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Jimmie Lee Gupton ("Jimmie Gupton"), a twin, born about 1916, and died at an early age;

Grover Cleveland Gupton ("Grover Gupton") born February 1, 1888, and married Belle Mathis July 12, 1908. Grover Gupton and Belle Gupton had 3 children:

William Gupton ("Bill Gupton") born April 30, 1909, and married Mable Martin ("Mabel Martin"?) April 31, 1929. William Gupton and Mable Gupton ("Mable Gupton"?) had 2 children:

Linda Gale Gupton ("Linda Gupton") born February 14, 1944; and,

Thomas Martin Gupton ("Thomas Gupton") born November 23, 1930;

Katherine Gupton born December 6, 1913 and married David Jetter June 13, 1936. David Jetter and Katherine Jetter had 2 children:

Joyce Jetter born May 25, 1937; and,

Donald Jetter born May 16, 1940; and,

Ruth Gupton born December 12, 1915, and married Stewart Angus December 23, 1939. Stewart Angus and Ruth Angus had 2 children:

Danny Angus ("Daniel Angus"?) born July 10, 1947; and,

Anna Angus ("Ann Angus"?) born December 4, 1954;

Bertie Gupton ("Bertha Gupton"? & "Puss Gupton") born June 15, 1885 and married Ernie Head ("Ernest Head"?). Ernie Head and Bertie Head ("Bertha Head"?) had a son named:

Vance Head who was born February 14, 1919, and married a Wilma;

Ida Gupton born September 24, 1890 and married Sam Freeland ("Samuel Freeland"?) who died about 1955. Sam Freeland and Ida Freeland had 3 children:

Thomas Freeland born about 1914 and married Margaret Boatright;

Mary Gupton Freeland ("Mary Freeland") born about 1921 and died at an early age; and,

Jack Freeland born July 29, 1924 and married Frances Bryant; and,

Zeb Vance Gupton ("Zeb Gumpton") born October 28, 1892, married an Evelyn, and died August 28, 1935. Zeb Gupton and Evelyn Gupton had 2 children:

Yvonne Gupton born in December 1926, and married Harry Arth; and,

Romona Gupton born in December 1928 and married Jo Mogg;

Lavonia Cavnar (“Livona Cavnar”, “Livonia Cavenor”, “Livonia Cavender”? "Lavonia Cavender"?) born about 1853-1854 in either Maury County, Tennessee or in Marshall County, Tennessee457, married William Harrell on February 22, 1872 in Marshall County, Tennessee, and moved to West Tennessee. William Harrell and Lavonia Harrell had 2 sons:

Newton Harrell; and,

Clinton Harrell;

Alice F. Cavnar ("Alice Cavnar", “Alice F. Cavenor”, “A.F. Cavender”? “Alice F. Cavender”? & "Alice Cavender) born about 1855-1856 in Marshall County, Tennessee, married George C. Harrell ("George Harrell") on December 26, 1872, moved to West Tennessee, and died about 1890. George Harrell and Alice Harrell had 5 children:

William Harrell;

Malissie Harrell ("Malissa Harrell"?);

John Harrell;

Olie Harrell; and,

Viola Harrell; and,

William Dewitt Clinton Cavnar (“William D. Cavenor”, “William Dewitt Clinton Cavender”?, Dewitt Clinton Cavender”?, “W.D. Cavender”?, “D.C. Cavender”?, "William Cavnar", “William Cavenor”, "William Cavender"?, "Dewitt Cavnar", "Dewitt Cavender"? & "Clinton Cavender"?) born on May 15, 1857 in Marshall County, Tennessee, first married Emma Viar on November 25, 1884, next married Emma Della Finch ("Emma Finch") on December 13, 1888, later married Betty Parrish ("Betty Parish", "Betty Parrish" & "Elizabeth Parrish" & "Elizabeth Parish") on March 4, 1900, moved to West Tennessee, and died April 27, 1935. Emma Viar died April 10, 1886. Emma Finch was born on December 27, 1863 and died August 12, 1899. Dewitt Cavnar and his first wife named Emma Cavnar had 2 children:

George Clinton Cavnar ("George Cavnar", “George Clinton Cavender”, “G.C. Cavender”?, "George Cavender"? & "Clinton Cavender"?) born on February 15, 1886 and died March 1, 1887; and,

Mary Etta Cavnar ("Mary Cavnar", "Mary Cavender"?, “Mary Etta Cavender”?, “M.E. Cavender”? & "Etta Cavender"?) born January 8, 1885, married James R. McGraw ("James McGraw") December 23, 1901, and died September 15, 1924. James McGraw and Mary McGraw had 9 children:

William Herbert McGraw ("William McGraw") born May 30, 1902, and married Bonnie Mae McPherson ("Bonnie McPherson") November 23, 1923. William McGraw and Bonnie McGraw had 2 children:

James Thomas McGraw ("James McGraw") born September 7, 1924, and married Jean Harris on August 21, 1848. Jean Harris was born December 4, 1925. James McGraw and Jean McGraw had 2 children:

Colleen McGraw born January 24, 1950; and,

Michael Harris McGraw ("Michael McGraw") born March 27, 1955; and,

William Doubles McGraw ("William McGraw" & "Douglas McGraw"?) born July 15, 1927, and married Helen Gaia on October 3, 1952. Helen Gaia was born November 11, 1931. William McGraw and Helen McGraw had 2 children:

Gary Douglas McGraw ("Gary McGraw") born May 7, 1954; and,

Dennis Scott McGraw ("Dennis McGraw") born July 4, 1957;

James Milian McGraw ("James McGraw born August 23, 1904, and married Edith W. Devens ("Edith Devens") on January 22, 1935. James McGraw and Edith McGraw had a daughter named:

Donna Jean McGraw ("Donna McGraw") born November 14, 1936, married Kenith J. Segar ("Kenith Segar" & "Kenneth Segar"?) on March 15, 1958. Kenith Segar and Donna Segar had a daughter named:

Jennifer Jean Segar ("Jennifer Segar") born November 26, 1958;

William Wilson McGraw ("William McGraw");

Marshall McGraw born February 7, 1907 and died February 8, 1907;

Callie Mae McGraw ("Callie McGraw") born July 24, 1910, and married Colie Russell Stephens ("Colie Stephens") October 22, 1932. Colie Stephens was born November 26, 1907 and he and Callie Stephens had 4 children:

Edna Earl Stephens ("Edna Stephens") born January 9, 1935, and married Jerald Davis on September 14, 1956. Jerald Davis and Edna Davis have a daughter named:

Connie Lynn Davis ("Connie Davis") born July 11, 1958 and died November 9, 1958;

Martha Ann Stephens ("Martha Stephens") born July 15, 1939;

Brenda Gail Stephens ("Brenda Stephens") born April 18, 1944; and,

Denise Collene Stephens ("Denise Stephens") born December 4, 1952;

Emma Aileen McGraw ("Emma McGraw") born August 3, 1912, and married Carl William King ("Carl King") on June 30, 1928. Carl King and Emma King had 9 children:

Carl William King, Jr. ("Carl King") born May 31, 1929, and married Maxie Louise Rook ("Maxie Rook" & "Maxine Rook"?) on April 4, 1948. Carl King and Maxie King ("Maxine King"?) had 3 children:

Cynthia Louise King ("Cynthia King") born July 30, 1949;

Michael Wayne King ("Michael King") born August 20, 1959; and,

Robert Alan King ("Robert King") born June 15, 1957;

Waymon Hall King ("Waymon King) born July 24, 1931, and married Ernestine Rook on October 9, 1948. Waymon King and Ernestine King had 4 children:

Mary Ann King ("Mary King") born November 9, 1949;

David Hall King ("David King") born April 15, 1952;

Johnny Dee King ("Johnny King" & "John King"?) born November 13, 1953; and,

Sandra Lee King ("Sandra King") born December 12, 1957;

Floyd King, a twin born June 12, 1933, and married Flossie Marie Weatherly ("Flossie Weatherly") on September 2, 1951. Floyd King and Flossie King had 2 children:

Rickie Lee King ("Rickie King" & "Richard King") born January 16, 1953; and,

Randall Lewis King ("Randall King") born December 16, 1955;

Lloyd King, a twin born June 12, 1933;

Robert Lee King ("Robert King") born April 29, 1936;

Mac Dewayne King ("Mac King") born June 22, 1938, and married Alice Walters on July 12, 1958;

Paul Gene King ("Paul King") born April 17, 1941;

Beverly Kay King ("Beverly King") born July 5, 1945; and,

Larry Lamar King ("Larry King") born September 2, 1951;

Mary Wilma McGraw ("Mary McGraw") born September 24, 1914, and died October 11, 1915;

Virginia McGraw born May 3, 1917, and married Thomas William McRee ("Thomas McRee") on March 4, 1933 Thomas McRee and Virginia McRee had 4 children:

Marietta McRee born October 3, 1934, and married Jim Austin ("James Austin"). Jim Austin and Marietta Austin had a daughter named:

Robin Lynn Austin ("Robin Austin") born March 5, 1958;

James Lynn McRee ("James McRee") born May 29, 1938;

Thomas Gary McRee ("Thomas McRee") born December 7, 1943; and,

Deborah Kay McRee ("Deborah McRee") born January 25, 1951; and,

Robert DeWitt McGraw ("Robert McGraw") born August 18, 1919, and married Hattie Blanch Rogers ("Hattie Rogers") on September 24, 1938. Hatie Rogers was born March 30, 1920. Robert McGraw and Hattie McGraw had 2 children:

Alice Faye McGraw ("Alice McGraw") born August 30, 1939, and married Glenn Miller Sanders ("Glenn Sanders") on December 30, 1958; and,

Barbara Dee McGraw ("Barbara McGraw") born November 29, 1943;

Dewitt Cavnar and his second wife named Emma Cavnar (formerly "Emma Finch") had 5 children:

Marshall DeWitt Cavnar ("Marshall Cavnar", “Marshall DeWitt Cavender”? "Dewitt Cavender"?, “M.D. Cavender”? & "Marshall Cavender"?) born October 27, 1889 and married Blanch Ellernor Clark ("Blanch Clark" & "Blanch Eleanor Clark"?) about 1915;

John Morgan Cavnar ("John Cavnar", “John Morgan Cavender”?, "John Cavender"?, “J.M. Cavender”? & "Morgan Cavender"?) born February 12, 1892, married Grace Redman about 1927, and died January 7, 1952;

Madie C. Cavnar ("Madie Cavnar", “Madie C. Cavender”?, “M.C. Cavender”? & "Madie Cavender"?) born December 15, 1893, and married Troy Clifford Evans ("Troy Evans") on September 1, 1912. Troy Evans and Madie Evans had a son named:

William Dee Lois Evans ("William Evans" & "Dee Evans") born April 13, 1914, married Olive Louise Williams ("Olive Williams") on April 9, 1939 and had no children by that marriage. William Evans later married Vergie Davenport on January 3, 1948. William Evans and Vergie Evans had 3 children:

Linda Rae Evans ("Linda Evans") born October 26, 1948;

Marsha Lynn Evans ("Marsha Evans") born December 22, 1950; and,

Bonita Sue Evans ("Bonita Evans") born May 17, 1952;

George Herbert Cavnar ("George Cavnar", “George Herbert Cavender”?, “G.H. Cavender”?, "George Cavender"?, “George H. Cavender”? & "Herbert Cavender"?) born November 20, 1895, and died March 24, 1897; and,

Ethel Bernice Cavnar ("Ethel Cavnar", “Ethel Bernice Cavender”?, “E.B. Cavender”? "Ethel Cavender"? & "Bernice Cavender"?) born April 19, 1898, and died October 19, 1900;

Dewitt Cavnar and his third wife named Betty Parrish had a son named:

Paul Cavnar ("Paul Cavender"?) born June 4, 1901, and married Sadie Jean Evans on September 29, 1918. Paul Cavnar and Sadie Cavnar have an adopted son named:

Jimmy Cavnar ("James Cavnar" & "James Cavender"?);

HENRY CAVENAR ("Henry Cavender", "Henry Canner", "Henry Cavnar" & "Harry Cavenar") born about 1810 in Tennessee, and married Mary Ann Wilkes ("Polly Ann Wilks", "Polly Wilks", "Lucy Wilkes"?, "Polly Ann Wilkes", "Mary Wilkes" & "Mary Jane Wilkes"?) on February 20, 1830 in Maury County, Tennessee (or they were married in Wilkes County, Tennessee which later became a part of Maury County, Tennessee).423 Polly Wilkes was born either about 1815 or 1810457 in Maury County, Tennessee, and was the daughter of Minor W. Wilkes (“Minor Wilkes”, "Big Minor Wilkes" & "Big Wilkes"?) who was born in Lunenburg County, Virginia in 1785 and Elizabeth Smith. Minor Wilkes married Elizabeth Smith on either August 4, 1804 or September 9, 1804 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, thereafter moved to Tennessee in the 1810's and settled at the head of Pickens Hollow, Tennessee, thereafter moved to Giles County, Tennessee which later apparently became a part of Maury County, Tennessee, and died on July 17, 1867 in Giles County, Tennessee. Polly Wilkes' sister, Sally B. Wilkes ("Sally Wilkes" & "Sarah Wilkes") married George Cavender and lived in Marshall County, Tennessee. Elizabeth Smith was born about 1786 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, and died about 1829 in Maury County, Tennessee.

It is of interest to note that a John Cavenor ("John Cavender"? & "John Cavenar"?) was living in Independence County, Arkansas in 1829,418 and a Sally Wilkes Cavnar ("Sally Cavnar" & "Sally Cavender"?) was born about 1808, and died in May 1845 in Maury County, Tennessee. 355 Henry Cavender apparently moved to Arkansas before 1850, and was in Missouri in 1875. It is of further interest to note that a Needham Cavender ("Needam Cavender"? & “Needum Cavender”?) family was then living in Maury County, Tennessee in 1820, and his household then comprised 100010-10010?418

That fact notwithstanding, Henry Cavenar and Mary Ann Wilkes Cavenar had 8 children:

George Cavenar ("George Cavender"? & "George Cavenor") born about 1835 in Tennessee, and married a Matilda. George Cavenar and Matilda Cavenar (“Matilda Cavender”?) had 2 children:

John Cavenar (“John Cavender”?) born about 1858; and,

Mary Cavenar (“Mary Cavender”?) born about 1860;

Edward Adolphus Cavenar ("Edward Cavnar", "Adolph Cavnar", "Edward Cavender"?, “Edward Adolphus Cavender”?, “E.A. Cavender”? & "Adolphus Cavender"?) born about 1835 and married Cynthia Ann Higdon ("Cynthia Higdon"). Edward Cavenar and Cynthia Cavenar had 8 children:

Mary Jane Cavenar ("Mary Cavnar", “Mary Jane Cavender”?, “M.J. Cavender”?, "Mary Cavender" & "Jane Cavender"?) born about 1862 and died about 1878;

James Leroy John Thomas Cavenar ("James Cavnar", "John Cavnar", "James Cavender"?, "Leroy Cavender"?, John Cavender"?, Thomas Cavender"?, “James Leroy Cavender”?, “J.L. Cavender”? & "Leroy Cavnar") born September 4, 1864, and married Emma Adams. James Cavenar and Emma Cavenar had 3 children:

Thomas Leroy Cavenar ("Thomas Cavnar", "Thomas Cavender"?, “T.L. Cavender”? & "Thomas Leroy Cavender"?) born September 4, 1894, and married Catherine Huckaby on September 15, 1920. Catherine Huckaby was born September 22, 1897. Thomas Cavenar and Catherine Cavenar had 2 children:

Jane Lurline Cavenar ("Jane Cavnar", "Jane Cavender"? & "Lurline Cavender"?) born July 13, 1921; and,

John Leron Cavenar ("John Cavnar", "John Leroy Cavnar"?, "John Cavender"?, “John L. Cavender”?, "Leron Cavender"? & "Leroy Cavender"?) born February 14, 1923;

Kate Cavenar ("Katherine Cavnar"?, "Kate Cavender"? & "Katherine Cavender"?) born August 13, 1892, and married Walter G. Beverly ("Walter Beverly") January 4, 1921. Walter Beverly was born January 27, 1893. Walter Beverly and Kate Beverly ("Katherine Beverly"?) had 3 children:

Joseph Fred Beverly ("Joseph Beverly") born June 10, 1922;

Philip Cavnar Beverly ("Philip Beverly" & "Phillip Beverly"?) born September 23, 1930; and,

Sue Marie Beverly ("Sue Beverly") born July 23, 1930; and,

Mary Sue Cavenar ("Mary Cavnar", “Mary Sue Cavender”?, “M.S. Cavender”?, “Mary S. Cavender”?, "Mary Cavender"? & "Sue Cavender"?) born October 20, 1890, and married May Overton Robinson ("May Robinson") March 18, 1916. May Overton was born May 8, 1885 and died June 20, 1951. May Robinson and Mary Robinson had a daughter named:

Mary Frances Robinson ("Mary Robinson") born June 27, 1919, and married Arvin W. Kirkman ("Arvin Kirkman") May 5, 1942. Mary Kirkman was a school teacher in Greenville, Texas where she and her husband now lives. Arvin Kirkman and Mary Kirkman had 2 children:

Mary Suzanne Kirkman ("Mary Kirkman") born August 26, 1943 and lived in Greenville, Texas; and,

Jame Margarethe Kirkman("Jane Kirkman" & "Margaret Kirkman"?) born January 22, 1948 and lived in Greenville, Texas;

George Cavenar ("George Cavender"?) born July 27, 1866, married Martha Isabelle Cook ("Martha Cook"), and died about 1936. Martha Cook was born May 28, 1863, and died July 24, 1900. The children of George Cavenar and Martha Cavenar were:

Samuel Edward Cavenar ("Samuel Cavenar", “Samuel Edward Cavender”?, “S.E. Cavender”? & “Samuel E. Cavender”) born February 25, 1889, married Helen Anita Johnston ("Helen Johnston" & "Helen Johnson"?) November 22, 1919, and died November 17, 1951. Helen Johnston was born February 12, 1898. Samuel Cavener and Helen Cavenar had 5 children:

Leroy Cavenar (“Leroy Cavender”?) born February 20, 1921, and married Mary Elizabeth Keys ("Mary Keys") on June 21, 1947. Mary Keys was born April 19, 1924. Leroy Cavenar and Mary Cavenar had 4 children:

Linda Elaine Cavnear ("Linda Cavenar", “Linda Elaine Cavender”, “Linda Cavender”? & “L.E. Cavender”?) born July 19, 1950;

Gayle Elizabeth Cavenar ("Gayle Cavnar", “Gayle Elizabeth Cavender”?, “Gayle Cavender”? & “G.E. Cavender”?) born October 31, 1951;

Stephen Leroy Cavenar ("Stephen Cavenar", “Stephen Leroy Cavender”, ‘Stephen Cavender”? & “S.L. Cavender”?) born September 23, 1953; and,

Leanne Kay Cavenar ("Leanne Cavnar", “Leanne Kay Cavender”, “Leanne Cavender”? & “L.K. Cavender”?) born July 27, 1957;

Winifred LaRayne Cavenar ("Winifred Cavenar", “Winifred LaRayne Cavender”?, “Winifred Cavender”? & “W.L. Cavender”) born September 23, 1922, and married Ivan Roy Jergenson ("Ivan Jergeson") June 7, 1941. Ivan Jergenson was born March 12, 1924 and he and Winifred Jergenson had 4 children:

Gerald Vernon Jergenson ("Gerald Jergenson") born June 1, 1942;

Cherylyn Larayne Jergenson ("Cherylyn Jergenson") born August 17, 1944;

John Edward Jergenson ("John Jergenson") born September 1, 1946, and died May 28, 1949; and,

Richard Roy Jergenson ("Richard Jergenson") born August 17, 1947;

Edward Dwayne Cavenar ("Edward Cavenar". “Edward Dwayne Cavender”?, “Edward Cavender”? & “E.D. Cavender”?) born September 19, 1923, and married Rita C. Dickerson ("Rita Dickerson") July 17, 1927. Rita Dickerson was born November 23, 1946. Edward Cavenar and Rita Cavenar had 2 children:

Dale Allen Cavenar ("Dale Cavenar", “Dale Allen Cavender”, “Dale Cavender”? & “D.A. Cavender”?) born August 21, 1947; and,

Dareyl Ann Cavenar ("Dareyl Cavenar", “Dareyl Ann Cavender”, “Dareyl Cavender”? & “D.A. Cavender”?) born April 6, 1949;

Samuel M. Cavenar ("Samuel Cavenar") born November 10, 1925, and married Lenora R. Woodgate ("Lenora Woodgate") on March 29, 1947. Lenora Woodgate was born September 4, 1924. Samuel Cavenar and Lenora Cavenar had 2 children:

Dona Lea Cavenar ("Dona Cavenar", “Dona Lea Cavender”?, “D.L. Cavender”?, “Dona Cavender”? & "Donna Cavenar"?) born January 8, 1949; and,

Judith Ann Cavenar ("Judith Cavenar", “Judith Ann Cavender”?, “Judith Cavender”? & “J.A. Cavender”?) born August 15, 1950; and,

Marilyn Isabelle Cavenar ("Marilyn Cavenar", “Marilyn Isabelle Cavender”, “Marilyn Cavender”? & “M.I. Cavender”?) born February 2, 1928, and married William Roy Heider ("William Heider") November 22, 1947. William Heider was born February 28, 1927. William Heider and Marilyn Heider had 6 children:

Dennis Lee Heider ("Dennis Heider") born September 13, 1948;

Jennifer Marie Heider ("Jennifer Heider") born October 31, 1949;

Donis Lanette Heider ("Donis Heider") born March 2, 1951;

LaRayne Donilyn Heider ("LaRayne Heider") born April 15, 1952;

Barbara Jean Heider ("Barbara Heider") born March 21, 1956; and,

Bret Douglas Heider ("Bret Heider") born August 10, 1958;

Annie Cavenar ("Ann Cavenar", "Ann Cavender"? & "Anne Cavender"?) born September 1, 1891, married Jack Grissett, and died in July 1929;

Harve Cavenar ("Harvey Cavnar"?, "Harve Cavender"? & "Harvey Cavender"?) born January 25, 1893, never married and died about 1949;

Henry Allen Cavenar ("Henry Cavenar", "Henry Cavender"?, “Henry Allen Cavender”?, “H.A. Cavender”? & "Allen Cavender"?) born August 21, married Willie Boykin, and died April 29, 1958;

John William Cavenar ("John Cavenar", “John William Cavender”?, "John Cavender"?, “John W. Cavender”?, “J.W. Cavender”? & "William Cavender"?) born December 21, 1898; and,

Alice Cavenar ("Alice Cavender"?) born September 4, 1899, and married Ed Walker ("Edward Walker") on December 20, 1920. Ed Walker and Alice Walker had 9 children:

Howard H. Walker ("Howard Walker") born January 18, 1922 and married a Helen. Howard Walker and Helen Walker had 2 children:

William H. Walker, Jr. ("William Walker") born December 8, 1950;

Rodney Walker born May 24, 1954;

Helen Walker born October 8, 1923 and married Oral Johnson. Oral Johnson and Helen Johnson had 7 children:

Jolene Johnson born May 24, 1944;

Linda Johnson born February 14, 1948;

Oral Johnson born August 17, 1950?;

Juanita Johnson born May 30, 1951;

Mary Johnson born September 13, 1952;

Bob Johnson ("Robert Johnson"?) born June 8, 1956;

Judy Lynn Johnson ("Judy Johnson") born September 15, 1959; and,

Ed Walker, Jr. ("Edward Walker") born May 14, 1925 and married Mary Rapp. Ed Walker and Mary Walker had 2 children:

Suzie Walker ("Susan Walker"?) born July 8, 1946; and,

Patrick Walker born March 17, 1948;

Lillie Mae Walker ("Lillie Walker") born February 21, 1928 and married Red Masterson. Red Masterson and Lilly Masterson had 2 children:

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