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Carolyn Sue Aultizer ("Carolyn Aultizer") who married Ronald Booth. Ronald Booth and Carolyn Booth had two children: Ronda Booth; and, Wayne Allen Booth ("Wayne Booth");

Fanny Lou Aultizer ("Fanny Aultizer" & "Francis Aultizer"?) who married Tomie Jammey ("Thomas Jammey"?). Tomie Jammey and Fanny Jammey had one unidentified child;

James Allen Aultizer ("James Austizer");

Youel Mace Aultizer ("Youel Aultizer"); and,

Nola Doley Aultizer ("Nola Aultizer");

Alvin Nathan Mace ("Alvin Mace") who married Cata May O'Dell. Alvin Mace and Cata Mace had two children:

Carolyn Jean Mace ("Carolyn Mace"); and,

Guldinen Mace;

Helen Margaret Mace ("Helen Mace") who married Gerry McCutcheon ("Gerald McCutcheon"?). Gerry McCutcheon and Helen McCutheon had the following children:

Patricia Ann McCutcheon ("Patricia McCutcheon") who married Boyd Davis;

Leail Deloria McCutcheon ("Leail McCutcheon") who married Nelson Seabolt;

Sigal McCutcheon; and,

Delmas Wayne McCutcheon ("Delmas McCutcheon");

Harry Junior Mace ("Harry Mace") born April 6, 1930 and married Shirley Hancock. Harry Mace and Shirley Mace had the following children:

Pamlin Mace;

Phillip Ray Mace ("Phillip Mace"); and,

Bryant Mace;

Kenneth Eual Mace ("Kenneth Mace") born July 31, 1931 and married Adda Gay Aultizer. Kenneth Mace and Adda Mace had the following children:

Diana Lynn Mace ("Diana Mace");

Genniffer Mace ("Jennifer Mace"?);

Kem Aulton Mace ("Kem Mace" & "Kenneth Mace"?);

Dennis Mace, a twin;

De Nease Mace ("Denise Mace"?), a twin; and,

Rebecca Mace;

Lovell Augustus Mace ("Lovell Mace" & "Lowell Mace"?) born August 9, 1933 and married Geraldine Mullins August 5, 1953. The children of Lovell Mace and Geraldine Mace were:

Roseshalla Ann Mace ("Roseshalla Mace") born June 22, 1954 and married a Siders; and,

Melissa Kay Mace ("Mellisa Mace") born December 11, 1962 in Elkview, West Virginia, and married Philip Stiltner ("Phillip Stiltner") September 17, 1983 in Charleston, West Virginia with the ceremony being conducted by Rev. Ira Ingram;

Virginia Bell Mace ("Virginia Mace") born April 18, 1935 and married Cecil Moore April 11, 1954. Cecil Moore and Virginia Moore had a son named:

Aaron Lee Moore ("Aaron Moore") born January 19, 1955; and,

Gary Goble Mace ("Gary Mace") born June 12, 1939 and married Bonnie Sue Davis ("Bonnie Davis"). Gary Mace and Bonnie Mace had the following children:

Linda Mace;

Charollett Mace ("Charlotte Mace"?); and,

Karon Sue Mace ("Karon Mace" & "Karan Mace"?);

George Herdin Shawver ("George Shawver") born October 16, 1903, first married Ruby Mae Todd June 1920, later married Lillian May Pauley ("Lillian Pauley") in November 1929, still later married Tracy Elizabeth Whittington who was born about 1902, died March 14, 1982 at the age of 80, and is buried in the Heaven of Rest Garden Cemetery in Poca, Kanawha County, West Virginia. George Shawver died March 16, 1973, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. George Shawver and Ruby Shawver had a son named:

Carl Lee Shawver ("Carl Shawver") who married Amanda McCallister. Carl Shawver and Amanda Shawver had the following children:

Percellian Dean Shawver ("Percellian Shawver");

Michael Shawver;

Diana Shawver; and,

Jerry Shawver ("Gerald Shawver"?). George Shawver and Lillian Shawver had the following children:

Ruby May Shawver ("Ruby Shawver") who never married and is buried in the Mt. Joy Cemetery in London Heights, West Virginia;

Roy Ray Shawver ("Roy Shawver") who never married and is buried in the Mt. Joy Cemetery in London Heights, West Virginia;

George Edward Shawver ("George Shawver") born June 20, 1930 and married Ruth Hammons. George Shawver and Ruth Shawver had the following children:

Diana Shawver;

Eddie Shawver ("Edward Shawver");

Brinda Shawver ("Brenda Shawver"?); and,

Cody Shawver;

Dorothy Marie Shawver ("Dorothy Shawver") born July 17, 1936 and married Aphie Thomas Kennedy ("Aphie Kennedy") who was born September 29, 1931. The children of Alphie Kennedy and Dorothy Kennedy were:

Steward Thomas Kennedy ("Steward Kennedy" & "Stewart Kennedy") born August 29, 1955 and married Delcie Louise Spencer ("Delcie Spencer"). Steward Kennedy and Delcie Kennedy had a daughter named:

Shannon Marie Kennedy ("Shannon Kennedy") born April 25, 1975;

Becky Elaine Kennedy ("Becky Kennedy" & "Rebecca Kennedy") born June 4, 1957 and married Fred Wayne Jarrett ("Fred Jarrett" & "Fredrick Jarrett") who was born August 30, 1956. The children of Fred Jarrett and Becky Jarrett were:

Matthew Wayne Jarrett ("Matthew Jarrett") born September 2, 1982 and died at birth and is buried in the Perry Cemetery in Elkview, West Virginia; and,

Whitney Eliane Jarrett ("Whitney Jarrett" & "Elaine Jarrett"?);

Steve Scott Kennedy ("Steve Kennedy" & "Stephen Kennedy") born December 3, 1960; and,

Jackie Darlene Kennedy ("Jackie Kennedy") born June 19, 1963, first married Louie Tumorrow ("Lewis Tumorrow") June 26, 1982 in Coco A.C. Church with Rev. Eugene L. Huffman ("Eugene Huffman") performing the ceremony, and next married Norman Shultz. Norman Shultz and Jackie Kennedy had two children:

Ann Jessicah Shultz ("Ann Schultz") an adopted daughter born January 28, 1983; and,

an unidentified child born in July 1992;

Harold Lee Shawver ("Harold Shawver") born February 24, 1941 in Indian Creek, West Virginia, married Charlotten Hammons ("Charlotte Hammon"?), died July 16, 1970, and is buried in Merrill, Oregon. The children of Harold Shawver and Charlotten Shawver were:

Kevin Shawver; and,

Michele Shawver;

Howard Casey Shawver ("Howard Shawver") born August 29, 1945 and never married; and,

Katherine Lee Shawver ("Katherine Shawver" & "Catherine Shawver"?) born September 2, 1946 and married Tomie Colvan ("Thomas Colvan"?). Tomie Colvan and Katherine Colvan had two children:

Jerry Colvan; and,

Christian Colvan;

Nora Maggie Shawver ("Nora Shawver") born October 8, 1904, first married John Harrison Moore ("John Moore") March 6, 1921, later married Elmer Simpson March 10, 1963 and had no children, died May 14, 1971, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. The children of John Moore and Nora Moore were:

Eva Madaline Moore ("Eva Moore") born August 28, 1923 and married Zeck Hunt. Zeck Hunt and Eva Hunt had three children:

an unidentified child;

Phillis Hunt who married Jack Quinn. Jack Quinn and Phillis Quinn had a daughter named:

Loma Marline Quinn ("Loma Quinn"); and,

Lloyd Harmon Hunt ("Harmon Hunt");

Joe Delmer Moore ("Joe Moore" & "Joseph Moore") who married Ruby Mullins. Joe Moore and Ruby Mooore had the following children:

Gay Moore who had at least three unidentified children;

Faye Moore who had at least one unidentified child;

Ray Moore; and,

Buddy Moore;

Margaret Louise Moore; ("Margaret Moore") who first married Hinme Morris and later married Ofie Nelson Goff ("Ofie Goff"). Hinme Morris and Margaret Morris had a daughter named:

Charline Morris ("Charlene Morris"?) born April 21, 1949.

Ofie Goff and Margaret Goff had a son named:

Michael Nelson Goff ("Michael Goff") born October 1959;

John Worth Moore ("John Moore") born January 26, 1929, first married Wilma Smith and later married Karan Armstrong ("Karen Armstrong"?). John Moore and Wilma Moore had two children:

Sue Ann Moore ("Sue Moore" & "Susan Moore") born January 1949 and married Claude Velie. Claude Velie and Sue Velie ("Susan Velie") had at least 2 unidentified children; and,

Thomas Moore born August 1950.

John Moore and Karan Moore ("Karen Moore"?) had a son named:

Jeffery Allen Moore ("Jeffery Moore" & "Jeffrey Moore"?);

Ada Ruth Moore ("Ada Moore") married James Walker. James Walker and Ada Walker had 3 children:

John Walker;

James Walker; and,

Kanon Walker ("Karen Walker"?);

Harry Moore who married Nelma Smith. Harry Moore and Nelma Moore had two children:

Harry Lee Moore; and,

Roger Allen Moore ("Roger Moore");

Jack Charles Moore ("Jack Moore") born in June 19?? and married Evane Kelly. Jack Moore and Evane Moore had 2 children:

Eliane Ann Moore ("Eliane Moore" & "Elaine Moore"?); and,

Vicky Lynn Moore ("Vicky Moore");

Jaylatt Faye Moore ("Jaylatt Moore") born May 25, 1936, married Lloyd Myers and had no children;

Peggy Ann Moore ("Peggy Moore") born October 11, 1937 and married Rodney Preston Sheets ("Rodney Sheets"). Rodney Sheets and Peggy Sheets had 3 children:

Sharon Kay Sheets ("Sharon Sheets");

Judy Ann Sheets ("Judy Sheets" & "Judith Sheets"?); and,

Jeffrey Ray Sheets ("Jeffrey Sheets");

Donna Jean Moore ("Donna Moore") born July 26, 1940; and,

Wayne Allen Moore ("Wayne Moore") born August 30, 1944, married Linda Lorriane Myers ("Linda Myers"), and had no children;

Charles Allen Shawver ("Charles Shawver") born July 26, 1909, married Thelma Bowe, had no children, died May 4, 1979, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia;

Lovell A. Shawver ("Lovell Shawver" & "Bert Shawver") born January 7, 1908 in Elkview, West Virginia, was a member of the Indian Creek Misson Church, died February 14, 1978 at the age of 70, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia;

Virginia Dovie Shawver ("Virginia Shawver") born May 2, 1911, married Robert Lowell Beasley ("Robert Beasley"), lived in Elkview, West Virginia died October 31, 1977 at the age of 70 from a heart attack, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Robert Beasley was born November 14, 1908 and died October 9, 1976. The children of Robert Beasley and Virginia Beasley ("Dovie Beasley") were:

Alice Lou Beasley ("Alice Beasley") born May 18, 1935, first married Henry Yvandz and later married James Hawkins. The children of Henry Yvandz and Alice Yvandz was a daughter named:

Manic Lynn Yvandz ("Manic Yvandz").

The children of James Hawkins and Alice Hawkins were:

Yvetta Lou Hawkins ("Yvetta Hawkins");

Kinnena Hawkins; and,

James Ernest Hawkins ("James Hawkins");

Lucy Marietta Beasley ("Lucy Beasley" & "Lucille Beasley"?) born September 17, 1936 and married Marvin Daniels. Marvin Daniels and Lucy Daniels had the following children:

Avis Alando Daniels ("Avis Daniels");

Virginia Denise Daniels ("Virginia Daniels");

Shirl Ann Daniels ("Shirley Daniels"?);

Marvin Meletis Daniels ("Marvin Daniels"); and,

Samuel Daniels; and,

Dollie Francis Beasley ("Dolly Beasley" & "Deloris Beasley"?) born May 9, 1938 and married Charles Cleveland Osborne ("Charles Osborne") who was born October 29, 1932 and died June 30, 1979. The children of Charles Osborne and Dollie Osborne were:

Teny Kay Osborne ("Teny Osborne") born May 23, 1959 and married Calvin Greyling Buckner ("Calvin Buckner") of Charleston, West Virginia and born April 9, 1977, with Rev. John Sheets performing the ceremony;

Sherry Gale Osborne ("Sherry Osborne") born August 3, 1961, never married but had a daughter named Robin Jendett Osborne ("Robin Osborne") born April 25, 1979, and later married Okey Bennett February 18, 1983;

Charles Cleveland Osborne, II ("Charles Osborne") born October 30, 1962 and had a child named:

Chriss Osborne ("Chris Osborne"?) born in 1987;

Robert Burley Osborne ("Robert Osborne") born September 17, 1964 and married Lorraine Ann Parrish ("Lorraine Parrish") March 18, 1989, with Rev. Raphael Cavender performing the ceremony, and they live in Charleston, West Virginia. Loraine Parrish was the daughter of William Henry Parrish ("William Parrish") and Annie Lee Taylor ("Annie Taylor"); Candance Jane Osborne ("Candance Osborne") born June 5, 1966 and had a child born in 1988; and,

Walter William Osborne ("Walter Osborne") born April 19, 1968; and,

Fanna Manda Shawver ("Fanna Shawver", "Fanny Shawver" & "Francis Shawver"?) born June 28, 1912, married William Stewart Britton ("William Britton") December 16, 1933. William Britton was born November 20, 1890, died July 26, 1968 at the age of 77, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, Kanawha County, West Virginia;

Sarah Jane Cavender ("Sarah Cavender", “Sarah J. Cavender” & “S.A. Cavender”) born on February 18, 1840 in Kanawha County, Virginia which later became Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Richard Jack Morris ("Richard Morris") on either December 21, 1859459 or on December 29, 1859494 in Kanawha County, Virginia which later became Kanawha County, West Virginia at the age of 18 with Rev. Jos. C. Kendell ("Jos. Kendell" & "Joseph Kendell"?) performing the ceremony, died April 8, 1912 and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Richard Morris was born about 1837 was 22 when he married, was the son of Dr. Franklin Morris and Sally, died October 24, 1907 and is buried with his wife: The children of Richard Morris and Sarah were:

Singleton W. Morris ("Singleton Morris" & “Sang Morris”) born in December 1860, first married S.E. Allen November 25, 1885 who was born about 1868, and next married Rose Cope on February 14, 1907;

William Harrison Morris ("William Morris") born in May 1862 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Mary Jane Boggs ("Mary Boggs") who was born about 1869, and he died about 1937 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Mary Boggs was the daughter of John Boggs and Cynthia Vickers. The children of William Morris and Mary Morris were:

Ward T. Morris ("Ward Morris") born on November 24, 1897 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia, was a descendant of Sara Jane Cavender (“Sara Cavender” & “S.J. Cavender”), married Goldie Lena Matheny ("Goldie Matheny") in September 1920, and died on July 19, 1983 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Goldie Matheny was born on July 18, 1902 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia, was the daughter of Morgan Matheny and Bertie Hughes, and died in February 1990 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. It is to be noted that Ward Morris is a descendant of Sara Jane Cavender (“Sara Cavender”, “Sarah Cavender’? & “S.J. Cavender”. Ward Morris and Goldie Morris had 2 children:

Alma Jane Morris (“Alma Morris”) born July 13, 1923 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Hunter Lehnis Bail (“Hunter Bail”) on December 26, 1946 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and died on September 3, 1997 in Tuson, Pima County, Arizona. Hunter Bail and Alma Bail had 2 children:

Susan Lynn Bail (“Susan Bail”) born March 16, 1953 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, first married a Belperio about 1971,, and later married David Adams on September 12, 1981 in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. By her first marriage, Susan Bail had a son named:

Richard Belperio born in October 1971;

David Adams and Susan Adams had 2 children:

David George Adams (“David Adams”) born in March 1982; and,

Stephan Hunter Bail Adams (“Stephan Adams” & “Hunter Adams”) born in September 1983; and;

Martha Lou Bail (“Martha Bail”) born November 20, 1956, and first married a Beier before 1976, and later married Steve Bobzin (“Steven Bobzin”?) in February 1989. By her first marriage, Martha Beier had a son:

Braig Beier born in March 1976;

Steve Bobzin and Martha Bobzin had a son:

Steven Bobzin born in December 1989; and,

Wanda Lou Morris (“Wanda Morris”) born November 19, 1928 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia;

Archibald O. Morris ("Archibald Morris") born September 24, 1895, married Eula M. Mace ("Eula Mace"), was a member of the Central United Methodist Church, had no children, and died February 22, 1980 at the age of 84 in Charleston, West Virginia;

Sadie Morris born July 25, 1895, married Rev. Robert Jarrett, died March 13, 1976, and is buried in the Elk Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Big Chimney, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Robert Jarrett and Sadie Morris had the following children:

William Samuel Jarrett ("William Jarrett");

Johnny Glenn Jarrett ("Johnny Jarrett" & "John Jarrett") who married Carolyn Moles on June 5, 1959 in the Pinch Baptist Church in Pinch, West Virginia. Carolyn Moles was the daughter of Henry Moles and Marble Flowers. Johnny Jarrett and Carolyn had a daughter named:

Shawn Jarrett;

Robert Lewis Jarrett ("Robert Jarrett");

Virginia Jarrett who married a Jones; and,

Mary Kay Jarrett ("Mary Jarrett" & "Elizabeth Jarrett") who married an O'Neill;

Gertrude Morris who married a Brown;

Tidie Morris born August 25, 1885, married Sidney Marshell ("Sidney Marshall"?), died July 10, 1976, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Sidney Marshell was born December 19, 1885, and died April 7, 1951;

Lewis Morris who married Emley Quick ("Emily Quick"?);

W. Russell Morris ("W. Morris") born January 21, 1900, died August 21, 1928, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia;

H. Howard Morris ("H. Morris") born about 1889 and died about 1913;

Catherine Morris who married Henry Tumm; and,

Blanch Morris who married William J. Reishman ("William Reishman") and lives in Charleston, West Virginia;

Charles Franklin Morris ("Charles Morris") born in May 1866 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and died on May 22, 1927 in Kanawha County, West Virginia;

Ella J. Morris ("Ella Morris" & "Elia Morris") born about 1869;

Bessie Mae Morris ("Bessie Morris") born about 1869, and married Ira Mays;

Walter G. Morris ("Walter Morris") born January 1, 1870, married Cynthia C. Osborne ("Cynthia Osborne") May 2, 1894, and died December 19, 1952. Cynthia Osborne was born May 26, 1870 and died August 27, 1954. The children of Walter Morris and Cynthia Morris were:

Roy K. Morris ("Roy Morris") born May 9, 1895, and died March 15, 1960; and,

Carrie E. Morris ("Carrie Morris") born May 30, 1898 and married Joseph H. Minotti ("Joseph Minotti") who was born November 20, 1895 and died January 1953. Joseph Minotti and Carrie had 2 children:

Jophas D. Minotti ("Jophas Minottie") born December 11, 1917; and, William V. Minotti ("William Minotti") born April 5, 1919;

George Wesley Morris ("George Morris") born January 29, 1872, married Minnie Elizabeth Davis ("Minnie Davis"), died September 11, 1954, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Minnie Davis was born January 30, 1876 and died October 27, 1957. The children of George Morris and Minnie Morris were:

Hazel Morris born February 15, 1897, died February 5, 1931, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Hazel Morris apparently was unmarried when she gave birth to a son, and she later married William S. Britton ("William Britton"). Hazel Morris’ son was named:

Acres Charles Morris (“Acres Morris”);

Herbert W. Morris ("Herbert Morris") born about 1899, married Macel L. Smith ("Macel Smith") November 27, 1918 who was born about 1902 and died about 1961. Herbert Morris died about 1950, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. The children of Herbert Morris and Macel Morris were:

Glenda Francis Morris ("Glenda Morris");

Richard Smith Morris ("Richard Morris");

H.W. Morris who married Nellie Grimes; and,

Ann Morris;

Destel L. Morris ("Destel Morris") born September 21, 1901, married Audra J. Smith ("Audra Smith" & "Audry Smith"?), died April 11, 1990, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia. Audra Smith was born December 21, 1901 and died December 22, 1991. The children of Destel Morris and Audra Morris ("Audry Morris"?) were:

Wanda Fae Morris ("Wanda Morris") who died at birth on January 19, 1924, and is buried in the Morris Cemetery in Indian Creek, West Virginia;

Everell Cletus E. Morris ("Everell Morris" & "Cletus Morris") born February 2, 1925 and married Glenda Jean Gulley ("Glenda Gulley") August 25, 1947 with the ceremony being conducted by Rev. Moorman Parker of Hinton, West Virginia. Glenda Gulley was the daughter of Asa E. Gulley ("Asa Gulley" & "Jack Gulley") and Orpha Bennett. Cletus Morris and Glenda Morris had two children named:

Jerome Cletus Morris ("Jerome Morris") born November 1, 1948 and married Katherine Harper. Jerome Morris and Katherine Morris had 2 children:

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