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George C. Cavenar (“George C. Cavender”, “George Cavenar”, “G.C. Cavender” & “George Cavender”) born about 1852;

Jesse D. Cavenar (“Jesse D. Cavender”, “Jesse Cavenar”, “J.D. Cavender” & “Jesse Cavender”) born about 1854, and married a Nancy;

Ophelia J. Cavenar (“Ophelia J. Cavender”, “Ophelia Cavenar”, “O.J. Cavender” &”Ophelia Cavender”) born on either October 5, 1855 or on October 15, 1855494, and married W.T. Green;

Sarah E. Cavenar (“Sarah E. Cavender”, “Sarah Cavenar”, “S.E. Cavender” & “Sarah Cavender”) born about 1858;

Noah Shakespeare Cavenar (“Noah Shakespeare Cavender”, “Noah Cavenar”, “N.S. Cavender” & “Noah Cavender”) born about 1864, and married Mattie Cooper (“Matilda Cooper?”);

Bedford E. Cavenar (“Bedford E. Cavender”, “Bedford Cavenar”, “B.E. Cavender” & “Bedford Cavender”) born about 1869, and married Laurine Morrow ("Lou Morrow"). Bedford Cavenar and Laurine Cavenar ("Laurine Cavender", "Laurine Cavener" & "Lauring Cavenar") and had 2 sons:

Barney Cavnar (Barney Cavener", "Barney Cavenner" & "Barney Cavender"); and,

Petilla Cavnar ("Petilla Cavener", "Petilla Cavenner" & "Petilla Cavender");

John M. Cavnar (“John M. Cavender”, “John Cavnar”, ‘J.M. Cavender” & “John M. Cavender”) who married Roxanna Holder (“Roxie Holder”) about 1895 in Tennessee; and,

Feeley Cavnar ("Feeley Cavener", "Feeley Cavenner" & "Feeley Cavender");

NANCY CAVENDER (Nancy Cavener”, “Nancy Caveah” & “Nancy Cavenner”);

GARRETT CAVENDER (“Garrett Cavener” & “Garrett Cavenner”);

NEEDHAM CAVENDER (“Needham Cavener”, “Needham Cavenah” & “Needham Cavenner”) who may be the person who was born in North Carolina about 1781, and, in 1820 he and his family were then living in Maury County, Tennessee and his family at that time comprised 1 male and 1 female 26-45, and 1 male and 1 female under 10. In 1850, he and his family were then living in Hickman County, Tennessee and then comprised himself then age 69 and thus born about 1781, his wife Sarah Cavender then age 63 and born in North Carolina about 1787. His children then living in his household were:

NANCY CAVENDER age 18 and thus born about 1832;

SUSAN CAVENDER age 16 and thus born about 1834;

JOHN CAVENDER age 11 and thus born about 1839; and,

NEEDHAM CAVENDER (“Needum Cavender” & "Needam Cavender"?) age 3 and thus born about 1847. A Needham Cavender married a Sally Bridges (“Sarah Bridges”) on October 5, 1817 in Maury County, Tennessee. 137 & 355 ; and,

EDWARD CAVENDER (“Edward Cavener”, “Edward Cavenah” & “Edward Cavenner”);

(IV) THOMAS CAVENDER born after April 21, 1791 in Westmoreland County, Virginia is believed to have first married an unknown person, and later married Sally Sturman ("Sarah Sturman", "Sarah Stermer" & "Sally Stermer") after 1771 who was one of the witnesses of the execution of the Last Will and Testament of her future father-in-law, Henry Cavender, on December 24, 1771.

Thomas Cavender executed his Last Will and Testament on November 23, 1786 while then living in Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia, and in which he named his wife Sally Sturman Cavender (“Sally Cavender”), Girard Dobson, T. Cutt and William Hull as the executors of his estate, but did not specifically name any of his children. His Will was attested by Daniel McKinney, Susanna McKinney, Thomas Cowler, Elinor Egos ("Eleanor Egos") and Lattice Gregory and was probated March 28, 1796 in Westmoreland County, Virginia where he was buried. Sally Cavender died about 1796. Thomas Cavender consented to the marriage of his daughter, Nancy Cavender, to be married on April 21, 1791. So his demise took place at least during the period of 1794-1799.

Thomas Cavender and his unknown first wife had 3 children:




Thomas Cavender and Sally Sturman Cavender (“Sarah Cavender”) had 6 children:

ELIZABETH CAVENDER who married William Flanagan (“William Flannagan”?) on November 3, 1796 in Princess Anne County, Virginia. Joshua Flanagan was the surety and make oath that Elizabeth Cavender was of legal age. If she was married when she was 18 years of age, then she would have been born about 1776. She may also have later married Thomas Gregory in Westmoreland County, Virginia on January 10, 1807;

NANCY CAVENDER born February 2, 1758, married William Sutton Hutchings ("William Hutchings", "William Hutchin" & “William Hutchinson”?) on either April 22, 1791 or April 22, 1781433 & 494 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, and died on September 27, 1831 in Butler County, Ohio. Both Thomas Cavender and John Hutchings gave their consents, and James Sorrell was the Surety. William Hutchin was born November 7, 1759 in Burlington County, New Jersey, was the son of John Hutchins ("John Hutchin", “John Hutchings” & “John Hutchinson”?) and Sarah Gibbs who was the daughter of Isaac Gibbs, was a Revolutionary War soldier from Bucks or Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died March 18, 1822 in Jacksonburg, Ohio.133, 149, 294, 350 & 355 The children of William Hutchings and Nancy Hutchings mentioned in the Hutchings Family Bible were 279:

Thomas Hutchings ("Thomas Hutchin") born April 11, 1782 in Pennsylvania and who married Sarah Brelsfoard ("Sarah Brelsford"?) in either Maryland or in Butler County, Ohio on June 20, 1811, and died July 29, 1852. Thomas Hutchin and Sarah Hutchin had the following children:

William Hutchings ("William Hutchin") born May 21, 1812;

Nancy Hutchings ("Nancy Hutchin") born March 1, 1814 and who married N.W. Peddcord;

John D. Hutchings ("John Hutchings" & "John Hutchin") born February 1, 1816;

Mary F. Hutchings ("Mary Hutchings" & "Mary Hutchin") born March 23, 1818, married Levi Davenport, and had a daughter named:

Sarah I. Davenport ("Sarah Davenport") who married Levi W. Green ("Levi Green"). Levi Green and Sarah Green had a son named:

Clifford W. Green ("Clifford Green") who married Lena Fern Womack ("Lena Womack"). Clifford Green and Lena Greene had a daughter named:

Marjorie J. Green ("Marjorie Green") who married Earl J. Malerich ("Earl Malerich" & "Earl Malerick"). Earl Malerich and Marjorie Malerich had a son named Michael Malerich ("Michael Malerick" & "Mike Malerich");

Mary E. Hutchings ("Mary Hutchings" & "Mary Hutchin") born February 4, 1822;

Isaac Hutchings, Jr. ("Isaac Hutchin") born December 8, 1823;

Henry William Hutchings ("Henry Hutchins" & "Henry Hutchin") born November 1, 1825;

Ann Hutchings ("Ann Hutchin") born February 19, 1828;

Caroline T. Hutchings ("Caroline Hutchings" & "Caroline Hutchin") born June 17, 1830;

Mary T. Hutchings ("Mary Hutchings", "Elizabeth Hutchings"?, "Elizabeth Hutchin"? & "Mary Hutchin") born April 25, 1833; and,

James T. Hutchings ("James Hutchings" & "James Hutchin") born April 2, 1835;

Moses Hutchings ("Moses Hutchin") born February 15, 1784 and who may have died at birth;

Henry William Hutchings ("Henry Hutchings" & "Henry Hutchin") born March 22, 1786;

Isaac Hutchings ("Isaac Hutchin") born March 13, 1788; a second

Moses Hutchings ("Moses Hutchin"), a second son by that name, and who was born September 18, 1790 and his twin brother died five minutes after birth;

Sarah Hutchings ("Sarah Hutchin") born March 2, 1792;

Charles Hutchings ("Charles Hutchin") born May 20, 1793 and who married a Rachel ("Rachael"?);

Joel Gibbs Hutchings ("Joel Hutchings" & "Joel Hutchin") born May 22, 1795 and married a Rachel H. ("Rachael H."?);

Mary Hutchings ("Mary Hutchin", "Elizabeth Hutchin"? & "Elizabeth Hutchings"?) born December 1, 1797, and married Pierson Brelsford in Maryland on January 11, 1816; and,

Rachael Hannah Hutchings ("Rachael Hutchings","Rachael Hutchin", "Hannah Hutchings" & "Hannah Hutchin") born February 4, 1798, married James Peiene in Maryland on July 2, 1811;

It is believed that the above two William Hutchings were the sons of John Hutchings ("John Hutchin") who joined the Revolutionary War from New Jersey, who married a Sarah Gibbs, the daughter of an Isaac, and who was the grandsons of Hugh Hutchings ("Hugh Hutchin") of New Jersey. 279

It is also to be noted that the following marriages were also mentioned in the Hutchin Family Bible: Edward C. Trautwein ("Edward Trautwein") to Cora S. Peddecord ("Cora Peddecord") on October 13, 1897, and Joseph I. Peddecord ("Joseph Peddecord") to Myrtle Cross on October 13, 1897.

FANNY CAVENDER ("Frances Cavender");

MARY CAVENDER ("Elizabeth Cavender"?);

THOMAS CAVENDER was born either about 1775494 or about 1776,456 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, and married Sarah Scinnere ("Sarah Scinnere", “Sarah Scinner” & "Sarah Sinner") on either May 16, 1809 or on May 16, 1808494; and

SALLY CAVENDER ("Sarah Cavender") apparently married a Jones;27, 168, 279, 294 & 374



(VII) JOHN CAVENDER,SR. (also F. John Cavender"374 & “F.J. Cavender”) born either about 1744508 in Norfolk, Virginia or about 1852 40, 133 & 294 in Princess Ann County, Virginia, or about married Elizabeth Franks (formerly “Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas") on October 24, 1768 in Northumberland County, Virginia and their marriage license was issued the previous day in Norfolk County, Virginia 494, and he died after 1788 in Norfolk County, Virginia. Elizabeth Franks was born about 1748 in Princess Anne County, Virginia and was the daughter of Robert Franks and apparently first married a Thomas, and thus Elizabeth Thomas. Robert Franks wrote the following note to Samuel Bush, the Clerk of Norfolk County, Virginia dated October 23, 1768:

"Be pleased to let the barer (sic) John Cavender have marriage licenses for him and my daughter, Elizabeth Franks from your humble servant, Robert Franks".

The document was witnessed by John Cordon, Henry Crosby and Andrew Wilson. In 1799, the family was living in Princess Anne County, Virginia (which now in the independent City/County of Virginia Beach, Virginia) and consisted of 6 people and 1 slave.

This probably is the same John Cavender shown as serving in the Virginia Militia under Captain Samuel Beeler (“Samuel Peeler”?), particularly during the so-called “Dunmore War” of 1774 and particularly the Militia of the Southwest Virginia under the command of General Andrew Lewis and when Fort Pitt was renamed Fort Dunmore in 1774 as a result of the principal expedition against the Indians in which 1100 men led by Andrew Lewis moved west along the valley of the Kanawha River. At Ft. Pleasant, now West Virginia, General Andrew Lewis encountered about 1,000 Indians lead by Chief Cornstalk. Although the whites lost more men, Lord Dunmore was able to negotiate a treaty in which the Indians ceded a large tract of land on the Ohio River which opened the Ohio River route to Kentucky. According to the affidavit of John Ellison for a Revolutionary War claim, Shawnee Indian armies led by British officers invaded the Greenbrier region three times during 1777 and 1782, that in 1778 the Indians burned Ft. Farley on New River and attacked Ft. Donally in the levels of the Greenbrier to avenge the death of their Chief Cornstalk who was previously killed, and that the families of McKenney, John Day, and Cavender were killed.9, 30, 133, 160, 281, 292, 294, 350, 371, 374 & 433

This may also be the same John Cavender who later married Elizabeth Gill on June 4, 1792 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, and some say this particular John Cavender was the grandson of a Squire Cavender who died in Ireland at the outbreak of the War of 1812.355

In 1799, a John Cavender, Sr. and a John Cavender, Jr., were living in Summer County, Tennessee.

In any event, this particular John Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender had a son also named:

JOHN CAVENDER who was born about 1770 in Norfolk County, Virginia, at the age of 24 married Sarah Elizabeth Casdorph ("Sarah Casdorph", “Sarah E. Casdorph”, “Sara Elizabeth Casdorph”? & “Sara Casdorph”?) on May 20, 1794 in an Amish Church in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and died on September 14, 1830 in Guthrie, Kanawha County, West Virginia. The marriage ceremony of John Cavender and Sarah Casdorph was performed by Rev. John Alderson and apparently was conducted following return of John Cavender from a trip in April of the previous year to Charleston, West Virginia to fight Indians and to help build Fort Lee along the Kanawha River, and which was finished in May of 1788. 133, 144 & 294

Sarah Casdorph was also 24 years of age when she married, and thus born about 1770 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and was the daughter of Jacob Casdorph (“Jacob Karsdorp”) and Sophy Bore ("Sopie Boke"?, “Sophy Bore” & “Sopie Bore”?). Jacob Casdorph was born about 1738 in Philadelphis, Pennsylvania, was the son of Jacob Karsdorp born on August 15, 1688 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and who died about 1827 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Jacob Karsdorp was the son of Herman Karsdorp who was born about 1660 in Dortrecht, The Netherlands, and he died about 1827 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Herman Karsdorp was the son of Jan Kasdorp who was born about 1625 in Hamburg, Germany.

John Alderson apparently established the Baptist church in Linville Creek, Rockingham County, Virginia on August 6, 1756 and, in 1757 the Shawnee Indians invaded and the people moved 40-50 miles below Blue Ridge. In 1763, the Indians struck again and, in 1777 John Alderson, Jr. moved to New River, Greenbrier County, Virginia, now Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

In January 1788, at the direction of the Governor of the Richmond Assembly, Colonel George Clendenin and his brother, Capt. William Clendenin, formed a company of Rangers to establish a means of defense of the frontier against the Indians, and which would be stationed at a location that would best serve that purpose. Clendenin decided that the best place to establish a strategic location was at the mouth of the Elk River on the Kanawha River in Western Virginia where, incidentially, he owned the land. In April 1788, the small army of 7 officers and 26 privates left Lewisburg in Greenbrier County carrying their supplies on 10 pack horses. On April 5, 1788, they arrived at the mouth of the Elk after a 5 day journey through the wilderness and made camp to study the situation. Signs of Indians were in the locality. John Cavender was one of the privates in the company of the Clendenin Rangers organized to defend the region known as "Greenbrier". In May of 1788, they had finished building Fort Lee along the Kanawha River at a point which is 125 feet above the junction of Brooks and Kanawha Streets which later became Charleston, West Virginia. John Cavender was called into service again by Henry Knox, Secretary of War. This time, he served under Capt. John Morris at Fort Morris from May 1, 1791 to September 30, 1791. He was a taxpayer in Kanawha County, West Virginia in 1792.

John Cavender was a blacksmith and boat builder by trade and, on September 14, 1830, he died in Guthrie, West Virginia which was also known as “Western Virginia”, and his son, Charles Cavender, was the administrator of his estate. The estate was appraised by Andrew Woodward, Soloman Casdorph and Reuben Stanley. John Cavender and Sarah Cavender raised their family at Guthrie, West Virginia where both are buried. Also mentioned in his will was his wife Sarah Cavender (also "Sally Cavender") who was born in 1765.

The Last Will and Testament John Cavender was executed on September 14, 1830 and in which he named his son, Charles Cavender, as the administrator. Mentioned in his Will was his wife Sarah Cavender ("Sally Cavender"), Minerva Cavender, Charles Cavender (who married Elizabeth Jarrett), and Andrew Cavender (“Andrew Allen Cavender” & “A.A. Cavender”) who married Nancy Caldwell.119, 121, (pg 105, Kanawha Will Book #1), 135, 140, 141 & 494 (See also article “City Man Writes Fort Lee History’, appearing in the Charleston Daily Mail on Monday, April 5, 1982.)

John Cavender and Sarah Cavender had the following 7 children:

(i) JOHN CAVENDER, III. born about 1795 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, married a Sally or Sarah, and died about 1812;

(ii) SALLY CAVENDER (“Sarah Cavender”?) born about 1798;

(iii) ANDREW ALLEN CAVENDER ("Andrew Cavender", “Andrew A. Cavender”, & “A.A. Cavender”) born either about 1793459 or 1798494 & 508 in Guthrie, Kanawha County, Virginia (now West Virginia), married Nancy Elizabeth Caldwell (“Nancy Caldwell”, “Nancy Colwell” “Nancy Coldwell”, “Elizabeth Coldwell” & "Elizabeth Colwell"?)459 & 494 on July 9, 1818 in Galopolis, Gallia County, Ohio with Arnold Richardson, J.P., performing the ceremony. According to the 1860 census for Kanawha County, West Virginia, she was born about 1788-1799 in Virginia. Allen Cavender died about 1859 in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Nancy Caldwell was born about 1798 in Ohio, and was the daughter of William Caldwell (“William Coldwell”?). In 1820 and in 1850, the Andrew Cavender family was living in Kanawha County, Virginia (which later became Kanawha County, West Virginia) and finally settled on Kanawha Two Mile and Coopers Creek, West Virginia. When her husband died, apparently she living as the head of the household with Morrison Cavender age 15 years. It is said that Allen Cavender changed his name from Andrew M. Cavender to Andrew Allen Cavender. Andrew Cavender and Nancy Cavender had at least 10, and possibly 12, children:



MINERVA CAVENDER born about 1817 in Meigs County, Ohio459;

JOHN WILLINGTON CAVENDER ("John Wellington Cavender"?, "John William Cavender'?, "John Will Cavender", "John W. Cavender", “J.W. Cavender” & "John Cavender") born on either October 20, 1817459, on October 20, 1819494 & 508 or on October 26, 1819371 & 374 in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia. In fact, some say he was born in Meigs County, Ohio which supposedly is supported by the 1850 census for Kanawha County, West Virginia.459 Also, according to the 1870 census of Kanawha County two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, he was age 50 by August 1, 1897. In either event, he first married Nancy Susan Baxter ("Nancy Baxter") either on April 25, 1840274 & 508 or on March 25, 1840279 & 494 in Kanawha County, Virginia (which later became West Virginia) and with the ceremony being conducted by Rev. Thompson Young. Nancy Baxter was born in May 1821 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, was the daughter of John Baxter (1793-1867) and Susan Newhouse (1800-1853), died on May 3, 1857 in Poca River, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried with her husband.371 His second marriage was to Asinetha Frances Susan Fitzwater (“Susan Asineth Fitzwater”, “Asineth Fitzwater”, "Asinetha Fitzwater", "Asinetha Fitzwater", "Azinith Fitzwater", "Asineth Fitzwater" & “Elizabeth Fitzwater”) on November 11, 1857 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Asinetha Fitzwater was born in 1840 in Kanawha County, was the daughter of John Fitzwater and Susan Stevens, and she died on March 4, 1897. His third marriage was to Jenettie Nellie Layne (“Jennista Nettie Layne”, “Jeneti Layne”, “Jennista Layne”, "Jenetta Layne", "Jennette Layne" & "Nettie Layne") on December 3, 1899 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. She died in 1949 and was also reported as Jeneti Layne Martin (“Jeneti Martin”) who was born about 1849, and died December 3, 1899. John Willington Cavender died on May 11, 1907 in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried in the Nelson Cavender Cemetery in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia. John Cavender had a total of 16 children. He and his first wife, Nancy Baxter Cavender (“Nancy Cavender”), had the following 8 children:

Nancy Susan Cavender ("Nancy Cavender", “Nancy S. Cavender” & “N.S. Cavender”) on either April 12, 1851 in Two Mile Creek, Poca Township, Kanawha County, Virginia459 that later became Two Mile Creek, Kanawha County, West Virginia or on April 12, 1841374 & 494 in Poca Township, Putnam County, Virginia that later became West Virginia494, or about 1851 in Kanawha County, West Virginia.279 She married Samuel Kenton Underwood (“Samuel Underwood”) on February 5, 1868 in Poca Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, died on October 3, 1880 in Two Mile Creek, Kanawha County, West Virginia, or on November 14, 1913 in Poca Township , Putnam County, West Virginia, or October 3, 1880 in the Poca River area from "dropsy" at the age of 36, and is buried in the Underwood Cemetery in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Samuel Underwood was born October 1, 1842 in Franklin County, West Virginia, was the son of Franklin Robert Underwood (“Franklin Underwood”) and Martha Hancock who were married on December 10, 1839 in Franklin County, West Virginia with Rev. Thompson Young performing the ceremony, and he died on November 14, 1913 in Kanawha County, West Virginia and is buried with his wife Nancy. Samuel Underwood later married Rebecca Miller (1867-1897) and still later married Minnie Layne. Samuel Underwood and Nancy Underwood had the following children:

Lenora Jane Underwood ("Lenora Underwood") born on either April 12, 1869 or on April 11, 1869494 in Charleston, Union Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Lincoln Andrew Haynes ("Lincoln Haynes") in August 1887 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and died on either December 5, 1945433 & 494 or on December 12, 1945 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Lincoln Haynes was born May 5, 1867, died September 30, 1938, and is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. The children of Lincoln Haynes and Lenora Haynes were:

Zenkie Ann Haynes (“Zenkye Haynes”, “Anna Zenkie Haynes”, “Anna Haynes”, “Ann Haynes” & "Zenkie Haynes") born November 7, 1888 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, first married Charles Albert Peck ("Charles Peck"), later married James Ezra McMullen ("James McMullen") about 1924, and died October 13, 1968. Charles Peck was born on November 29, 1877 in West Virginia, was the son of Elijah Peck and Rachel Rebecca Fore (“Rachel Fore”), and died on December 22, 1922 in East Liverpool, Ohio. James McMullen was born on April 5, 1896 in Wood County, West Virginia, and died on July 4, 1962. The children of Charles Peck and Zenkie Peck were:

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