Aline Cook on January 18, 1934. Walter Steele and Aline Steele had 3 children:

Ardith Anita Steele ("Ardith Steele") born March 24, 1939;

Brenda Joy Steele ("Brenda Steele") born January 8, 1943; and,

Walter Tom Steel, Jr. ("Walter Steel") born September 24, 1948 423;

John Thomas Cavnar ("John Cavnar",“John Cavenar”, "John Cavenar", "Thomas Cavender", “J.T. Cavender”?, “John Thomas Cavender”? & "John Cavender") born July 10, 1850 in either Giles County, Tennessee or in Marshall County, Tennessee457, married Sarah E. Davis ("Sarah Davis") about 1874 in either Maury County, Tennessee or in Marshall County, Tennessee457, lived at the very head of Bear Creek Valley in Marshall County, Tennessee most of his life, died June 26, 1935 in Giles County, Tennessee, and is buried at the Bear Creek Cemetery in Marshall County, Tennessee. Sarah Davis was born November 26, 1852 and died April 28, 1921 in Giles County, Tennessee, and is buried with her husband. It is recorded that Thomas Cavender was one of the earliest settlers in the South or upper end of the Bear Creek Valley centered by the Bear Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church. John Cavnar and Sarah Cavnar had 3 children:

Sarah Emmer A.Z. Cavnar ("Sarah Cavnar", “Sarah Emmer Cavender”?, "Sarah Cavender"?, “S.E. Cavender”?, “A.Z. Cavender”?, "Emmer Cavender"? & "Emmer Cavnar") born April 21, 1875, married John McConnell December 25, 1892 in Marshall County, Tennessee,FHL Number 976387 had no children, and died about 1895;

Nanny Cavnar ("Nancy Cavnar"?, "Nanny Cavender"? & "Nancy Cavender"?) born December 13, 1881, first married Joe Castile ("Joseph Castile"?), later married J.C. Conwell, and had no children from either marriage; and,

George Robert Thomas Cavnar ("George Cavnar",”George Robert Thomas Cavender”?, “George Robert Cavender”? "George Cavender", “G.R. Cavender”?, "Robert Cavender"? & "Robert Cavnar") born December 30, 1889, and married Birdie Head ("Bertha Head"?) who was born May 27, 1892. George Cavnar and Birdie Cavnar ("Bertha Cavnar"?) had 3 children:

Ozro Cavnar ("Ozro Cavender"?) born July 9, 1914, and married Mayme Richardson. Ozro Cavnar and Mayme Cavnar had 2 children:

Bobbye Cavnar ("Bobbie Cavnar"?, "Bobbie Cavender"? & "Bobbye Cavender"?) born August 23, 1946; and,

Randal Cavnar ("Randall Cavnar"?, "Randall Cavender"? & "Randal Cavender"?);

Katherine Cavnar ("Katherine Cavender"?) born August 18, 1918, and married Ray Clark. Ray Clark and Katherine Clark had 5 children:

Barbara Clark born October 30, 1941;

Edna Ray Clark ("Edna Clark") born March 30, 1943;

Hazel Marie Clark ("Hazel Clark") born November 30, 1948;

Frances Haseltine Clark ("Frances Hazeltine Clark"?, "Hazeltine Clark" & "Haseltine Clark") born February 17, 1951; and,

Clarence Robert Clark ("Clarence Clark") born September 24, 1955; and,

Fannie Mai Marie Cavnar ("Fannie Cavnar", "Fanny Cavnar"?, “Fannie Marie Cavender”?, “F.M. Cavender”?, "Fannie Cavender"? & "Mai Cavnar") born April 10, 1924 and married Bob Bivens ("Robert Bivens"). Bob Bivens and Fannie Bivens had 2 children:

Hulen Edward Bivens ("Hulen Bivens") born October 17, 1949; and,

Bonnie Marie Bivens ("Bonnie Bivens") born November 4, 1953;

Cynthia Catherine Cavenar (“Cinthia Cavenor”, “Cynthia Cavenar”, Cynthia Cavener"?, "Catherine Cavender"?, "Cynthia Cavnar"?, "Catherine Cavnar"?, "Katherine Cavnar"?, "Katherine Cavener", "Katherine Cavender"?, “Cinthia Cavender”?, “Cynthia Catherine Cavender”?, “C.C. Cavender”? & “Cynthia Cavender”) born on February 28, 1853 in either Giles County, Tennessee, Maury County, Tennessee or in Marshall County, Tennessee457, married Joseph Phillip Gupton (“Joseph Gupton”) on February 23, 1875 in either Giles County, Tennessee or in Marshall County, Tennessee457, died on November 18, 1899 in Giles County, Tennessee, and is buried in the Old Bear Creek Cemetery in Marshall County, Tennessee. Joseph Gupton was born on either April 16, 1841 or on April 16, 1845 in Franklin County, North Carolina, was the son of Henry George Gupton (“Henry Gupton”) and Margaret Matilda Leonard (“Margaret Leonard”), died on January 14, 1929 in Giles County, Tennessee, and is buried with his wife. Joseph Gupton enlisted in the Confederate Army in May 1864 with Early's Command Company K, 12th North Carolina Regiment, and fought in the battle of Bunker Hill, Virginia and was captured near the Appomattox Court House. He surrendered with Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House and was released from Point Lookout Maryland Prison in July 1865 and went to Tennessee in 1867. Joseph Gumpton and Katherine Gumpton had 9 children:

Joseph Sidney Johnston Gupton (“Joseph Gupton” & “Sidney Gupton”);

John Henry Morgan Gupton ("John Gumpton" & "Henry Gupton") born September 15, 1875, married Ola Hubday of West Tennessee, and died April 1950. John Gumpton and Ola Gumpton had 2 children:

Carl Gupton born April 2, 1906, and married Polly Hargrove ("Mary Hargrove" & "Mary Jane Hargrove"); and,

Joseph Gupton born December 14, 1908, and married Eva Rachle (“Eva Rachael”?);

Sidney Johnson Gupton ("Sidney Gumpton") born January 12, 1878, married Virginia Agnes Bowden ("Virginia Bowden" & "Vergie Bowden") December 22, 1904. Virginia Bowden was born April 21, 1884. Sidney Gupton and Virginia Gupton had 3 children:

Kip Johnson Gupton ("Kip Gupton") born October 13, 1905, and married Inez Graham April 19, 1932. Kip Gupton and Inez Gupton had a son named:

Terry Alan Gupton ("Terry Gupton") born July 27, 1945;

R.V. Gupton born August 20, 1908, and married Edna McKnight on February 5, 1932. R.V. Gupton and Edna Gupton had 2 children:

Patricia Arlene Gupton ("Patricia Gupton") born July 16, 1935, and married Bliss Foster. Bliss Foster and Patricia Foster had a son named:

Bliss Michael Foster ("Bliss Foster") born June 7, 1958; and,

Pricilla Kay Gupton ("Pricilla Gupton") born February 23, 1944;

Emry Gupton born August 30, 1913, and died May 26, 1933;

Rebecca Anna Elizabeth Gupton ("Ann Gumpton"?, "Rebecca Gupton" & "Anna Gupton") was born September 23, 1880, married Walter McKnight, and died in 1952. Walter McKnight was born September 25, 1875 and he and Anna McKnight had 4 children:

Katherine McKnight ("Kate McKnight") born January 31, 1902, married Hubert Orr, and now lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. Hubert Orr and Katherine Orr had 2 children:

Mary Louise Orr ("Mary Orr") born October 1922, and married Cliford Brokow ("Clifford Brokow"?); and,

Wilhimina Orr ("Wilimina Orr"?) born October 1925 and married Harold Neely;

Callie Mae McKnight ("Callie McKnight") born January 16, 1905, and married George Wesley Wilkes ("George Wilkes"). George Wilkes was born November 19, 1891, and was the son of Wiley Wilkes and Elizabeth Boyd ("Lizzie Boyd"). George Wilkes and Callie Wilkes had 2 children:

Charles William Wilkes ("Charles Wilkes") born May 20, 1922, married Betty Robins, and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Charles Wilkes and Betty Wilkes had 3 children:

Kathy Wilkes born May 19, 1952;

Charles William Wilkes, Jr. ("Charles Wilkes") born July 10, 1954; and,

Randy Wilkes born January 28, 1955; and

Betty Jean Wilkes born July 19, 1932, married Gerald Orr and had no children;

Nell Martin McKnight ("Nell McKnight born September 15, 1906, married Roy Ayers in 1926, and had no children; and,

Georgia Ida McKnight ("Georgia McKnight") born May 24, 1913, and married Joseph McConnell who was the son of Marshall McConnell and Mattie Wilkes. Joseph McConnell and Georgia McConnell had a daughter named:

Fay McConnell born March 23, 1936, and married Larry London March 15, 1953. Larry London was born October 17, 1934 and he and Georgia McKnight had a son named:

Larry Michael London ("Larry London") born January 19, 1958;

Jimmie Lee Gupton ("Jimmie Gupton", "Jimmy Gupton"?, "James Lee Gupton" & "James Gupton"?) born about 1882 and married Ellen Harmon who was born December 26, 1888. Jimmy Gupton and Ellen Gupton had 4 children:

Joe Gupton ("Joseph Gupton"?) born about 1911;

Ruby Gupton born about 1914;

Bertie Nel Gupton ("Bertie Gupton" & "Bertha Gupton"?), a twin, and born about 1916; and,

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